Scam!! Collected money and did not provide any service

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Scam!! Collected money and did not provide any service

Postby kcshaw5 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:31 pm

Affordable Moving Systems, LLC 701 Jessie St San Fernando, CA. I scheduled a move from Austin, TX to Kansas City, MO for a Monday with a Tuesday morning being the latest time for pick up. I explained to Victoria Jones, I had to be out of our apartment by noon on that Tuesday and she reassured me they would be able to pick up our items on Monday and use Tuesday only if some unforeseen catastrophic event occurred. Victoria Jones stated they would call me the Friday before the move to schedule the time for the pick up. I never received a call and I finally had to call them on Sunday to find out what time to expect them and the lady said no drivers are available, we will call you back. A Nathan called me at 6 p.m. on that Monday and I explained to him we had to rent a truck in fear we had been scammed and no one has called to schedule our pick up. I asked Nathan for a refund and he told me to email him the issue and lack of communication with the company. I did and to this day he has not responded to me and even avoids me. I did not receive a call until Tuesday at 5 the driver to schedule a time to pick up our belongings even though the company assured me a pick up by Tuesday at noon at the latest. The driver said that the company way overbooked him and this was the earliest he was able to make it and they never told him that it had to be picked up by noon. The company charged me $180 deposit, lied to us about the pickup time to get our business, would not communicate with us regarding the pickup time, and the stated services were not provided. I have sent emails and called several times requesting to speak with a manager for a refund and they will not respond to me and have even intentionally avoided me like hanging up on me. I finally reached a customer service rep named Joy and she told me that my file states no refund will be given. They received $180 deposit to take the reservation but not keep it because they overbook and figure people will just get frustrated and give up after trying to get a refund. This company is a scam and they do not provide the services promised and they even knowingly lie to get business and avoid any disputes by no communication. This company would rather have bad reviews then refund $180. A reputable company would not hesitate to submit a refund knowing they did not provide any service to the customer. A reputable company works hard to receive positive reviews.

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