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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (284 total - 271 good/9 neutral)

Postby Diane » Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:47 pm

Re-posting a positive review (#284) sent to me by PM by Keri P.:

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 9/07 (posting delayed)
Move: Central Illinois to Southern CA
Cost: $2200 for 10 feet
Driver: Randy V.
Shipped a car: no

I heard about BE through and chose them based on the positive reviews and the fact they were located close to my home at the time. I moved (Sept. '07) from Central Illinois to Southern California and paid $2,200 for 10 linear feet.

I was extremely impressed with their service, mainly because Randy Vinson was my mover and he made the whole process as enjoyable as moving can be. When he arrived to pick up my goods, he was courteous and helped give direction to my family & friends who were there to load. I had plenty of help to load the truck, so I didn't hire him at that time, but he still jumped in and let everyone know the best way to pack the truck.

During the move he kept me up to date on his location and worked with me to coordinate an arrival date and time that was best for my schedule.

Once he arrived and we ran into issues at my apartment complex, he handled the situation very well. I was told that 18 wheelers could access the property with no problem, but it turned out the main entrance was being re-sealed that day and couldn't be driven on. The only other entrance was on a steep hill which wasn't accessible by large trucks.

Randy remained calm and came up with a solution....we quickly called to rent a box truck and ended up shuttling my stuff from his truck to the apartment with the smaller truck. I had one friend to help and then also hired Randy this time around. We got everything unloaded quickly and having to shuttle the items didn't end up being a hassle at all.

Randy was helpful, pleasant to deal with and remained calm when we ran into problems, so I will definitely call Broadway Express to request him if I move in the future.


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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (285 total - 272 good/9 neutral)

Postby Diane » Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:04 am

Re-posting another positive review (#285) sent to me by Private Message by Marcela:

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 11/07 (posting delayed)
Move: Maine to Florida
Cost: $1740 for 10 feet
Driver: Ed A.
Shipped a car: no

My move with BE went really well. Everything was handled in a professional manner, clear quote, pick up and delivery on time. The driver was Mr. Edwin Alvarez, he was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I felt at ease on every step of the move. The move was from Maine to Florida and it was a small one bedroom apartment without big appliances. Mr. Alvarez helped me big time unloading it was just the two of us and most heavy items he carried by himself. I'm most pleased with him and with the company.

Best of lucks to all,


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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (286 total - 273 good/9 neutral)

Postby Diane » Sun Mar 16, 2008 10:06 pm

Re-posting another positive review (#286) sent to me by PM by Katie:

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 11/07 (posting delayed)
Move: Ventura, CA, to Asheville, NC
Cost: About $7000 for the entire 53-foot trailer
Driver: Don G.
Shipped a car: yes (two)


I tried in the past to post this on Movingscam, as that was where we first heard of Broadway. BUT every time I try and register to make comments, I am unable to do so. I just tried again and the system tells me the confirmation code I'm entering is incorrect. Bloody hell! If you can copy and paste, please feel free to do so.

Don Garrard, our driver, was wonderful and the move from CA to NC was smoother than I could have ever hoped to experience. We used the entire 53 ft truck, as we also transported our two cars as well as two households worth of goods from Ventura, CA to Asheville, NC. We requested that the driver assist with loading and he was a wonder!! Don met us at the house and a storage location, directed the loading and unloading at the end. He was thorough, patient, professional and we're still using his advice, "Give yourself room to work" in any number of situations.

We can't say enough good things about him. He was very responsive and available via phone before and during the move and answered our many questions. He contacted us before the move to let us know he was actually available a day earlier than scheduled if we wanted to load earlier and then worked from 8am until well after dark that day to make sure we got everything loaded up ok. He has a very dry sense of humor and is a person of few words, but he makes each one count. Very positive experience. And his dog was cute!

The only problems we encountered were trying to get competent unloading help, but even so, Don took charge and worked the two local laborers (from the Asheville craigslist) like they've probably never worked before or since... One was markedly 'impaired" - we didn't know for sure what was in his coffee cup but it sure smelled like alcohol. The guy who ran the ad was ok, it was his helper who had the 'flu' (his own diagnosis) that was the issue.

