Full House Movers - Kent, WA

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Full House Movers - Kent, WA

Postby EGunn » Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:19 pm

Here is the review I've been posting about this company. Please avoid them - they are definitely a scam.

Consider yourself warned: this is a SCAM moving company
My experience was very similar to other reviews here and on other websites. Many of the positive reviews you’ll see are falsified with fake accounts from the company owners.

Should you choose to not heed my advice and hire the company anyway, here is what you will experience:
They will call you, be friendly, tell you they are a “family company” and make promises of their professionality. Then, they will bait you with a lowball estimate of packing and moving your belongings via an inventory over the phone (FIRST RED FLAG). Once your deposit (SECOND RED FLAG) is secured, it’s all down hill from there. On moving day, they will claim you “had more inventory than what was provided” (THIRD RED FLAG). Then, they will double or triple your moving price. If you decide to go ahead with their services, they may price pad in order to reach their desired cubic footage in their truck. For us, this manifested in underpacking boxes (most boxes were half filled), packing trash into boxes (literally, they put trash from their packing supplies and from our counters into boxes), and inefficiently packing boxes (i.e. an entire box of packing paper with only one plastic Tupperware inside).

On delivery day (which is often quite delayed, according to many reviews), you will likely have a third party company deliver your belongings (this was not disclosed to us prior to signing our contract). Our boxes arrived smashed and stained, and the majority of our furniture was damaged. My bikes were damaged nearly beyond repair. Many items inside the boxes were broken, as the movers did not appropriately wrap dishes, picture frames, books, professional clothing (indeed, ours were in the same box as unwrapped and dirty grill accessories), or lamps. When you call to report this, their line will be “we’ve never seen anything like this.” Additionally, an Amazon box was missing upon delivery. Their customer service representative, Richard, attempted to bully my husband via phone, saying, “Look, the box is gone. We don’t know where it is.” The box suddenly turned up a few days later, after my husband informed them that there was nothing of value in the box. Richard also attempted to bully me via phone when I was telling him of all the damage that was done to our belongings. He stated, “I didn’t want to say this over email, but tell me…tell me, how DID those grill accessories get in that box with the clothing? And how DID your mattress get torn and dirty? It couldn’t have been the movers…we’re all professionals here.” He went on to imply that we were either lying or had done the damage ourselves.

I followed up on our issues by photo and video documenting everything as it arrived. I then filed complaints with the BBB and Washington AG Office of Consumer Affairs. The consistent response of the company representative, Itay Dadon, was to protect their image, avoid responding directly to my concerns, and lie about the circumstances. Mr. Dadon even claimed I had doctored photos or boxes prior to taking photos, in order to make the company look like they had engaged in price padding.

Here are a few more things you should know about the owners of Full House Movers:
1. Full House Movers used to operate out of California, but they lost their licenses due to unethical business practices.
2. The owner, Shaul Dadon, is being sued by a former employer for stealing upwards of $65,000 from clients.
3. The other owners (Shaul’s sons) have been sued by clients from another company they own (real estate in Las Vegas), and they were held in contempt of court for failing to appear.
Overall, the whole business is very shady. I highly recommend avoiding them for your moving needs, unless you’re okay with being charged an arm-and-a-leg to have your belongings being extensively damaged. IF YOU’VE BEEN SCAMMED BY THIS COMPANY, please filed a complaint with the Washington AG and Federal DOT. The BBB is good to file a complaint through, because the complaints are all public record and will show up for other potential customers to see, but they weren’t very helpful in negotiating with the company.

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