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Allen Wrench (#206)

Re: 206 reviews of Broadway Express (197 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Allen Wrench (#206) » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:57 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/06 (posting delayed)
Move: Walnut, CA, to northern Idaho
Cost: $4200 for 28 feet
Driver: John B.
Shipped a car: no

This was our first long distance move (Walnut, CA to No. Idaho). After doing considerable research we chose Broadway Express (BE). Heard too many horror stories about the full service movers.

The driver (John Blum) contacted me 4 days ahead of the move to set up the move day. He arrived on time, the truck was clean and they had tons of pads and a moving dolly. We used the services of the driver and his wife. Unless you have experience loading a large truck for many miles over bumpy roads, I HIGHLY recommend using the driver's services as he knows how to load his trailer to get the most use of it’s room. John charged $25 an hour as did his wife. Well worth the money.

They arrived in Idaho as planned and the off load went well. The truck couldn’t get into the driveway so we had to rent a U-Haul truck, load the stuff into that truck then drive that truck to the front door of our rental home (about 250 feet from the street). That was the only hassle. There were only a few minor scratches on 2 pieces of furniture and nothing was broken or missing.

My findings: Only used stretch wrap on a few furniture pieces to keep doors from opening. Just buy a small roll of it. Used a lot of bubble wrap (3.5 large rolls). Can’t have too much of this stuff. Maybe that’s why nothing was broken. Also used lots of Styrofoam peanuts to protect stuff. Wardrobe boxes worked out very well. The only thing that I messed up on was estimating the space in the truck that was needed. Always buy more space. You don’t realize how much stuff you really have and you don’t want to come up short. It’s all the little stuff that adds up. Luckily the driver had extra room but sometimes they might not. So always over estimate how much stuff you have. Our driver said that he has never had anyone estimate the correct space...they always need more room.

I would definitely use BE again and I have recommended them to several friends who have already used them.

RPG (#207)

Re: 207 reviews of Broadway Express (198 good / 7 neutral)

Postby RPG (#207) » Sat Jun 10, 2006 10:06 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 5/06-6/06
Move: Rochester, MN, to Portland, ME
Cost: $4334 for 28 feet (including an extra stop)
Driver: Dennis H.
Shipped a car: no

Post #1 - 4/23/06

Well after several months of investigating, mulling, and just pondering this move [from MN to Portland, ME] the time has come to get on the stick. I've got RFQs out to BE and ABF so we'll see what results. I'm pretty sure I'll go with BE due the the nature of the reviews here.

I'm half packed and my wife is heading out tomorrow to get us setup with a place to rent and find some employment. I'll continue with packing, planning and preparation. I'm trying to find the miscellaneous boxes for some oddball items, 32" CRT TV, and some lamps.

The BE website came up with ~$4200 as a quote for 28' on the truck.

Post #2 - 5/16/06

I checked with the city here in Rochester MN and found that I can get some "no parking" signs the day before to "reserve" a spot for the semi when they come. With BE warning that they need up to 5 parking places for their truck I can "stake out" a place for them then if someone parks there I can get them towed and have room for the semi.

Post #3 - 5/29/06

. . . 2 days before mover comes and I haven't yet heard from the driver. I was told they'd call me 'a few days before' so... here's hoping.

Post #4 - 6/10/06

The move is DONE. Unfortunately my wife found the smallest place imaginable to move into so we've filled a 10x15 storage locker as well as the dinky basement here in the house we're renting.

Dennis Hall, the Driver for BE, called on Tuesday 5/30 and arrived on Wednesday 5/31 around noon like he said he would. He parked right out front. Unfortunately my loaders were unable to show up until 2pm (just the first 2, more showed up around 4 then another around 5. But we were able to stuff everything into the space.

Dennis got to Maine on Monday the 5th again rigtht on time. We were able to pull right up to the storage locker (he backed in using the turnaround yard) and unloaded with a TINY amount of space left just in case. Unfortunately my winter tires went in FIRST and since I'd need them in a few months I had to go back and repack most of the storage later in the week.

