Broadway Express Reviews (323 total - 308 good/11 neutral)

View reviews of moving companies that our visitors have used, and came back to tell us about it.
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Broadway Express Reviews (323 total - 308 good/11 neutral)

Postby Diane » Thu Jul 01, 2004 1:52 pm

As a convenience to people considering moving with Broadway Express, I’m re-posting the reviews of BE that have been posted on this website beginning with the first one we have (June 2003) and going through today. I’ll update this list on a regular basis. BE's own website is at . Note that there is an excellent interactive cost calculator on the website where people can get a pretty good idea of what it would cost them to move with BE -

I’ve quoted the reviews exactly as they were written but have omitted some off-topic passages, such as where people were complaining about how crazy-making the moving process is. Where possible, I’ve given the link to the original thread at the bottom of the post so people can go back to it if they want. Occasionally I've added an "Editor's Note" at the bottom of a review in which I comment on something that the person has written.

In the interest of full disclosure:- MovingScam is receiving a referral fee or donation from Broadway Express for every move with BE that is booked from the website. For a long time, Tim Walker (founder of the website) resisted taking such fees, but it became obvious that consumers' voluntary donations would never cover the costs involved in running the website. We hope that readers will understand that we would never enter into such arrangements with any company that Tim was not completely convinced was ethical. The other companies that MovingScam is receiving referral fees from are Broadway Express, the international moving companies recommended on the International Moves sticky, the full-service movers Moovers, Inc., All Star Moving, Joyce Van Lines, and STS Movers, the auto transporters Coast to Coast Auto Transport and Golden Key Express, and the auto transport broker ProStar at In the spring of 2010, Tim added Atlas SmartMove to the list of endorsed companies.

:arrow: At the suggestion of a reader ("peterpqa"), at the beginning of each review I've categorized the reviewer's opinion of BE as "recommended" - "neutral" - or "not recommended." The "not recommended" (bad) reviews are #12, #112, #267, and #269. The "neutral" reviews are #21, #98, #105, #122, #134, #136, #162, #223, #277, #287, and #317.

You’ll notice that in the early reviews, people booked through Movex and BE was assigned as their carrier. In early 2004 they started booking through BE directly. We don’t have nearly as much information on the early moves as we have on the later ones, and the moves booked through Movex may show higher prices than BE would have charged if it had booked the move directly, although that isn’t always the case.

Also, we know that many more people used BE than are represented here, but they didn’t report back to us. I always try to round them up so we will have a record, but sometimes people change their email addresses when they move and we lose track of them. About 20% of the reviews included here are follow-ons from earlier posts and about 80% were solicited by me using customers' email addresses supplied by Broadway Express. Reviewers #20, #71, and #218 comment on this. I wrote only to people who told BE that they had heard about it through MovingScam or Epinions.

I hope this will be helpful to people trying to decide how to move. Any comments or suggestions for improvement are very welcome. A detailed FAQ sheet on BE and ABF (with photos) is at


* Follow up phone conversations with a confirming email.
* Don't skimp on the space you reserve in the trailer.
* Be flexible and don't schedule things too tightly.
* Talk with your driver a couple of days before your move.
* Call your driver every couple of days after pickup.
* Make sure that you can be reached by phone.
* Be mindful of truck access issues.
* Note that drivers often can’t predict their exact arrival times.
* Understand that you are moving with a freight company.
* When the truck arrives, inspect and measure the available space.
* Have all your packing finished before the truck arrives.
* Be very careful while working in or around the trailer.

* Follow up phone conversations with a confirming email. Get the names of the people you talk with on the phone at BE, and send them a follow-up email summarizing the points discussed and asking for a reply that confirms or corrects your understanding. For example, you may think you heard a BE customer service rep say that you will be able to purchase extra space in the trailer if you need it, but in fact the reps can never be absolutely sure of this.

* Don't skimp on the space you reserve in the trailer. Many problems occur when customers don’t reserve enough feet. If there is no more space available, items may have to be left behind, mailed, or crammed into the trailer with insufficient padding around them, possibly resulting in damage. Even if there is space available, later customers may be inconvenienced when there is no space left for their things on the trailer and another truck has to be assigned, causing delays all down the line.

* Be flexible and don’t schedule things too tightly. Ask yourself what would happen if the driver arrived a few hours or a day later than scheduled or wanted to deliver a day or two earlier than scheduled, and have a backup plan. Be sensible--if you schedule a pickup for the exact day that you have to be out of your old residence, or a delivery for the exact day that your new residence becomes available, you are tempting fate.

* Talk with your driver a couple of days before your move to find out things such as the following:
- whether the driver is willing to help load and unload. Occasionally a driver will not want to do so, for example if he is older or injured or will be arriving tired;
- whether there will be as much space left on the trailer as you have reserved, and whether there will be extra space in case you need it (if not, you should plan how you will cope with the situation);
- how many pads (moving blankets) will be available to you;
- how many dollies are on the trailer, and what type (e.g. appliance dolly, flat dolly, hand truck) so that you can obtain those items if you need them;
- whether the trailer is equipped with a liftgate, if you need it;
- if you are loading a vehicle, whether the driver is aware of this and whether he has the split ramp needed to load it. If he does not, or even if he does and you have a low-clearance vehicle, you may have to hire a rollback flatbed tow truck to load your car, so you should determine what towing company you are going to call if you need to. (If you have a high-clearance vehicle and the driver does not have a split ramp on the trailer, BE will usually reimburse you for the cost of the tow truck, so keep your receipts.)
- the approximate time when the driver will arrive (but see below).

If you haven’t heard from the driver two days before your scheduled pickup, call the BE office to let them know. (Remember that they are closed on weekends.)

* Call your driver every couple of days after pickup. But remember that too many phone calls can be difficult for drivers to handle when they are driving, so they may let calls go to voice mail during the day. Also, keep time zones in mind. Most drivers go to sleep early so they can get on the road very early. If the driver does not return your call within a reasonable amount of time, call BE to ask them to contact the driver directly.

* Make sure that you can be reached by phone. Some people have had problems when they disconnected their regular phone service, or their cell phone service cut out, or they didn’t check their messages frequently enough. It’s a good idea to give the driver and BE at least two contact phone numbers, not just one.

* Be mindful of truck access issues. The BE trucks cannot pick up and deliver where there are narrow streets, tight turns, low bridges, and low overhanging branches that could damage the roof. Help the driver by having a good route in mind. If possible, drive it yourself to check for hazards and note the mileage at various landmarks so you can give the driver accurate directions. Notice whether large 70- to 80-foot tractor trailers are being driven on that route. If you think the BE truck will not be able to access your residence directly, arrange for a smaller vehicle in advance to shuttle your things to and from the trailer. Discuss parking with your local police department and get the proper permits if necessary, or block off five car lengths with your vehicles and your friends’ vehicles so the BE driver will have room to park.

* Note that drivers often can’t predict their exact arrival times, so if you hire workers to help load or unload you should find out what their policy is on charging for waiting time or coming back later if necessary. If your driver arrives substantially later than he said he would and you have to pay workers to wait, keep receipts to show what you paid. BE occasionally reimburses customers for this but each case is reviewed on an individual basis. If the driver arrives late because he ran into a traffic jam or was given bad directions by a customer, that is different from his arriving late because he overslept, for example. Drivers sometimes arrive late through no fault of their own because customers scheduled for pickup or delivery on the same day take longer than expected to load or unload their goods.

*Understand that you are moving with a freight company and not with a full-service household mover, even though many BE drivers have also worked as household movers. All of the trailers will have at least one door in the side to make loading easy, but some are freight trailers where the floor is level from front to back and some are drop-deck household trailers where the floor dips down between the front and rear wheels. Also, although the driver can usually be hired to help load and unload, the level of service you get may not be the same as with a fancy household mover. Just as you wouldn’t expect to buy a Lexus for the price of a Corolla, you should have realistic expectations about what and who you will get for your money. But if you’re unhappy with something the driver does or doesn’t do, say something. Unless you speak up the driver won't know what you want. For example, tell the driver if you want him to help load or unload and he is just standing there. Tell the driver if his hourly fee or his minimum number of hours makes him too expensive for you to hire. He may be willing to make an adjustment downward.

* When the truck arrives, inspect and measure the available space before loading your shipment. Have a camera available with plenty of film or storage to document anything that seems problematic, for example a hole in the roof or too few moving pads. If the truck has less space available than you reserved or is in less than ideal condition, make a note of it on the Bill of Lading that the driver will ask you to sign. (BE will refund any money that you have paid for space that is not available on loading day.)

* Have all your packing finished before the truck arrives so that you can be out at the truck supervising the entire loading process. Then if there are items that you are especially concerned about, you can ask the driver or your loaders to take special care with them. You can also observe how they are wrapped and loaded and if there is damage you will have a pretty good idea who caused it. Remember that you—not the driver or BE—are responsible for any breakage, scratches, rubs, and dents that may occur during your move. Only if there is catastrophic damage or negligent damage such as water damage from a roof leak is BE responsible.

* Be very careful while working in or around the trailer. Among the possible hazards are falling off the trailer, falling off the ramp, and getting hit by the end of a cargo beam or a sheet of plywood being carried by someone else. Be alert.
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Becky (#1)

Re: Reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Becky (#1) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 1:56 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/03
Move: California to Texas
Cost: Unknown
Driver: Unknown
Shipped a car: yes
Booked through Movex

Post #1 – 6/25/03

Hi! Just wanted everyone to know that I used Movex [Broadway Express] for our move from California to Texas. They were wonderful. They were on time, and the driver even helped us pack, (I had to pay him extra on the side of course..) But even before that he helped us with suggestions on how to pack the truck to the fullest. It was great! We also moved our SUV inside the truck. I would definetly recomend them!!

Suzon (#2)

Re: 2 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Suzon (#2) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 1:58 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/03
Move: NJ to Montana
Cost: Unknown for 53-foot truck
Driver: Tim
Shipped a car: yes
Booked through Movex

Post #1 – 7/24/03

Hi everyone!

We just finished unloading our truck at our destination in MT. I have to say it was a seamless move and we are so thrilled that it went so well.

The trucking company was Broadway Express and our driver's name was Tim. He was at our house in NJ at 7:30 am last Sat. (July 19) and had lots of furniture pads and several hand trucks. He was quite helpful with giving advice on how to load and we got to work.

We had the whole 53 foot truck as we were also shipping our car. It took about 6 hours to load (we had 6 of us doing the loading). After our belongings were on the truck, Tim installed a ramp for us to drive our car up. He secured the car and then he was off to Mt.

We flew in to Mt on Wed July 23 and he called us that evening and said he would be at our storage unit at 9am July 24. At 9 am he was there. He said he had a breakdown in WY on Wed. but he still made it on time.

It only took us 2 hours on this side to unload the truck into storage and everything was in great condition.

My experience with Movex was very positive. I feel bad for the folks who have had problems with them. It ultimately comes down to the driver and the company he works for.

If anyone has questions about our experience I would be glad to answer them!

