Broadway Express Reviews (323 total - 308 good/11 neutral)

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (315 total - 301 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:32 am

Re-posting initial and followup reviews that were posted recently elsewhere on the messageboard - this is review #315:

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 1/11-2/11
Move: Miami area to Studio City, CA
Cost: $1,632 for 10 feet
Driver: Mike S.
Shipped a car: no
1/24/11 - I'm moving from Cutler Bay, FL (Miami area) to Studio City, CA (L.A. area) and chose to do so with Broadway Express after reading all of the reviews and info on this site. I was actually going to make the horrible mistake of originally hiring Summit Van Lines, but was rescued from that nightmare when I came upon this site and read all the warnings about them.

BE quoted me $1632 for 10 linear feet and the move went out today, January 24th. I live in a gated community and it is impossible for a trailer to get into the parking lot, so I arranged for the driver to wait outside on the street and I rented a U-Haul truck to use as a shuttle. I loaded the U-Haul myself but wanted the BE driver to load my stuff onto the trailer, so I arranged for this in advance as well.

Since the pickup was scheduled for Monday afternoon, I had expected BE to contact me on Friday with the driver's info, but I heard nothing, so I emailed them Saturday. On Sunday, the driver, Mike Smith, called me and asked for directions to Cutler Bay from his current location in Fort Myers, then said he'd arrive at my place between 2:00 and 2:30. He confirmed the fact I had requested driver assistance for loading, and when I asked him what he would charge, he said not to worry about it and to pay him whatever I wanted to.

I picked up the U-Haul truck on Monday morning and took three hours to load all my stuff. I had originally estimated my things would take up about seven linear feet, but after loading all of it on the truck, I started to worry it might go over. At ten minutes after two, Mike called and said he was parked outside. Right on time. I drove the U-Haul out to meet him and he asked me to pull up alongside.

I was about to deploy the U-Haul truck's ramp when Mike noticed the width of the street and the fact there is almost no traffic on it at all and said he had a better idea. He then proceeded to expertly position the U-Haul at a ninety degree angle to his trailer and lined up the back of the U-Haul right up against the opening in the trailer. We were then able to simply transfer everything from one vehicle to the other. Mike was very friendly and nice as well as efficient, and he loaded everything in an hour and a half, packing everything nice and tight. When he was done, my things had taken up less than the seven linear feet I had originally estimated, dispelling my fears I would go over. Everything went well and without a hitch.

I tipped Mike $60 for the loading, which must have seemed too much to him, for he asked me, "Are you sure?" But I was more than happy to pay that for his speed and efficiency.

I'll be driving cross-country to California and will be leaving on Wednesday the 26th, with an ETA in Studio City of Sunday the 30th. I was expecting to wait a few days for my things to arrive, but Mike surprised me by saying he'll be able to deliver on either the 30th or the 31st, which is perfect. I'll post again after delivery to report how everything went, but from what I've seen so far, I'm fairly confident I made the right decision by going with BE. The only complaint I have is that I wasn't able to talk to the driver until the day before pickup.
2/14/11 - Well, my move with Broadway Express turned out to be a very pleasant experience that was as free of stress and worry as I could have hoped. Not only was the price very good (equal to the "binding" estimate originally given to me by Summit Van Lines, who would have later doubled or tripled the charge and held my things hostage if I balked), all of my possessions arrived intact and undamaged and nothing was missing from the inventory. In addition, the transit time was quite fast, and I was pleased to get my things in a relatively short period of time.

The truck with my things left Cutler Bay on the afternoon of Monday, January 24. I was originally planning to leave the morning of Wednesday, January 26, but I ended up leaving Cutler Bay on the afternoon of Friday, January 28. Because of the delay in my departure, I made up for lost time by driving across the country in as little time as possible and reached L.A. on the morning of Monday, January 31. I drove from Miami to Baton Rouge the first day, Baton Rouge to Fort Stockton, TX on the second, and Fort Stockton to L.A. on the third. The BE truck arrived with my things on the morning of Wednesday, February 2.

