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Re: Reviews of Joyce Van Lines

Postby Amberoonie » Thu Feb 19, 2015 5:02 pm

My family and I recently moved from Kansas to Connecticut. We had never moved out of state before, and we had never used a full-service company. We used Joyce Van Lines to pack and move us. The whole experience was great. My contact person was available to answer any questions throughout the process. We were communicating via email in the beginning, but he took the time out of his day to call me and make sure I didn't have any further questions. He even called on the actual moving day to make sure things were going well. I was excited that the movers arrived in Kansas when they said they would arrive! The crew was friendly and professional. Our house was packed and ready earlier than they had told us it would be. An efficient crew, but a quality job as well! They made sure that our wood floors were protected. They arrived in Connecticut when they said they would. They unpacked us and made sure things were put where we wanted them. We did not have any broken things, so that was a huge plus! Overall, I am happy with Joyce Van Lines. Joyce Van Lines' customer service is awesome. They were prompt when I had a question or concern. The quote for the move was accurate - no hidden fees or surprises. Moving is stressful, but they made the move easier than I had imagined! We will use them again!

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Re: Reviews of Joyce Van Lines

Postby SYoung » Wed May 13, 2015 12:50 pm

Here is my review, I have not been able to post it on the website proper, but hopefully this can be transferred ther by an administrator.

So here is, as best as I could fit and feel like writing, our experience.
2 Line summary:
(scale 1-5, 1 bad 5 best) Move MA to AZ, Late march to early april, sales=5, dispatch=4, pickup=4.5, delivery=started 4 ended 5, timing=5. Nothing broken, nothing lost.
Our move was from Massachusetts to Arizone, 2700 miles or so.
We were very wary and skeptical about all moving companies. We probably got 20 quotes and free over the phone estimates ranging from 8000lb to 13000lb (without our garage items). Joyce was one of the few who actually visited the house to see how much stuff we planned on moving. The salesman John Adams was nice and seemed pretty knowledgeable as he walked the house with me. We eventually agreed on a flat rate move that included our garage heavies (including engines, motorcylces, tools and tool boxes, etc.). There was a little bit of difficulty scheduling our delivery window as it was short notice (less than 10 days from pickup) and we could not get into our lease early, but we agreed to a window that worked (with me figuring that the agreed dates were just to appease me and wouldn't actually be met).
We were still figuring on owing a bunch in order to square up at the end of our move, so we did our best to pack everything (even things we were not very well equipped to pack). Well the day of our move came and a crew of 6 (may have been 7, it was a month ago) led by driver Tom, showed up and started. They made no complaints, had no extras for me to sign, no issues with anything. I was expecting to be told how "this wont fit" or "this will cost ya" so much so that I called John up to see if I should be signing these things or if I will be told after the stuff is all loaded, he just tried to reassure me that there should not be any extras and I should not have to worry. Well they loaded up everything, packed everything that wasn't, and even got all my heavy stuff without issue (took an entire day more or less). I was a little unsure at the end signing the inventory as I was not quite able to keep up with what was loaded and had to go a bit on faith that what was listed was what was loaded, but the was mostly my fault.
We arrived at the new house and the delivery window was a 4 day window. As was previously stated, I figured it would not be met, so I was very happy when I called to see when the delivery would actually be, the dispatcher told me "Between 8 and 10am Saturday". This was right in the middle of the window that we had agreed upon. Saturday came and we went out to breakfast. While out it was 8:02 and I received a call on my phone, "Hello, we are here" "OK, sorry, I just didnt expect you to be so.... on time, I will be right there." We headed back to the house and were back by 8:10-8:15. I met the driver Perry Walker and his crew, and, while Perry did seem a bit unhappy with me (somewhat rightfully so) he did not act anything other than professional (though I did feel like I was their antagonist) So, with a few coffees and bagels, Perry, Ace, Chris, and Frank started unloading all 20000+ lb of stuff. They were very helpful and accommodating. After a full day of continuous work we were unloaded. Even my weight plates and heavy stuff were not complained about. No home damage and, while we are still unpacking, nothing that was not packed by us has come out broken. (actually nothing yet has been broken, pat us on the back for packing well too). Also there was no extra charges. The flat fee was all that was paid. Overall, after this long review I would definitely use Joyce again, in fact I think we would save a lot of stress next time in knowing who our mover is before even starting.

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Re: Reviews of Joyce Van Lines

Postby Jeff.Walker » Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:58 pm

This one came in through the comments section of the site:

"We recently moved about 1/2 of our 5 bedroom home from Connecticut to Florida.. We interviewed 6 movers as we had a narrow 2 day pick-up and 2 day delivery window. Joyce Van Lines exceeded our expectations. Not only were they the only mover to commit to our time frame without an extra charge, they were also the closest to actual weight/size. We have heard horror stories of large add-ons due to incorrect weight/volume predictions- we actually received a refund. Our items were very carefully wrapped and the only damage was to a few glass items we packed ourselves. Their movers were most courteous. We could not be more pleased and would recommend them highly."

- L.B.

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