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Positive review of Corrigan Moving Systems

Postby Mitch » Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:43 am

You should be very safe and secure using Corrigan Moving Systems (in this case out of Ann Arbor, MI.). We just finished using them to move about 2,000 lbs. from Ann Arbor to Texas. They handled everything beautifully and there were no problems. They showed up on time and were very thorough with the inventory and wrapping of furniture. There were no hitches or extra charges. Their deal was a guaranteed not to exceed price, so we would not be charged extra if we went over the estimated weight but the price would come down if it weighed less and that is what happened. The workers were friendly and competent. The move was quick and efficient (Wed. to Mon.). They are linked with United Van Lines, but Corrigan staff did the whole job. I was very stressed about hiring a moving company so it was a great relief that they performed so well. This is a great company to choose. Greg

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Re: Review of Corrigan Moving Systems- CA to OH

Postby Ronymikal » Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:19 am

Date of move: June 2012
Location: San Diego, CA to Cincinnati, OH
Distance: 2177 mi
Estimate: $2734 for 2750 lbs + about $350 if shuttle at origin is required; Actual: $2734 for 3000 lbs
Would definitely recommend this mover!

I was very nervous about getting scammed for my move, and was very helpful in providing valuable information. I was paying for the move myself, and wanted a good deal, but also wanted to have my stuff taken care of. I thought about ABF and Broadway Express, but I did not want to load and unload myself, and the price difference wasn't worth it. ABF quoted $2300 and Broadway Express quoted $2100. I got three in-home estimates (United Van Lines, Atlas, Wheaton), and ended up choosing Corrigan Moving Systems with United for several reasons:

1. Excellent reviews here (though there aren't that many)
2. Corrigan have an office based in Ohio, where I am moving. BBB endorses them and said they didn't have any complaints since 2008. All previous complaints were resolved professionally.
3. Corrigan were very responsive, and willing to work with me on price. It was almost $1000 less than the other companies' quotes, even if I had to shuttle at origin and destination. They also do not charge for destination shuttling.
4. United Van Lines is a large and reputable

Corrigan did not disappoint, and I am extremely satisfied with the move. There was a question about requiring a shuttle at origin, but they did not put it on the original binding not-to-exceed estimate in case I did not have to use it. They did provide me with a quote of how much it would cost (about $350 extra). My driver arrived the day before with his truck to figure out where he might be able to park it and not charge for the shuttle. Amazingly, he found a space, and saved me $350. He arrived at both the origin and destination exactly within the one-hour window he said he would with his help. He also called me the day before he arrived to confirm the timing. I had an 8-day window for the arrival of my stuff in Cincinnati, but the driver gave me a day within that window at origin, and stuck to the schedule. My stuff ended up being 3000 lbs instead of 2750, but Corrigan honored the not-to-exceed estimate and did not charge me extra. I packed 50 boxes myself, and they wrapped and disassembled/reassembled furniture. Nothing was lost, and the only thing that broke was a wire fruit rack, and that was because it was packaged poorly by me. All of my large glass frames and mirrors were intact. The driver and his help were professional, efficient, and were careful with all of the stuff. I would definitely use them again the next time I have to move.

Every professional interstate moving company will proudly display their U.S. Department of Transportation license and their Motor Carrier number on their website. If you don't see the license number, move on to another website. Make sure the website lists a street address and then do a quick Google search to see if it really exists.

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Re: Reviews of Corrigan Moving Systems (Michigan, Chicago, T

Postby JanH » Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:57 pm


I had booked an international shipment (some inherited furniture) from Germany with International Moving Services, and Corrigan was their agent at the receiving end in the San Francisco Bay Area. A couple of days before pick up in Germany IMS called me and added several hundred dollars to the quote for delivery to my door in San Francisco, so I choose pick up from their warehouse. I prepaid everything to that German company IMS, or so I thought.

Corrigan contacted me timely and several times regarding the arrival of my package and asked me to fill in some custom forms. I always got back to them right away. They told me as well when my packages had arrived at their warehouse. Warehouse was 35 miles further south than I was initially told, but I love driving in rush hour traffic anyway.

At this point they came up with an additional X-ray and custom fee. This was roughly $160, to which they ADDED AN OUTLAY FEE OF $80 (50%). No negotiation possible, they have got your stuff at this point. Tried to talk to the higher-ups, but International VP Mr. Leet Zwepink was always traveling and never got back to me.

In my view, it would have been fair to tell me to pay this directly on one of the multiple emails that we exchanged rather than taking a 50% fee.

So they choose to just take my money NOW, so here you got another complaining customer. My advice: Go elsewhere.

Oh yeah, they had a hard time to locate all of my packages at the warehouse, but after an hour they got it all together. Small chip came off one of my items. The local staff was helpful.

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Re: Reviews of Corrigan Moving Systems (Michigan, Chicago, T

Postby JanH » Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:41 am

I received very friendly phone call from their International VP and a refund of 50% of the 50% fee. I think this is fair, so this is resolved.

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Re: Reviews of Corrigan Moving Systems (Michigan, Chicago, T

Postby Jeff.Walker » Tue May 10, 2016 6:10 pm

This one came in through the comments section of the website from "Sally":
I think that I made one of the best decisions of my life when I hired Corrigan - United to move us from TX to Chicago IL! I spent hours and hours pouring over online reviews in search of the perfect moving company. I am so happy that my work paid off! We have moved 20 times in 30 years and I have to say that this was the best move we have ever had! From the beginning to the end everyone that I spoke to was so helpful and courteous - Chris, Jessica and Robert Graham! I don't know how I got so lucky to have Robert as a driver, but I have to tell you he was the best.

After reading all the online reviews, I was pretty insistent with Jessica our move coordinator that they assign me a Corrigan driver. I got my wish! Robert doesn't play around when it comes to moving. He runs a very tight ship, and expects excellence from his crew. Robert has very high standards and expects everyone to live up to them - even the homeowners! This is the first time that I have left movers on their own. After spending a couple of hours getting to know Robert and seeing his professionalism, we were comfortable enough to leave. We had a pretty complicated move - contents at our home and the contents from a large storage unit.

Robert made the entire process effortless. Thank you Robert and Luke and Jonathan! I will be calling you again for our next move.

Also, wanted to say thank you to the Armstrong - United packing team - Jenny, Diane, Alex and the Warehouse Manager - Jesse? Wonderful packing team!

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