My driver Mike Smith was right on time for both the pick-up and the delivery, and he was extremely helpful not only in loading and unloading my things, but in assisting me in getting them all the way into my new apartment. Despite his reticence to name his price, I was more than pleased to pay him a generous hourly wage and a tip on top of that.

In closing, I am happy I booked my move with Broadway Express rather than any of the alternatives, including full-service movers (some of whom I originally considered but later found out to be scammers). I don't plan to move cross-country again in the future, but I would recommend Broadway Express to anyone on a budget who is planning such a move.
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Re: Broadway Express Reviews - not a true indicator!

Postby Movingmyself » Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:58 pm

Diane, aka Diana works for Broadway Express, so think twice before you trust the information on this site. I've posted my experience (which was terrible), as have others. Dig deep for reviews before you hire them. What you see is NOT what you get.

When I started looking for moving companies, my husband was hesitant, saying it was likely best to move ourselves. We should have done exactly that, rather than wasting countless hours trying to get a hold of Broadway Express only to cancel days before our move date and rent a Penske truck ourselves.

Common sense will tell you that no one cares about your stuff but you. Trust your common sense and move yourself.

As a convenience to people considering moving with Broadway Express, I’m re-posting the reviews of BE that have been posted on this website beginning with the first one we have (June 2003) and going through today. I’ll update this list on a regular basis. BE's own website is at . Note that there is an excellent interactive cost calculator on the website where people can get a pretty good idea of what it would cost them to move with BE -

I’ve quoted the reviews exactly as they were written but have omitted some off-topic passages, such as where people were complaining about how crazy-making the moving process is. Where possible, I’ve given the link to the original thread at the bottom of the post so people can go back to it if they want. Occasionally I've added an "Editor's Note" at the bottom of a review in which I comment on something that the person has written.

In the interest of full disclosure:- MovingScam is receiving a referral fee or donation from Broadway Express for every move with BE that is booked from the website. For a long time, Tim Walker (founder of the website) resisted taking such fees, but it became obvious that consumers' voluntary donations would never cover the costs involved in running the website. We hope that readers will understand that we would never enter into such arrangements with any company that Tim was not completely convinced was ethical. The other companies that MovingScam is receiving referral fees from are Broadway Express, the international moving companies recommended on the International Moves sticky, the full-service movers Moovers, Inc., All Star Moving, Joyce Van Lines, and (in the future) STS Movers, the auto transporters Coast to Coast Auto Transport and Golden Key Express, and the auto transport broker ProStar at In the spring of 2010, Tim added Atlas SmartMove to the list of endorsed companies.

:arrow: At the suggestion of a reader ("peterpqa"), at the beginning of each review I've categorized the reviewer's opinion of BE as "recommended" - "neutral" - or "not recommended." The "not recommended" (bad) reviews are #12, #112, #267, and #269. The "neutral" reviews are #21, #98, #105, #122, #134, #136, #162, #223, #277, and #287.

You’ll notice that in the early reviews, people booked through Movex and BE was assigned as their carrier. In early 2004 they started booking through BE directly. We don’t have nearly as much information on the early moves as we have on the later ones, and the moves booked through Movex may show higher prices than BE would have charged if it had booked the move directly, although that isn’t always the case.

Also, we know that many more people used BE than are represented here, but they didn’t report back to us. I always try to round them up so we will have a record, but sometimes people change their email addresses when they move and we lose track of them. About 20% of the reviews included here are follow-ons from earlier posts and about 80% were solicited by me using customers' email addresses supplied by Broadway Express. Reviewers #20, #71, and #218 comment on this. I wrote only to people who told BE that they had heard about it through MovingScam or Epinions.

I hope this will be helpful to people trying to decide how to move. Any comments or suggestions for improvement are very welcome. A detailed FAQ sheet on BE and ABF (with photos) is at


* Follow up phone conversations with a confirming email.
* Don't skimp on the space you reserve in the trailer.
* Be flexible and don't schedule things too tightly.
* Talk with your driver a couple of days before your move.
* Call your driver every couple of days after pickup.
* Make sure that you can be reached by phone.
* Be mindful of truck access issues.
* Note that drivers often can’t predict their exact arrival times.
* Understand that you are moving with a freight company.
* When the truck arrives, inspect and measure the available space.
* Have all your packing finished before the truck arrives.
* Be very careful while working in or around the trailer.