Tae (#3)

Re: 3 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Tae (#3) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:00 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/03
Move: MA to Los Angeles
Cost: $2400 for 10 feet (Movex’ price)
Driver: Allan
Shipped a car: no
Booked through Movex

Post #1 – 7/19/03

Hello all,

I'm posting this from my hotel room in Erie, PA.

Well, I contacted the driver that Movex contracted for me - Broadway Express, the day before the move. The driver was very pleasant, but when was a little dismayed to hear that I was expecting him between 8-10AM the next day - he was expecting to show up around noon! That would've been disastrous for me, as I told everyone who was helping me move to show up around 9AM.

That quickly got corrected, as he said that he was finishing his first move in Brooklyn and would be at my place at 9AM.

*Exactly* at 9AM his truck arrived. Nice!

It was a 53' long truck which had ample blankets and a hand dolly if I needed one, which I didn't.

The driver, Allan, was a very personable guy, who gave me advice on how to pack, and showed me how to 'build' levels within the truck using wooden boards and cross-beams, to maximize my space utilization and also reduce the weight on the bottom-most boxes.

We were finished in a very reasonable 2.5 hours, and Alan then cushioned the extra space behind the wooden partition with additional blankets. Then he took off, leaving me his cell phone number to call if I had any questions.

So far, so good.

He's expected to arrive in California on the 28th. If the second part of this move goes as well as the first, then count me as one happy fella.

Will update and summarize when the move is complete.

- Tae

Post #2 – 7/27/03

Alan, the Broadway Express driver showed up 15 mins early to check the place out to see if he park right in front of my apartment entrance. He could not.

But, he was able to park in such a way that he only blocked off one entrance to the horseshoe parking lot in front of my entrance. This kept the neighbors happy, as none of them were blocked in, and us happy, as he did not have to move the truck once parked and ramp deployed.

The moving help I called for showed up an hour late, so I had to start moving stuff by myself until they showed up. But once they showed up - WOW - they hummed all my stuff into the apartment in less than an hour. Took six of us almost three hours to pack the stuff.

Anyway, a quick check of my stuff - nothing appears damaged. There are a couple of surfaces that are rubbed - not enough padding - which is my fault, but nothing tinkles like broken stuff. I'll probably get a better accounting of any damage once I start to unpack, but I have a feeling everything will turn out fine.

So, was MOVEX worth it? Yes and no.

You can save a bit of money versus a full service mover, but you pay for it in assuming more responsibility for the packing and arranging of help loading and unloading. It cost me $2400 plus insurance for the driving itself, and $225 for moving help unloading, and that doesn't include the tips. This was for an estimated 3500#, or 10 ft of truck space. My total cost would have been more had I not had friends help my load up the truck at the start.

I don't know what it would have cost to haul that much using a full service mover, but I have a feeling it would have been more.

So my experience with MOVEX was positive. My moving experience all told - was a little nerve-wracking. Had I the opportunity to do things differently, maybe I would have paid the extra money just so that someone else could take care of all of the headaches and physical sweat I invested. But there are a lot of people who simply cannot afford to pay for a full-service mover.

If MOVEX perhaps made sure that all of their contractors are as quality as Broadway Express, then I would have no qualms about using them again. The logistical nightmare of trying to figure whether you can fit a 53' tractor trailer at both your start and destination, well - it worked for me, but not without a lot of worrying on my part.

I'd hate to think how it would've turned out if we had to park it somewhere else and have the smaller moving truck transfer the stuff *then* move it into my apartment.

People should add up the cost of using a self-pack option, and include the possible added costs of arranging for loading/unloading help on both ends. If the price difference is worth the time you'll invest in making those arrangements, and you feel confident that you can accommodate a 53' long tractor trailer on both ends, then using such a service is a viable option.

I give MOVEX a '7' for price. I give Broadway Express a '10' for service.

- Tae

BrooklynMommy (#4)

Re: 4 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby BrooklynMommy (#4) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:02 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 11/03
Move: Brooklyn to Port Saint Lucie, FL
Cost: Unknown [she says it was less than for a U-Haul and slightly more than Movex quoted] for 26 feet
Driver: Robert
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 – 11/27/03

I just want to thank the creators and posters of this site and let everyone know of one of the GOOD companies out there. (at least in our experience)

We had reserved a 26' truck with Uhaul to move our family and our parents from Brooklyn NY to Port Saint Lucie FL. Since none of us had ever done any type of move this large before, we had no idea what kind of issues we would be facing when we reserved the truck. All we knew is that we needed a BIG truck and couldn't afford to hire people to move us. Well when the day came for us to get our truck.. Uhaul didn't have it available for us. No apology, no trying to find one.. We had no idea what we were going to do.

They said they would let us know when it arrived. In the meantime, we started to call around to try and find another truck (since it was going to cost us $100 a day to stay in our house if we stayed past the closing date) I found this site ( I suddenly was reading about issues none of us had thought about... Weight, Weigh Stations, Insurance, Driver's License qualifications, Breaking Down etc...

We had heard of Movex and then when I read about them on this site and saw several compliments made about Broadway Express, we decided to go straight to Broadway Express and not take a chance on who Movex might send to us.

Broadway Express actually cost us less than Uhaul was going to charge us. We paid the guy on the side to help us load and he built shelves and walls, used moving blankets/pads to protect furniture. He was wonderful!! I don't know if you can request people.. but his name was Robert. With his help and the other laborers we hired to help us move.. Things went wonderfully!!! Not one broken item!

I just want to thank you guys. Without finding this site, we either would have stayed with Uhaul or worse.


Suzanne Arnold

Post #2 – 11/28/03

We called them on Monday, November 10 and they were able to send a truck on Thursday, November 13, which quite frankly surprised us. I thought it might be unusual, but a number of companies contacted us (I had gone to before seeing them on a black list of another website) and said they could have a truck to us by Thursday as well.

The trailer they brought was HUGE! They didn't tell us about any restrictions except that we only had 8 hours to load the truck. My husband rode with him to the highway and I drove behind so that we could help him navigate out of our neighborhood with the tight turns.

Post #3 – 12/1/03

For the loading, we hired some guys in the neighborhood looking to make some extra money. There was the driver and 3 more people that we paid $60 each to. It took the full 8 hours to load the truck minus about an hour in break/lunch time.

Unloading was a lot easier. We hired laborers from an employment agency here in Port Saint Lucie. I think they charged $13 per hr for each man. We had 3 guys again. The name of that company is Labor Ready. The quality of their workers was lacking greatly and one guy dropped my computer monitor (luckily it seems to be ok) It only took about 3 1/2 hours to unload the truck. . . . I have an antique crib that I was terrified would get harmed and it didn't get a mark on it thank goodness! He wrapped it in blankets/pads.

Bottom line is.. I saw good reports about Broadway Express on this site and wanted to say that they did a good job for me also. Take it or leave it.

Oh.. one more thing.. Movex quoted us a cheaper rate than Broadway Express. We just didn't want to take the chance of them sending a company that we hadn't heard of or worse, one that we had heard negative things about.

Good luck everyone with your moves and be sure to put the name of whatever company you choose into Google or some other search engine and see if there are any negative sites about them.

Penaddict (#5)

Re: 5 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Penaddict (#5) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:05 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 12/03
Move: Los Angeles to Denver
Cost: Unknown but $400 less than Movex for 16 feet (actually used only 14 feet—see below)
Driver: Bob
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 – 12/7/03

I made a reservation with Movex for the end of this month. Initially I didn't know they were a broker until further research on this site. I see from postings they use Broadway Express and it's possible to save money using them directly. Since they are closed right now, I will call them tomorrow to get a comparison. However, I can't tell from Broadway Express's web site if they offer they same thing as Movex, i.e. blankets, dolly, ramps, they build the walls, etc. Anyone know?
Also, oddly when I clicked on their site to get an estimate quote, it seems they more feet you get, the less amount, i.e. 12 feet is more expensive than 14 feet, how odd.
Do they also wait with the truck as Movex does?
Do they operate on the weekend as Movex does?

Post #2 – 12/8/03

They got back to me and it's a better price than Movex. Because of the recommendations here and not knowing who I was going to deal with at Movex, I'm going to go with Broadway.
For the same amount of space, price was a difference of $346.
I might be paying a bit more for extra insurance, but that's okay.

Post #3 - 12/31/03

So here is my follow-up to our recent move using Broadway Express directly.
First, to catch others up, I did get a quote from Movex directly but found I could get a better deal using one of their truck companies directly, Broadway Express, which got some good reviews on this site.
So here it goes.
Booked the move directly through BE and was able to save more than $400. Reserved 16 feet though really only used about 14 feet or less.
Booked the move through Don (who I found out is also a trucker).
I didn't have to pay extra for insurance with BE, as Movex charged extra for extra insurance. BE covers up to $250,000 for free (just if truck stolen, destroyed, accident, etc.). That was the same with Movex but you had to pay if you wanted more than $5000 coverage.
Driver was supposed to come on Saturday, Dec. 27 between 9 and 10 a.m. Though due to weather, Bob showed up at 4 p.m. He communicated with me all along his route to me so I knew when he would arrive.
Luckily, my family helpers were flexible too.
Bob was awesome! He first came into our home and decided what needed to go first, second, etc.
He helped load some of the truck. He completely put everything together on the truck (which is why I could have reserved less space, but I we loaded it we wouldn't have done as great a job as Bob).
He told me later that many drivers don't do this and just sit and wait for you to finish.
Total it took about 2 1/2 hours. Thanks to all the help.
We communicated completely during our drive. He was just three hours behind us and that was even after we left the next day and he had a pick up on Sunday morning.
He arrived an hour early on the expected day of arrival, Dec. 31.
He again helped even MORE loading our stuff into a second story apartment.
AMAZING! This time it took less than 2 hours (about 1 1/2)
We of course tipped him well (half on the loading and half on the unloading).
That may have encouraged him to help us more.
So I totally and completely recommend BE. If you can, I would call and ask for Don and then request Bob because of his fabulous service.
Thanks to this board for all of your help.
I wouldn't have found BE without

Angela (#6)

Re: 6 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Angela (#6) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:07 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 12/03 – 1/04
Move: St. Louis, MO to CO (1,050 miles)
Cost: $1,734 for 18 feet (actually used only 9 feet—see below)
Driver: Tom C.
Shipped a car: no
Booked through Movex because of the non-compete agreement

Post #1 – 12/19/03

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to add my two cents about Movex and my experience thus far. We have just been transferred about 1,050 miles from Missouri to Colorado and as the company is not paying ANY moving costs (gotta love 'em) we needed an inexpensive though viable option for such a distance. Well long story short, our house in MO sold in 3 days time and the buyer wanted a close date within 3 weeks, so time-wise my options were very pressed.

We have booked with Movex for Monday, the 29th of December. Had I known by looking here prior to booking that they were a broker, my decision may have differed somewhat, but I suppose now I will cross my fingers and hope for the best.