While I don't want to ever have to move again, if we do, it will be with Broadway. And Don will be requested!


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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (287 total - 273 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Mon May 12, 2008 8:38 pm

Re-posting a review (#287) of a very unfortunate move with BE. I am not categorizing it right now, waiting for the poster to complete his/her assessment. The topic title is "Broadway Express Move Gone Way Bad" and the author is "seattle_bound."

Recommended: :?: (see the poster's comments at the end)
Date: 4/08
Move: Minneapolis to the Seattle area
Cost: About $6000 for the entire 53-foot trailer
Driver: Name withheld
Shipped a car: ?auto parts

4/12/08 - I just received a call from my Broadway Express driver bound from Minneapolis to the Seattle area. It's currently day 7 since the full 53 foot truck was loaded and he's just pass about the 600 mile mark. Let me bring you up to speed...

I found Broadway Express through this forum and went with them after initially contacting Movex and learning that they would be acting as a broker. I worked with Adam at Broadway Express and received a price about 10-15% higher than Movex quoted, but that's ok, because I wanted to make sure I got the company I wanted. I reserved an entire 53' trailer for loading on 5-April with delivery quoted between 9-April and 12-April -- I was scheduled to be in California the following week, so the dates were important and Broadway worked to make sure I was comfortable with the delivery date.

I was expecting a call from Adam to get my driver information about a week before the move, but when the Monday before arrived, I still had not heard from Broadway and instead called them. I learned that Adam was no longer with the company and I would be working with Margaret. Margaret told me the name of my driver and said I got a good one.

I heard from my driver as the date got closer and had a crew of 4 lined up to help load. I flew from Seattle to Minneapolis to meet the driver at my house and storage facility. Everything went smoothly with loading and the driver headed to the scales Saturday night as he started west. I was back on a return flight late Sunday evening from Minneapolis to Seattle.

Late Monday morning I received a call from the driver. He told me that there had been an "incident" on I-94 at Minnesota mile 32, and that the truck and trailer had left the road early Sunday morning and the trailer had broken open and dumped everything into the ditch. He said he hit ice and lost traction during a white-out at the start of an extended snow storm. The snow continued for the next 24-36 hours and put a wet blanket on all of the belongings.

The tow company and their crew started collecting the belongings on Monday afternoon and worked late into the night, transferring everything they could find into two other trailers on the side of the interstate. I have relatives who live within an hour of the site and asked them for an update. They talked to the tow crew and were told it looked like a total loss.

Shortly after receiving the call, I started conversations with Mark at Broadway. Mark has been as good as of someone to work with as I could hope for, given the circumstances. I immediately the airlines and was on a flight later Monday back to Minneapolis (24 hours after leaving). Tuesday morning I drove up to Fargo where the remains of all of my belongings and the trailers had been taken.

As the pictures show ( the trailer's roof popped off and the sides collapsed. The front of the trailer ripped off and stayed with the tractor! There was still a bit of stuff inside the original trailer when I arrived on Tuesday at Anderson Towing in Fargo. Anderson was also very helpful and got me into the trailers so I could start to see what, if anything, was salvageable. I wasn't able to see much in the first "recovery" trailer as it was pretty full, but I was able to get into the second trailer and get an update. Most of the furniture was destroyed and some of the boxes were pretty wet and crushed. The second trailer had the stuff that was at the bottom of the pile and was picked up last, so it tended to be better protected from the snow, but not from the weight of everything above. Diana from Broadway contacted the insurance company and I heard from them late Tuesday. They located an appraiser in the Fargo area and he would be looking at the stuff on Thursday morning. Mark and the original driver told me that there was a replacement tractor and trailer on the way from headquarters and that as soon as insurance was able to look things over, the process would start of transferring from the three trailers (original plus two from Anderson) to the new trailer. Zeke would be my new driver to Seattle.

