Scammed by Cardinal Vanlines, Bulls Moving aka All State Moving

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Scammed by Cardinal Vanlines, Bulls Moving aka All State Moving

Postby frustratedinct » Thu Sep 02, 2021 11:33 pm

Our items were picked up in Utah on April 22, 2021. We had made the reservation over 30 days before that date and had booked through Cardinal Van Lines. They advised us they had their own movers and that we would be moved by people who had background checks etc. I was very confident we had picked a good company. They never ever told us they were a broker.

The day before our move they told us that the team that they had hired to do our move was exposed to the virus and they didn't know when we would get moved. We started trying to hurriedly find a U-Haul as my husband would be staring a new job within two weeks. We then suddenly got a all from our 'movers' and they said they would be there a day later. We called and confirmed with Cardinal Van Lines that they had found one of their teams for us. They confirmed they had. When the movers arrived they handed us a contract with new numbers (double what we had been quoted). I called Cardinal and they stated that if we didn't want to pay that then we could turn away the delivery people but that they would not refund our deposit because they provided us with movers. This meant we couldn't get a uhaul either. So we signed the contract and ran to the bank to get more money. While they were there I did a quick google search and found out that this company they had sent wasn't part of their company and had been in the news in Chicago for stealing property from a veteran. I called Cardinal again and raised concerns. I was advised that they were unaware of the news article and that sometimes things get lost.

My husband asked the movers for a copy of the contract and they refused. They said they didn't have a way to copy it for us so my husband took a photo of the contract. They had a lot of our stuff on the truck and my husband noticed that when one of the movers had gone to the bathroom, he had left the contract on the counter and that it had been whited out and new totals leaving us owing an additional $3500 on delivery was now showing. He took a photo of that as well. I contacted Cardinal and they asked for copies of the two photos. We provided those. Nothing was done.

We were told our household goods would be delivered in 2-3 weeks. I called cardinal at week 3 as we had not heard from Bulls moving,. They contacted them and said that our stuff was just leaving Utah now because Bulls had accidentally input it as we didn't want them to start to deliver for 2-3 weeks. (wrong but ok). She said to give them another 2-3 weeks. This followed by weekly calls by u s to Cardinal with them continuously telling us they called Bulls and it was in transit and they have no way to tell us where the stuff is since it is on the road. I asked how that can be when most companies use GPS TRACKING and should be able to at least know approximately where the stuff was. I was told they don't do that. I said it seems to be a pretty standard procedure from what i have seen online. After many weeks, I was advised that my total would be discounted by tarrif after 30 days so we wouldn't owe the full amount on the contact because obviously in all these months we have had to replace things in order to work, function etc.

Multiple times i was told their management was calling Bulls to find out what was going on with our stuff etc. Fast forward to 8/28, I receive a call from All State Moving. I was advised their driver had our stuff on his truck. That we would have to pay the full $3500 PLUS a $1500 ferry fee because the driver is in an 18 wheeler. I advised them I would not pay the ferry fee and we would rent a U-Haul and provide a parking lot they could meet us in. I spoke with the driver and he agreed to do that. Monday 8/30. The truck shows up. He lets us know that a good portion of our stuff is still in utah WHERE HE PICKED UP OUR STUFF. It had never left Utah and was never in transit. He was not in an 18 wheeler and he admitted management also regularly lies to people to make them pay the $1500. The management at All State had also told us that Bulls Moving was closed down and not operating any longer and the fee at delivery is all they are getting paid. This driver advised that All State and Bulls are the same company. So they lied to get more money out of us and to not have to discount what we owed.

When he opened the truck door I cried. Our washer and dryer that were 11 months old were ruined and falling apart, most of our boxes were crushed and multiple things came off in pieces. And they still have the bottom of our sleep number bed, my husbands air compressor and a number of items back in Utah and supposedly it will be delivered in 1-3 weeks. When I raised the issue of claims I was told they didn't know who would pay claims since bulls is no longer operating. But they are bulls. So, now we supposedly can't file a claim with anyone, our stuff was LITERALLY thrown around you can tell from the boxes and condition of our stuff. And now we have a lot of stuff we don't even have any more and no idea if we will ever see it.

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Re: Scammed by Cardinal Vanlines, Bulls Moving aka All State Moving

Postby BigLeeCalif » Tue Sep 07, 2021 6:06 am

I'm sorry that you had to endure that type of obvious crooked moving broker. Since all of your goods have not been delivered you may have a case.

I spent 28 years in the moving business with National Moving Companies. Started out as agents of Paul Arpin, Burnham, and lastly Mayflower and United Van Lines.

Please contact this site:
Go to the website and check it out and make your informed decision.
Moverescue was set up by Unigroup, Inc. Unigroup is the parent company for both Mayflower and United. The service is provided free of charge, so feel free to not let
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This is an overview of the company and service.
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