I will say that so far the phone conversations and email contact from Movex have been satisfactory for the most part. I did get an original quote around noontime on a Saturday from Movex, and waited until Monday morning to call and book. Warning bells went off when Monday morning I was told the amount had increased by over $300. After a little snippiness on my part I was promptly put on hold and the sales rep returned saying his manager had overruled him and they would honor the original quote. Because of the Christmas holidays, my payment in full date of 5 days prior has actually become 10 days prior.

I spoke with Movex today and was told they do not yet have a subcontractor lined up for my move, but that by Monday I should be able to request that information. My quote, by the way, is $1,734 for 18 linear ft. The farther along I get in my move I will keep you all updated as to my experience with the company and subcontractor. I'm nervous but I guess that is to be expected with anything so major as uprooting your entire life. Cross your fingers for me!


Post #2 – 12/22/03

Small update...I called Movex today and was told that Broadway Express is going to be my contractor, the driver is not lined up as of yet. Seeing the positive posts about BE on here certainly makes me feel a tiny bit better about this whole process. I will let you know how things go as they progress, and as soon as I can when it's all said and done.

Post #3 – 12/26/03

Another quick update.....

Today (Friday) I was called by Movex and given the name and number of my driver. After a few attempts to reach him, which ended in only voicemail, he did call me back. But apparently he was rather surprised to learn that he was scheduled for my move on Monday, as he is going to be in Maryland at that time. So the basics are that he gave me 3 numbers to contact people at Broadway Express, which I promptly did. There was some sort of scheduling confliction and I was told that first thing Monday morning (day of my move) they will work on getting me a driver.
Luckily in a way for me, their headquarters is only 70 miles from my pick-up spot. Either way, it may be a little later in the morning, but I was promised that my things will be loaded on Monday one way or another.

If anyone is actually reading this...a couple, is this whole occurrence something I should be worried about? I know in the scam process they make a habit of being late, has me somewhat concerned. Secondly, I was told that "if need be" they would get a straight truck for me to load...what exactly is a straight truck..a semi??

So that's the latest news, the move is on Monday, I will be offline by late Sunday night and as soon as I get hooked back up in Colorado you'll get the end report. *sigh* wish me luck.


Post #4 - 12/28/03

Thanks everyone for your input, nothing has changed as of yet. I can't say I'm thrilled at the thought of a straight truck/transfer to trailer, but at this point as long as it gets out of here then fine. I close on the house on Tuesday, and if my things aren't on the way to Colorado I may well be in the middle of a full-blown nervous breakdown.

As for the scheduling confliction, I would say it's shared responsibility, if not more on the part of BE. Only because when I called the head dispatcher after speaking with the wrongly appointed driver, he apparently had no clue that this driver wasn't going to be in the area and empty. I would think they'd have a bit more interest in tracking their shipments and such.

One thing that does irk me, the guy at BE who is going to call me Monday morning with my new driver (he is in charge of all Movex operations within BE), had gone home early when I called on Friday with the problem...and is waiting until Monday morning to "take a look at the boards". Maybe it's just me, but if a problem arises that is your own fault...take a few minutes out of your weekend to fix it, don't leave me waiting until the time I was supposed to be loading already to find a solution.

Well, that’s my ranting for today...I'll be offline in a bit, and hopefully narrowly avoiding that nervous breakdown. (Top it off with a 19 hour drive alone with 2 kids - ages 5 & 3, and two howling cats....I may have one anyway)


Post #5 – 1/4/04

Well I've landed safe and sound in Colorado at long last, and thought I would give a final update on how the move went.

Monday morning I was called by Broadway Express, informing me that they had found another driver for my move. He was in their HQ in Effingham, Illinois at the time and they needed to move some things around on his truck in order to fit my load in. Tom Cima was the name of my new driver, who called me about an hour later to get directions to my house for pick-up. Everyone at BE was very courteous over the phone.

The new load time was to be around 11:30 am. At about noon I got a call from Tom, telling me he was stuck in traffic but was trying his best to get there. Around thirty minutes later he pulled up in a full-sized truck, "Broadway Express" boldly emblazoned on both trailer and cab, all looking to be in very good condition. The truck inside was clean and my space was easily reached. Everything Movex had promised in regards to ramps, pads, dollies was present in surplus.

When Tom opened up the truck and ramp, he then explained to us what should go where, etc. Then, perhaps upon seeing that it was just my father-in-law, sister-in-law, and myself to be loading, he offered his help in getting items on the truck. In anticipation of not having much help, we had earlier in the week while my husband was still in town, moved virtually everything into our garage. Washer and dryer hauled out of the basement, queen beds from the second floor to the living room, etc.
With Tom's help the entire three bedroom (1700 sq ft) house loaded in just an hour and a half!!! Even though he didn't ask for it, and even modestly accepted the tip, at load we tipped him $85 and he again said he would help us unload in Colorado.

Tom then headed home to Kansas City to spend two days off with his family for the New Year (in lieu of missing Christmas) and I was told to call him on the morning of Jan. 2nd (Friday). So I spent the next couple days making the drive to Colorado and spoke with Tom that Friday afternoon. Everything was on target and my unloading was to be as scheduled on Sunday the 4th. Well, Saturday we were smacked with that nasty little snow storm and my area got I would guess about 9 inches of snow. Tom called me from Aspen, CO saying that there had been an avalanche and the highway had been closed down. He still planned on being there Sunday morning, but he would call me if things changed.

Sunday morning as promised, Tom called again and my husband went to a local truck stop to pick him up. Our new home is in a fairly rural area and Tom wasn't sure he could maneuver the truck through the new snow. After riding through with my husband, he decided it was clear enough that he could manage, and then went back to get the truck and begin the unloading. With just Tom, my husband and myself we unloaded in about 2 hours that 9 inches of snow nonetheless. I tipped Tom another $20, despite his protests that we had already paid. I haven't yet opened any boxes, but my furniture has not a single scratch to be seen (we took most all electronics, large TV, computer, dvd, etc. in our cars with us).

Bottom line, I couldn't have asked for a better driver, Tom was friendly, helpful and always made certain to keep in touch with me. My overall opinion of Broadway Express is very high, Movex didn't really do too much beyond the initial involvement, but I suppose that is all their job amounts to and they did do that much well enough.

I am satisfied with the work done for me and much like the other posts in regard to Movex/BE on this site....I would suggest BE in a heartbeat, and Movex only if you can be guaranteed BE will be your contractor.

On the final bill Tom signed and handed over to me, it stated I only used 9 of the 18 linear ft. I paid for, so tomorrow I will call Movex and just ask about a full or partial refund on the unused space. Doubtful, but it can't hurt to try. I apologize for the novel this is quickly becoming, and I hope I have answered a few questions about these two companies for anyone looking into them. Thank you all for the hard work you put in here!!


Post #6 – 1/5/04

As far as the difference in actual load size vs. estimated, I would guess that falls within the initial conversations I had when booking with Movex. The sales rep. very briefly asked me what I would be transporting, it essentially amounted to "do you have a basement, a garage?" I told him we would be leaving a fair amount of furniture and things behind. (We donated or trashed about 8 large pieces of furniture...children's dressers, armchairs, etc.) Since the 18 ft. he quoted me seemed in line with the other estimates I had gotten (ABF and the like) I didn't really question it, as I had zero idea what 18 linear ft. would amount to in regards to my things. Also, the fact that Tom helped us load, and really did an excellent job packing things in tight and high contributed to our saving space.

Even if I don't get a refund I won't be too disappointed, I think I still got a good value for the peace of mind at $1700. U-haul estimates I got were closer to $3000 before gas and all those inevitable extras.


Post #7 - 1/23/04

I did [a] move with BE and though I don't pretend to be as knowledgable as even a third of the people on this site, I will help in whatever way I can.

That said, in response to your asking what seperates your items, on my BE truck there was no bulkhead . . . Everything was tied off, our mattresses were wrapped up and put in last and then straps wound around them to hold everything in place. I noticed in another area of the truck near my items, all household goods as well, they had used flattened boxes as a sort of division behind the tie offs.

As for the air-ride trailer, though I don't have any experience with using a move without it, I have to say again that not a single thing was broken or damaged. Large furniture items were all wrapped well, with blankets left to spare. A few boxes had dented corners, but this in no way affected the items inside. (My driver told me as we were loading - take this anecdote for what it's worth- that he once accidently left an open can of Pepsi just inside the door on the floor of the truck, 800 miles later he opened the doors to find the can had not moved an inch or spilled.)

If you have any other questions regarding the move itself, feel free to ask and I will answer as best I can. Personally, I have to say I would absolutely use BE again and was more than content with the service provided. Good luck sorting through it all!


Ray (#7)

Re: 7 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Ray (#7) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:09 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 1/04
Move: Manhattan to Seattle
Cost: $3,240 for 21 feet (included 15 feet for a car; Movex quoted $3,050 but said it could not book moves from or to Manhattan)
Drivers: Bob / Ann
Shipped a car: yes
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 – 12/23/03

Just wanted to post an update regarding our upcoming move to Seattle. After contacting two full service van lines here, they turned out to be rather non-responsive (maybe because we don't have much stuff approximately 2200#) We decided to go with Broadway Express. I spoke with Don Girard. His quote was for 6 linear-ft plus 15 ft for the car, $2,940 plus $300 entrant fee for the tractor-trailer coming into Manhattan. And yes, BE would bring a 53' (with cab 74') truck onto my block on 1/12. Really have to see how that's going to work. Informed the local precinct and they have no problem with it. Now I just hope Mother Nature would cooperate on that day. Don also told me it's 5-8 days spread.

The quote BE gave me was comparable to Movex' which was $1,550 for 6 linear-ft, and $1,500 for the car on the same truck. Only difference was that Movex would not bring a truck into Manhattan.

Post #2 – 12/27/03

I will have to call Don of BE Monday on the issue regarding insurance and tie-downs for the car.

I was happy when I was told that BE would bring a TT into the city. My stuff wouldn't have to be moved twice. The deal about parking on my block is this. It is a one-way street with parking on both sides, that is one lane traffic in the middle. However, on Mondays there is no parking btw 8am to 6pm for both sides. In theory there is plenty of room for a TT parked in front of my building. Whether the truck can make it into Manhattan and actually all the way to my block, well we will have to see. In the event if there was snow on the ground, it is likely that the city would suspend alternate side parking, (in effect negate the no parking on Monday rule). Well then I would have to figure out plan B.

I don't really know about the metro shuttle fee, except that a permit is required for a TT to enter into Manhattan.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday. Thanks so much for all your feedback.
Back to the packing...


Post #3 – 1/26/04

Recap on the move from NYC to Seattle: Broadway Express driver Bob contacted me two days prior and asked for direction. He said he would get to my block around 10 am Monday Jan 12. He arrived right around 10:30am. Folks, it was a beautiful day in NY. Temp was in the 40s and he was able to park right in front of the building. We hired couple local movers to load the truck. These guys were amazing. At one point one guy had five boxes on his back going down three flights of stairs. They worked non-stop and it all took about 2 1/2 hours to finish.