* Follow up phone conversations with a confirming email. Get the names of the people you talk with on the phone at BE, and send them a follow-up email summarizing the points discussed and asking for a reply that confirms or corrects your understanding. For example, you may think you heard a BE customer service rep say that you will be able to purchase extra space in the trailer if you need it, but in fact the reps can never be absolutely sure of this.

* Don't skimp on the space you reserve in the trailer. Many problems occur when customers don’t reserve enough feet. If there is no more space available, items may have to be left behind, mailed, or crammed into the trailer with insufficient padding around them, possibly resulting in damage. Even if there is space available, later customers may be inconvenienced when there is no space left for their things on the trailer and another truck has to be assigned, causing delays all down the line.

* Be flexible and don’t schedule things too tightly. Ask yourself what would happen if the driver arrived a few hours or a day later than scheduled or wanted to deliver a day or two earlier than scheduled, and have a backup plan. Be sensible--if you schedule a pickup for the exact day that you have to be out of your old residence, or a delivery for the exact day that your new residence becomes available, you are tempting fate.

* Talk with your driver a couple of days before your move to find out things such as the following:
- whether the driver is willing to help load and unload. Occasionally a driver will not want to do so, for example if he is older or injured or will be arriving tired;
- whether there will be as much space left on the trailer as you have reserved, and whether there will be extra space in case you need it (if not, you should plan how you will cope with the situation);
- how many pads (moving blankets) will be available to you;
- how many dollies are on the trailer, and what type (e.g. appliance dolly, flat dolly, hand truck) so that you can obtain those items if you need them;
- whether the trailer is equipped with a liftgate, if you need it;
- if you are loading a vehicle, whether the driver is aware of this and whether he has the split ramp needed to load it. If he does not, or even if he does and you have a low-clearance vehicle, you may have to hire a rollback flatbed tow truck to load your car, so you should determine what towing company you are going to call if you need to. (If you have a high-clearance vehicle and the driver does not have a split ramp on the trailer, BE will usually reimburse you for the cost of the tow truck, so keep your receipts.)
- the approximate time when the driver will arrive (but see below).

If you haven’t heard from the driver two days before your scheduled pickup, call the BE office to let them know. (Remember that they are closed on weekends.)

* Call your driver every couple of days after pickup. But remember that too many phone calls can be difficult for drivers to handle when they are driving, so they may let calls go to voice mail during the day. Also, keep time zones in mind. Most drivers go to sleep early so they can get on the road very early. If the driver does not return your call within a reasonable amount of time, call BE to ask them to contact the driver directly.

* Make sure that you can be reached by phone. Some people have had problems when they disconnected their regular phone service, or their cell phone service cut out, or they didn’t check their messages frequently enough. It’s a good idea to give the driver and BE at least two contact phone numbers, not just one.

* Be mindful of truck access issues. The BE trucks cannot pick up and deliver where there are narrow streets, tight turns, low bridges, and low overhanging branches that could damage the roof. Help the driver by having a good route in mind. If possible, drive it yourself to check for hazards and note the mileage at various landmarks so you can give the driver accurate directions. Notice whether large 70- to 80-foot tractor trailers are being driven on that route. If you think the BE truck will not be able to access your residence directly, arrange for a smaller vehicle in advance to shuttle your things to and from the trailer. Discuss parking with your local police department and get the proper permits if necessary, or block off five car lengths with your vehicles and your friends’ vehicles so the BE driver will have room to park.

* Note that drivers often can’t predict their exact arrival times, so if you hire workers to help load or unload you should find out what their policy is on charging for waiting time or coming back later if necessary. If your driver arrives substantially later than he said he would and you have to pay workers to wait, keep receipts to show what you paid. BE occasionally reimburses customers for this but each case is reviewed on an individual basis. If the driver arrives late because he ran into a traffic jam or was given bad directions by a customer, that is different from his arriving late because he overslept, for example. Drivers sometimes arrive late through no fault of their own because customers scheduled for pickup or delivery on the same day take longer than expected to load or unload their goods.

