Beware of All My Sons Moving and Storage!!

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Beware of All My Sons Moving and Storage!!

Postby Dsfry » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:39 pm

If I could give this company 0 stars I would. They are CROOKS!! Notice their google reviews are all 5 stars and the Yelp reviews are the opposite. Looks to me like they are deleting the bad reviews on google to make the consumer think they are a fabulous moving company. Consumers BEWARE!! Worst moving experience EVER!! Do NOT give this company your money or waste your time even reaching out for a bid. I repeat do NOT use this moving company! I used the Boulder location. They are horrible! A move that should have taken 2 1/2 hours they stretched out to almost 7. I know this because that’s how much time it took when they moved me into my house and I had LESS when I moved out!! So in all actuality it should have taken the 3 guys LESS time NOT MORE!! The movers decided to leave many things behind and I had to hire someone else to move the items despite the fact that I had communicated what I wanted to be included in the move during our initial walk through. They did not perform a walk through at the end. They were in too big of hurry to go on their dinner break (since the move took almost 4 hours longer than it should have). Best part, one of their movers STOLE FROM ME!! The truck they used leaked and my furniture got wet. Totally unprofessional. When I filed a claim and complaint, they offered to refund me $72 nothing in comparison to the overcharges because the movers took much longer than they should have or to make up for all the other issues I encountered (wet furniture, missed moving furniture, and THEFT). When I reached out to Paul Parsons in the Boulder office for assistance with getting my issues resolved, I got no response. If you contact them for a quote, they will NOT stop calling and texting you to hire them. When you try to get your issues resolved, crickets - zero response to emails or phone calls. Extremely UNPROFESSIONAL!! Don’t bother contacting this company when looking to hire movers. Save your money and your hassles. I recommend you hire a competent moving company. I wish I would have gone with the company that came in with a higher bid. Lesson learned for me. Hopefully, I can save you the same agony I went through.

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