We then headed over to the house. My unloaders (via emove) did an ok job. Not terribly motivated but they did ok. Managed to get the truck into a TINY (does it seem everything out here is tiny?) street. Had to back in from US-1 just up the block, but Dennis did it. The truck only took down a phone wire (mine as it turns out, but it isn't in use) and we unloaded out the side door.

The only questionable thing was my unloaders wanting to charge me a full hour additional when I only used 1/2. But that simply cut into their tip!

So all is done, I have no complaints (communication with BE could have been better early on but Driver was spot-on once we got in touch) to speak of and would recommend to anyone with the TIME and PLANNING skills to go this route.

Thanks for everyone's help and expertise here!


Kent G. (#208)

Re: 208 reviews of Broadway Express (199 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Kent G. (#208) » Tue Jun 13, 2006 11:04 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 5/06-6/06
Move: Fort Lauderdale, FL, to San Francisco
Cost: About $9000 for entire 53-foot trailer
Driver: Ed A.
Shipped a car: yes (two)

We are another Broadway Express success story. We also found them through and after reading the reviews decided to give it a shot. We were not however doing a really "low cost" move and in some ways our case may be interesting to others as we still saved a lot of money.

We moved from just outside Ft Lauderdale, FL to the San Francisco area on memorial day weekend 2006. We had looked at a number of full service movers and had decided to do a combination of self-packing while hiring others to load and unload as both my wife and I are unable to do that kind of heavy lifting. Our lowest full service quote was from Bekins which was in the neighborhood of $14,000 for our 4 bedroom 2500+ sq ft house. (No one else was even close to this low)

However, our CA house is at the top of a hill completely inaccessible to a semi and so would require a "shuttle" truck. The Bekins estimator assured us that his price was all inclusive, and that the driver would simply have to deal with that issue when he arrived. However, having had several bad moving experiences ourselves and reading some horror stories about similar situations online, we were worried about what would happen on the CA end of the trip.

We also needed to ship two cars as we did not feel our 6 year old son was up for a cross country trip that had to be made in 5 days. Our cheapest estimate for this was just upwards of $2000. This made our best case scenario $16,000 using Bekins and the car shipper.

Instead, we contracted for the entire BE truck (53 feet?) put both cars (a minivan and SUV) and all our stuff inside. Then we hired local movers on both ends to load in and out. BE charged us just shy of $9000 and it was far easier to find good reputable local movers on each end since they tend to be far more concerned about their reputations. This cost us less than $2000 total, even with the shuttle on the CA end. Our total cost? Around $11,000 plus pizza, sodas and tips. A $5000 savings and avoidance of what I thought was going to be an inevitable nightmare when the Bekins driver saw our hill.

What's more, shipping the cars inside the truck assured no one was driving them on and off as they went cross country and that they were protected from the elements. Taking the whole truck also meant that, once the driver left, there were no stops, no loading and unloading - a straight 5 day drive from FL to CA. BE was also absolutely firm on the price despite a very significant increase in gas costs since we contracted in March. Our driver Ed Alvarez was also very honest and helpful. He spent the whole day on the CA side waiting to collect his moving blankets while they shuttled the furtniture up and then didn't even want to be paid for his time! (We insisted.)

The only drawback was that Ed did not leave for several days after he picked up the load as he was taking a vacation with his family. (During this time our things just sat locked in the truck.) However he told us this as soon as he came in the door to pick things up. Our cars also got very hot in the truck and some CD cases melted a bit creating a bad smell in one car that has taken some time to dissapate. (Think about this when you put things in the cars.)

Other than that, the move was great and despite the complexity of organizing it was by far the least stressful, cheapest and quickest of the three cross country moves we have done. I would STRONGLY reccomend BE to anyone. ... 1458#61458


Misquoted at last minute by BE

Postby agarose2000 » Wed Jun 14, 2006 2:31 am

BE seemed like a good solid company at first, but my experience was unfortunately soured by a last-minute misquote by them that completely threw my plans into disarray.

