Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby JoAnn2007 » Mon Jun 01, 2009 12:42 pm

I contacted Don at STS Movers after reading some reviews and researching them. Everything I read was true! Don and his crew provided Great Customer Service with no hidden fees. Our move was handled in a professional manner taking great care with wrapping, loading and unloading of our items. Moving is always stressful, but this truly was the best move we have ever had. I will definately recommend STS Movers to all our family and friends. :)

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby MusicMom » Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:27 am

Where did you go to and from?

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby JoAnn2007 » Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:47 pm

We moved from Laguna Niguel, CA. They also had to pick up items we had stored in a storage unit and then move us 40 miles to our home. Don was so organized and it really went very smooth. As I said they were great to work with.

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby zacloed » Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:32 pm

Don and his team packed up our condo, held it for 3 months and then delivered to our new house. His team were great guys who worked fast and got the job done in a very timely manner. On time and polite I wouldn't hesitate to use them or refer them to anyone. Good job guys and thanks again!

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby DAL475 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:51 pm

STS Movers recently moved my daughter from Orange Cty. to Culver City. My daughter had been the victim of scam movers in Chicago, and then Chicago to Orange, and was very skeptical of movers in general. We found positive reviews about STS Movers and contacted them for an estimate. The owner, Don Schwartz, we found to be upfront and down-to-earth in his assessment and willingness to suit our needs.

We contracted his company, and the crew, (Bill and Gerry), were excellent workers during the initial packing day and throughout the move itself. Meeting Don was a breath of fresh air. He pitched in for the loading exercise and was genuinely focussed on meeting our every wish. The move went extremely well, and Don didn't even include his personal time when tallying the moving charges. He came in well below the original estimate.

I wholeheartedly endorse STS Movers and recommend this company to anyone seeking an honest and hassle-free mover.

Nina K
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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby Nina K » Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:58 am

STS Movers are great! 6 out of 5 stars! Don and Jerry moved my furniture from Anaheim, CA to San Leandro, CA last Tuesday (1/26/2010) and just made my life so much easier. I have been living in San Leandro for a few months, so they went to my former apartment in Anaheim, wrapped up all my furniture in blankets and plastic, and drove everything up. When they got to San Leandro (before Don's estimated time), they moved all my furniture exactly where I wanted it, and moved it again and again when I wasn't sure where I wanted each piece to go. When they had trouble moving my sofa into a room, Don informed me of possible damage to the sofa and wall. And then they even carried it down the stairs to another entrance and got the sofa in! Their price was so good, and Don gave me all the receipts and required legal paperwork. They were so fun, patient, and reliable. A dream moving company. Thanks guys! :D

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby pamod1 » Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:49 pm

STS was excellent! Don and his guys really hustle and are hard working guys! Don is old school regarding work ethic. You never know what you are getting with movers, but with Don you will get good, LEGAL workers that do their best to get you moved for the least amount of time and money. I'd recommend them to anyone. He moved my two bedroom place incredibly fast and a BIG perk is his guys will pack up a room if you want AND they will disassemble and reassemble entertainment centers, bunk beds, shelves, whatever. Great guy, great work, great little company.

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby takatak » Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:19 pm

this review comes in a year late so apologies are in order

early last year STS moved me from LA to Seattle during some pretty inclement weather once you get past the Grapevine. Everything went according to schedule (actually faster) and came @ a pre-fixed price.

Dollar for $, Pound for lb you cannot go wrong with Don & his crew

heck, I'm moving again next week - albeit locally & I really wish I could call upon 'em again

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby rmeeks24 » Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:01 am

I used STS Movers on Sunday (March 21, 2010) for a local move within Orange County. From the first contact to the last I was very impressed with the level of customer service and professionalism that was given to me. Don was able to accomodate my request with very little advance notice and showed up exactly at the time he promised. I was nowhere near ready to go, but Don and Dennis made suggestions and helped me get all of the things out that I wanted to at that time. Once we got to the new apartment and started the walk through, Don pointed out some issues that should be noted in the walk through paperwork. He even fixed a couple of small items so we wouldn't have to wait for a the maintenance man to do it. The move went smooth and easy and I couldn't have asked for more. I would gladly recommend STS Movers and I have the greatest confidence that they will continue to exceed their clients' expectations in the future.

New to Tucson
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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby New to Tucson » Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:43 pm

STS Movers recently moved us from San Diego to Tucson. What a great experience it was to work with such capable professionals. We had 26 years of accumulated "stuff" and Don Schwartz and his team had the truck loaded in about two hours! That included professionally wrapping several of the more cumbersome items. To a man, they were pleasant and courteous at all times.

This was on a Friday and the plan was for the truck to meet us on Monday in Tucson to unload. We were delayed a day in our departure and the truck was already in Tucson. When we contacted Don about the delay, he had no problem with his team staying over an additional day.

We met them on Tuesday morning, right on time, and they had us unloaded and were on their way back to California before noon. They were just as professional and helpful then as they had been in San Diego.

I would not hesitate to recommend STS Movers to anyone. The price was excellent and they made moving easy for us. If we had it to do again, STS would be the only company we would call.

A big thank you to Don and everyone at STS--great job!

