Reviews of Andy's Transfer & Storage (Glendale, CA)

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Reviews of Andy's Transfer & Storage (Glendale, CA)

Postby Diane » Sun Aug 17, 2008 9:22 am

Andy's has been associated with for many years. Based on reviews and comments here and elsewhere, it is a high-quality operation. The following is its current listing on the Superlist:
:thumbsup:--Andy's Transfer & Storage (North American) in Glendale.
A VERY GOOD PERFORMER with at least 5 good reviews and no significant bad reviews as an origin agent on this website. Its website is or and its phone number is 818-249-2016 or 800-244-4520. The general manager is Patrick Longo. As of 9/08, Andy's had an "AA" rating with the Los Angeles area BBB with 3 complaints over the past 36 months, all of which were resolved. It received a top quality award from the van line (Customer Choice award, which is based on customer surveys) in 2005, 2006, and 2007. It was also one of the companies mentioned to a MovingScam moderator as good to get a quote from when she called the California Moving and Storage Association anonymously to ask for recommendations, and it won the CMSA's Pinnacle Award in 2008.
Andy's was founded in 1921 by Dick Anderson, aka "Andy." It went through a series of owners until 1945, when Harry and Cres Kroening bought the business. Their son Joe Kroening and his wife Mary took over in the 1980s. Currently the company is transitioning to Joe and Mary's daughter Jill and her husband Patrick Longo as owners--the third generation of movers. As of 9/08 the estimators for Andy's were Kent Delaney, Ralph Myers, and Jim Smith. They work in territories. Kent has Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank and surrounding cities. Ralph has the Valencia area, the Simi Valley area, and the San Fernando Valley up to Burbank. Jim is the "traveler" - he has the Hollywood Hills, the entire West Side, and South Bay as well as parts of Los Angeles that are not covered by the other two estimators.
Andy's does about 500 self-hauled moves a year, of which about 200 are local and intrastate (within-CA) and about 300 are interstate. It self-hauls almost every shipment going 500 miles or less, which includes Arizona, Nevada, and all of CA. Andy's also books interstate shipments going farther than 500 miles, and most of these are hauled by other North American agents, although Andy's hauls shipments beyond 500 miles if they are large enough, typically 10,000 pounds or more. The company has 40 trucks, 8 of which are tractor-trailers and 2 of which are straight trucks that go interstate, which helps avoid the need for a shuttle.
Andy's was praised by "Mr B" (works for NAVL in another state) as follows:- "I can say as an ex driver for North American that Andy's has always been a topnotch agent. I was always happy to get help from there.The workers and the office staff really seemed on the ball. You get what you pay for." - ... 7578#67578 "EastCoastMover" (a current driver for NAVL) posted as follows in 3/07:- "I've worked with joe [owner of Andy's] and his group of employees many times over the last 25 years and have never been dissapointed." - ... 4578#84578
We have a rave review by "JakeL" of a move from LA to NYC: (interstate)
We have a very good review by "latochi" of a move from LA to Chicago: ... 1252#51252 (interstate)
We also have an excellent report by "jedd" on his move from LA to Philadelphia: ... 1481#51481 (interstate)
We have a very good report by "la to portland" on a move to Portland, OR: (interstate)
And another person ("ajd") was set to move with them from CA to PA but never came back to report. This person chose them over Beverly Hills Transfer because Andy's was willing to give him a GNTE: ... 3661#23661 (interstate)
We also have a good review by "damfino" of a local move with Andy's: ... 3285#13285 (local)
"avchicago" posted that although there were problems with the hauling agent, Andy's did a good job as the booking/origin agent on a 7/06 shipment from Los Angeles to Chicago: ... 9504#69504 (interstate)
"AdamB" booked with Andy's for a move from Pasadena to Atlanta in 8/06 - he praised Andy's estimator (Kent) and loaders as "professional" but the NAVL driver and unloaders were unsatisfactory - he had damage to a table and the residence walls at destination: (interstate)
"fifi" posted a mixed report on a move to OR in 5/06 - she was very happy with the packing crew and the estimator (Ralph), who even came to her home on the day of the move to make sure that the loading went well, but there were some glitches on the delivery end: (interstate)
"jputman" (Joanna) was set to go with Andy's for a move to CO in 8/06, praising its estimator Jim Smith as "very professional and thorough," but never came back to report: ... 7397#67397
In 12/06, "Iroxv" praised Andy's estimator, Kent Delaney, for his comfortable manner and helpful moving tips, but ultimately went with Delancey Street because its quote was less: (local)