I had asked for a small apt move including a Honda Civic, and received a quote of $1800, which seemed too low. Sure enough, I received a call a few days later telling me the price had been misquoted, and $2400 would be the final fee for the Civic + 18 feet of storage space.

This price seemed acceptable to me (actually, on the low end) for a NY to LA move, so to verify, I even wrote another email asking if I could use the storage space above the car and if I could hire the driver, to which they replied yes. I received and signed this $2400 final quote (the 2nd one) and faxed it back to them. This was all arranged 4 weeks prior to my move.

Within the last 10 days of my planned move, I received a phone call from a Margaret L. (my agent) who admitted she had made a mistake in my final quote, and raised the price from $2400 to $4200, saying she had left out my car in the quote. Remember that at this point, I had already faxed in the second re-quote finalizing the $2400 price. I was told that she would lose her job if I forced her to take the lower quote.

This may have been an honest mistake, but I was left in an incredibly difficult situation. My quote was doubling, yet if I forced her to take the lower quote, I would be moving with a company that I would not trust with my goods (can you imagine calling Margaret L for any problems during the move?!). To top it off, she could only give me a $50-100 discount on the $4200 fee despite the error. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to re-schedule a cross-country move with a 10 day window (most moving companies are out of the question), especially with exams and other end-of-move commitments looming.

I ended up canceling this move, but now have to pay extra for unplanned movers to Uhaul storage, reconfigure my flights cross country, not to mention the headache of doing this all during a series of final exams which I had intended to keep free of chaos (hence using the "reputable BB") in this last week. I estimate that this misquote alone will cost me an additional $500 in storage/truck rental/gas fees in addition to my baseline move rates, not even considering the time and hundreds more in the furniture that I now have to give away. I feel that companies as solid as BE should NOT be re-quoting at the last minute, or pay some sort of penalty for doing so once the final quote is signed.

I realize that BE may indeed be a "reputable" company, but this experience had all the features of a last-minute requote scam and I would have probably reported it to the BBB if not for the hundreds of positive reviews listed here. Hopefully this was an isolated incident and an honest misttake on their part, but I felt that the community should know if these events are happening on a non-isolated basis.

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Re: 208 reviews of Broadway Express (199 good / 7 neutral)

Postby MusicMom » Wed Jun 14, 2006 8:19 am

I think it must have been an isolated mistake. I'm sure BE, like all the full-service movers, are extremely busy and leaving off one item, in this case, that one was half the shipment, made a big difference. I'm not excusing this action, but I don't believe it was an intentional scam, upping the price twice. Did you talk to anyone else at the company, like a supervisor?

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Re: 208 reviews of Broadway Express (199 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Diane » Wed Jun 14, 2006 9:57 am


Something seems to be wrong, because according to BE's online cost calculator, BE would charge $4627 to ship 18 feet of goods alone (without the Civic) from NYC to Los Angeles. If you are not right in NYC, they would charge $4296. The car is probably at least 12 feet long so to ship 18 feet plus the car would cost substantially more than $4200. Also, you are posting from Massachusetts and not NY. Something doesn't add up here.

But even though your complaint may be inaccurate in some details, if it is generally accurate I think that the management of Broadway Express did the wrong thing by not honoring the misquoted price. If any other customer ever has a similar thing happen, I hope that he or she will notify this website in a timely fashion to see whether we can mediate a solution.

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Re: 209 reviews of Broadway Express (200 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Danigord » Wed Jun 21, 2006 3:50 pm

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is review #209.]

Recommended: YES!! :D
Date: 6/06
Move: Northern Indiana to Phoenix, AZ
Cost: $1775 for 10 feet
Driver: Don G.
Shipped a car: no

I researched TONS of moving companies that were local to me, and all of them wanted more than twice what BE did. I researched them on this website and epinions, and was overjoyed at the amount of positive reviews they had. I went to their website and did the calculator, submitted my info, and a few hours later, I had an e-mail from Diana Jansen. She was awesome! Every question I had was answered and every concern I had was addressed. We went through all of the details and I booked 10' to be loaded on Monday, June 12th.