Bob the BE driver was especially helpful. He provided help as to how to pack our stuff into all 6 linear-ft of space, all our belongings were covered, padded and strapped down and then the car went in last. 3 hours later the truck was on its way. Believe me folks, I took care of the guys. I was just happy it all worked out at the end, not to mention all the panic packing we did even as the truck was pulling in out front and of course we ran out of packing tape...Next day we left NY just ahead of the deep freeze and the snow.

Bob told me that he would not be the driver going to Seattle. I called Don on Friday to get an update and I was told that a different driver, Ann, would deliver our stuff no later than Wednesday Jan 21. Ann contacted me on Wednesday and informed us that she would arrive in Seattle the next day between 10 and 11 am. The delay was caused by HQ scheduling conflict. For unloading help we took a chance on a local movers' posting on

Ann arrived 10:30am the next day (Thursday) and the two local movers were ready to go. It all took about 2 hrs to unload. Since our belongings were well packed onto the truck, no damages were found although we still have couple of picture boxes to unpack. Nevertheless we were happy to have our belongings. Living in a empty apartment for 10 days was a bit strange. Ann the BE driver was also very pleasant and helpful.

Overall, it was a very positive experience using Broadway Express. I don't think we would do a coast to coast move anytime soon though. Don't think we can handle the stress, again now that things are almost back to normal. Many thanks to you, the volunteers/contributors and especially Tim, for the advice, suggestions and information provided. I am truly grateful for all your help. Thanks.

[Editor's note by Diane: Bob switched trailers with Ann in CT but the goods themselves were not transferred from one trailer to another.]

Susan (#8)

Re: 8 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Susan (#8) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:12 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date of move: 2/04 - 3/04
Move: San Diego to western Nebraska (1,650 miles)
Cost: $2,800 for 30 feet (Movex quoted $2,748 for the same space)
Driver: David M.
Shipped a car: no
Booked through Movex because of the non-compete agreement

Post #1 – 12/3/03

I put a call into Broadway Express, and gave the coordinator my info. I am waiting to hear back from her with a quote. I also want to add here that she asked specifically if I had been quoted through Movex (I have) and what those numbers were. Looks like maybe this gal is looking to make a deal?

I realize this isn't all a done deal yet, but I am feeling a lot better about things in general. The heavens have opened, the angels are singing, the sun is shining, and I think my hair is growing back in.

Feeling less stressed and more like my usual goofy self...


Post #2 – 12/04/03

The Latest.... At the latest possible hour, it seems...

I contacted Broadway Express directly today. I had to leave a message for the initial contact person, who called me back literally within a matter of minutes.

Shirley, as I noted above, asked me for my estimated size of shipment. I had mentioned that I had received a quote from movex, but no comments from them about the carrier they would book for me. I also told her I had heard good things about BE from others who had used them via movex. Shirley asked me for the quotes that Movex gave me, and then told me another gentleman in the office would actually figure the quote and call me back "soon".

Within 10 or 15 minutes, Jess called me back and took a great deal of time to tell me about the company, how their "you pack" works, etc. He was more than willing to answer any questions, and finally, asked for my email address so that I could have a printed copy for my file.

BE's service includes everything that Movex advertises: bulkhead materials (pre-assembled), ramps, blankets, hand trucks, tie-down straps, material to create horizontal shelving within the cargo area to maximize vertical space, etc.

I had figured that by going directly to BE, instead of through Movex, the quote might be lower since I was cutting the "Middle Man" out of the loop. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the quote slightly higher (about $50 for 30 linear feet). I was surprised because this indicated to me that they weren't going to intentionally lowball my quote to get my business. And as far as that goes, $50 is a small premium to pay for knowing that I am dealing with one, and only one company and driver from start to finish.

Incidental info....

I asked about if I went over my quoted 30 linear feet, and was told that based on the distance I was planning, I was looking at about an extra $100/linear foot, which is exactly what movex quoted me.

I asked about their payment options. They do ask that you book your move in advance as much as possible, however they require no deposit. They ask for payment upon delivery by money order or cashier's check.

Things I forgot to ask about:

Do they accept credit cards? If not, why? (I have learned that the credit card company is often the last line of defense when dealing with a rogue mover)

If I use less than the quoted amount of space, do I pay less or the amount I was quoted; if I use more, when do I get the total balance owed number? I would assume that second one is from the HQ, via the driver, upon completion of loading and measurement. But we all know what happens when we assume....

Post #3 – 12/4/03

Hiya Kids

I just talked to Jess at Broadway Express about the questions I had mentioned in my post of last night / early this morning.

Jess confirmed for me that BE does accept credit card payments, and that they have a specific gal in their office that handles payment arrangements if you choose to use a CC for your move.

I asked Jess about the final total being affected by the actual use of more or less linear feet than quoted. Jess explained to me that once you have completed your loading, the driver measures the linear feet used. You asked to witness the measurement and agree. At that time, the "length" is noted on the bill of lading. If you come out exact, then it’s a done deal. The driver calls the dispatch, gives them the final info, your price is given to you and noted on your BOL.

If there is a difference in the space used versus the space quoted, again the driver calls dispatch, the difference in price is immediately noted on your BOL and you and the driver alternately speak with dispatch until all parties are satisfied with the outcome. Once this is done, that’s it. The price is final and this is the price you pay upon delivery.

In the event that you are unable to take delivery, then you contact dispatch and the driver about alternate arrangements for storage, later delivery, etc.

Also, I had made a comment in an earlier post regarding sharing trailer space with another HHG shipment, and my concern that someone else's "critters" might migrate to my things during travel time. I don't remember if I posted what Jess told me about that. I the event that I didn't... Jess says that upon arrival for pickup, the driver makes a walk-thru check of the house /apartment. If the driver sees signs of insect / rodent infestation in the house and/or goods to be shipped, he is authorized, after making a call to dispatch, to refuse the shipment.

I like this. Frankly, mice don't bother me much because I have cats, and mice generally won't continue to lodge where a cat is present. However, bugs are a whole different hill of proverbial beans. I cannot and will not abide bugs in my house, old or new, or in my stuff.

That's it for now... Susan

Post #4 – 12/5/03

The four quotes I am looking at now aren't really apples to apples; Budget Rental truck, Movex, Broadway Express, and Archway/United ValueMove. They do, however, give a basic idea across the options spectrum. The following info is copied from my "moving info" notebook.

Budget Rental truck:
Option = Complete DITY move
Status = n/a
Space = 24' truck (largest avail)
Quoted = $1428 + taxes, insurance, & fuel
Overage Charges = unknown - cents/miles & dollars/day
Est. Delivery = When we get there
Benefits: HHG are under our control at all times
Disadvantages:Extra time on the road/hotel & meal expenses, bad time of year (weather) to undertake the 1650 mile drive, limited miles & days usage, fuel for two vehicles, driving truck and personal vehicle while traveling with 5 year old, 2 dogs, 2 cats = max stress

Option = You Pack & Load, We Drive
Status = Broker
Space = 30 linear feet
Quoted = $2748
Overage Charges = about $100 / linear foot
Est. Delivery = unknown til carrier is booked
Benefits: All inclusive price for mileage, fuel, taxes, tolls, loading accessories, same truck & driver throughout,
Disadvantages: Unsure of actual carrier til after booking, requires full pre-pay; potential for exceeding reserved space/other shipments already on truck prohibit exceeding space

Broadway Express:
Option = You Pack & Load, We Drive
Status = Carrier
Space = 30 linear feet
Quoted = $2800
Overage Charges = about $100 / linear foot
Est Delivery = 7-10 days
Benefits: All inclusive price for mileage, fuel, taxes, tolls, loading accessories, same truck & driver throughout, excellent customer service (Jess) thus far, payment is COD
Disadvantages: Potential for exceeding reserved space/other shipments already on truck prohibit exceeding space, 8 hours allotted for loading and unloading

Archway, United Affiliate:
Option = "ValueMove" (You Pack & Load, We Drive)
Status = Carrier
Space = 48'
Quoted = $3606
Overage Charges = n/a (no reason it won't all fit)
Est Delivery = unknown / no notes
Benefits: United tractor & driver, no potential for exceeding reserved space, 48 hours to load and unload, ramp provided at origin and destination, we provide lock for trailer, excellent customer service (Sheila) thus far
Disadvantages: Will need to purchase a city permit for overnight trailer parking ($150), requires full pre-pay, over allotted amount for moving budget


Post #5 – 12/10/03

On the moving front... I have not made any definite decisions regarding the BE/Movex option. Hubby is all agreement with it being the best option for us, or more specifically, YPWD being the best option, but the whole thing about asking me to book through the broker just (still) is not sitting right with me. [Editor's note: In a PM Susan told me that she had gotten a call from Jesse at BE on 12/5/03 asking her to book through Movex but request BE as her carrier so as not to jeopardize BE’s business relationship with Movex.] We have decided that our budget will allow us to hire some local pros to help us load and pack the truck itself, and I have a very reputable company already lined up for this. I have used them before to help a friend move items from storage to a new home and was very happy with them.

Post #6 - 12/18/03

. . . from the more info about Movex desk.... I have not been in contact with them since receiving my initial estimate and clarifying the questions that arose at that time. (I have not been in touch with BE either, since the infamous "book it through them" call). I received today, a follow up email from another Movex associate noting that I had received a quote but had not yet booked my move. The email went on to offer a telephone number for any questions I may have and the statement "We would like to earn your business". Interesting.

I wrote back to let him know that 1.) we had not yet completed negotiations on the house purchase (Argh!) and 2.) I had been busy looking into the records and reputations of the carriers they use. I commented that I was very impressed with BE, and could he, upon booking, guarantee me that BE would be my carrier. I just sent this off a short while ago, and don't expect a response til tomorrow, since it was very close to the end of business when i sent it. I will keep everyone posted on that.

Post #7 – 1/8/04

Hiya Kids!

Sorry I've been out of the loop for a couple weeks... first the holidays, then the 'puter was sick, then I was sick, and now I am finally getting caught up.

Thanks Angela and Pen for posting your Movex / BE experiences. Very enlightening and confidence building.

The latest from this side of the world:

I checked with our insurance company and they confirmed that our goods are covered for full insured value while in transit, even though they would not be under our control. The caveat: they are only covered for the same perils as they would be in our rented residence.

I have booked (nothing paid yet, however) our move with Movex as of yesterday. There is, at this time, a little bit of concern in the dates we want, but this is due to the move being so far out, that we are the only "job on the board" at this time, so to speak.

After updating Trace at Movex on our status and situation, he has "renamed" our move as falling under military, and as their company info says, upped our free coverage from $5,000 to $10,000.

Trace has also been very helpful in providing me, through email, estimates and additional paperwork that I will need to take to the base Personal Property Office, so that we can receive an allowance from the Navy to offset our moving expenses.

Additionally, Trace has also allotted our move to Broadway Express. After reading the glowing reports from Angela and Pen, I am more than ever pleased about this.

