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WA to TN (#29)

Re: 29 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby WA to TN (#29) » Wed Aug 17, 2005 6:50 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/05
Move: Spokane, WA to Nashville, TN (2250 miles)
Cost: $600 for one mobile storage container

Hi all. It has taken me a while to report on this move as I just got my computer set up. I loaded my things at the spokane, washington terminal on Monday August 1st. I had a friend with a large truck plus my small truck so I didn't have to rent one. We made 3 trips each to the container throughout the day.

My container was the smaller ABF mobile container, it only had one handle to open and close which is located on the right door. You have to supply your own padlock to secure the mobile container. It was a good thing I got the smaller container as it fit my things just right and I would have had extra space had I gotten the larger container.

[Editor's note by Diane: the older, slightly smaller container is pictured in Review #11, and the newer one in Review #23.]

The staff at the spokane ABF terminal were polite and knowledgable and I was impressed. My fiance and I drove 2 vehicles from spokane to nashville,Tennessee and that took 4 days. I gave ABF my fiances parents number in nashville to contact us and they called on thursday August 4 and said our things were already there. Very fast service considering I was told 6-7 business days to transport our things.

I called the ABF terminal in Nashville and scheduled to pick our things up on Friday August 12th. I really like the fact that with the mobile containers you don't have to take immediate possesion of your things. ABF is more than willing to work with you on the pickup date.

I rented a 10 foot U-haul truck and drove to the Nashville terminal. The staff at the Nashville terminal was very nice to work with and set my container right next to my U-haul which made it easy to load. It was about 100 degrees out so we still sweated alot, but that is what you get when you move yourself in the summer. I am not crazy about U-haul but I managed to get a fairly new truck with only 26000 miles on it.

We have unpacked just about everything and I don't think anything broke which is great. We had a few days to pack our stuff right which helped. We used bubble wrap,paper,plastic bags to pad our things.

I only paid $600 to ABF and $133 for the U-haul. I would have gotten a lower rate for the U-haul if I had made a reservation but I just went down and picked it up the same day. My household goods were moved about 2250 miles and I can't believe I paid less than $750. I would definitely recommend the ABF mobile containers if you are on a budget and can move your own things.

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Re: 13 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby Midgeure » Thu Aug 18, 2005 12:16 am

Kara / stemberk (#4) wrote:Date: 6/04
Move: NJ to Tampa, FL
Cost: $1,253 for 7 linear feet
. . .

Post #8 - 7/16/04

Greetings! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you regarding my move with ABF to Tampa. Ever since the truck was unloaded, life has been non-stop and work has been non-stop. Haven’t really had much time to enjoy my new apartment. As stated before, my move with ABF went well. There were a few snafus but again, as Diane stated, this is their busiest time of year and I just happened to move during this time. If you plan well and go into a do it yourself move with patience, knowledge, and understanding, you will make out just fine. Some things are just out of your control and you have to roll with the punches. Luckily, I didn’t have too many of them. Other than a ramp not being available, ABF was great. As stated before, I must have called them 15 times one day and each time, they were polite and courteous.

I thought not having a ramp would be a problem but the movers (unloaders) I hired were able to get the job done in 45 minutes, including the walk up three flights of stairs. My mother and I just watched in amazement. I guess over time, they have developed a system. I just stayed out of their way. The name of the company is Purple People Movers and I believe they are based in St. Petersburg or Tampa. What was interesting is how they carry items up stairs: on their backs. I forget the reasoning but they said less injury and it is a lot easier to carry. They normally do about 4 load/unload operations a day. They noted mine was quite easy because of the containers used for packing. They said you would be surprised at how people just throw things into the back of a trailer.

In the end, I would highly recommend ABF. Personally, I had no problems with them, even with the confusion about a ramp in Tampa. Plan ahead, listen to the advice of others who have used them, and take your time when it comes to packing your things. An ounce of prevention goes a long way. I hope this helps some of you and if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.