*Understand that you are moving with a freight company and not with a full-service household mover, even though many BE drivers have also worked as household movers. All of the trailers will have at least one door in the side to make loading easy, but some are freight trailers where the floor is level from front to back and some are drop-deck household trailers where the floor dips down between the front and rear wheels. Also, although the driver can usually be hired to help load and unload, the level of service you get may not be the same as with a fancy household mover. Just as you wouldn’t expect to buy a Lexus for the price of a Corolla, you should have realistic expectations about what and who you will get for your money. But if you’re unhappy with something the driver does or doesn’t do, say something. Unless you speak up the driver won't know what you want. For example, tell the driver if you want him to help load or unload and he is just standing there. Tell the driver if his hourly fee or his minimum number of hours makes him too expensive for you to hire. He may be willing to make an adjustment downward.

* When the truck arrives, inspect and measure the available space before loading your shipment. Have a camera available with plenty of film or storage to document anything that seems problematic, for example a hole in the roof or too few moving pads. If the truck has less space available than you reserved or is in less than ideal condition, make a note of it on the Bill of Lading that the driver will ask you to sign. (BE will refund any money that you have paid for space that is not available on loading day.)

* Have all your packing finished before the truck arrives so that you can be out at the truck supervising the entire loading process. Then if there are items that you are especially concerned about, you can ask the driver or your loaders to take special care with them. You can also observe how they are wrapped and loaded and if there is damage you will have a pretty good idea who caused it. Remember that you—not the driver or BE—are responsible for any breakage, scratches, rubs, and dents that may occur during your move. Only if there is catastrophic damage or negligent damage such as water damage from a roof leak is BE responsible.

* Be very careful while working in or around the trailer. Among the possible hazards are falling off the trailer, falling off the ramp, and getting hit by the end of a cargo beam or a sheet of plywood being carried by someone else. Be alert.

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (315 total - 301 good/10 neutral)

Postby MusicMom » Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:59 am

Diane from this website and Diana from BE are indeed two diffferent people. You can't make an assumption that they're the same because they have almost the same name.

You keep saying you had a terrible experience, but as I said on your other post, you didn't even use them. You were unhappy with how quickly they were returning your calls, so you cancelled your move. You also lied about paying a deposit, because BE doesn't take deposits.

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Advice on how to get a response?

Postby thomps13 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:48 am

I have been trying to set up this move with Broadway express for over a month now. Sometimes a week will go by with no response to my email or phone call, I'm starting to get a little worried. Less than a month to go until my move. Voice mail box is full.

Any advice on how to get a response?

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (315 total - 301 good/10 neutral)

Postby Diane » Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:23 pm

What is your desired moving date? Sometimes when customers' plans are vague, a busy company will put their calls on the back burner so they can deal with those who have definite dates in mind and are ready to sign up.
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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (315 total - 301 good/10 neutral)

Postby thomps13 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:57 pm

I had definite dates over a month ago, but I was flexible. I told them I would like July 4th, but since it's a holiday if they couldn't do that the 3rd or 2nd were ok too. The last I heard from them, they were checking to see if the driver would do a july 4th move. That was about a week ago. I've called and emailed a couple times since then with no response.

I did get a message from another person at the company and he gave me his number. I'll try that tomorrow and see how things go.

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (316 total - 302 good/10 neutral)

Postby gstuff » Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:42 pm

[This is review #316.]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: Summer 2010
Move: CA to MD
Cost: About $2,200 for 10 feet
Driver: Unknown
Shipped a car: no

I moved with Broadway Express a year ago, from CA to MD. 10 feet for about $2200. My experience couldn't have been better. I lived in an apartment with minimal parking, so I had to shuttle a load over to an empty lot where the trailer could park. I had the driver pack, and we helped him. We had fun, and he did an amazing job, and earned a generous tip. The truck was able to drive up to our destination door step, so unloading only took about 40 minutes, with just two people.