Finally, I also spoke to a local moving company here in town about hiring a couple of their pros to assist us with loading and packing the trailer. We are looking at $30/hour/man, with a three hour minimum. Tom, the proprietor (whom I trust implicitly due to another job I have done with him, as well as local reputation and volunteer activities that he and I are both involved in) recommends three men: one to stay in the trailer for arrangement, and the other two to bring things out of the house to the trailer.

Based on the things I am reading, I am starting to wonder how long it might take these fellas to load vs. us (perhaps with some assistance from the driver?) loading. We figure that three pros shouldn't have any trouble getting everything done in the three hour time frame. But if it’s possible for us to get the load done in our allotted eight hours (our biggest concern) maybe its not worth the $270 I'm looking at shelling out. We have a very full three bedroom house, plus a 10x10 storage shed in the backyard that's about 50% full of larger items. Any thoughts, anyone? . . .

.Look forward to getting back into the swing with all of you.

Happy New Year... Susan

Post #8 – 3/24/04

Hiya Kids....

Sorry I've been outta the loop for so long. Have been painting and unpacking, and have finally come to a point where I can take some time to let everyone know how my move went.

For new users, you can check the first several chapters (aka "Pre-Moving") by checking my posts under the topic "The Saga Begins".

***The Saga***
Lessee.... I did book our move with Movex, about one month in advance. I had some concerns that they required payment in full at least one week prior to the move date, but after having discussed this with one of the customer service reps, I was somewhat put at ease, after learning about the process Movex uses.

As promised, our driver (of Broadway Express) contacted us the day before the move. We discussed directions to the pick up location (our house) and the best way for him to approach our street as its a bit narrow and he was, after all, coming in in a full sized tractor-trailer rig. He assured us he would arrive at 830am.

Moving Day, February 27, our driver arrived early at 815am. After he got the truck settled at the curb, the ramps installed, and set out the included supplies (blankets, hand trucks, appliance dollies, tie downs, etc etc -- all very clean and in excellent condition) he walked through the house and garden shed with us to assess our goods and suggest the best way to go about loading.

Our helpers (some strapping young sailors, lured with promises of pizza and beer ) arrived about 900am with coolers in tow. After introductions all around, and letting the guys know that our driver would be "directing" what to bring and how to load it, we got started.

Our driver was absolutely indispensible during the loading process. With his direction and suggestions, our crew (eight, not counting hubby and myself) was able to maximize both our horizontal and vertical space, and complete the load out in about four hours and 15 minutes. A bit surprising, considering our loading crew broke open the coolers about halfway into the load out.

After getting the ramps and excess supplies loaded back up, the driver and I went over the Bill of Lading, and signed off on copies for everyone. Our scheduled delivery date was the following Thursday (March 4) but our driver let us know that after making another drop along the route, he would be arriving in our new town the same day as we were, and if we wanted to unload sooner, just to give him a call. He made sure that we not only knew his route between points A and B, as well as his cellphone number and the Movex toll free contact number, but also made a point to let us know which truckstop he would be at, waiting to hear from us (our new town is right on the interstate).

We left the old house on Sunday, February 29, and made it to our new town the evening of Tuesday, March 2. Our driver was indeed parked at the truckstop, as he said.

We closed on our house the morning of Wednesday March 3. We had not been inside the house, unloading what we had brought with us, for two hours, when we heard from our driver, checking to see if *WE* made it ok, and to let us know that he did not have cellphone service. Did we want to go ahead and unload that day? No thanks, we wouldn't have a crew til the next day. I gave him directions to the new house, and we set the time at "around 9" am.

At 845am on Thursday, March 4, our driver arrived, got settled at the curb, and had the ramps in place and was beginnning to take down the first set of tie-down straps when our unloading crew of five arrived (some local high school and junior high guys on spring break, lured with promises of pizza and cash -- nope no beer for the kids ).

The unload began shortly after 9am, again with our driver directing the process. The unload was completed by 1130am, and nothing immediately appeared to be broken, crushed, or otherwise damaged, with the exception of one floorlamp, which had not been disassembled prior to loading (nothing wrong with that lamp that some JB Weld won't fix ).

Our driver re-loaded pads, straps, hand trucks and dollies back on the truck, and we did the second half of the paperwork. He then visited with us and the kids for a short time. He told us about the other types of hauls he made, and, when asked about the lifestyle of a big rig driver, gave all of us a "tour" of the cab of his truck, including the sleeper compartment. (BTW... THAT was VERY cool!)

After refilling his coffee cup from my bottomless percolator, the driver and hubby headed back out to the truckstop to get an "empty" weight ticket, which he then turned over to hubby along with the "loaded" weight ticket for our military move paperwork. We asked him to join us and the kids for lunch, but as he is preparing to move himself, he was anxious to get home to his wife.

Although I am still unpacking, I have found nothing broken or damaged other than the floorlamp mentioned above. I give credit for this to my anal-retentive packing skills, but great credit is also due to our driver, David M. of Broadway Express.

David more than once commented in the course of conversation on how he took each family's goods and needs into consideration on a case-by-case basis. Some people did not want his assistance and professional opinion during loading, and often ended up with damaged goods. Nonetheless, he told us he made a point to drive the truck as if it were his own worldly possessions in the trailer. We were so inspired with confidence by David, that we never felt the need to contact him along the route between loading and unloading. We really liked David, both as a professional providing a service to us, and as a person.

David is an excellent representative of both Broadway Express and Movex, being the kind of guy you would want as a neighbor, and someone that you would invite into your home as a friend. I cannot say enough about this guy, but I can tell you the bottom line: we were so pleased with his service, that we tipped him $60 at the load, and another $60 at the unload. Being in mid-move, we were strapped for cash, and wished it could have been more, but David was both grateful and humble at the tips, and acted as thought we had given him a winning lotto ticket or a pot of gold.

Movex customer service reps were helpful throughout. As I mentioned in the beginning, I was in touch with them a great deal up to and after booking the move. Reps Jean Kopke and Trace Kuhn (sp?) were both patient, helpful, and reassuring. Jean called two days before the move to let me know who our driver and his company were, and to make sure that I had his cell number ahead of time. About a week after the unload, Jean called me to follow up. I was so pleased with her service, as well as David's, I volunteered to take their Customer Satisfaction survey, which I will be following up shortly with letters of appreciation to both Movex and Broadway Express.

The only downside we encountered was that the cost of the unused space was not refunded (this is stated in the contract). (We used only 28 of our reserved 30 linear feet). However, we felt that it was a small premium to pay for the excellent service we received.

All-in-all, my final opinion: If you haven't the time or inclination to drive your own truck but can pack your own goods well, and/or don't have the budget to go with a full service mover, I would highly recommend Movex. I believe in "you get what you pay for", but I also believe that excellent customer service is sometimes hard to come by. Movex offered both value in a cost effective service, and excellent customer service through their representatives, David, Jean, and Trace.

The local self-service moving location (which shall remain unnamed, but we all know who it is) where I ended up purchasing many last minute packing supplies was less expensive as far as cost, but their service absolutely stunk! On virtually every occasion I was waiting to pay for my purchases, I heard *the manager* taking calls and being snippy, short-tempered, and even downright rude to customers both in person and on the phone. Thanks goodness we opted not to go that route. It must be hard to be a bitter, middle-aged, overweight man who has so much unpleasantness in his life that he has no other outlet but to spread the ugliness around to everyone he comes in contact with.

Let the Q & A begin...

Post #9 – 3/24/04

Diane... I have updated my email address on my movingscam profile, I am using, and can be contacted at, my yahoo address: fro99ie_princess at

As far as quotes I got from other companies, I am going to have to unpack my notes. I do recall that the legitimate full service quotes I received averaged about $800 - $1,200 higher than Movex. The DITY truck quotes were on average about $400 - $600 lower. I did check with United's YPWD option, and that was about $700 higher and did not offer the "extras" (furniture pads, hand trucks, etc) that Movex did. ABF's YPWD service was not available for my new home, and thus, I did not follow up on quoting service to their nearest terminal (about 230 miles away).


PS... I don't think David M. does windows, but if he did, I bet he'd kick ass at it! LOL

GoingBacktoCali (#9)

Re: 9 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby GoingBacktoCali (#9) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:14 pm

Recommended: yes :D ; experienced minor damage that was not BE's fault
Date of move: 2/04
Move: Detroit to Santa Barbara, CA
Cost: Unknown ($500-$700 less than United’s Value-Move; possibly $1,300—see below)
Driver: Ricky
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 – 1/22/04

I know this is a long post, but please bear with me…

I have been reading many of the posts on this message board in order to help me make an informed decision regarding a moving company for my up coming move from Detroit, MI to Santa Barbara, CA. This move will be the first time I will need to use any more space than what the back of my Jeep would provide me. After hearing the nearly constant stream of moving horror stories, I was very gun-shy going into the process of selecting a mover.

With all the posts and especially the feedback from all the regular contributors, this website has helped me to start narrowing down my choices. After evaluating my options, I have decided that a “You pack – They Drive” type mover would work well for my small 1 Bedroom apt and my budget. I am planning the move to take place in the last week of February.

Based off my research, I believe that the following companies are the main four that offer this type of service:

ABF’s U-Pack
Broadway Express
United’s Value Move
Mayflower’s Value Ship

And these are my initial thoughts/concerns with the listed companies.

I have found a lot of positive reviews of ABF on this site and several others, including I have also read a couple reviews where their trailers were old, leaked water, or the inside was covered with printer toner dust. I also have questions regarding what other items might be shipped along with my belongings. The FMCSA site also shows them being licensed for general freight, liquids/gases, chemicals, etc; but not household goods. I do like the security of knowing that once the partition goes up separating my belongings from the rest of the shipment, no one will have access it until I open it at the destination.

I have not found reviews of Broadway Express on any other site than this one. The reviews on this site seem very good, as do the reviews on their own site. The Broadway drivers seem more likely to help with the loading and unloading, as well as providing some moving supplies such as blankets. They seem to be a smaller company than ABF.

The quote I received from United’s Value Move was assigned to Archway Freight Forwarders, LLC. The FMCSA site lists them as having only one piece of power equipment and one driver, as well as the MCS-150 form date being less than one year old, 02/19/03 – which concerns me some.

All four of these companies seem to offer similar service with a small range of prices - I have received quotes from all four of these companies and they ranged from approximately $1300 to $1,900. This fact leads me to wonder is there something that truly separates one from another and is one of the four “the best”?

After reviewing these companies, I have to say I am impressed with the feedback about Broadway Express, the amount of information available on ABF, and the brand name of United. One thing that is important to me is the availability of the trailer to be dropped off and picked up on the same day on both sides of the move, as I do not believe I will be allowed to leave a large truck on the street overnight in either city. Also, if any one company has a better track record of assisting in the loading process (ie not necessarily the physical work but the art of safe and efficient packing) I would appreciate knowing that.

I know I am asking for something you can not provide, and that is which of these movers would YOU use if you were moving. However, if someone could help me separate these movers from each other I would greatly appreciate it.