Kara.....My wife and I are moving from Colorado to Tampa and are trying to find the best, reputable moving company! So we thought you could give us some good handy hints! (I'm British but my wifes American, thought I should mention that as my vocabs slightly different) .... We have never lived in Tampa before but my wifes transfering with her job.

Things are stressful enough so making sure we have a safe Moving company is so important. Anyway, we would love to hear from you, our email and messenger is midgeure@hotmail.com please feel free to add us!


Neil and Brandy

UT to OH (#30)

Re: 30 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby UT to OH (#30) » Sat Aug 20, 2005 12:16 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/05
Move: Salt Lake City to Cincinnati (2000 miles)
Cost: $400 for 4 linear feet, taking things to the ABF terminal

I have a short one. Salt Lake City, UT to Cincinnati OH, 2000 miles, I used only 4 linear feet. Cost $400.

I originally put in an estimate for 6 feet, but after packing things really really tightly I only used 4'. What made me super happy was when the foreman came to measure, he stated that I only used 4', and he was going to refund me $200 because he didn't think it was right to charge me for the 2 extra feet (even though on the website it says that what you estimate is what you will pay). [Editor's note by Diane: the official minimum for terminal-to-terminal shipments is 5 feet and for door-to-door, terminal-to-door, or door-to-terminal it is 6 feet, so this person got a good deal.]

Total cost was around $400 for about 1.5 Bedrooms of furniture (desk,bed,boxes TV, computer etc).

-Bring some broken down boxes to put on the floor to keep your stuff up off of it, then lay a tarp down.
-Bring rope to tie things down/up etc and a knife
-Wrap expensive things up (i.e computer in a box with a garbage bag around it). You can get a ton of painters floor plastic for $10 and wrap evertything.
-Bring a small stepping stool/ladder to help with packing items high, as the trailers are 10'+ tall. [Editor's note by Diane: the height inside the trailers is actually 9 feet and the width is 8 feet.]
-Box everything as boxes are easier to pack high, making sure you tie off each level
-After everything is done, put another tarp over the top of everything to keep road dirt off, or water in case of an accidental leak in the roof

It will cost you more if you want to have them bring the trailer to your house (significantly more), but if you have a truck and some willing friends you can save $200+ by just hauling all your stuff to their delivery center and loading it there (as I did).

IM AM EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH MY EXPERIENCE AND WOULD RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE with the one caveat that you must be a little active in packing your things, and protecting them. View ABF as a trailer, not a mover, and pack accordingly. Honestly, $400 to move across the country is a freaking steal!

BostonBound (#31)

Re: 31 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby BostonBound (#31) » Thu Aug 25, 2005 11:20 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/05-7/05
Move: Orange County, CA, to Boston
Cost: $2100 for 7 linear feet

We used 7feet to move our stuff from OC, Calif to Boston, Mass on 6/28/05 and ABF charged us about $2100 with taxes and ramps and everything. They showed up on time, delivered on time and even allowed me to let the truck sit in the depot in Boston for free until I could file the paperwork to shut down the street for parking.

I wish I had went with ABF from the beginning of my move instead of getting reamed by those incompetant asshats at MOVEX. They called me the morning of the move to inform me they sold my space on the truck to someone else. It was a broadway express truck that screwed me. :(

[Editor's note by Diane: It may have been a Broadway Express truck that was involved as a hauler for Movex, but the customer being stranded in this way was not BE's fault. If this move had been booked directly with BE and there wasn't enough room left on the truck for the customer's belongings because of earlier customers having too much stuff to load, BE would have gotten a new truck to the customer ASAP . . . usually the next day.]

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Re: 31 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby Diane » Fri Aug 26, 2005 3:48 pm

NEWS FLASH: As of today, the minimum linear footage charged for by ABF U-Pack is 5 feet regardless of whether the shipment is door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, or any combination of the two. (Previously it was 6 feet in some cases.)

hadapleasantmove (#32)

Re: 32 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby hadapleasantmove (#32) » Sun Aug 28, 2005 7:20 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/05
Move: Seattle to Fort Worth, TX
Cost: $825 for one mobile storage container terminal-to-terminal (Door-to-Door quoted $1600)

I used ABF u-pack because of what I read on this site. I called 2 bus. days in advance to confirm the online reservation (my fault I waited so long) and they could not drop the container in my neighborhood (crowded Capital Hill in Seattle, and no parking at my apartment).

