Main Moving (Oakland Park, FL) is a SCAM

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Main Moving (Oakland Park, FL) is a SCAM

Postby spaganini » Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:18 pm

** Main Moving (Oakland Park FL) is a SCAM **

We contracted a move with Main Moving on July 1, 2019 to move my household goods from San Mateo, CA to Myrtle Beach SC. The move was to be for a fully furnished 2-bedroom house + a full 10 ft x 15 ft storage unit. Main Moving gave me an estimate of $5520 and requested a deposit of $1932 (credit card) for the move and set a moving date of August 13th. They indicated my delivery window in Myrtle Beach would be 7-10 days after pickup from California. We pre-paid for airline reservations, rental cars, hotels around the 7-day window to make sure we would be in South Carolina to receive our household items. They were scheduled to show up on the morning of August 13th. They didn't show up until after 3pm in the afternoon. Upon arrival at my apartment, they looked and said, "Oh, you have way more stuff than we thought". Main Moving then proceeded to up the price of the move from $5520 to $11959. They wanted 50% of the remaining cost of the move. They allowed me to pay the additional deposit of $939 on credit card, but they DEMANDED the other $4488 in cash. Of course, didn't have cash and had to make a 550pm trip to bank (10 minutes before closing) Main Moving was targeted to deliver my items in Myrtle beach between August 20-23. We repeatedly called about the items -- calls went to voicemail with no return call. At some point we got a call saying that the moving truck had broken down in the middle of the country somewhere (they wouldn't say where) and that delivery of our items would be delayed. We were told the truck driver would call and keep update on the status -- no updates ever happened. Instead on Saturday 9/7/19)a moving truck pulls up (NOTE: Different that the one loaded in California, so our things had been unloaded and reloaded). The moving truck showed up with only a driver. The Main Moving driver demanded the remaining amount due ($4488) in CASH before the items were unloaded. The driver truck sat in front of the house for a couple of hours. We later found out its because he was waiting for a moving helper. I found out later that the driver had put an ad on Craigslist that morning looking for someone to help unload the truck. Took that guy 2 hours to show up. Later spoke with him and found out he was not a mover at all, he was a college kid looking to make a few bucks. We had several items broken/damaged (wooden headboard and railings for bed, nightstand, 3 lamps, vacuum cleaner, piano lamp, towel rack stand). Also, there were 2 boxed delivered to me that weren't mine -- gave those back to the driver. We have subsequently found out that Main Moving is what they call a "rogue mover" with dozens of complaints filed at Better Business Bureau and other websites with occurrences very much like what we encountered. We are currently working with credit card company to try to recoup the $2800 something I paid with credit card. Unfortunately, they have by $9000 something in CASH they demanded that we'll never be able to recoup.

Consumers out there, PLEASE BEWARE this SCAM moving company.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration cites them as a rogue moving company -

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