I was a little panicked that we did not have a driver until the Friday before loading, but was told this was normal and not to be worried. Diana called me with our driver's info (Don Garrard), and I got into contact with him. I read several good reviews of Don and they were all right! He was the best!! Helped us load and unload, and kept in contact with us the whole time. He did everything he could to make this move as smooth as possible...even squeezing the truck into our storage facility and getting the truck as close as possible to our new house so we would not have to carry things a long distance.

Overall, our experience with BE was fantastic! I will definitely be using them again if and when we move, and I HIGHLY recommend them!


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jdevault (#210)

Re: 210 reviews of Broadway Express (201 good / 7 neutral)

Postby jdevault (#210) » Thu Jun 29, 2006 10:06 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: Arkansas to Oregon
Cost: $3060 for 18 feet
Driver: Randy V.
Shipped a car: no

There are so many scam movers I had to write and let you know about our move from AR to OR. It went perfect with Broadway Express out of Effingham, Illinois.

Driver (Randy Vinson) showed up 30 minutes earlier than what he told us and our load was delivered 4 days later. The van almost beat us to Oregon. Not one thing was broken and the driver was an angel. He helped us pack and unpack. We were so happy with him and his humor we paid him cash for helping us.

The move was about 60% cheaper than what Atlas, Allied and United quoted. The fly-by-night companies were maybe a thousand dollars cheaper but then I read all the horrible reviews on the scam companies. Broadway Express charges by the footage and not pounds and once you estimate your footage that is the total charge unless you under estimate, then you will be charged more. It was such a perfect move--- MORE OF YOU NEED TO USE THIS COMPANY.

Thanks for letting me brag about our great experience with Broadway Express.

steph gas (#211)

Re: 211 reviews of Broadway Express (202 good / 7 neutral)

Postby steph gas (#211) » Thu Jul 06, 2006 12:53 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: Long Island to near Orlando, FL
Cost: $1828 for 10 feet
Driver: Larry H.
Shipped a car: no

Here we are... the final chapter. :D I am writing this from my new apartment in Clermont (less than ten miles from Disney World!!!) and just yesterday, we finished unloading the last box. Here is my very long, and very detailed, description of our move. Enjoy!

We woke up at 5:30am on 6/22 to prepare for Larry Hall's arrival. We packed the t.v., the dvd player, and our last few bits and started lugging boxes to the driveway. We figured, the closer stuff was to the truck, the better! There were four of us to move stuff (but I don't really count with my injuries) and we were planning on hiring Larry at $30/hr to assist in loading our stuff into 10ft of trailer. He comes down our street at 7:24am!!! and I hurry to wake my mom and brother up. Larry comes through the house to see what we have, and we start by bringing out the big stuff.

My husband and brother did most of the lifting. They brought out our sofabed, big overstuffed chair, double dresser, seven foot high bookcase, and my husband's 900lb tool box first. Larry's truck had an unexpected but appreciated surprise: a power lift gate!! Score! His grandson even helped put boxes up high on the stack by standing on the toolbox after it was loaded. Larry put a moving blanket or two (or three!) on EVERY piece of furniture that he put in the truck. And did he put it! All we did was drag stuff outside, get it on or near the lift gate, and the next time we came out Larry would have it on the truck! We were amazed by how he fit and finagled every last bit on the truck. Sweaty and tired, we were just about finished.... and it was 9:15. Seriously. Just over an hour and a half to load 57 boxes (I counted), two dressers, a daybed, a toolbox, a huge bookcase, a display case, a heavy wooden dinette set, a computer desk, and about 20 bags filled with cushions and the soft parts of our bed. Awesome.

