*How to cancel your move and get your deposit back*

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*How to cancel your move and get your deposit back*

Postby MusicMom » Sat Jul 16, 2005 2:21 pm

If you've just found out you've hired a scammer :shock: , you're probably planning on running to the phone or writing an email to cancel your move with that particular company. After all, this is how you've been conversing with them the whole time, why should it not suffice for a cancellation? If you do, they will happily say "OK, have a nice move", and hang up. But what they AREN'T telling you is that you have actually not cancelled your move, and they will get to keep your deposit.

What can you do about this?

According to one major moving broker, the fine print on the contract stipulates that the following must be completed exactly, and no other forms of cancellation notification will count as an actual cancellation (meaning they get to keep your money)

Any notice required to be given by customer to [moving company] shall be sent and shall be considered delivered on date when postmarked and mailed to [moving company] by prepaid US Registered or Certified Mail, return receipt requested, properly addressed to [moving company, at ______ address]. No facsimile or telephone call by Customer or on Customer's behalf shall be deemed sufficient notice under this Agreement. Likewise, no notice(s) sent by regular mail by Customer to [moving company] shall be deemed sufficient under this provision and/or Agreement.

By this, I would feel safe to assume that emails will not count, either.

So you need to type and sign a letter, keeping one copy, and mail it by Certified Mail, Return Receipt requested, simply saying you will no longer be needing the services of ________ moving company, and are cancelling the move. You do not need to say why. Request an immediate refund to the card you used to pay.

Here is a sample letter. You can reword it to fit your own situation.
Today's date

Moving Company name
Their address
Their phone number

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to cancel my move with your company, __________. I have already paid a deposit of $________ to you, by credit card [or debit or check]. My proposed pickup date was ______, and today is ______, so I am cancelling ____ days in advance of the date discussed with your salesperson, _______. I am requesting an immediate refund of my deposit of $_____ to my credit card (or refund by company check).

I appreciate your time already given, and thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


________________________ (signature)

________________________ (typed first and last name)
Your address
Your phone number

Try to find an address for the mover that is not a PO Box. There have been at least two instances of Certified Letters being ignored for so long that they get returned to the sender. I would suggest that you also call and actually speak to a person (note the date, time, number you called, person you spoke to, and exactly what was said) and if at all possible, use a cell phone so you an get the itemized bill showing the number you called, verifying your rememberance of the call. You can even drag out the call to several minutes, showing the call was much longer than a simple voicemail that could have been "lost in the system". Also email your cancellation. Request a reply email. If none is given, continue to request acknowledgement of your emails daily or many times daily. Print out every single email you send. You want to show your bank and credit card company that you did everything possible to get the point accross. This may seem like overkill, but when the scammers are getting more creative in ther evading of cancellations, you have to shove it down their throats to get your hundreds of dollars back.

If the refund is not given in a timely matter (14 business days should be enough for any company to do so), then go directly to your credit card company, show them the copy of your letter and the Return Receipt, and initiate a chargeback (refund through the credit card). The Return Receipt will be important, as it will show the date the moving company received the letter (beginning the 14 day clock), or the fact that the letter was never picked up (which has happened, they'll let it sit in their PO Box indefinitely). If you paid through Debit, cashier's check, or other methods, you will need to appeal to your bank's manager.

I have heard of one time that this did not work, but even more have said they DID get their money back.

When this is done, please go to the How To Find a Reputable Mover article, at the top left of this page with the 8), and start over.
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