I just returned back to Minneapolis after spending Thursday and Friday at Anderson meeting with the appraiser and sorting through what's left. Jessica at the insurance company initially proposed trying to inventory everything lost and multiplying that by the 60 cent per pound insurance coverage. That wasn't going to work well given that the appraiser told me and Jessica that his impression was that it was close to or at 100% loss. Jessica and I agreed that we should try to fix a percentage and use the weight from the scale reading after loading to determine the loss. Her initial offer was 75%; I'd like to see at least 90%. Total weight is probably over 30,000 pounds (there were a *lot* of books, lots of tools, and lots of auto parts from some MGs that I'm restoring).

Zeke finished loading this afternoon (2-1/2 full days to unload and repack, with only some of the really wet boxes of critical things re-boxed). He's expecting to arrive in the Seattle area on Monday and I now had a new crew ready for Tuesday. I had to cancel a trip to a trade show where I was supposed to be exhibiting with my new employer (I was there for only 5 days before this happened, and will miss the subsequent 8-9 days dealing with this mess).

I'll post more updates. I still believe Broadway is a good company, and sometimes bad things just happen. But Broadway really has a chance to show this community how good they are by how they handle it from here. . . .

Mark at Broadway said this is only the second time he has had to deal with a loss like this, and the first time was when a driver without insurance crossed the median and crashed into the BE truck.

I don't feel ill will towards the driver and left his name out because I don't think it needs to be here. He does seem like a very good driver (15+ years accident free) and good person.

Luckily I had packed all of my photos into a carry-on suitcase and didn't put them on the truck. Thank goodness for that!

I'll definitely keep everyone posted. It isn't my intention to smear BE, but everyone deserves to see how it goes when things don't go so well. Hopefully it will enhance their reputation here...

BTW, I did hear from the insurance company that they would not cover my costs (gas, lodging, meals) while I was working on offloading and triaging the load. I don't have airfare expenses since it was done with frequent flyer miles. The insurance company said I'd have to file a small claims court action for my expenses. <sigh>

5/12/08 - It appears as though Broadway's $250k catastrophic coverage will apply to my "incident." There initially was some confusion by the insurance carrier and I was told that I would only be covered at $0.60 per pound. I went back to the agreement I had signed where it described a catastrophic incidents like "a wreck". The carrier initially thought that that was to cover the van and not the contents, and that I would have needed to buy some type of supplemental insurance. But they did check with Broadway and were told that based on the wording, I would have "full coverage." The carrier also wasn't sure how long I would have to file a claim, and I was told it could be anywhere from within 10 days to 90 days. 10 days would have been completely unreasonable! Broadway told the carrier I have 9 months. (Thanks, Mark)

I have received claim forms and am in the process of itemizing everything damaged and/or destroyed, and it is going to be a long process. I'm still not sure if I'll get pushback when the claim goes in; is it replacement coverage or depreciated coverage? I'm assuming replacement, since that is what would be typically purchased and would seem to be the second tier of insurance that should be offered. If I'm wrong, the same insurance forms go to my homeowners' insurance, as they have said they will cover the claim.

I'll provide an update as the claim form goes in. Initially there was lots of confusion by all sides about how this works, but that is somewhat understandable as it is new to everyone.

[Editor's note by Diane: As promised, "seattle_bound" posted an update several months later under the revised heading "Broadway Express Move Gone Way Bad (but with good outcome)." Here it is:

2/27/09 - Update (finally)...

The delay in posting an update is not the fault of Broadway or their insurance carrier. I simply didn't have a chance to sort through everything until fall. The job was bigger than I imagined it would be.

One important thing to note is that it definitely *does* matter how well you pack. I was quite surprised to find that lots of my china and crystal actually survived without damage. Ceramic items didn't do so well, nor did the large number of pressed-board bookcases (which became kindling wood in Fargo).

It actually reassured me a bit that it wasn't completely clear to the insurance company or Broadway what the process for handling this claim and what the insurance coverage was. That may seem odd, but if they had been able to immediately tell me all of the details, it would have lowered my opinion of Broadway since I would suspect that they have been through this a lot and that's why they were so crisp on the info.

It did turn out that the catastrophic coverage that Broadway adds (which I don't believe is included when booked indirectly through a broker) kicked in and covered my stuff. It was full replacement coverage, and not the 60 cents per pound coverage that applies to most cases.