Larry pulled out the paperwork, looked at his watch, and said "I think $45 is fair" and I handed him $100 on the condition he give a cut to his grandson! (Who, by the way, was adorable, outgoing, and well spoken as well as very helpful to us all.) I signed on the dotted line and they were off (pulling down our neighbor's power line as they went, but hey, the lines shouldn't be hanging that low!!). And we rested and finished packing up for our trip.

Friday 6/23 we were hoping to leave at 9am. We actually got in our car and on the road at 9:30, so not too bad. We shoved a sedative in the cat, put her in her carrier, threw some sodas in the cooler, and were off. About three hours later, the sedatives wore off, but Piglet was REALLY well-behaved the rest of the trip. I think she calmed down when she realized a) I'm not going to the vet and b) they're not letting me out of here. I would hook up her leash and take her out of her cage, and out of the car, everytime we stopped. Piglet would even walk right back into her cage as soon as I put her back in the car! We stopped to sleep at the incredibly cheesy area around South of the Border. Piglet was very interested in the smells in this dingy little place. We were not. We gave her some food and water, set up her litterpan, and hoped she wouldn't eat any strange North Carolina bugs during the night. Due to the huge parking lot known as a highway through Maryland and Virignia, we were on the road a solid thirteen hours that day. We fell into bed and slept like rocks.

Saturday 6/23 we hit the road early (we were too excited to sleep late) at 8:30am. Piglet got right into her cage, we grabbed breakfast, and drove through to Georgia. At this point, I let my husband drive for the almost two hours it took to get through GA. (Yes, I drove almost the whole way.) Then, the parking lot known as I-4 around Downtown Orlando kept us tied up for a bit, and we drove into our complex at about 4:30pm. We unloaded our car at our friends' apartments, introduced our cats (my friends' have a male the same age as Piglet and a little 18 week old kitten. They did not get along.), and went to Chili's so I could drink margaritas until I couldn't drive anymore.

Fast forward to Monday 6/26, our move-in day. Larry called us around 2pm (he had told me his schedule for the weekend, and we were expecting him) and my friend helped direct him to our complex. We unloaded the truck in just over ONE HOUR (thank gods we got a first floor unit), I forked over a few bucks to his grandson, and Larry drove off into the Florida sunset. Well, actually, it was storming pretty good when he left, but luckily the rain held off until we were finished unloading!

On first glance, nothing was broken or busted. EXCEPT the boxes we bought at U-Haul. Most of our boxes were purchased at Public Storage (my mom has a unit there) but we needed a few last minute boxes for clothes. We bought 2 extra-large boxes, and one television box for our monitor, and all were heavily damaged. I had packed the monitor and computer stuff very VERY well, so the monitor was undamaged, but thank gods all we had in those other boxes were clothes. They did NOT hold up to moving AT ALL. All our Public Storage boxes - even the ones packed at or just over 50lbs with mechanic's tools - held up perfectly. The only casualty - a picture frame from my bridal shower that I unwittingly packed the way I found it - bundled with two other picture frames with no padding. My bad.

All in all, a perfect move. It ended up being very low stress (well, except for driving ourselves down!) and cost-effective. We moved from Long Island, NY 11757 to Clermont, FL 34714 with ten feet in a BE truck for $1828, city tolls and stuff included. Our things were packed 6/22 and arrived 6/26. Larry Hall was INCREDIBLY friendly and knowledgable, and well worth the $30 an hour to pack the truck up. This is compared to a full service from a 'sort of' reputable company's quote of $4300 and an estimated transit time of 7-14 days. And, a possible hostage situation. Now, we leave for NY this weekend to go get my other car and take the AutoTrain down. I'll post our thoughts on that next week.

If anyone has any other questions, please send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer. ... 3894#63894

Sarah (#212)

Re: 212 reviews of Broadway Express (203 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Sarah (#212) » Thu Jul 06, 2006 9:12 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 5/06
Move: Ohio to CA
Cost: About $2600 for 12 feet
Driver: Fred F.
Shipped a car: no

I just used BE to move from Ohio to California in May. BE did a fantastic job! All of our items arrived untouched and in perfect condition. You could tell once the driver (Fred Fox) sealed them off they had not been disturbed. The driver was a little eccentric, but all in all professional. The office staff were always helpful (we changed our date and space needed a few times) and professional as well.