I also used MovingScam.com to locate an online moving referal service (eMove.com). I found a moving "helper" through the service - a guy who came and helped load my belongings onto his truck and we drove it to the u-pack terminal. The help - Nice Moves - cost about 175$ total for almost three and a half hours of help and driving.

Originally eMove charged me 6 bucks to search the site for helpers, but it was refunded after the move in return for me giving some online feedback that took all of five minutes. I thought eMove was a slick system, and if it cost a bit more to use than finding the guys in the yellow pages and starting reputation etc. research from there, it was worth the convenience premium.

The container cost 825$ terminal to terminal from Seattle to Fort Worth, TX, where I rented a uhaul and my buddy and I loaded and unloaded in an hour and a half (30$ for the truck, about 10$ for his lunch and 20$ for his round of golf - my buddy is a greedy jerk haha). So, in the end it cost $1060 for the move and 230$ for the flight to TX.

The estimate door to door gave me was 1600$ for the container. The smallest u-haul was 1700$, and that did not include insurance, gas, probably two nights in a hotel, or any help.

My point is that this site made the difference in my move. I saved at least 500$ from the next cheapest option and it was way easier and faster then my last two moves, which I did before finding this site.

Good Luck to anyone moving soon. Thanks for everything.

Donny Wood

chippyt (#33)

Re: 33 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby chippyt (#33) » Sun Aug 28, 2005 11:32 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/05
Move: Fort Collins, CO to Millbrae, CA
Cost: $3400 for 35 feet (one whole 28-foot trailer and part of another); used Albert Moving for loading and unloading

Post #1 - 7/15/05

I have finally decided to go with ABF as the carrier and Albert moving (link on ABF Upack website) for the packing, loading, and unloading.

I got three quotes from three different full service movers (NAVL $6400, United $6700, and a local recommended company Exodus $5800)

The combination of ABF ($2750) plus Albert moving ($2000) will be more than a $1000 cheaper than the lowest quote. I am using 28' from ABF, hopefully less.

We don't move until mid to late August, so I will report back when I get a chance.

Post #2 - 8/2/05

The movers that Albert contracts with have Workers comp and liablility insurance. It is a requirement of Albert Moving. The move is planned for next week and so far everything is going as planned. The contractor for Albert "Precise Packing" called and they are coming by tomorrow to get a quick inventory of how many movers and pads they need. I will keep you posted as everything happens.

Post #3 - 8/10/05

We are finishing the pack today and the load is tomorrow. The ABF trailer was delivered today and it is brand new. The driver said they are replacing equipment, so we got a new trailer that smells like cedar, it is actually nice, never been used. (Lucked out)

The moving company will be using paper pads, the heavier duty kind. I hope they work, so we shall see.

. . . Since we are using Albert Moving, Baker's will provide insurance. If we were loading ourselves, then they probably wouldn't allow it . . .

The Certificate of Insurance doesn't specifically list ABF or Albert moving, but I told them that over the phone. It says "While in transit from Ft Collins, CO to Millbrae, CA." Albert moving is the one that stated Baker would cover the move even though I was using ABF (it was stated in their quote e-mail). I guess Baker has some sort of relationship with Albert.

The coverage is for Actual Cash value unless "Replacement Option" purchased (I have none.) The deductible is $500, but I could have had a $0 deductible if I wanted. I paid $300 for the insurance. One note is to read the Baker website carefully, because if you don't have enough insurance to cover the entire goods, they will only pay the percent damage of the insured amount vs the actual amount your goods are worth.