After moving with Broadway, I don't think I'll ever do a major move myself again. There's clearly no stress advantage, and no financial advantage either, not when you factor in gas, hotels, etc. Also, your stuff is more secure in their trailer than it is in a Uhaul, which are easy targets for theft at hotels. My parents got robbed that way. The difference in stress is unbelievable. You load your stuff, and that's it. No worries until you meet them at the other end. Then you unload it. Done.

The most stressful thing is just making sure they can get the big rig near your origin and destination so you don't need to shuttle. I had to shuttle, though, and even with that, it wasn't a big deal. I rented a Uhaul the day before, had everything loaded and ready to go for the shuttle over to the trailer.

I am moving again cross country (take me back to CA!), and have already contacted Broadway for a quote. They will get my money every time. :thumbsup:


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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (317 total - 302 good/11 neutral)

Postby Jeff.Walker » Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:47 pm

The following (Review #317) was a mixed review which came into the open community thread.

Recommended: :?: (see poster's comments below)
Date: 7/11
Move: NJ to Los Angeles, CA
Cost: Unknown for unknown number of feet
Driver: Rick M.
Shipped a car: no
I just got my shipment last week. This is a review of Broadway Express (BE) for a move from the New York Metro Area (New Jersey) to Los Angeles.
This move wasn't without a couple of incidents and issues. First, I'd like to thank the driver, Rick M. He was a great person to deal with. If anyone has him as the driver, they are very lucky. He even helped out with the loading and unloading without any form of expected payment! He is truly a class act.

Now for the bad part.
BE was late at my house by THREE hours. I was originally scheduled for 2pm because I wanted the truck to arrive no earlier than when the helpers could get to my house, which was after 1pm. Then because of an accident with the original driver, it was changed to 2-3pm. BE finally arrived at 5pm. Yes, Rick was the driver, but it was completely not his fault since he wasn't the original driver. The day before my scheduled loading day, the original driver got into an accident in NYC (the trailer hit a low unmarked overpass), so BE had to transfer the original driver's shipment into Rick's trailer on the following day (day of my loading). Rick was the backup and normally doesn't do household moves. BE never bothered to call me to tell me that this was going on, and that Rick will probably arrive late to my house. I had to call BE to find out why the original driver wasn't returning my calls. . . .

The fact that BE was late by three hours, I had to pay the helpers to just stand around. It's only about $60, but money is money. I'm going to think about asking for a refund. Even more annoying was the fact that the move lasted until 9pm because we started so late!!! Again, not the fault of Rick; it was beyond his control. Even the cops came and asked why I was moving so late.

In summary, would I use BE again? I'm not sure. There were some other little things that bothered me aside from BE being very late and not being told what was actually going on in a timely manner. I guess if the accident to the original driver didn't happen, things would've went more smoothly. I would give them a slightly positive rating for this move. If it wasn't for Rick being an all-around great person, I would have certainly given BE a negative rating.
[Editorial update on 7/27/11: Broadway Express refunded $60 to this customer to compensate for the helpers' waiting time. Luckily the original driver wasn't hurt in the bridge accident and the customer's belongings were delivered safely.]

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (318 total - 303 good/11 neutral)

Postby Jeff.Walker » Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:03 am

Another repost of a review (#318) that came in through the comments section of the site:

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/11
Move: CA to FL
Cost: Unknown for unknown number of feet
Driver: Bob O.
Shipped a car: no
In July 2011 we moved from CA to FL, used Broadway Express and had an EXCELLENT experience. Bob O, our driver, was on time, personable, and professional in all manner. When our hired help didn't show up, he organized the loading and helped with the heavy items. He arrived at the destination on time and once again was very professional. We would definitely use Broadway again and highly recommend them. The representative that we worked with, Todd, was quick to respond to questions, we had no problems with Broadway at all.

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (319 total - 304 good/11 neutral)

Postby Jeff.Walker » Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:40 pm

This review (#319) came in from the comments section of the site:
Hi there,
Ed from Florida was my Broadway Express driver and he was awesome. He kept in touch with me. He was prompt. I hired Ed to help load and unload and he was extremely professional and helpful. He knew what he was doing. He was a God-send to me.