The insurance company was helpful and reminded me a month before my claim was due that the deadline was approaching. Apparently a 9 month deadline is mandated by the ICC(?) [or some government agency covering this] for all claims to be submitted. My State Farm homeowners insurance was a backup and had a 24 month deadline.

I submitted a detailed claim to Broadway's insurance carrier with pictures, best estimated values, comparables, and information about what I purchased to replace destroyed and damaged items. I also submitted a claim for travel expenses from Minneapolis to Fargo for the triage and repacking that I helped with (mileage, hotel, meals). I had used frequent flyer awards to get back to Minneapolis, so the costs were minimal.

Broadway's insurance carrier replied quickly once they had the claim and told me that they normally don't cover the travel. I hoped that I didn't have to press on this, since it seemed more than fair to me. After a quick review, they decided they didn't need to send out an adjuster to look over everything in person (since they had already sent someone to be at the scene in Fargo, documenting and estimating).

They sent a claim release for the entire amount I submitted (just shy of $28k) which included the travel! I think we were both surprised that the amount was not much higher (and it could have been if the packing had been a bit less thorough).

The release had to be witnessed and sent back. I hoped that my bank would help me with this, but they refused to witness a claim form for their customer. Boo, Wells Fargo! They are far less customer friendly than Broadway or its insurance carrier. A local State Farm office had no problem signing this for me. I had a check shortly after!

Overall, my review on this move needs to be a neutral. The move did go way bad, but I think it was handled as well as possible by Broadway and its insurance.

And on the assumption that lightning rarely strikes twice, I'm actually using Broadway again in 2 weeks to move. They definitely remember me and are doing everything they can to get me Zeke for my driver, who drove the second half of the trip and helped restore my confidence.

I hope I will be able to post a new report about "Broadway Express move gone way good" after this next move.

Please take my neutral rating with a caveat, since I am using them again and am happy with everything except the actual "incident" :) ... 221#122221

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (288 total - 274 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Sat Jun 21, 2008 8:37 pm

Re-posting a positive review (#288) just sent to me by PM by "Terrell":

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 2/08
Move: Northern CA to Colorado
Cost: $4613 for the entire 53-foot trailer
Driver: Don G.
Shipped a car: no

BE moved our family belongings from northern California to Colorado earlier this year. The driver (Don Garrard) was extremely prompt and knowledgeable and his equipment was clean and well organized. His years of experience and work ethic were evident during the loading and unloading process.

With the help of a few friends we were loaded in no time and our goods showed up exactly on schedule. With the drivers help we had the entire truck unloaded in less than 4 hours. There was no damage to our goods. The price was competitive and I would definitely recommend BE for a move.


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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (289 total - 275 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:01 pm

Re-posting another positive review (#289), this time for a within-state move (unusual):

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 2/08
Move: Southern CA to Northern CA
Cost: $1018 for 12 feet
Driver: Ed A.
Shipped a car: no

I moved from San Diego, to just north of San Francisco. I used 12 feet of truck. I think the drivers name was Ed Alvarez. Not sure. He was religious, which made me feel safe since I was alone in this move. The driver was great, and the whole thing went smoothly. The cost was $1018. I got Broadway Express from the moving scams web site. I do recommend this company to anyone moving.

Regards, Karen

[Editor's note by Diane: Below is a photo I took recently of Eddie Alvarez and his little dog Sakura that travels with him. He is indeed religious, and a very, very nice person.]


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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (290 total - 276 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:11 pm

Re-posting another positive review (#290) that was posted on another website on 3/21/08 by "lawrence":

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/08
Move: Alabama to Connecticut
Cost: $1400 for 10 feet
Driver: James J.
Shipped a car: no

My first big move

This was my first big move. I moved from a 1.5 BD apartment in AL to a townhouse in CT. I honestly didn't know how much stuff I had until it was all boxed up. I spent a lot of time on the phone with various movers. Turns out a lot of them were on the movingscams website, I learned that you really have to do your research with moving companies.

