Move Gone Bad? This is where to complain!

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Move Gone Bad? This is where to complain!

Postby farrah7031 » Mon Jul 17, 2006 11:15 am

I thought I'd post who I contacted with my awful move. Most of this depends on what point you are in the process, but overall this should help.

1. BBB (filled out one for the Broker, and one for my mover)
2. Attorney Generals of each state (the state I started in, The state I moved to and the state the broker and/or mover are located)
4. Move Rescue (they will help with hostage loads and the such and will also refer you to a lawyer at your cost. NOTE: They are affiliated with Unigroup)
5. Public Utilities Commission (if you're doing an intra-state move)
6. State Senators and Representatives (in all locations noted under #2)
7. Local Media (newspapers, tv stations)
8. (DUH!)
10. Department of Transportation - [email protected]
11. Police (I contacted the police in the mover's city to file a theft report. Even though most police dept can't help you (it's a civil matter) this will be required to file an insurance claim and will help with a lawsuit)

Anyone have other places they contacted? If I mispoke about one of these, please let me know!


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