. . . It says they are insured against any kind of damage, except perishable items, documents, coins, damage caused by insects or spillage of chemicals, damage to computer media, delay of shipment. There are a few other things, but it is a long list. So, it appears to be good coverage with little overlap.

They told me over the phone the goods were covered against dents, damage, etc. and the policy reflects that. Boxes are not covered if they are packed by yourself and there is no visible damage. If there is visible damage to the box, then it would be covered. This makes sense because professionals did not pack our boxes. I am mostly concerned about our furniture.

. . . Albert moving will be unloading us in CA. We will inspect everything as they unload. They won't be unpacking, but if the box is not visibly damaged on the outside, then it isn't covered anyway. We will be able to check our furniture, etc.

Post #4 - 8/26/05

I have finally finished a good portion of the move. The items are in self storage and have been there for almost a week. Here is a quick review of the move.

The ABF trailer was delievered on time and in great condition (brand new). The Albert movers (Precise Packing) from Denver came with a crew of five, which included on moving coordinator. They packed the trailer extremely efficiently. Unfortunately it didn't fit in the 28' trailer and I mean it was packed to the top and tight. It took them about 6 hours to load the truck. I called ABF and they couldn't deliver another trailer until later in the day, so I had Precise packing leave, and we would load the second trailer. We only needed about 5' in the next trailer and it was easy to load.

The trailers arrived about 4 business days later. We called Albert moving and ABF to have the trailer delivered to our self storage facility. The unload was done by Celtic moving our to San Francisco with three guys. They unloaded from the trailer and into storage in about 4 hours. Everything was in great condition. A few things shifted, but not much since it was packed so tight. The movers commented on how well it was packed. The furniture was in excellent condition. I made sure to inspect as much as I could. One stool had a minor scratch, that the movers fixed with some materials they had. We have some good wood furniture (armoires,etc.) and they were perfect. The boxes looked to be in excellent condition and if anything is damaged inside it would be our fault since we packed them. But I checked several delicate boxes and everything was fine.

The total cost was $3400 for ABF, I was expecting $2750, but the extra 5' (minimum 7') increased the cost. Albert moving was $2000 and Baker Insurance was $300. This is a total of $5700. The lowest quote I got from a full service mover was $6400, so I saved about $700. I was hoping to save more, but the extra trailer ate up some of the difference.

I think ABF and Albert did a great job. Albert isn't cheap, but I felt better by having one company handle the move on both ends (personal preference). We just had too much stuff, but that is life.

We still have to move the stuff from self storage to our permanent location in a few months, but we might do that ourselves.

. . . I will try to answer your questions:

1) Albert (Precise Packing) took photographs of everything before they loaded the truck. The insurance doesn't cover the goods inside a box unless it is physically damaged on the outside, since they didn't pack it.

2) Here is the form from Baker to fill out: http://www.bakerintl.com/documents/TermsConditions.pdf


[Editor's note by Diane: as I remarked on the above thread, this person didn't save much money--$700--and he did more work than he would have with a full-service mover. However, he did get fast delivery and he retained control of his goods, which is important to some people.

UPDATE: "chippyt" added this footnote to his original posts:-

Post #5 - 10/4/05

Well, Albert moving is asking for an addition $470 because our shipment was 1500 lbs more than they estimated. They indicated that the movers needed extra time for the labor, therefore they are charging me. Also, they are charging me over $250 for travel time for the movers from their location to mine. Because the albert moving local office was located in Denver (1 hour drive one-way), they are charging me for it. I have questioned it and all they say is "We are going to send the bill to collections."

I am very disappointed by their tactics. I would not recommend Albert moving after this final experience. The total cost of my move is the same as a full service mover. I wasn't able to save anything. I did have more control over my stuff, but by coordinating everything myself it created more stress for me. This wasn't a completely horrible experience, but I expected to save some money and unfortunately that wasn't the case.

http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5235 ]

mcpoodlefish (#34)

Re: 34 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby mcpoodlefish (#34) » Sun Sep 18, 2005 2:21 pm

Recommended: yes :D; container was misrouted and delivered 8 business days late; ABF compensated with $$
Date: 8/05-9/05
Move: Boston area to San Francisco, CA
Cost: $1500 for one mobile storage container (vs. quote of $1675 for 6 feet in an ABF trailer)

Post # 1 - 9/10/05

My partner and I decided to go with ABF because we decided to throw in some furniture and because the quote from ABF sounded reasonable ($1500) and the results from everyone else who used them were positive. Rather than using a trailer from ABF, we decided to go with the container option because it was a smaller space and a better price.