Also, Todd helped me set up my move with Broadway Express and he was fantastic as well. He went above and beyond the call of duty and helped arrange my storage unit for me. He really put my mind at ease and was a great help to me.


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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (320 total - 305 good/11 neutral)

Postby Jeff.Walker » Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:57 pm

Another review (#320) that comes from the comments section of the web site:
My husband and I obtained Broadway Express Movers from the Roadtech site.
We packed, got our local Teen Challenge young men to load the truck and then at our new location we obtained the services of local labors. Our experience with Broadway could not have been any better. The driver Randy arrived as scheduled. We paid for him to help manage the loading and it was so worth every penny. The best part, Randy worked with our schedule in delivery as we had a daughter getting married in California during the week he needed to drop our things off. He was awesome. I can't thank him and Broadway Express enough for being upfront, honest and friendly throughout the whole move. They rate an A+ in my book.

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (321 total - 306 good/11 neutral)

Postby AJC » Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:43 am

[This is review #321.]

Well, my move was almost 4 months ago so I've been meaning to post this review for a while now. I can't recommend Broadway Express strongly enough! They were amazing.

My fiance and I moved our 2 bedroom house from Berkeley, CA to Durham, NC August 1, 2011. I had priced out Uhaul, full scale movers, ABF, and BE. Full scale movers were out of our budget (though if I'd had the money I would have probably gone with Moovers- their customer service and prices were great). ABF was slightly cheaper than BE but the ability to hire the driver, have blankets provided, and air-ride trucks won out over cost.

I got an online estimate mid-May from BE of $3450 for 14ft. I called Diana to speak about some of the details and she said I probably only needed 13ft but gave me 14 for the price of 13. (I think we ended up using about 12ft.) Not only that but apparently there was a discount offer in my estimate email if I booked by a certain date. I hadn't noticed it but Diana gave it to us unprompted. We ended up paying $3020 for 14ft, cheaper than ABF or Uhaul!

My only (very small) complaint was in the time between booking and my move date I emailed Diana a question and got no response. But it was the middle of summer so I'm sure she was busy. When I called a few days later and left a voice mail her colleague called me back the next day since Diana was out of the office that day.

A few days before our move I got a call from Randy, our driver. He wasn't able to confirm what time he'd arrive until the morning of our move but I had gotten no parking signs for our busy street for the whole day so I wasn't too worried. He was very happy to hear that and we confirmed that I wanted to hire him to help us. I believe he charged $40/hour. (I could be wrong on that though!)

Anyhow, moving morning came around and Randy said he'd arrive around 2pm. He ended up getting there at about 1pm and we had friends and family standing by. Our load took less than 3 hours and Randy rounded the time down. He was awesome! He took a look at what we had in the house (no easy feat with the boxes and furniture everywhere), told us what order to bring things to him in, organized our helpers, and taught us all how to pad furniture with blankets. He set up platforms and got one of our helpers up there to load 2 layers of stuff. We had the whole empty trailer to work in which was super nice and as many blankets as we needed. Have tons of packing tape for taping those blankets! We'd used up almost all of our packing tape sealing our last boxes and had to send people out for more tape during the load. Randy was very friendly, accommodating, and gave our younger brothers a hard time in the best way possible. He made it all go so smoothly.

Our delivery estimate was 8/8-8/15 and Diana had said we'd probably be towards the beginning of that so we arranged to arrive in Durham 8/7. Before Randy left he estimated arriving 8/14. That was a little disappointing since we could have spent a little more time with family before leaving but I wouldn't fault BE for this. Randy told us to call him whenever to check on his progress, every day if we wanted. I had no worries about leaving my belongings in his hands!

On 8/10 Randy called to say he'd be arriving 8/12. We set up with a local company (Sweeps) to send a couple student movers and everyone arrived as arranged. Unloading took only 2 hours and I'm sure would have been faster except for the ridiculous heat. Once again Randy rounded his time down but I was so happy with the job he did I rounded up plus tip. Funny story, even though we were supposed to be the first on and last off there was someone else's stuff in the truck when we were unloading. Randy told us the woman decided when he was 2 days out from her load that she wasn't moving and he was leaving to drive it back across the country after he delivered ours! Then he said he didn't know if I was going to make it on load day either, lol. Given that I was a little emotional that day I don't blame him!

