Allied Moving & Storage, LLC - Florida

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Allied Moving & Storage, LLC - Florida

Postby erikalh76 » Thu Dec 24, 2020 12:55 pm

I called on 12/3 and talked with Allied Moving & Storage. I gave them an inventory list and receied a quote, I paid the deposit. I did not have any red flags, as I have never hired a mover before and it seemed ok. I was told on the phone I would receive a call the closer it got to the moving date of 12/22 or 12/23 with an exact date/time. I sent the employee of Allied (Trae Truax) a text on 12/15 and asked for an update and when I would have the time frame for pickup. He said I would have a call 72 hours prior to pickup. So I waited until Saturday 12/19 to try and calling, emailing and sending a text to ask what was going on. No response at all, I tried the same methods on Sunday 12/20 to reach them and no response. So come Monday I started to believe I had been scammed. I spent hours on the phone, filing a fraud claim with my bank, canceling my credit card and getting quotes from other moving companies. I have a job with a start date of 1/11 so I do not have a lot of time to start over with this move. I found other companies, and was about to book one when Bill White with Allied Moving & Storage called and wanted to set up my time/date for pickup. I said I was extremely frustrated with them and had no confidence at this point, and that I had been told I would get the call 72 hours prior. He said well no, they tell people 24-72 hours, I said no, I received a text from Trae and it said 72 hours. He got very rude and smart mouth with me. I said I have no confidence in your company at this point, and hung up on him. He called me multiple times after that, and text me. I finally said I would talk to someone there but not him, and this was their last chance to try and make this right. Otherwise I would cancel. So he called me, and got the GM Corey on the phone which I do not believe was even the GM now. Corey apologized, sweet talked me into believing that everything would go smooth from now on. I said I did not have a lot of comfort level in this company at this point when it is almost impossible to reach anyone. He gave me what was his supposed personal cell #. I did text him after we talked and sent him a screen shot of the conversation with Trae where I was told 72 hours prior I would recive the call. He responded and said he would address that. So we were to have the movers at our place today between 12 and 4pm. I got to the place at 11:30 and made sure everything was ready for them. I waited and waited, utnil 3;50 and no one had showed. I called, sent a text to the Corey at this time and as of now at 9:55pm on 12/24 I have not heard back from him and no movers showed up. I am now out my deposit $, have no movers coming and have to vacate my house by 12/25!

I have filed a complaint with the police in their area, BBB, attorney general, and the Federal Motor Carrier administration. ... p-llc-8247 ... 3-90582214

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