So, seeing which companies endorse, one of them was Broadway Express. I gave them a call and they answered all my concerns. The representative emailed me pictures of the truck so I knew what I had to work with.

Once I had finalized the transactions, the driver (James Johnson) called me 2 days prior to the move and introduced himself, he gave me his personal cell-phone number so we could communicate with him with any concerns about / during the move. He helped us move out gear into the truck and we were off within a few hours.

Well, after a night on the road he gave us a call and he was 300-400 miles ahead of us! The next day we arrived at the townhouse and he helped us offload all our stuff.

I couldn't have asked for any better. I've read / heard of so many horror stories about movers breaking and stealing people's items but Broadway Express was professional in every sense of the word.

I would heartily recommend Broadway Express to anyone, especially those who are apprehensive about moving!

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (291 total - 277 good/10 neutral)

Postby MusicMom » Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:22 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is BE review #291.]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/08-7/08
Move: Central NY State to DC area
Cost: Unknown for 13 feet
Driver: Tommy O.
Shipped a car: no

I'm now a satisfied repeat customer of Broadway Express.

The temporary job that took us to New York ended, so we've come back to the DC area. We hired loaders on both ends, and it all turned out very well.

We reserved 15 feet on the BE truck. Tommy Opliger was our driver, he had a 53' trailer and a long tractor, but maneuvered it easily down our driveway. Clinton Moving & Packaging (previously a Global agent, now they're Stevens) sent over 3 guys, then added a 4th given it was 2:30 when they arrived. We'd used them to unload our BE truck when we moved up there. It went smoothly, they worked tirelessly and with good spirits. The older man who stayed on the truck to pack the towers did an absolutely AMAZING job, there was not a speck of unused space available, and it all was packed into 13 linear feet. They were fun to talk to as they worked.

We drove partway that night, then the rest of the way on Tuesday. So did Tommy. We arranged to meet at our storage unit at 8 am on Wednesday, and he was there by 7:30. A three-man crew from Beltway Movers joined us at 8, and had the truck unloaded in 3 hours. We moved 95% of our stuff into the ground floor unit and the rest into a Uhaul to go back to our temporary house, and while we both helped the guys a bit, we mostly stood back and directed boxes to either storage or the UHaul. Most boxes had been marked as to their destination, but as we got down to zero-hour, some weren't marked as well.

I'm very happy to have gotten such good results from all three companies, and I'd highly recommend them to anyone who asks. When we find our permanent house in the next few months, I'll probably call Beltway Movers again for the local move.

And I hope this is the last time we have to move for a good long time!

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (292 total - 278 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:41 am

[Editor's note by Diane: Below is a review (#292) that was sent to the "Comments" section and forwarded to me by Tim Walker.]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/08
Move: VA to Oregon
Cost: $2799 for 10 feet
Driver: Jim K.
Shipped a car: no

I wanted to leave a very positive message regarding Broadway Express on your site. I researched several moving companies and was terrified of getting hijacked/spammed. I am 100% pleased with Broadway Express. They were affordable, efficient, punctual, and our items were unharmed. The driver (Jim Koch) was also extremely pleasant as well as our experience with the front office.


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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (293 total - 279 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:45 am

Re-posting an excellent review (#293) of a move to Anchorage, Alaska posted by "dc.blue08" in 8/08:

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/08-8/08
Move: Idaho to Alaska
Cost: Unknown for entire 53-foot trailer
Driver: Unknown
Shipped a car: yes

We just completed a move from Idaho to Alaska that took 6 weeks from decision to delivery of the goods. It was not always easy, but the companies we chose made it very smooth.

We investigated ABF U-pack and Broadway express. We chose Broadway for what seemed to be the best fit for us. The driver was able to help direct our packing and he arrived as promised with all supplies necessary to make the packing smooth. We loaded a 53' truck with goods and a car in 6 hours with 7 friends and family.

I had great communication from the corporate office in IL and from the driver. He was 30 minutes early on the load day and 3 days early on the deliver day. We were able to unload 3 days early and saved hundreds of dollars because of this.

