Roadrunner Polaris Moving in Union City, CA

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Roadrunner Polaris Moving in Union City, CA

Postby blossom09 » Wed Sep 02, 2020 11:56 am

This post is partly a warning, and partly asking for advice. I am not sure how I should approach this situation now. Basically, this is a broker posing as a moving company, and they won't pick up the phone or respond to my emails after picking up my shipment two weeks ago. I do not know where my furniture is or when I can expect it.

This is the review I just wrote them on Home Advisor:
As a disclaimer, I am still awaiting my shipment and the company is within the provided delivery time frame. I am ok with this considering I am moving from California to Texas. What is not acceptable is the dishonesty.

Roadrunner presents itself as a moving company but they are a broker. They will quote a low price but the ones who actually control pricing are the actual movers. If you are moving out of state, be aware that your household goods will pass through many hands in the process: they are loaded by one company, transferred into another company's warehouse, then loaded to another company's truck/freight, and later delivered by yet another company - none of them are Roadrunner. I am not even sure that Roadrunner employs more than 3-4 employees, and I doubt that they own a warehouse or moving trucks.

When I asked the salesperson about some issues I read in their reviews, he blamed them on "disgruntled ex employees who lie", which should have been a red flag, but I was desperate and short on time.

My items were picked up two weeks ago and I have not been able to contact anyone at Roadrunner. I do not know where my furniture and household goods are, if they are in transit or when I can expect delivery. When I call the phone number on their website, I either get a busy tone or it rings forever. The only time I was able to speak to a human being, it was a receptionist who said she would ask the "dispatch team" to call me within 24 hours (they never did). They also have a form on the website you can fill out to request a status update, which I have requested 5 times to no avail. The only person I can contact is the salesperson who contracted me, who tells me he has "forwarded it to management" and says he can't put me in touch with anyone else at Roadrunner.

The actual crew that loaded my move was kind and pleasant to work with, but no one gave me a pickup window on the day they arrived. I got a call from my storage unit telling me there was a truck outside and that workers said they were there to empty my unit. The workers warned me that this company used to be called Polaris Moving Systems, which has some very unsavory reviews and complaints. I wonder if they changed their name after some kind of legal dispute.

All in all, I am crossing my fingers and hoping they have not destroyed, sold or lost my furniture or household goods. I am going on 3 weeks of sleeping on the floor and eating off paper plates while starting a new job.

Please do not hire Roadrunner. The stress is not worth the savings.

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