My partner arranged for the container to be dropped off on August 23rd, he loaded it up, and ABF picked it up on August 25th. Given that the company says that containers should arrive in the destination city between 6-7 business days, we expected our container no later than September 6 (given the Labor Day long weekend).

However, it is now September 10 and not only has our stuff not arrived, but ABF cannot tell us where it is!

The last bit of information given to my partner is that the container 'was supposed to have arrived into Oakland' on Friday, but when he spoke to the ABF people on Friday, there was no record of our container's arrival. Upon speaking to the ABF people in South Chicago (from where the container was last coming), they were unable to tell us anything other than it should have been on that shipment.

As such, we remain without our belongings and worse yet, do not have any consolation as to how soon we will receive them (if ever - shudder the thought). So at this point we are in a holding pattern - they are supposed to call us on Monday morning with 'an update.' I'll be sure to clue you into the final results, but mark this one as a definite negative experience with ABF - at least for now!!!

Post #2 - 9/12/05

Well, there IS an update now ... after speaking to ABF this morning, there was still no record on our container. However, the company dedicated a single individual to discovering its whereabouts and this afternoon we received a call saying that our container had been shipped to Seattle instead of San Francisco. We are to receive a call tomorrow morning with an estimated arrival time.

The positive news - clearly - is that they have found our stuff. The question remains as to how we will/should be compensated for these unfortunate events that have doubled the time it should take for our things to arrive.

Post #3 - 9/17/05

Resolution at last! After finding our things and providing a delivery estimate, ABF also negotiated a 'compensation' price for us to make up for their being late. As the guy I spoke to said, there is nothing in the contract that guarantees its arrival in 6-7 business days, but at the same time, it was late. They first proposed a reduction of $170, which stumped me, as I felt this was excessively low. Considering that my partner and I had just paid for a parking permit for when our things were supposedly going to be delivered ($114), this was hardly compensation.

The ABF guy then bumped it up to $245, but said that was the maximum he could offer because the company had to cover the cost of the move (fuel, transport, etc.). Even though I didn't feel this was an adequate customer service response, we agreed to it - simply because we didn't have any other choice! As the ABF guy pointed out, the company didn't even have to offer compensation. Of course, from my point of view, if you're a company that has messed up, you should go above and beyond to make the customer happy - even if that means eating a lot of the cost.

All said, as of yesterday (September 16) we have all our things and the job is done. So the big question: would I recommend ABF to someone else? Yes ... even though we had this tenuous experience, I feel that it was more the exception than the rule. Human errors do happen. Each person with whom we dealt was extremely professional and understanding - I give that a thumbs up. Furthermore, given all the other nightmare stories out there, I am eternally grateful that we have all our things (soundly intact - not a single thing broken!) and our price didn't move up.


Oakland to Seattle (#35)

Re: 35 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby Oakland to Seattle (#35) » Fri Sep 23, 2005 7:26 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 9/05
Move: Oakland, CA to Seattle
Cost: Unknown for 5 feet in an ABF trailer

We just had a wonderfully successful move with the help of ABF. It was a U-Pack move from Oakland, CA to Seattle, and we had local movers (Ben's Moving in Berkeley) take our packed stuff from our apartment to the ABF yard in Oakland, where they loaded the truck.

We'd reserved 8' in the 28' trailer, and thought it might be able to pack in a bit smaller. The movers did a great job (I just unloaded and was very impressed with their packing job), and more to the point, they got all our stuff into 5 linear feet, so we got charged the absolute minimum.

