Pullman Worldwide Van Lines

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Pullman Worldwide Van Lines

Postby Ch1ggs » Sun Sep 22, 2019 6:36 pm

***The opinions expressed in this post are that of my own, and are based on my ongoing experience with Pullman Worldwide Van Lines, along with reviews I've seen on the internet and the conversations I've had with some of Pullman's employees & customers. I will update this review if/when my things are returned to me in good condition, and the company begins to operate in good faith.***
It is my opinion that Pullman Worldwide Van Lines is a company that creates deceptive advertising (example: they claim to have a AAA+ BBB rating, but in reality, have a F rating as of this review) to lure customers in, then pulls the carpet out from underneath them.

Proof: bbb.org/us/ne/omaha/prof…

It is my opinion that salespeople employed by Pullman Worldwide Van Lines provide prospective customers with "lowball" bids that will jump in price two or three times, resulting in expenses that blindside you.

It is my opinion that Pullman Worldwide Van Lines is a company that operates in violation of the law, or seriously straddles the grey area at the expense of its customers.

It is my opinion that Pullman Worldwide Van Lines does not really own their own trucks, oversells their shipping capability, and abandons loads across the United States, and has very little control of when your things will arrive.

It is my opinion that Pullman Worldwide Van Lines shows very little concern for the belongings they ship, resulting in excessive damage for customers.

It is my opinion that Pullman Worldwide Van Lines is a "fly by night" operation that will change their name and operate under another banner when scrutiny is applied.

One such name is: mcmoversllc.com

In an effort to maintain objectivity, I am going to stick only to the facts (which can be easily proven because of documentation I have).

1.) In late June/early July (2019), Anthony, a salesperson for Pullman Wordwide Van Lines game me an initial quote of $3600.00 for full-service pack and move. I paid the deposit and was given a three-day arrival window (7/31/2019 - 8/2/2019). I was clear with Anthony that I needed to be out of my apartment by 8/3/2019 because that is when my lease was over.

2.) On 7/29/2019, a couple of days before the move was scheduled, I received a call from Pullman's QA department. They asked me to review the items I had on the list I provided Anthony with. Some items I provided were inexplicably missing, and I ended up adding a few more because I had forgotten them. This caused the bill to jump up by $900.00 and some change.

To me, this is somewhat understandable, and I paid the new amount immediately with US Bank's Zelle money transfer option.

3.) On 7/30/2019, Pullman Worldwide Van Lines dispatch (Lara or Laura) called me and confirmed my arrival window of 7/31/2019 - 8/2/2019.

4.) Nobody arrives on 7/31/2019.

5.) Nobody arrives on 8/1/2019.

6. On 8/2/2019 @ roughly 3pm, I received a call from the movers; they tell me they cannot make it to my apartment because their last job ran too long and that they're truck was full. I voice my extreme displeasure and tell them I am at risk of being put out on the street. The movers restate their case and tell me that Pullman dispatch has screwed them up. They tell me that they can be out "first thing" in the morning, meaning 9am.

I end up calling my landlord and beg and plead with her to give me another 24 or so hours. She is not happy because she has people scheduled to move in same day; however, she agrees. This will eventually cost me hundreds of dollars in fees and penalties that are taken from my security deposit.

7.) Pullman movers show up at 11am--not 9am like they said--on 8/3/2019. I voice my displeasure with what has happened. Pullman movers blame their dispatch department, and then promptly charge me another $1100.00 because they said my salesperson got the cubic feet wrong. I pay, largely because what choice do I have at this point?

The movers take roughly 4 hours to pack my things and move them onto the truck. I treat them with respect and tip them well ($100.00 each). I go over some final paperwork with them and we set a "first available" delivery date of 8/5/2019. The movers are clear in telling me that my goods will NOT be delivered on that date, but I can expect to see my belongings in 21 business days from the "first available" date of 8/5/2019, and certainly no later than 30 business days, per the contract.

8.) As I write this, it is now September 22nd and Pullman Worldwide Van Lines cannot tell me where my things are or when they will be delivered. When I have managed to reach a live person, they tell me that drivers have been assigned, but cancelled. Further phone calls/voicemails/emails go unanswered.

It is well past 30 business days from my first available date of 8/5/2019. I doubt I will see my things again.

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Re: Pullman Worldwide Van Lines

Postby Ch1ggs » Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:15 pm

October 8th - still no delivery.

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