There is a lot of information out there about the moving industry and if someone could help me sort it out, I would greatly appreciate it. Most of all I really want to avoid having my stuff held for ransom or any other scam a mover might try…

Post #2 – 1/22/04

Has anyone had a negative experience with Broadway Express? All I hear is positive feedback, which is awesome, but a little hard to believe in this industry. Also, does anyone know how they separate your belongings from the other items in the trailers?

How much lead time do I need to schedule with these companies? I am planning on moving around February 25. Do I run the risk of trucks not being available or the companies increasing their estimates the longer I wait?

I will most certainly keep everyone posted with the progress of my move as it occurs...


Post #3 – 2/20/04

Thanks for all the feedback! I have decided to go with Broadway Express, and the move day is Wednesday, Feb 25. I will make sure to pass along the experience with everyone.

Thanks again,


Post #4 – 4/25/04

I would like to start off by thanking everyone who gave me advice before my move; and I would like to apologize for taking so long to update everyone on how my move went.

I decided to go with Broadway Express (BE) after speaking with Don at BE. He patiently answered all my questions . . . and gave me advice as he saw fit. I also interviewed ABF - Upack and United's Value Move. I decided to rule out ABF after speaking with their representative. I needed to have more control over the pick up and drop off of the trailer; and ABF was unwilling to do anything other than leave the trailer overnight. The representative from United's Valuemove was friendly and very helpful. All things being equal I might have gone with United, but their quote was about $500-$700 more than BE.

After deciding on BE and finalizing all the arrangements, BE called me two days before the move and gave me the name and cell phone number of the driver I would be using. Ricky, my assigned driver, then followed up with me the day before the move to confirm the time of arrival and directions to my apartment.

Ricky arrived at my apartment at the same time he quoted me. Ricky had all ramps, dollies, pads we needed (as BE said they would). Ricky was very helpful throughout the entire move. He directed our efforts as to what items we should bring out first and actually did a lot of the loading himself. We offered to pay him for his help, but he gratefully declined (I did give him a nice tip though). My only complaint about BE was the truck was extremely full at pickup, and if I had needed more space than what I was originally quoted, I believe I may had been out of luck (I was told over the phone that if I needed more space I would be given more and would be charged accordingly). Also, the bulkhead that separates your belongings from everyone else didn’t quite seem to be doing the trick. It would have been relatively easy for someone to get their hands on some of my things (accidentally or on purpose) - so I recommend marking all your belongings very well and hoping for the best. Only a couple hours after he arrived, Ricky pulled away with all our belongings headed west...

The official quote I received from BE stated that my belongings would arrive in CA 7 to 12 days after pickup. Much to my surprise I got a call from Ricky 5 days after pickup saying he would be in Santa Barbara in two days. Once again, we agreed upon a time and I gave him some directions. Once again, Ricky was right on time.

Upon arrival it was apparent that some of our stuff had shifted in the move. All of our wood furniture had suffered some scratches and chips. We eventually had to re-stain all our wood furniture to fix the damage. If I ever move again, and if anyone moves with BE, remember that you need to wrap ALL your furniture and protect any and all surfaces that you don’t want to be damaged. Our belongings in boxes fared much better, we only lost one plate and one lamp, both due to some faulty packing. Once again, Ricky helped a lot during the unloading process. He took all the boxes down and placed them so I could carry them into the apartment or load them onto the dolly easily. The entire unloading process probably only took 2 hours with all of Ricky's help. I offered to pay him, but again he declined, so I made sure to give him a good tip.

All in all I was very pleased with BE. I was extremely skeptical about the entire moving industry before this move, but I believe I found a very reputable and affordable company in BE. All the people I spoke to very friendly and helpful, the truck was on time at both pick-up and drop-off, and our driver was knowledgeable and helpful. However, some things that you should be aware of if you chose BE:

1. They are a do it your self mover - be prepared to do a lot of work.
2. They are not luxury movers, if you don’t want something broken pack it very well, if you don’t want something scratched - wrap it, pad it, whatever, just protect any surface you care about, it probably will get scratched or worse.

Hope this helps...

Seth (#10)

Re: 10 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Seth (#10) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:16 pm

Recommended: yes :D ; had minor issues with driver's attitude (poor communication)
Date: 3/04
Move: Brooklyn, NY to Chicago
Cost: Unknown for 10 feet
Driver: James W. and America
Shipped a car: no
Used a shuttle in Chicago: yes
Booked directly with BE

Post #1: 3/19/04

Hi guys. I’m booking broadway express for a move on the 26th from brooklyn to chicago. Ill let you guys know how it goes. So far I talked with Don at broadway and I'm just waiting for an emailed invoice. I’m having some friends and the driver help me with the packing. Should be easy though, I have 10 linear feet and that’s much more than I'll need.

I’ll document things in this thread as they proceed. I chose them based on the reviews and comments I found in this forum.


Post #2: 3/21/04

. . . I was told over the phone the driver would help me for around 30/hr.

edit: The driver being paid in cash when he arrives, not BE.

Post #3: 3/30/04

They've been ok/good insofar. You must understand that they come with a 53' trailer, and although I thought it would make the turn to my street perfectly, a car parked too close to the corner (I didn’t know whose it was and couldn’t move it). Fortunately there was space around the corner.

I then paid the driver the amount requested for helping move things (45 an hour for both himself and his wife to help, minimum of 2 hours) however he said he couldn’t leave the truck for insurance reasons.

That worked out fine - my friends and I would bring equipment to the truck then they would wrap and store everything. And they did do an excellent job at it.

Now I’m in a pickle, as there is no way short of a miracle I'll find space for the truck once it arrives in chicago. My apartment is in a neighborhood with scarce parking for a CAR, let alone a truck with a 53' trailer. Its likely Ill need to hire ANOTHER moving company to ferry the things from the truck (wherever it parks) to the apartment.

This is really something I should have considered before moving, as I hadn’t expected parking to be so much worse in chicago.

Also remember that the driver cannot leave the truck.

The truck is arriving thursday so Ill tell everyone more after the final portion of this story.

Post #4: 3/31/04

I called and found some movers that will give me 3 people to move the stuff from the truck to the apartment for 100/hour. I don’t know anyone here and I wont be able to carry things like my dresser up the stairs by myself. Also this way I won’t need to pay the driver and his wife.

I also found a restaurant a block away where I can put the truck until it’s unloaded.

Post #5: 4/18/04

hi guys - sorry to take sooo long before finishing up my entries about the move.

I had Five Star Moving and Storage move my belongings to the apartment from the truck. The apartment company had recommended them. They were fast and efficient. It cost 250 dollars, 100/hr for 3 people and 50 base price. The BE truck was an hour late (to be expected) so I had to pay an extra 100 dollars. If you're having people meet you to help move your belongings, have them come an hour after the truck is scheduled to arrive to allow for traffic. I meant to do this but it was too late to change times with them.

The BE driver - James (or Jim) couldn’t fit in the restaurant lot - there were some cars parked parallel to the spaces. We took up most of a bus space instead. The Five Star Movers loaded the items onto their truck and then drove across the busy street so we didn’t have to wait for the light to change each time we wanted to cross. Some of the items got black smudges on them - notably my futon and some things were nicked up a little. Nothing worth complaining about.

The experience with BE was acceptable. They did an excellent job packing the items in the truck and wrapping everything. The only item broken was a 30 dollar mirror - no big deal.

The problems I DID have with BE involved the driver and his wife. They were quite obnoxious at times. While they don’t affect the actual end-result of the move and don’t affect my belongings, they certainly didn’t garner any respect for BE either.

The driver wouldn’t leave the truck for insurance purposes. This was a pain in the ass because I had planned on hiring them to help get things from my apartment to the truck - whether or not the insurance thing is true, I don’t know. I wish someone had mentioned this beforehand. When pressed he explained that if he was injured carrying anything insurance wouldn’t cover him, because he wasn’t on the truck. The wife could have helped but he could not. He mocked me when I asked if it was still the same price - 45 an hour for himself and his wife, min. of 2 hrs - since they don’t leave the truck. He explained they would be packing and wrapping everything. Then he turned to his wife complaining about non-working class people.

They insisted everything be carried onto the truck for them to pack. He also had me tie down the bulkheads and the wife insisted I fold all of the moving blankets, then stack them inside the truck after the move was done. At that point I didn’t care. I actually half expected here to count all of the blankets to be sure none were missing.

In conclusion, it was a good move with the driver and his wife doing an great job where things mattered. I gave them a 60 dollar tip. Thinking back on the move it seems to be far too much. Then again I don’t know what's standard for a tip. I was certainly glad it was over and nothing to my knowledge was missing.

Whew! That took a little while to write

[Editor's note by Diane: This same driver and his girlfriend moved "sunny" (post #35) and "Donna" (post #154). Since both people gave them a rave review, it seems that they have mended their ways.]

KJ (#11)

Re: 11 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby KJ (#11) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:19 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 4/04
Move: Chicago to Phoenix, AZ
Cost: Unknown for 10 feet
Driver: Rich B.
Shipped a car: no
Used a shuttle in Chicago: yes
Booked directly with BE

Post #1: 4/6/04

I've sat here all afternoon reading posts about Movex and Broadway Express and all the other companies in-between. And I feel like I'm Arlene's long lost southern twin!

I'm moving at the end of this month -- procrastination is my finest attribute but it was driving my fiance nuts, so he offered to get quotes for me. He came up with Movex, they emailed him a quote, then handed the ball to me.

I called Movex, the woman who answered asked a few questions and gave me a quote over the phone (this whole cubic foot stuff scrambles my brain, and I admit that's the sole reason for my procrastination!).

The price she quoted me was $30 less than the email quote given to my fiance just two weeks prior for the same cubic (or is it linear?) feet. When I mentioned this to her, she asked who gave the quote and asked my fiance's name. When I told her, I could hear her clicking away on a keyboard -- and she found the quote and said they'd just had a price reduction. (Good news for me, but maybe Movex hasn't heard gas prices are going up?) Anyway, that raised a red flag for some reason but I thought maybe the salespeople work on commission and can finagle price quotes.

She was so cheerful and reassuring but I still had this "I'm not sure" feeling. It was probably Arlene's gut talking to me. For one thing, I didn't like the idea of paying everything up front. Why not a deposit with payment on pick up or delivery?

She emailed me the contract and after reading the fine print I freaked. She didn't tell me over the phone that IF their truck can't get down my street then it's my responsibility to haul my belongings to wherever they park their truck. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. I'm supposed to inconvenience my son and his friends to load/unload/load his pick up truck? I'm not sure there's enough beer and pizza to persuade them to risk hernias for me.

So I called my fiance, whimpering pitifully, and he offered to call her the next day to ask more questions. He's good at being manly!

He reported back to me that he got just a little annoyed because the woman said their drivers are used to getting in and out of lots of tight streets, no problem, she bet they could handle my dead-end/cul-de-sac street. He wanted her to put it in writing but she said she couldn't do that.

