Victim of a Moving Scam. Need Help

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Victim of a Moving Scam. Need Help

Postby zumarius » Sun Apr 11, 2021 9:33 am

Hello all, we are about 90% sure we are the victims of a moving scam.

This is the quintessential "Moving company A provides a quote with estimate over the phone with deposit required and then outsourcing to moving company B that we didn't know about until moving day."

Unfortunately due to our ignorance and carelessness from being so stressed out and in a crunch for time we didn't do all of our research or pay attention to the red flags. That part is entirely our fault.

We basically did everything wrong that you could possibly do.

We are looking at our options to not pay more than we already have and to try to recover as much of our stuff as possible with as few items damaged as possible.

Is MoveRescue still a good resource to help with this kind of thing? Is it worth getting an attorney? What is the likely hood of getting any of our possessions back?

Thank you in advance. This is an extremely frustrating and embarrassing situation as we are normally so careful when reading documentation and signing contracts. We ended up being careless in the stress of the moment.

scammed by RVL
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Re: Victim of a Moving Scam. Need Help

Postby scammed by RVL » Thu Jul 15, 2021 5:07 pm

Hello I saw your post and wanted to see if you were able to get your items back and how things went. I contacted movers rescue and received the following information and resources. They are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advice but I thought of going down that road as well because I'm currently in the same predicament.

File a moving fraud complaint with the DOT/FMCSA - ... -complaint
This complaint will begin the process of having a Department of Transportation agent review not only your situation but also the validity of the carrier/broker’s license. This is effective to get the company shutdown or suspended but this is a slow process that often takes two to three weeks. Note that after filing a complaint with the DOT/FMCSA an automated message will be sent to the company involved with your information letting them know that you have filed a complaint against them.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations (FMCSA) Field Offices -
Here you can talk with a DOT agent in a particular region of the United States. These agents can likely provide a more individual approach to moving situations due to familiarity with fraudulent companies in the region.

State-Level Enforcement agencies - ... nforcement
This is a list of each state level enforcement agency/contact organization. Note you can contact the state level enforcement agency/contact organization of any state where the company is incorporated or where the items were picked up.

Each state’s Attorney General’s office website -
Contacting your state’s Attorney General Office can start the process of having the Attorney General review the carriers state registration that allows them to do business in the state. Note your best bet is to contact the Attorney General of any state where the company is incorporated, though you may also try where the items were picked up.

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Report Center -
This allows you to report any fraudulent and bad business practices used by the company involved in your moving situation.

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