I highly recommend Broadway Express and will use them again if I move back cross country in the future.

Sarah ... 4064#64064

virginia (#213)

Re: 213 reviews of Broadway Express (204 good / 7 neutral)

Postby virginia (#213) » Sun Jul 16, 2006 2:49 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: Boston to San Francisco
Cost: $2741 for 10 feet
Driver: Mike S.
Shipped a car: no

Hi - We just recently moved from Boston to San Francisco w/ Broadway Express. Everything went great! We got our things within 1 week, sooner than promised, and the driver (Mike Smith) did everything to accomodate us. We asked him to try to get our things to us on a weekend day, becasue my husband could not take off from work, and we got our things on a Sunday. We had constant contact with the driver, and always felt that our things were safe and secure. I would highly recommend this company. We had to pack our things ourselves, which was rough, but that actually worked for us. We were able to rearrange our things a few times, till we got them to all fit in our 10 linear feet of space. We will use B.E again, they were great! ... 5227#65227 (#214)

Re: 214 reviews of Broadway Express (205 good / 7 neutral)

Postby (#214) » Mon Jul 17, 2006 1:12 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: Atlanta to San Francisco
Cost: $2356 for 10 feet
Driver: Randy V.
Shipped a car: no

I recently moved from Atlanta to San Francisco with Broadway Express and my move was flawless. Driver Randy Vinson arrived on time loaded in 1 hour and showed up on time in 1 week and unloaded in 1 hour and left. Randy was a real nice guy, very punctual and helpful. Even though I packed it, nothing shifted or was broken, nothing stolen and on-time delivery.

Even though BE was more expensive then other quotes I received, I chose broadway from the reviews. But I had less headaches. Even though my preparation time was much longer (1 week) it was time well spent, so I could throw away stuff I did not need. ... 5314#65314

Jerry P. (#215)

Re: 215 reviews of Broadway Express (206 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Jerry P. (#215) » Mon Jul 17, 2006 4:08 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: CA to Michigan
Cost: $3047 for 16 feet
Driver: Greg M.
Shipped a car: no

I found out about Broadway Express from I found out about from talk radio. I read a lot of the comments on I had a good experience with BE.

Everything went as I was informed it would. The driver (Greg McLachlan) was a very personable man. He talked a lot to my family while we were loading and gave me some packing recommendations. He was very helpful on the load with his expertise. However, he was sick on the day he delivered my house hold items. It caused him to be a few hours late on that day but he was not late enough to cause major problems. He said he was on his way to visit his wife after he finished my load.

I will definitely use Broadway Express again if I do move again, unless I am moving because I won the Lottery.

Ursula (#216)

Re: 216 reviews of Broadway Express (207 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Ursula (#216) » Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:36 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: Washington, DC, to New Orleans
Cost: About $1450 for 10 feet
Driver: Grizz W.
Shipped a car: no

We used BE on our June 19 move from Washington D.C. to New Orleans, LA. I found out about them on this page. We had reserved 10 feet for about 1450$. Our driver's name was Grizz Wallace, and Diana from BE had given me his number. I contacted him a few days before the move to ask a few questions. He was nice and friendly, and showed up on time on the day of the move. Since we had a lot of people helping out, we had not hired the driver, but Grizz nevertheless gave us great advice on how to load the truck. The whole loading process was done in 2-3 hours. Ours was the last load of the truck, and Grizz did not make us crunch everything into the 10 ft. reserved space.

We were not in New Orleans for the unloading, but our relatives and friends said everything went very smoothly. Overall this was a very good experience, and much less dreadful than I had feared.