He suggested I called Allied Vans to get them to come out on the pretense of getting a quote and ask them if they could get their truck up and down my street without a problem. Geez, I don't want to do that. Why? I don't know! He also suggested I call the local police to see if there's any problem with parking a 70-foot tractor trailer rig on my street for up to four hours (that's the time frame she said I get to load the truck).

Geez! I don't want to do that either! Why? Because I figure it's the company's responsibility to know the ordinances of the city in which they're willing to do business -- AND -- because I have enough to do what with teaching inner-city school kids all day, then coming home and packing -- all with a broken foot! Yeah, I'm whining, I know it.

BUT THE STRESS of this move is finally getting to me to the point I just want to call off the move because it's too stressful! But.. if I call off the move then I guess the engagement is off... and I DON'T want that.
(Besides... let's see... Chicago vs. Arizona. Where would YOU rather be in the winter?)

Anyway, thanks to stumbling around the internet in my darkest hour, I found you guys, and I found reference to Broadway Express. It seems kismet! This company is based in Illinois and Broadway Street is just four blocks from me! Yeah, I know I'm stretching the coincidence but I'm looking for easy signs at this point!

Like Arlene's go with your gut advice, Broadway Express seems like my gut. The reviews have been pristine. One thing I did NOT know before coming here is that Movex is a broker. I had no idea and they do not make that clear on their web site, which I think is very misleading!

By the way, the first time I tried going to I came up empty. So I tried -- still nothing. I tried both addresses time and again and kept getting nothing. So I did internet searches for them but by the Google listings it was easy to see the same phrase over and over, something about being the first in you pack, we drive companies. But oddly, today I typed into my browser and viola -- their web site came up.

Now, if you've gotten this far, congratulations. But I do have a couple questions, please.

Someone (Diane? Susan?) said she contacted Movex then Broadway Express, and Broadway asked if they'd contacted Movex first. The person truthfully said yes, so the Broadway person said to go back to Movex so they wouldn't get into hot water.

However, I don't recall seeing the end of that story -- did you end up using Movex and requesting Broadway as your mover? If so, did Movex accommodate your request?

If you did NOT go back to Movex, did you just somehow work it out with Broadway to bypass Movex?

And puhleeeze -- can someone give me some tips on how to figure cubic feet? I have a huge 2-bedroom apartment but not much furniture -- a queen size head and foot board, 4-drawer chest of drawers, some bookcases, end table, coffee table, iron and glass baker's rack, big comfy club chair, a smaller chair with ottoman -- but 12 boxes of books (I told you I was Arlene's long lost twin!) -- these boxes are like the boxes that reams of paper come in (Hammermill, etc.), and I've got lots of china, barware, glassware, good pots and pans.

Movex and my fiance swears 8 cubic feet will do it. Fine, I know I can "buy" more space if I need more. But I don't like the idea of paying for space if I use less than 8 ft.

I think the full moon and this stress is getting to me... Sorry to be so crabby! I think I need more M&Ms!


Post #2: 4/6/04

Yes, it's 8 linear feet, not cubic. Sorry, and thanks for the heads up.

Oh, and Broadway Express isn't just four blocks from me. BE is located in Effingham, IL. I live in Illinois (though not Effingham). There's a major street four blocks from me called Broadway... I take this route to work each day, so I was just claiming the kismet of it all. Weak link but I'm grasping at straws here.

So you think 8 linear feet won't be enough? Supposedly, the trucks are 8 ft. wide, 9 ft. high. The Movex rep thought that was more than enough, but unless they come to my home, how would they really know?


Post #3: 4/8/04

Diane and everyone,

Thanks again for all your replies. I'm so stressed and tired of looking at estimates that I'm cross-eyed!

Here's what I've learned since I last wrote:

Don is now driving for BE so Jesse Oldfield is the contact man. The woman answering the phone said that Jesse had handled this with Don but has also handled their res moves in the past so I felt confident he knew what he was doing. I've talked to him twice and he's really nice and thorough.

In fact, yesterday while we were on the phone he mapped out my street address and noticed that I live near one of the Chicago elevated train viaducts. I do -- four blocks away in fact. He suggested I walk down to check out their posted clearance as their trucks need at least 13' 7" clearance. The viaduct only has a clearance of 12' 6". ARGH!

He also suggested I call the local police regarding parking ordinances and alternate truck routes; he said the police will give me a route map. Hah.

I spoke to the police dept. information office and the officer said routing is a Streets and Sanitation Dept. issue, and "...we used to have their phone number but (scratching head) I guess we don't have that anymore because I can't find it." (Uh, you ARE the police department, right?)

I never would have thought about the viaduct issue so I'm really glad I called BE directly! It helps that their located just south of Chicago so they know to ask certain things!

After talking to Jesse again today, he looked at his map and said they might be able to come in from the north (via Evanston) and said he's known drivers to take a taxi into the area first to scope it out. Whew.

He also said, "If need be 'we' (as opposed to "I"?) could hire a U-Haul truck to get your belongings to the truck location." I said I hated the thought of loading/unloading/loading my belongings but he said it's really not that bad -- that you can back the U-Haul right to the tail of the truck, then the driver puts a cross-walk down so you're just walking everything straight across. He said it generally doesn't even take an hour.

I still dislike the inconvenience of it but "we" may have to do it.

The quote he gave me is still the best so far from all U-pack/we drive and U-pack/U drive operations.

Diane, you mentioned the adventure of it all. I sure wish I felt that way! I feel really alone in all this planning and decision-making. After being single for six years and the recent death of my ex-husband, becoming recently engaged, breaking my foot last month, now moving 2,000 miles away, looking for a new teaching position once I get there and taking yet another round of teaching license exams this summer, and helping my 21-year old daughter plan her Sept. wedding in our home state... Gads, what am I thinking?!



Post #4 (6/25/04)

Hi gang,

Been meaning to write an update after my move, but as I stated before, procrastination is my finest point. Thanks to Diane for caring enough to contact me, inquiring about my move since I acted like the Freak-Out Queen back in April!

I ended up using Broadway Express and it was the best decision. If anyone is considering a move, wavering on whether or not to go with a pack-it-yourself company, then this company is the one you want.

I was moving the contents from my 1,000 sq. foot 2-bedroom apartment in Chicago to Phoenix. I didn't have a lot of furniture, but I was especially concerned about my bedroom suite (white furniture) and I had over a dozen Hammermill paper boxes filled with my book collection, along with lots of fine glass items.

I knew I'd never trust anyone but myself to pack my belongings (trust me, just ask my fiance who tried to jump in to pack, and I'd start hyperventilating!).

At first, I was SO hesitant to rent a U-Haul, load it, then meet a moving truck somewhere off-site, unload the U-Haul and reload to the moving truck. But you know what? I'd absolutely do it this way again.

We rented a U-Haul on Thursday (cheaper midweek rate that way, too), pulled it right up to the back door of my first-floor apartment, loaded the truck (my fiance hired an out-of-work neighbor to help load the truck, and both worked like troopers!). We locked the truck and slept on the mattress on the floor that night -- next morning, we loaded the mattress into the U-Haul then drove about 1 1/2 miles up the street to meet the Broadway Express truck at a nearby parking lot.

There was no way the BE truck could have made it down my narrow, parallel, dead-end street. But when my fiance had asked Movex about this, they acted like it wouldn't be a problem at all (read the fine print, this is one reason I didn't go with Movex, they wouldn't commit one way or the other IF at the last minute a driver couldn't get down my street).

Our driver, Rich Brandon, was simply the greatest! A good ol' boy Texan who helped arrange my items on the truck, padded everything from his brand new stash of furniture pads, AND even gave me the remaining few feet in his truck without charging me an overage. I wouldn’t have needed the extra few feet if we'd stacked everything to the ceiling (I'd contracted for 10 ft, which was plenty), but since he had the extra feet and no one else to pick up, he gave it to me.

Ya gotta love good ol' boy Texans and the great companies they work for.

I especially appreciated Jess Oldham's calm, self-assured manner. My hunch is that Jess knew he was dealing with a Freak-Out Queen, knew exactly how stressful moving can be, and empathized all that was going on in my life at the time. When Jess told me, "Now take a deep breath and relax, we'll do the rest," I absolutely, honestly felt finally at peace.

Another nice thing about BE is that they charged my credit card half when we loaded in Chicago, and the other half when we unloaded in Phoenix. Other companies wanted full funds upfront.

My fiance and I were very impressed with BE. I wouldn't ever hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering a u-pack move.

Nothing was damaged in shipment, and Rich even made it to Phoenix before us! He pulled away with my stuff on Friday morning and arrived in Phoenix Sunday morning. Our flight didn't even leave Chicago until Sunday afternoon!

Rich left a message on our home phone and cell phones letting us know he was in town but we didn't retrieve the messages until that Monday afternoon on our way out running errands. We called him back and he said no hurry, so we scheduled an unload for early the next morning. We weren't even expecting my stuff until later that week! Had I known he would have been so speedy, I would've packed one less suitcase for the flight!

There are so few companies anymore that really understand, strive, and execute customer service. By far, Broadway Express met and exceeded my expectations. Other companies -- not just moving companies -- can learn much from BE's standards.

Kim (KJ)

WestCoastBound (#12)

Re: 12 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby WestCoastBound (#12) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:20 pm

Recommended: NO :thumbsdown:; had fairly major problems with driver's attitude (same driver as in review #10); BE gave $$ refund
Date: 4/04 – 5/04
Move: Washington, DC to Los Angeles
Cost: Unknown for 10 feet
Driver: James W. and America
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 – 5/3/04

Hello all,

I completed my move with Broadway Express from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA on Saturday (5/1). After reading all the postings here about their services, I guess I was a little more optimistic than I should have been…

I made arrangements with the company for the truck to arrive on Monday (4/26). The driver, James Webb, called me on Friday afternoon to arrange a time and get directions. He said that we could hire him and his girlfriend to pack (not load) the truck at $25/hr each. I couldn’t imagine why I’d need to hire two people to pack a truck so I told him that I only needed one person. We arranged to meet at 9:00 am.

On Monday at 9:00, he phoned to say that he was stuck in traffic and expected to be there a little late. They arrived at 9:30 and came inside our apartment to review the move contents. He asks me if his girlfriend can use our bathroom and we say yes (she is not too friendly, but what do I care). Then we go downstairs and I start loading the truck while he packs it. On the phone he had promised to build a protective covering for the soft leather chair I was shipping, but then he says it will take up too much room and won’t be necessary. I noticed that he didn’t seem to be paying too much attention to whether the boxes were heavy or light while he’s packing them, he doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to whether they’re marked “This End Up”, and scant attention to anything marked fragile – just get it all fit in there!

We’re just about finished loading when my girlfriend comes out to tell me that the toilet seat in our bathroom has been cracked. I suppose this could happen to anyone at anytime, but it’s probably not a coincidence considering this trucker’s girlfriend weighs in at over 200 lbs… so I call him aside and [try to] diplomatically mention it. He doesn’t seem the slightest bit embarrassed or concerned --- just annoyed. “What do you want me to do about it?” Well, it would be nice if you’d reimburse us for it! Okay, he says, we’ll take it out of what you owe me for packing. Fine.

