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Postby jwitters » Mon Aug 16, 2021 8:39 am

VanGo Vanlines LLC a DBA of SG FL Capital Inc

MC 1199833
DOT 3566501

Proud American Vanlines subsequently brokered the actual move to Vango Van Lines (“Carrier”). Shipper was not involved in the selection or approval of the Carrier nor were their qualifications to complete the move in a professional manner provided. Brokers failed to provide a list of Carriers they use on their website/advertisements as required by law. The resultant move was subject to delays, damaged/lost/stolen items and missing boxes. Boxes were opened and items removed.

The pick-up and delivery had numerous problems including:
1. Carrier did not notify Shipper of a delay in picking up the goods and showed up on the last possible day

2-1/2 hours later than promised and did not have a big enough truck, requiring a 2nd trip to finish the pick-up.

2. Carrier decided to split the load and deliver one load on one day and another load four days later.

3. Carrier did not deliver all of the goods nor will not provide their location.

4. Shipper was not notified of a delay in the delivery of the goods.

5. When the deliveries were made the Shipper was not afforded the opportunity to sign off on each item and to note any damages, missing items or opened boxes on the bill of lading. The bill of lading was never provided to the shipper until final sign off was made and with no time to mark it up.

6. Smashed items that were later found in the truck

7. Shipper provided 35 shipping blankets which the shipper wrapped around furniture and other items. The tags were placed on the blankets by the Carrier. The Carrier took the blankets with them with the tags so it isn’t possible to correlate to the bill of lading.

8. None of the boxes were identified on the bill of lading beyond “box” but didn’t show location or any other notes so Shipper cannot identify what was in the missing boxes.

9. Items were stolen from belongings that were indicated as not to be shipped by the
Carrier including, but not limited to:
a. Watches
b. Cuff Links
c. Cash
d. Coins

10. Shipper has prepared a list of damaged items and opened boxes since he wasn’t afforded the opportunity to mark up the bill of lading as the items were unloaded.

11. Carrier stopped the delivery 3 times on the first delivery, therefore, losing 3 of the 4 laborers that were hired via Craigslist before the delivery was complete.

12. We were disparaged by the movers boss to laborers on a speakerphone call

13. Delivery driver stated “Sam” - “We broke all your stuff.”

An explanation of the problems could be the Carrier and its procedures:

1. Hired workers off Craigslist - Some of which were homeless, sleeping in their cars, obviously not professional movers
2. Driver got into verbal altercations with moving labor hired over not being paid.
3. Damaged several areas of both the pickup location and the delivery location
4. Verbally assaulted Shippers calling them liars
5. Smoked inside the pickup location
6. Left food trash, cigarette butts and other trash at the pickup and delivery locations

We have filed BBB Complaints against the Broker, Proud American Vanlines, and the Carrier Vango Vanlines

We have files with the FMCSA for both.

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