The ABF trailer was not that nice, and it had no tie-downs inside, and they understood we wanted something better, but didn't have it on their lot. It looked more or less watertight, and most of our stuff was packed really well, so we figured, fine, we'll do it.

We haven't unpacked most of the boxes yet, but I anticipate nothing important will have been damaged.



Brettster (#36)

Re: 36 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby Brettster (#36) » Sun Sep 25, 2005 3:56 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 9/05
Move: Tampa to Tucson, AZ
Cost: $1176 for one mobile storage container, including home delivery in Tucson

[Post subject: ABF U-Pack is Amazing!]

I will keep this short and brief for those trying to find a mover. I spent so much time myself looking for a mover and gave ABF U-Pack a try. Moving from Tampa to Tucson, I only had a relatively small amount of stuff and after reading so many posts I had originally considered Fedex. However, I found out that U-Pack also provides a 6x7x8 container, which they deliver to your premises on the day of your move. You load it in 2 days and then they come and pick it up. You get a tracking number so you can see how fast your container travels across the US.

The nice thing about the container is that you pack it how you want. You don't have to worry about loading your stuff to be sandwiched between other shipments in a trailer, and it is very easy to pack. And then you close it up and lock it. It took me a total of 2 hours maximum to load.

The most amazing thing about U-pack is that they have excellent customer service. Everyone is always so friendly, especially the dispachers in each location. Also, I must mention that it arrived in its destination much sooner than the estimate. From Florida to Arizona, it literally took only 6 actual days!

Considering how painless this move was, ABF U-Pack is the best value...Hands Down! . . .

You coordinate with the dispacher as to when you want the container to be dropped off. They don't wait while you pack or unpack. That's not necessary because they give you 2 days to load (and unload at the destination) the container. When you are done packing (and unpacking), you just give them a call and arrange a time for them to get the container. They are really good about giving an exact time, which is good when you need to sign the contract with the driver at the front end of the move. Then U-Pack will automatically charge your credit card (if you choose this method of payment) once the container is on its way.

I had no problem with container placement. In Tampa, I arranged with the manager of the storage facility to have it put in a parking space in front of the building. In Tucson, they placed it in the front yard. I was very impressed.

Since I didn't fill the container completely, I packed everything tightly on the floor of the container to prevent shifting and placed the more fragile items on top and in the center, nested in between comforters and stuff. . . . What I can say, is that I had a huge painting with glass, and it didn't break, which means that they handle the containers with care.


anticaha (#37)

Re: 37 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby anticaha (#37) » Mon Oct 03, 2005 12:45 am

Recommended: yes :D ; placed plastic containers at bottom which collapsed causing bulkhead collapse and minor damage; ABF replaced bulkhead
Date: 9/05
Move: NJ to TX
Cost: $1950 for 12 feet

I just used ABF for a move from NJ to TX about 2 weeks ago and I was very happy with them. The move was very inexpensive considering the gas prices these days and the ABF people were all very nice and personable. They even very graciously delivered the truck to a different location than i had indicated on the bill of lading at no extra cost (I mistakingly gave them an incorrect address).

The driver who delivered the shipment was as nice as he could be and wouldn't even accept a tip when I tried to give him some cash. I thought I had gone 3 and a half feet over my original reserved space of 10 linear feet and ABF only charged for 2 additional feet - what a relief!

We did have a few problems, but they had very little to do with ABF. For one, we didn't bother to put furniture pads on most of our unboxed items. As a result many of our exposed items were scratched. Our bulkhead divider had collapsed during shipment and was replaced at the Fort Worth terminal. We had placed plastic containers on the bottoms of the rows which had collapsed under the weight of the boxes on top of them which lead to the bulkhead collapse. That was simply bad planning on our part.

ABF placed an extra bar on the bulkhead to keep it in place when they replaced it. We could not remove the bar so we called ABF who immediately dispached a man to remove the bar for us. Again, we were very impressed with the man who was dispached. He was extremely friendly and he even stayed to help take the bulkhead completely down for us - something not required of him.

