Mirit Great American / Tri State Van Lines

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Mirit Great American / Tri State Van Lines

Postby malloryknox » Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:48 pm

I spoke about my moving with David Carter from http://www.good-movers.com (Senior Moving Consultant).
He sent me a binding quote estimative based on what I told him I have, but for this he emailed me from http://www.tri-statevanlines.com as “Senior Relocation Consultant”
The estimated move from NYC to LA was $1650… I never moved long distance before so I didn’t realize this price was low compared to most moving companies and the long distance. He told me that I have 220cf space in the truck, I explained I didn’t understand what this meant so I gave him the size of all my boxes and he ASURED ME that I had space for 56 boxes plus my TV and mirror, and that I was even gonna have unused space.
On the pick up day, September 17th, when half my stuff were already loaded into the track, one of the guys came to make me sign all the papers and he told me that I had WAY more than my limit, and that I was gonna cost me $700 more. This was the day I was leaving my apartment and a dat before my flight. He told me I needed to sign the papers or my stuff will be left in the street (I lived on a 4th floor walk up). I didn’t have a house anymore and I my flight was the next day so I didn’t have a choice but to sign.
When I never heard from them I call David Carter about this and also about the extra $700 I was charged but he never spoke to me again, he was aways “out of the office” and he never responded to any of my emails, one of his colleagues told me I have to call the moving company about this because David is just a sales agent, and that’s when I found out that David Carter gave all my stuff to another moving company in New Jersey called “Great American Van Lines” (or Mirit Great American) License Info: US DOT # 1381471 / ICC MC # 520641.
When I call them I spoke with someone called Nathan Gold, who told me my stuff was still in some storage in NJ (two weeks after pick up) because I never gave them the delivery address, when I mention that I am looking at the contract we both have copies of and the address is clearly there, he then tells me that it will be another 20 days.
When I bring up the extra $700 he kept giving me different excuses on how they came up with that number, $150 for “tape”, an extra floor in my building that doesn’t exist, he told me the driver had to park the truck 2 blocks from my house and I had to pay them extra for those two blocks (I actually went downstairs that day and the truck was literally in front of the door of my house) and finally he said that I went over the limit, because my boxes were bigger than the ones I told David Carter, which wasn’t true, but the driver told me that some of the smaller items and boxes had to all go in bigger boxes (they were huge) and that I had to pay for them (hence the $150 for tape).
He got pissed off and told me to go find some other company to ship my stuff (I was already all the way across the country) and he told me “you don’t want to mess with me”...
Clearly this was part my fault for not having time to do a proper research, but when I finally did my heart stopped. I found hundreds of 1 star reviews in yelp, google, BBB and pretty much anywhere where this company was reviewed, and every single review said something almost identical to everything I explained here. There were so many that I cannot understand how they still get away with it..
My boxes arrived all open and broken, a lot of stuff missing… the loss keeps adding up. I will report them everywhere, but I know this wont get me my money back, and clearly wont stop people from using them, since I keep seeing reviews from the last few months.. but is there anything I can do to get my money back? I have no idea what to do next, I've been without a job since march due to covid and I cannot afford all the money they took from me.
Thanks in advance.

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