New York City Local Moving Scam Company

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New York City Local Moving Scam Company

Postby jrjeff » Mon Aug 05, 2019 5:30 pm

Used a Company who posted all over Craigslist in NYC. The typical $50 an hour for 2 men and truck. Called the number on the moving ad - 917-830-6330 spoke with a woman called Julia, she was very professional and very nice over the phone setting up the move. Specifically told that the charge was $50 an hour only starting when they arrived till when they finished, NO OTHER CHARGEs.

Movers arrived right around the time they said. Two Russian men who spoke very little English showed up and were somewhat nice/professional. They said it was still the $50 an hour, once loaded they wanted a $200 deposit which was a little odd. When we arrived at the new place they started to demand extra money for gas, travel time, walking up stairs! They wouldn't unload until we paid more cash, we negotiated down as I said this was not the agreed upon amount. The two of them then unloaded as we started to move things into our apartment. Then they unloaded all of our furniture onto the curb and drove away!!! They are scammers and crooks. Phone number is 347-965-6217 and van license is Florida - DDS-P30. DO NOT USE!!

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Re: New York City Local Moving Scam Company

Postby BigLeeCalif » Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:07 am

Your first mistake was selecting a mover on Craigslist.
Most movers who use social media platforms are unlicensed movers, which leave you with little recourse unless you can pursue a small claims court action.

Did you get a written agreement prior to the move? Did the movers have a bill of lading?

I am sorry that this had to happen for you. You should have googled local movers, and you would be able to find licensed movers in your city. There are several that I know of right off the top of my head that are legitimate and licensed. Others are agents of van lines, who are also licensed for local moves.
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