I know it must have been terribe for the person who's shipment was involved in a bizarre accident [when an ABF truck hit a cow, described in review #39 below], but I think that was a very unusual circumstance. It's true that ABF does not insure your items for their total value, but then again what moving company does?

I would certainly recomend ABF to everyone.


Saturngirl (#38)

Re: 38 reviews of ABF U-Pack (June 2003 to present)

Postby Saturngirl (#38) » Tue Oct 04, 2005 10:35 pm

Recommended: NO :evil: ; major damage to furniture items because of improper packing and loading, not ABF's fault
Date: 11/02 (posting delayed)
Move: Unknown
Cost: Unknown

[Post subject: NEVER USE ABF U-Pack Moving!!]

I used ABF in 2002 and had nothing but a nightmare. First I had to load the trailer in the dark in the back of the shipping yard. No lights, no heat. There was no ramp into the trailer so we had to use the ramp from the Uhaul like a balance beam. Very dangerous!! It was November and very cold. No one checked up on us. I had to go and find someone to ask for help with the bulk head. An hour later someone finally came to help us. Talk about no customer service.

Once I got to my destination and picked up my things, I discovered that three of my glass end tables were destroyed, a lamp was crushed, my brand new couch has gouge marks on it. My coffee table glass has scratches on it, the dining room table top which is glass has scratches and a gouge in it, and the frame for my dining room table is bent. I will NEVER use ABF again and I would recommend that no one else does.

[Editor's note by Diane: Originally I was not going to post this because the person's experience dates from three years ago and ABF does not appear to have done anything wrong in this case. Any damage to goods of the type described here is the customer's responsibility because the customer is the one who loads the goods. As in any move, furniture must be properly wrapped and glass items carefully protected with strong cartons or crating.

However, someone suggested that I post the comment to "help educate the customers who use ABF that they are completely responsible and they need to make sure their items are packaged properly prior to putting them on the truck." So here it is.]


SublimeSublime (#39)

Re: 39 reviews of ABF U-Pack (34 good/4 neutral/1 bad)

Postby SublimeSublime (#39) » Tue Oct 11, 2005 9:29 pm

Recommended: NO :evil:
Date: 6/05
Move: CA to NY
Cost: $2300 for unknown number of feet

All I can say is DON'T USE ABF UPACK. I just made the move from CA to NY and it has been less than pleasurable. Let me explain. The trailer was delivered on time, loading went well, everything was great until the trailer left CA. I received a call about 4 days later telling me that the truck had hit a cow in Kansas, overturned, and that there had been "Significant Damage" to my cargo.

It can happen, freak accidents like this do occur and I can't really blame them. However once the truck over turned my possessions had to be reloaded into a new trailer and delivered. I called the Kansas office and was told that they were surprised how well it withstood the accident and I "would be surprisingly pleased" when I saw my things. More importantly I was told that he "instructed the crew to reload the truck as if it were their own possessions".

The next day the truck arrived in New York and upon opening the trailer I found that my things were absolutely destroyed. Over $15,000 worth of possessions including two T.Vs, a dining set, a $4000 piano, etc were laid in one big pile in the middle of the truck. When I say pile I mean pile. No repacking, they had just tossed everything into a jumbled mess that I had the immense displeasure of sifting through and unloading. There was dirt and hay from Kansas amongst all my things, and even a road workers pancho, flashlight, thermos, and emergency manual, were just thrown with the rubble. Even the driver and terminal manager in New York stated that the way the truck was reloaded was simply a disgrace.

I was furious and called the guy in Kansas to find out how he could tell me I would be pleasantly surprised and that the load was reloaded so carefully. He basically told me that I was mistaken and he hadn't said those things. He told me he had pictures of the load before it left Kansas that he'd email me. Needless to say I'm not surprised that those pictures haven't arrived. I am constantly being lied to by these people and even every single secretary I've spoken with has been rude and impatient.

