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Empire Moving Group should be under investigation by law enforcement for fraudulent business activities. Empire is not actually a moving company. They are a scam company that collects multi thousand dollar non refundable deposits. Once they have your money, they have absolutely no financial incentive to ensure your move is conducted on time, to any type of professional standard, or even if your move is even conducted at all. From my experience with Empire, no matter what happens your deposit will not be refunded.

Empire Moving Group
5550 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL
Document Number: L19000126649
FEI/EIN Number: 84-2074511

Registered Agent Name & Address
Joseph Cameron
120 Lakeshore Drive 1135
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

I got a call from an agent at Empire Moving Group. I explained every single item for the move. The estimate provided seemed fair. I was pressured to sign a contract. I was in transit and had to sign this thing using my cell.

I quickly realized a couple of hours later that what I communicated about items, furniture and boxes was misrepresented and grossly underestimated by Empire Moving Groups agent. It was like we were speaking 2 different languages. I requested the deposit be refunded multiple times. Each time someone at Empire communicated yes, then I would get another call from them..a) to verify the pick up date and time, b) to contradict what they just told me., c) just to get a rise out of me.

This has worse gaslighting them my last girlfriend!
What a disreputable firm.
The worst scam artists I have ever seen!

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