We finished our unloading, Randy and his wife admired our new place and then they hit the road again. He said we could request him if we used BE again and I absolutely will. I unpacked all our boxes and the only thing that broke was a lightbulb that I dropped as I was unwrapping it! I did pack with a TON of paper and a decent amount of bubble wrap but I think it was definitely a credit to Randy's loading skills too. All of our Ikea furniture made it, no problem, even the bookcases!

A few weeks ago I got an email from BE checking that our move went well and confirming my new address. A few days after that I got a package from them with a BE pen, a nice reusable bag, and a chip clip. Icing on the cake really. All in all I couldn't be happier with our move. BE and Randy were amazing! I would use them again in a second. And movingscam is awesome for helping me find them :)

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (322 total - 307 good/11 neutral)

Postby tszabo » Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:49 pm

Recommended: I think so :)
Date: 1/12
Move: Washington DC area to San Diego area
Cost: $2,100 for 10 feet
Driver: Joe B.
Shipped a car: no

Overall, our move went generally well. The driver, Joe Binkley, was helpful and on-time or early on our load/unload days, and the truck arrived as expected, with no observed issues with our stuff.

We did have a couple complaints, though, about the loading process. First, we were not provided the gypsy moth forms (required for California entry) prior to our move day, so I was scrambling to print and fill out the day of our move.

Second, although I had mentioned that it would just be my wife and I loading the truck, there was no discussion about whether it would be realistic to complete our move within the 4-hours time frame and that it was essential we be done in 4 hours (in fact, we got the impression that 4 hours was plenty of time). It was noted that the driver had some afternoon pick-ups, but it was not made clear to us that we definitely had to be done in 4 hours. On moving day, after 4 hours, we still had quite a bit of moving to complete (note: we lost about 30 minutes upfront to deal with gypsy moth forms). Joe was nice enough to jump in (I tipped him for this) and help finish loading the truck (it took another 1-1.5 hours), but he put pressure on us and mentioned that he was going to be late with his next pick-up and that that was a problem. It was very stressful, we felt we did not pack/load our things as well, and we ended up leaving some big and small things behind. While we clearly underestimated the amount of time it would take us to load the truck, I think the driver and the company should have discussed our loading arrangements in more detail to see if we were reasonable and to ensure that they wouldn’t have to be late for their next pick-up. This situation was bad for us and bad for their company (not to mention their next customer).

Despite the loading issues above, our stuff arrived in what appears to be in good condition, and I would probably still recommend Broadway Express as an option for future movers. The company did receive our moving reservation only about a week before our move (due to a cancellation by SelfMoves USA because of a driver sickness, which by the way dealt with it professionally by covering the difference in price), and therefore perhaps had less time to make sure everything was in order.

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (319 total - 304 good/11 neutral)

Postby MusicMom » Tue Feb 07, 2012 5:38 am

It is not the responsibility of the company to explain that the time window you were given is firm, especially if you understood there were other loadings to be done after you. If you had taken 6 hours, not only have you extended the day of the driver and every person he's to see after you, but you throw off the carefully planned logistics. It may have been stressful for you, but it was just as if not more stressful to Joe, thinking about hearing his other customers complaining that he was late.

In a nutshell, that problem is in no way on the mover.

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Re: Broadway Express Reviews (323 total - 308 good/11 neutral)

Postby Jeff.Walker » Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:08 pm

[This is review #323.]

This one came in from the comments section of the site:
We just moved from Ohio to California with Broadway Express. First time to use a service where you pack/they drive. Every expectation and hope we had for a hassle free professional move was met with excellence. Don, our driver was courteous, professional, and a work horse. We hired him at both ends to help and he didn't stop till the job was done. No up sale or budget quote adjustments mid-stream. THEY DELIVERED IN EVERY AREA. Brad was our office rep. Highly recommend using this company.

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