Brytor now owned by scammers (Internic / Euro Transport)

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Brytor now owned by scammers (Internic / Euro Transport)

Postby rj792 » Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:02 am

I'm moving from Toronto to Europe and trying to pick a mover. Much has been said, here and elsewhere, offering reasons to avoid Euro Transport and Internic Moving; but people seemed fairly positive toward Brytor.

Brytor is now owned by IMS Moving Network, also known as Jack / Jacques Monier, also known as Internic Moving Services. This happened about two years ago (source). I can confirm based on emails I've received; while I was in contact with EuroTransport (before I knew their deal), some of their emails instead came from Brytor.

And so, it would seem that Brytor have themselves become a moving scam. Friendly warning!

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Re: Brytor now owned by scammers (Internic / Euro Transport)

Postby khanumema » Wed Jun 30, 2021 1:12 pm

It is my first time writing a review. PLEASE DON'T USE THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR MOVE !!!! They are the worst. I have moved many times domestic and international but never had such a bad experience. Nothing about this move was positive. From the time they picked my goods to the time they delivered; all steps were HORRIBLE. They have so many agents involved and none of them know what’s going on and interestingly they all are on a different time zone. You get hold of 1 person and they will say oh no this I cannot help, you need to call someone else. You get hold of the second person and he will say okay I will try to call the first person and by that time the first person shift is over.

Anyone considering using this company PLEASE think twice. You are better off using any other small or a big company. I can bet they all will be 2000 times better than TCVL. The below is a step-by-step explanation of my move.

I hired TCVL for my move from Toronto to Boston. I have told them I need the stuff to be delivered by 5th June. Their CEO Mr. Jacques Monier assured us that it will delivered on time. Might be a +/- of a day or so. The pick up date was confirmed as 28th May, 2021.

1. Quote: I have to move 1 bedroom apartment and was quoted a total charge based on 1,000lbs and then additional 115$/ hour for packing my belongings. They came to pick up my stuff on 28th May, 2021. They spend around 4 hrs in packing. On May 31st, the lady from Bryton International send me an updated quote for 3,000 lbs and then 7 hours for packing the belongings. I was charged for the time the movers got my my apartment and dropped my stuff to the warehouse. I called Jacques and he said that you had so much stuff in your apartment and the best we can do is instead of charging you for 7 hours, we can charge you for 6 hours.

I would have NEVER selected their service if I knew that a company can cheat their customer that way.

2. Wiring Money: The Chandara Lady at Bryton International send me to wire funds and have send us the invoice. I send the wire to the information on the invoice. My bank called me after 2 days telling me the swift code they have provided is wrong. I called Ms. Chandara and she insisted no that is correct. The communication happened for the whole day between me , my bank and Chandara. At the end of the day, Chandara accepted that it was a fault at their end and have provided me with the new swift code.

3. Once this got sorted out, I have to call Chandara at least 5 times a day so that she can give me the date and the time the stuff will be delivered. She told me that the stuff can be delivered on weekend with an extra charge. I was never told that by Jacques that delivery on a weekend will charge extra. I told her how much extra money will be, she replied she don't know. I asked her okay what other day and time you can deliver and her reply " It is a very busy time of a year, we don't have any date or time yet for you". Why did those people picked up the stuff in first place when they are not able to deliver?

4. Finally she gave ne the date of 12th June, I have to drive from South Carolina ( 14 hours drive), I got to Boston to receive the stuff and found out on the morning of 5th that they will not be delivering my stuff as it is on hold as money hasn't been received. We didn't get our stuff and have to come back to SouthCarolina. Battle with the bank and the Bryton, indicated that they have the wrong Account name on the invoice they have send me and the money was on hold in Canada. After sorting their incompetency and mistake, we were again to point zero where I have to call Chandara 4-5 times a day to get a delivery date.

5. Finally they agreed to bring the stuff on 21st June. Dropped the stuff and said they will not assemble the bed as it was not in the contract. Called Bryton again and that Chanadara lady was done for the day and there was no one to help us out.

I know the story is long, but it is true. KINDLY DON’T HIRE THIS COMPANY.

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Re: Brytor now owned by scammers (Internic / Euro Transport)

Postby CandianShipper » Wed Sep 22, 2021 12:38 pm


This company cancelled my shipment 3 days before pick up and took $400 US of my money.

They take no responsibility for the sales team's negligence and lies - I was given poor information what looks to be so they can just keep my deposit.


They will steal your money and leave you to try to pick up the pieces... THEN they send the LEAGL TEAM to clean up.

Seriously, DONT USE THE SERVICE, find a reputable business.

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