Kate Q. (#217)

Re: 217 reviews of Broadway Express (208 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Kate Q. (#217) » Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:13 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: Seattle to Charleston, SC
Cost: About $3000 for 12 feet
Driver: Ian M.
Shipped a car: no

I chose Broadway Express based on reviews I read on We were moving from Seattle,
Washington to Charleston, SC. We hired our driver,
Ian McCall, and someone from (I highly
recommend this service) to help my husband move our
belongings from our condo into the truck. We contacted
Ian three days prior to our move to see if he was on
time and he seemed to think he was. He turned out to
be 5 hours late but made every effort to contact us 3
to 4 times that day to give us updates and let us know
that there had been unexpected delays, which we knew
was a possibility anyway. He felt very bad about the
delay (which was not his fault) and we feel he made
every effort to make it to our place ASAP.

We were originally concerned with whether the tractor
trailer would be able to get up the hill our condo was
on and make some sharp turns. So, we rented a U-Haul
truck just in case he couldn't make it up. Well, turns
out he could not make it up the hill and he ended up
parking as close as possible to our condo (about 1/3
miles away). We trucked everything down to the truck
and we worked loading everything up until 2am (7
hours). I don't think it typically takes other people
this long but because we had two trucks and only two
people packing...

We rented 12 linear feet for about $3000 and that was
just right. Ian made sure everything was packed tight.
Even though we were the last load in the truck, there
were lots of blankets to use for packing. When we
finished, Ian only charged us for 4 hours of work even
though he was there for much longer than that. Ian
gave us an estimate of 9 days to get our stuff to SC
and he was right on time. We kept in touch with him
throughout the trip to check on his progress. He was
very professional, patient and hard-working. Very nice
guy. Always answered his cell phone and called us with
any delays. He arrived in SC and was able to pull
right up to our apartment. It only took three hours to
unload. Again, we got help through from
three guys. Again, we chose people with high reviews
and were pleased. Nothing was damaged in the move or
by the movers at all. But, we also broke everything
down and boxed it or wrapped it up with blankets,
plastic wrap or foam wrap.

I highly recommend Broadway Express. The office staff
was also very good. Always returned calls on time and
all were very friendly. I feel we were very lucky to
have discovered them, especially after hearing from
friends who had full-service companies move them
(Mayflower) which resulted in a lot of damage and extra
costs upon delivery.

More information on who we used from

We used Patrick of North Seattle (1 person) for $25/hr
plus a $30 flat travel fee. We used Helping Hands out
of Florence, SC (3 people) for $69/hr for all three
and a $45 flat travel fee. We used three people on the
SC end because we had several flights of stairs to
deal with and the temperature was in the 90s. For
those wondering how big a tip to give, we gave $25
each for the movers in SC and they said we were
overpaying them even though they did a great job.

I don't know the phone numbers of the people we used
because they aren't posted on the emove website and
Patrick is not affiliated with a company. Someone
suggested going to the emove website for reviews and
then contacting them without the help of
But, I think going through helps support
this service that is so helpful because of the reviews.

[Editor's note by Diane: I'm glad that this poster brought up about whether to go through or to try to contact the eMove companies directly. People might be interested to know that I asked the owner of one eMove company that I observed in the Los Angeles area (ABC Movers in Huntington Beach) what he charged if people booked jobs through and what he charged if people booked jobs with him directly. He told me that he charged $50/hour for two workers with a two-hour minimum if they booked directly and $47.50/hour if they booked through He also said that he paid 15% of the amount billed for its services. I commented that this seemed backward - that he should charge MORE if people booked through to cover the 15% fee he had to pay and he said he knew it seemed backward but that's what he did.

In thinking about it later, I realized that actually the companies benefit from having customers go through As long as they do a good job, they can be sure that they will be paid because has the customer's credit card number from the get-go. That assurance is worth a lot. In addition, of course, is benefiting both the companies and consumers by publishing helpful reviews on the Internet, as the above poster points out.

After the initial contract period of two hours or whatever is finished, customers can negotiate with the companies to stay for additional hours for additional compensation. They don't have to go through to do that.]

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