We’re finally finished and he shows me the packed truck… something’s missing. He hasn’t built a bulkhead to secure the items. He’s got about four straps holding all my boxes (up to eight feet high) in place. I ask him to build one and explain that the people at Broadway Express promised that one will be built for me. He reluctantly agrees, saying “the customer’s always right” with a little bit of resentment. His girlfriend, on the other hand, starts complaining that they shouldn’t have to do it, it’s not necessary, etc. He says I owe him $60 for packing (3 hrs at $25/hr less the cost of the toilet seat which he figures is $15. It’s actually $20 at the local Home Depot but I’m not going to quibble with him).

I ask him to give me an estimate of when he’ll be arriving and he says probably Friday. Would it be possible to make it on Saturday? He says it’s not up to him and that the company may want to charge me $300 extra to hold the truck over. Fine, I’ll talk to them about it. I call the company and talk to Jess (Don Girard has apparently gone back to driving trucks rather than working in the office). He says Saturday will be fine. I want to confirm that I won’t have to hire them to help me unload and he says no, but they might help anyway because “… that’s how nice they are.”

They call me on Friday morning to arrange a time and get directions to the storage site where I’ll be leaving my things. I thought it was a little strange that a trucker insist I provide him detailed directions to get someplace (don’t they have maps, too?), but it wasn’t a big problem. They showed up early (scheduled time was 9 am) but we had to wait until the facility opened up. He said, “You’re the last one on the truck so take your time, I’m not in any rush.” Nice, I’m thinking, since I’ve got to re-pack everything. At that point, they proceed to sit down and do NOTHING while we unload --- we had to remove the bulkhead, we had to remove all the straps and blankets, then fold them up and put them back carefully. I can understand that he might not want to lift anything, but c’mon, they’re your truck supplies!!

After we remove the bulk head, guess what we find? Things have shifted around quite a bit! If I hadn’t INSISTED that he build that bulk head, I would have had major problems. I can also see that some of the lighter boxes have buckled under the weight of the heavier ones which he stacked on top of them. Fortunately for me, I’ve packed with lots and lots of bubble wrap so I’m hoping that there hasn’t been that much damage. Since I’m moving it into storage, I won’t know the extent of damage for several weeks. That lets Broadway Express of the hook, I guess. He says it’s just natural that things shift around… All my furniture is dusty and dirty (not sure if it’s damaged or not, too busy getting it loaded into the storage unit) despite our trucker’s assurance that it wouldn’t be necessary to cover everything with a plastic drop cloth when we originally loaded it.

We’re just about finished loading the truck around noon; there are a few more boxes on the truck that I want to leave while I take a few items over to my new place in my car. “Can you please get your stuff off the truck, I’ve got it all cleaned up and I want to leave”, he says. “Hurry up, we’re hungry!” says the girlfriend. I make arrangements with the storage facility to keep an eye on the extra boxes so he can leave right away.

I called Jess at the company this morning to relay my story. He says that generally this driver has gotten positive feedback from his customers but he’s going to “put all this” in his files. He does admit that he’s heard negative feedback about the girlfriend, though. And he does not apologize or offer any type of compensation for this level of service.

Like they say, if you want something done right… do it yourself. And if you can’t, I’d try ABF next time.

Post #2 – 5/17/04

Update to Moving Story:

Jess from Broadway Express called me late last week and offered me a $100 credit on my move for the problems I reported. It was an appropriate gesture, IMO, considering I had bitched quite loudly about it to him directly. Not quite sure why there was such a delay between my complaint (2 1/2 weeks ago) and his response (last week) -- maybe he looks at this message board or he has a comrade here who does...


[Editor's note by Diane: This same driver and his girlfriend moved "sunny" (post #35) and "Donna" (post #154). Since both people gave them a rave review, it seems that they have mended their ways.]

jrebeiro (#13)

Re: 13 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby jrebeiro (#13) » Thu Jul 01, 2004 2:22 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 5/04
Move: San Jose, CA to NJ
Cost: $1,730 for 12 feet (Movex quoted $2,300 for 8 feet)
Driver: Dennis N.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 – 5/10/04

Called Jess Oldfield and booked our move from San Jose, CA to NJ $1,530 [for 10 feet]. After reading some of the positive posts we decided to give them a try. We don't have much stuff and are not overly concerned with damage to our stuff so we decided You pack We drive was the way to go. We will try to keep everyone informed of our move as it seems a lot of people are interested in this company. We were thinking of requesting that the "rude" driver and his wife not be assigned to our move but we aren't sure how to approach that with BE. I don't want to give them the name of the driver we don't want just in case we get assigned him anyway.

Post #2 – 5/10/04

Broadway Express did say they required full payment 5 days in advance. I also asked him to confirm that the driver will setup the bulkhead and the time we would have to load and unload our stuff. He told us we would get 6 hours for loading and another 6 hours for unloading. He was very friendly.

One question we need to ask him and maybe someone here will be able to answer. On their website they show decking for separating the load and to prevent over stacking. We were wondering if we would get this decking to use. We want to put our couches above the boxes so that they dont leave impressions on the leather. If anyone has used BE could you jump in and let us know if the decking was on the truck?

Also, how many furniture pads do they provide? Should we buy some extras just in case? I heard there is a company in CA that sells moving/packing supplies to the public.. I might check them out.

Sorry for rambling... this is my first move with a moving company and I have been somewhat overwhelmed and scared to work with companies due to all the scams going around.

This website has helped us learn a lot.... A big thanks to everyone here!

Post #3 – 5/11/04

OK so I called BE about my concerns and questions.

The number of pads for 10 linear feet will be 30. Decking is provided. The driver situation has been taken care of on BE's end.

Also Jess said that extra space can be purchased at $100 per foot if the space has not already been booked. We figure if we cant get more space we will sell our mattresses locally and buy new ones when we move.

I hope I'm not annoying anyone with excessive posts... I'd like to keep everyone informed on the whole process so they get an accurate picture of the experience.

Post #5 – 6/3/04

I'm going to reccomend BE!!!! I have not yet posted my full review but I see that you are moving soon and would like you to know that I just moved with BE and they are WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! We got close to 200 furniture blankets, dolly's, hand trucks, and a really nice driver. Transit time was about 5 days (got slowed down by the storms raging through the midwest).

I'm going to post my full review now but I can tell you Jess at BE HOOKED US UP!!!! Mentioning that you found them on this website will also help! They were fully aware of this website and mentioned it a few times that they wanted to please us and didnt want us to say anything bad on here.

P.S. They didnt break a darn thing!!!!!

Post #4 – 6/15/04

Finished our move.. it's been hectic around here unpacking everything.

Our move went without a hitch! Dennis Nelson, our driver, was great! He showed up on time, helped us load everything into the truck (yes he was allowed to leave the trailer), kept us informed of his whereabouts and didn't break a darn thing!

The trailer was fully stocked with hundreds of furniture pads, dolly's, hand trucks, and a ladder. If you are looking for a u-pack type service this is it! Jess at home base was extremely helpful.

Our stuff took 6 days to go from CA to NJ. There were tornados and storms in the midwest which slowed him down. It worked out because we were able to paint a few rooms before he showed up.

I still can't believe when I opened the trailer doors and saw that not a single thing had shifted! I let Dennis dictate as to where everything should go. He did a damn good job at that... I was expecting the stuff to start falling over once we let the straps go... but they stayed put!

Excellent job to BE! I will definitely use them again! Now for my review of Dependable Auto Shippers....

Post #5 - 6/19/04 [Comment on a 6/18/04 post by "Anne Newton" saying that the company treated her like a friend]

I think your comments about BE feeling like "friends" are moving you were right on track. Thats exactly how I felt from the moment we picked up the phone. . . .

Mentioning that you found BE on this website wouldn't hurt either... since it'll let them know to take "extra care" of your shipment.... even though I think they will do a fine job without the reminder.

I'd also like to say thank you to everyone here for making my move such a delightful experience... minus the gruelling loading and unloading.

DITY moves are not for everyone... but for those that it is.... BE is a great choice.

Dawn (#14)

Re: 14 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Dawn (#14) » Sat Jul 24, 2004 1:33 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 5/04
Move: Greenville, SC, to Las Vegas, NV
Cost: About $1900 for 10 feet
Driver: David M.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 – 7/23/04

Hi, I want to thank you folks for your website. I have moved on several occasions, and used professional movers (most are not so good) as well as doing the whole move myself (too much work).

I have a 19 year old son who needed to move from our home in Greenville, SC to his apt in Las Vegas, NV to attend college there. So naturally, I was concerned with making sure his move is a good one and that he would not be scammed. We were also on a very tight budget. I knew that it would be cheaper to do the actual labor of packing and find someone who would simply transport the furniture. Unfortunately, this was a new concept and not many movers do this type of move. Having a full service professional mover was far too expensive and from my experience, not that good nor were they reliable...much rather do it myself. I also couldn't have my son do the transport himself since he had NO experience with driving a truck and that scares me silly.

I found ABF and Broadway Express on the web. I couldn't judge well exactly how much cubic feet that we would really need (enough furniture to fit 2 bedroom apt) so I asked for a quote of 10 cubic feet of space from both. The quotes I received from ABF and BE were relatively the same, less than $1900. ABF being about $100-$200 less. What appealed me to BE was the fact that they didn't charge extra for pads, dolly and all those extras required to load furniture. Which I knew would add up the cost after the move. I simply did not want any fuss over extra charges. At the time, when I checked into these movers, there wasn't much said about them. I found only one review about BE on this site back in February but it was very favorable and positive. That pretty much settled my decision to hire BE. They appear to be a no fuss, no hassle type of mover.

The move was schedule for May 20th. BE driver, David Miller, arrived right on schedule. We were his first move for his truck that week. We had most of the furniture out on the driveway when he arrived. There were 4 of us doing the labor. I was more than willing to pay an extra $25/hr for David to help since I was concern that we may exceed the 10 cubic feet that I paid for. David was absolutely wonderful! Extremely patient, informative and very professional in all respect. My son learned a lot from him. Turns out that with David doing the actual packing of the truck, we only used up to 5'! We had plenty left for my son to ship the REST of his stuff that he could move plus more. We ended up taking up 9 cubic feet after everything was done. We were done in less than 3 hours! My son left the next day to drive across the country and David allowed him 5 days to get there before he did. He had a full move to do in Charlotte, NC schedule for Washington State. Las Vegas would be is first stop prior to Washington. Worked out great on both ends. Both my son and David kept in contact during that time. David arrived right on schedule on the 26th and again he helped him move his furniture into his apt. No damages, everything arrived intact and it took less than 2 hours to move in. The best and smoothest move I've ever seen. As a mother, I'm totally relieved!

On a scale of 10 I give them a 12 for service, their cost was right within my budget and I would definitely use them again. :D

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