During the unload, we had a problem getting the truck to our new house due to a private drive. The driver was great. We had hired a local company in Anchorage - Ace Delivery and Moving, - to help with offload as we had no family there. Hank from the company went to the site to assist the driver maneuver the truck to the house. This was above and beyond. They could have just sat and waited for us to solve the problem, but it worked out great. We even changed the off load date 3 times and his people were there on time and ready to go. I cannot say enough about this service.

In sum, Broadway was fabulous and Ace Delivery and Moving of Anchorage was even better. I recommend them highly.

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (294 total - 280 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:43 am

Re-posting another rave review of Broadway Express (#294) for a move to California in 8/08. He posted this note he sent to BE under the topic title "Broadway Express - great for the do it yourself family":
9/2/08 - Everything went great - I’m sorry not great, but fantastic. Mike [the driver, Michael Wise] and Jean are wonderful people and you should be proud of how they represent your company. I would also like to thank Margaret for her excellent service in assisting me in the initial phases of the move.

You were all great. Thanks for making this move to California a good experience.

Yours truly,

Michael O'Hara -

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (295 total - 281 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:40 pm

Re-posting a review (#295) that came in through the "Comments" section and was forwarded to me by Tim Walker:
We had a very positive experience with Broadway Express when moving from Virginia to Salem, Oregon in August 2008. Our driver, Keith, could not have been more friendly and helpful. He assisted us greatly with carrying and loading our belongings on the truck. His skill and expertise made the move go very smoothly. He communicated regularly with us, which minimized our anxiety about arrival times.

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will use broadway again for our cross country move

Postby arizonababy » Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:19 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is review #296.]

we used broadway express a few years ago when we moved cross country, very happy with move.

we now find ourselves stuck in cold, snowy, icy massachusetts....but not for long. calling broadway express and moving back down to phoenix in the next few months. i will NEVER spend another winter here.

broadway express was professional, on time, and made a smooth transition for us.

highly recommend and will use a second time!!!!

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (297 total - 283 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:52 pm

Re-posting a rave review (#297) posted elsewhere on the messageboard by "tytysgirl" in 12/08:

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 12/08
Move: Visalia, CA to Berryville, AR
Cost: $2300 for 10 feet
Driver: Don G.
Shipped a car: no

Just wanted you to know that Broadway Express is as good as ya'll make them out to be. At least, they did me good! LOL

Here's a quick little bit on the move and stuff....

The driver, Don Garrard, from Broadway Express made it to our house right on time on Dec. 12th. And, he got the big ol' truck into our housing community, everyone was shocked. He made it out too! LOL

Don and my fiance, Tyler got the truck loaded up in about 48 mins! All 10 linear feet of it! Everything fit, which was a relief to me, cause I wasn't so sure that it would. I got two phone calls from Don, regarding when he'd be here to drop our stuff off and regarding some weather he was coming into in Texas that could possibly hold him up. It didn't though, he got here at about 11:30 Wednesday! I was soooo freakin happy to see him pull up! And get this, only 1 shot glass, 1 wine glass, and 1 drinking glass was broken out of EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! All three tvs made it, my pictures, my mirror, everything arrived the same way it was packed!!!!!!!!

I have to say too, Don has his dog ride along with him, Pete, and my son thought that was so cool! My son got to throw Pete's toy with him before they took off on their trip.

Anyways, I would absolutely recommend Broadway Express to anyone wanting to move this way....they really did come through for us. I was so scared our stuff wouldnt make it to us, or it would all be broken, but that's not at all what happened. If I ever move again, which I hope to God isn't for awhile if I do, I will be calling BE.

Thanks to you guys for making this site! I just kinda stumbled upon it, but I'm so glad I did. I NEVER would have gone with BE if not for this site and right now I'm super happy with their service, so thanks you guys! Keep this site up and running, I'm sure it will help many more movers with info that is hard to find other places!

<3 Jess

P.S. I have some pics but I'm not sure how to post if ya'll want to see, let me know how! LOL
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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (297 total - 283 good/10 neutral)

Postby MirrorGirl » Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:48 am

To see a discussion regarding's policy of receiving payments from those moving companies they endorse so that we'll chose them, please follow this link to another thread on this site:

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