Priceline Logistics and Triumphant Movers

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Priceline Logistics and Triumphant Movers

Postby leftwichga » Fri Sep 17, 2021 12:04 pm

Hello all,
Man I wish I had read through all of this before my move... Most of the ways that we got scammed in our move are CLASSIC now that I am reading more about it. So angry with myself. Anyway we contacted Priceline Logistics U.S. DOT # 3317445 / M.C NO. 01054939. They did an over the phone inventory twice and determine an estimated weight of our stuff and gave us an estimate. Then Triumphant Movers showed up in a uhaul on the day of the move USDOT Number: 3346053. The foreman Hasan Daoudi goes through my place and says that my stuff is "big" and gives me an estimate in cu feet that is way over what Priceline quoted. Spoke with Priceline and they said that they would review the bill of lading and their estimate to see if there was any discrepancy. I so wanted to tell them to go away, but it was already almost impossible to get a mover in California and I had sold my house and we had to be out of our house two days later. So if I dont move my stuff then Im essentially squatting in someone else's house... Anyway they load up my stuff and refuse to fill the truck up, despite me arguing that if im paying based on volume they need to fill the truck. They say they cant due to safety of their workers and my stuff, blah blah blah... So they are just taking my stuff to a storage unit up the road so they can waste as much space as they want in the truck at this point. Prior to the delivery Priceline is not responsive... They come to deliver my stuff which i have had to pay everything at this time and it is delivered in 1 26ft box truck and then about 4 feet (i measured) of another 26ft box truck. Since a 26ft box truck holds 1700cu ft my stuff took up about 2000 or so cu ft but i was charged for 3900 cu ft. I contacted Hasan and told him that I wanted a refund or whatever for the extra ~1,900 ct ft that I paid for. He had a bunch of lies that I wont waste yall's time with but basically refused.

So now basically I want to go after these guys, but just want to know the best way to go about it? The move was from CA to CO and I finally located Triumphant Movers and they are listed in Texas as well as Indiana. I have tried unsuccessfully to find a lawyer and have looked in to taking them to small claims. From what I have found I would need to do it either in Texas or Indiana. I think I would do Texas...(?) Just wondering if anyone has had success with small claims stuff for this. I have filed complaints with the FMCSA but have somewhat low expectations based on what I have read. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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