Nancy J

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby janplace » Sat May 15, 2010 7:21 pm

I was moved out of my Arcadia, CA condo a week ago Friday by STS Movers. Don arrived on time with 2 of his crew who immdediately got to work while Don went to get the rest of his crew and returned within 15 minutes.
From the moment they arrived they worked non-stop. One of the crew started packing the kitchen, while the others started moving things out. Don inventoried and put a number label on each piece of furniture and box. The furniture included a spinet piano, grandfather clock and white sofa bed. They had brought new blankets which were removed from the bags and wrapped around the clock which had first been wrapped in shrink wrap and then blankets and then shrink wrapped again. Then the clock was placed in boxes. The white sofa was shrink wrapped, blanket wrapped and shrink wrapped. Every piece of furniture was wrapped to protect it.
I never heard a word of complaint from Don or his crew even though they had to carry everything down one flight of stairs, down a long driveway and across the street to get to the truck. I had about 8000 pounds or more of "stuff". Don had underestimated his original estimate but honored his guaranteed price.
My furniture now is being stored in storage vaults in Irvine, CA until it is moved on to Oregon in June, where I'm sure it will arrive in tip-top condition on time.
Whether you are moving across town or across the US, I highly recommed STS Movers and Don. I really don't think you could find a more honest and professional mover than Don.
Thanks so much Don, I'm looking forward to moving on to Oregon in 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby Duke » Wed Jun 02, 2010 1:36 am

I'm not much of a reviewer, but had to post for these guys after the excellent job they did for me. I just got moved from OC to San Jose by STS and have nothing but high praise for these guys. Don is a straight shooter. You get the sense that when he gives you his word, you can bank on it.

I did my homework, contacted 3 moving companies with great reviews. The rep for the first one seemed a little scammy like a car salesman, and they had a lot of legalese on their contract, maybe to give them wiggle room for extra charges?

The rep from the second company was completely honest, gave me tons of information and, in the end, was upfront with me that his company could not meet my deadlines or my requirement that I get my own truck and still gave me advice as to whoever else I used.

Don showed up, took a quick look, assessed the situation and gave me a quote and he stuck by it. No hidden fees, upsells, etc. His price was better than the others and he agreed to my schedule.

2 of Don's guys showed up on a Thursday and dismantled and packed all my stuff. 3 guys showed up on Friday a.m. to finish packing and load the truck. Saturday morning they delivered in San Jose on schedule and reassembled the beds, table, etc. They moved the furniture a couple of times while I figured the best setup of my new place.

The guys were friendly and funny, giving each other a hard time and working fast and efficiently and carefully at the same time. One of the guys had worked on the Tutankamen move, so I felt confident that they would take good care of my artwork and they did.

Nothing was missing, and just one wine glass cracked. Not bad for a 10,000 lbs. move over 400 miles.

Clearly, I recommend STS highly. If I move back down to OC, that's who I'm calling.

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby Osoloco » Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:44 pm

Well, first of all, it's because of this site, and Don's reviews, that, in the end, prompted me to hire STS Movers. So, I'd like to take the time and thank all of those who gave input about STS Movers, and the site administrators, ty, ty, ty!!!

Okay, as I stated, I hired Don to move me, and family, from HB, CA to Anthem, AZ. For the move, I left HB and went to AZ, to prep for Don's arrival with my/our stuff. So, consequently, my wife was left in HB to orchestrate the loading part of our move. During the process of loading our stuff, she explained to me (via phone) that Don and crew are the "epitome of excellence and professionalism." Furthermore, she went on to explain that Don and crew were doing a better job boxing, wrapping, and using blankets, better than she could have ever expected. Shall I say, "she was pleased?" Well, I suppose I don't need to. :wink:

Anyway, moving right along, so to speak, lol, about 24hrs after he met my wife to load his truck with our stuff, he was at my door, ready to move everything into our house. Cutting to the chase, I found what my wife had to say as being relevant and true. He and crew proceeded to move our stuff into our house, with great care, and concern, unharmed, with speed and efficiency, that I found to be very satisfying, to say the least.

In conclusion, yes, I'd hire him again/refer to friends & family. I don't think I could have found anybody better to do the job I had he and his crew do, AT ANY PRICE! Bottom line, I feel he's worth every cent!

Thank you, Don. And, again, much thanks to this site, the originator (I think Diane), and all those who took their valuable time to share their thoughts. I think this site's value is, well, priceless.

Folks, be careful with who you hire. If the movers break your stuff, and they haven't insurance, what have you saved?

Oh, it was kind of sad to see Don leave, as he's a lot of fun to shoot the **** with. He's a very bright and engaging person. If you'd like to take up current affairs, be ready, he's pretty darn smart. :mrgreen:

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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby Diane » Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:00 pm

I'm so happy to see this string of reviews - more than two dozen people (not counting the ones on were impressed enough to post. I think Don deserves a big round of applause.
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Re: Reviews of STS Movers (Orange County, CA)

Postby Meggie1801 » Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:49 pm

This is 2 months overdue, but I wanted to make sure we left a STELLAR review for Don and his moving team!

We had a last-minute move, and Don was nice enough to do it with only a few days notice!

Don took extra-care in wrapping all of our furniture, and was quick and efficient in moving everything. We had a one-bedroom apartment to move, and he was done in no time! We could tell we had hired a pro!

I will definitely be using Don's company for any future move we may have, and I highly recommend him!!

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