"No Longer Confused in LA" moved to AZ in 12/06 and gave a rave review to Andy's. Jim Smith was the estimator and his weight estimate, though more than 4,000 pounds higher than the one provided by the dubious company Fragile Van Lines, was right on. Tim Trotter was the driver from NAVL and his helper Tom rode with him to AZ - both were excellent. "Most efficient, stress-free move we've ever had. . . . If you're moving to or from the SoCal area, look no further. Give yourself a few days of leeway so you can get Tim and Tom -- you'll be happy you did.": ... 7324#77324 (interstate)
"hoihoi8" posted an excellent report about Andy's for a move to Seattle in 3/07 with Jim Smith as his estimator - "They are up front, no hidden fees, honest, and willing to go above and beyond their basic service without charging extra. Highly endorsed.": (interstate)
"joyful17" chose Andy's for her move to Montreal in 5/07, praising the estimator Kent Delaney for his thoroughness and patience. In 6/07, posting as "joyful18" (real name Joy), she reported that Andy's was excellent as the origin agent for her 20,000-pound shipment and that Gengiz Avci of Westmount Movers in Montreal was the driver and he was also great: (origin agent for move to Canada)
"alohast" reported in 4/07 that when she had to change the delivery date on a move to DC, the office staff was unhelpful although the sales rep and loaders were good: (interstate)
"topher" moving to San Antonio went with Andy's after negotiating its quote down to only $100 more than Flat Rate's $3600. He purchased ample valuation coverage and the van line (which hauled the shipment) compensated the customer for damage that occurred during the move. The customer posted in 5/07 that the estimator was prompt and thorough and he would recommend Andy's highly for local moves: (interstate)
"L." gave Andy's a rave review for a local apartment move in 8/07, saying that its crew members--Pablo (leader), Mario, Cipriano, and Andy H.--were friendly, careful, and extremely fast, and the final cost was $120 less than the estimate, which was done by Jim Smith: (local)
“Beachguy” gave Andy’s a rave review for an intrastate move from LA to San Francisco in 2/08. He was considering using Delancey Street, but Andy’s was able to do the move without loading and unloading onto 2 trucks: (intrastate)
"rozh1" got a quote from Andy's for her move to MI in 1/08 (although she went with another company) and praised the sales rep Jim Smith--Jim gave me a lot of great information. I can only say good things about him.": ... 897#105897
"1qwerty" posted in 6/08 that Andy's estimator Ralph gave her a quote on her move to Santa Fe and he seemed "extraordinarily professional, experienced, and trustworthy," although we don't know what company she chose:
"martyreed" posted a rave review of Andy's in 9/08 for a move from Los Angeles to Sacramento, praising the estimator (Jim Smith), Janet in the office, and especially "Tim, Chris, Tom and the crew who moved us - [they] were outstanding. They moved all of our stuff down a very narrow flight of stairs without a single mark. I . . . would recommend this company without reservation. I want to extend a special thanks to Tim who runs a very tight ship and takes real pride in his job.": ... 943#117943 (within-CA)
"chi2la" gave Andy's a very good review as a destination agent for his shipment from Chicago to Los Angeles in 12/09 - "the guys here had a tough time carrying the stuff up to the house which was a real hike but they didn't complain": ... 873#128873 (destination agent on interstate move)

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Great experience with Andy's Transfer and Storage, Glendale CA

Postby leggy » Sun May 06, 2012 3:46 pm

Used Andy's T&S 6 weeks ago to move from Los Angeles to Brooklyn. The estimator was Jim Smith, great guy. The whole company was great. Quotation, transaction and moving staff were excellent. Driver was Bruce, what a wonderful and helpful gentleman.
All our stuff delivered complete with zero damage and on time.

Dealt with other 3 companies:
1. Mayflower / Merit Moving Systems, estimator Frank Buckly. Great guy and very proffesional, the only reason was their price higher and he was not interested to negotiate the price so I rulled them out
2. United Van Lines, Golden Eagle Moving Services, Chris Scott. Nice guy, reconsidered his price a little bit but could not beat Andy's. Excluded them because of the price.
3. Mayflower/ Blue Chip. I called and was promised they will call me back within 2 days to set up an appointment but they called back after 2 weeks and left a message for appointment but I ignored them for obiovus reason.

Hope above is useful for people looking for a mover in LA county area.

Good luck.

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