Now the kicker. Maybe I was naive to put that valuable of a shipment in the hands of these people, but I did. Now I'm being told that I am only covered for $6000 in damages. ($2 / lb for a 3000 lb load). More than $15000 worth of belongings only covered for 6. Oh.. and let's not forget the $2300 I paid to have my load delievered late, in pieces, covered in dirt and hay, and in one big mound of shattered glass and splintered wood.

I can only hope that my experience was unusual. Accidents happen, but these people need to be responsible for their actions. All in all I'm out more than $10000 (2300 + 9000 not covered). You decide.


[Editor's note by Diane: The above review dates from June 2005. Clearly it describes a freak occurrence but it raises important issues so I am reposting it here. Below are some comments that I made about it at the time.]
Diane wrote:6/13/05 - Hi - this must have been a horrible experience for you. I advised my contact at ABF about your post here and she replied as follows:
. . . please tell the customer that we at ABF take this matter very seriously and it was just an unfortunate accident. I read the state police accident report and the driver simply did not see the cow blocking a lane of traffic on the highway and when he swerved to miss it, the tractor/trailer rig rolled into a ditch and the freight spilled out. The driver was taken to the hospital by ambulance, but I don’t believe he had serious injuries.

She gave me her phone number and email address for you to contact her and I'm sending you those via Private Message.

Although ABF's catastrophic coverage pays only $2 per pound (hence your $6000 is the limit of their legal liability), I believe that you have a good chance of getting the freight charges waived. Some people have said that homeowner's or renter's insurance may also cover catastrophes like this, so if you have that insurance you might look into it. Good luck, and please let us know what happens.

Diane wrote:7/14/05 - Just an update:- my ABF contact just emailed me that as of today, this person who posted about the cow collision hasn't filed a claim. She points out that the person needs to do that in order to receive the reimbursement from ABF that she is willing to authorize. This isn't the first time I've seen this--ABF review #18 is another case where ABF was willing to compensate the person but he never filed a claim. . . .

My point is that we'll never know what ABF was willing to do for this person since she never filed a claim or even picked up the Private Message that I sent her.

I know of many cases in which ABF, as well as BE, went beyond what it was LEGALLY required to do.

buddha2005 (#40)

Re: 40 reviews of ABF U-Pack (34 good/4 neutral/2 bad)

Postby buddha2005 (#40) » Tue Oct 11, 2005 9:42 pm

[Editor's note by Diane: I am re-posting this review from Epinions because it shows that people can use ABF for a move to Canada. It was posted on 10/4/05 at http://www.epinions.com/content_189916614276/s_~na ]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 9/05
Move: Orlando, FL to Vancouver, BC
Cost: $3150


Pros: See above
Cons: There was some delay (about 2 hrs) to deliver originally.

Full Review

Sandy Richot in the Vancouver terminal was so kind, and we thank her so much for her personal attention and helping us to get the trailer picked up. Of everything involved in the move, that was the most worrisome, and your efforts made the move from Orlando to Vancouver PERFECT. Everything was so smooth, and a pleasure.

We got quotes of $10,000 to $15,000 to move our things from Orlando to Vancouver BC. ABF did it for about $3100 and even though we went over a little on our estimate, about $350, there was no problem. When we could not adjust the false bulkhead, the drivers helped!

Some people may think this is a sham or a fraud...; believe me... it is for real... these people have been in business since 1932..... they are proud to work for the firm.. and are pleasant.

I did not get the name of the driver, but he was so friendly and professional.

Our property arrived when it was promised, the web page tracking system showed us exactly where the shipment was, and when it arrived, ABF was not pushy to get it delivered; instead they kindly worked with us. Love them.

KareninVA (#41)

Re: 41 reviews of ABF U-Pack (35 good/4 neutral/2 bad)

Postby KareninVA (#41) » Fri Oct 14, 2005 11:51 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 2005
Move: WA to VA
Cost: Unknown for unknown number of feet

We hired ABF after discovering this site when we moved from WA to VA. They did a great job.


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