Eagle Moving Group of Boynton Beach Florida using Cross Country Long Distance Movers as Movers.

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Eagle Moving Group of Boynton Beach Florida using Cross Country Long Distance Movers as Movers.

Postby learlady » Fri Sep 10, 2021 10:53 am

I am usually a careful person but the sale representative was slick. Because I live in Mexico for medical reasons but needed to make a move for my mentally challenged son from CT to NC, they took advantage of me. The pickup from CT was June 4th. To NC that is only about 12 hours. They of course jacked up the price considerably at pickup to 6,000 dollars and I had flown from Mexico to NC for delivery. There the saga with Cross Country Long Distance Movers began. They put the furniture in a warehouse in NJ without my permission which is in the contract. We waited and called them the week we were in NC but no answers from phones or emails except from Eagle saying the furniture was already in a warehouse. We needed to get back to Mexico and called them immediately where they made up a story that they would have delivered within the 14 days but we were in fault. Told us the furniture was to be put in a storage facility which was a lie. We were told to be at the destination by July 6th, 2021. We were there by the 5th and waited 5 weeks in an empty house sleeping on the floor where again calls and emails were unanswered. They suddenly called my daughter within 2 days of delivery and wanted to deliver at 8 at night. No lights but they agreed Sat at 6am. Major items were missing. Two beds completely unusable, one a queen brass bed missing the whole headboard. I still cannot get a hold on anyone for a claim form and I sent all the information to Cross Country with pictures.

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Re: Eagle Moving Group of Boynton Beach Florida using Cross Country Long Distance Movers as Movers.

Postby BigLeeCalif » Sat Sep 11, 2021 1:34 am

Do you have copies of any of the paperwork from Eagle Moving Group? I have a feeling they scammed you starting with the name... Eagle Moving GROUP... Most moving companies will have the name Van Lines at the end of their name, i.e. United Van Lines, North American Van Lines, etc. Since they prefer to be called a moving group, I have an idea they have many other names they can send you off on wild goose chases.

However, if they are in compliance of the law their documents are required to have their DOT and ICC numbers on them..

This isn't going to make you feel any better. I did a Google search on their registered address 2500 Quantum Lakes Dr, Boynton Beach FL, 33426. It is located in an office complex, with no moving trucks or warehouses pictured. Check it out on Google Earth.

Here is something that leads me to believe their reviews are fake.
This is a fantastic long distance moving company. The workers were extremely professional and will to treat my belongings with respect. Long distance movers don't get any better than this. Thank you for your assistance!!
Move size: 4 Bedroom Home
Service cost: $3786

I retired from 28 years in the moving business in 2015, and I don't think I have ever seen an interstate move for a 4 bedroom home costing under 4k. It doesn't matter that the drive was only 12 hours. Movers are regulated when it comes to time behind the wheel.

How was your estimate given? Weight or cubic feel?
I don't come onto the site that often, but you can always email me with questions to [email protected].

Is this Cross Country movers located in Clifton, NJ? There are questionable flags when I research them and most reviews I see are negative. The BBB does not show them as accredited.

Remember, you may have to get the Attorney Generals of NJ and Connecticut involved since the pickup was in one state, and the delivery was in another state.

You have only 9 months to file a claim so please do that soon.
You can also contact moverescue.... https://www.moverescue.com/
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