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cruisey2k (#54)

Re: 54 reviews of ABF U-Pack (46 good/4 neutral/4 bad)

Postby cruisey2k (#54) » Wed Feb 22, 2006 11:14 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 1/06
Move: Boston to Hollywood, CA
Cost: Unknown for unknown number of feet

I loved the move with ABF!! My very expensive furniture came from Boston to North Hollywood Ca without a scratch or damage. My furniture is heavy and made in Germany so I was very stressed about this move. With proper planning and asking the very friendly ABF customer service folks you can ensure a great move.

You should buy moving blankets, dont be cheap here since they wil pad & protect your stuff. Buy two tarps one for the floor and one for the roof. Go to good will and buy more blankets, they are like 2 dollars each and will help insulate from bumps. You can get these online cheap, I think I went to moverssupplies.com. Do a google search. They were 7 each. Buy packing tape and furniture rubber bands and rope to tie everything down and you are all set. Also don't stack too high or too loosely it is a recipe for disaster. Just pretend your stuff is about to go up and down a mountain. If it will move going up and down your stuff will get damaged. If it doesn't move and is packed tight you are good to go!

The organization of ABF was unsurpassed and I will use them for ALL of my future moves!


Re: 54 reviews of ABF U-Pack (46 good/4 neutral/4 bad)

Postby chris15 » Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:01 pm

I am using ABF for my upcoming move. The tips on this forum have been very helpful. I was wondering about the kind of tie-off straps I should use for ABF. I didn't know if I should use a bungee cord with hooks or a ratchet strap. I am confused on how to tie things down using ABF.

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Re: 54 reviews of ABF U-Pack (46 good/4 neutral/4 bad)

Postby Diane » Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:41 pm

Hi - I wish I knew more about this but my ABF trailer didn't have any way to fasten things to the walls so I myself actually didn't tie anything down. I just wedged things in fairly tightly and padded everything really well. I think one reason that ABF doesn't have instructions about this on their website is that some of the trailers have walls with e-track (vertical metal strips) on them that you can attach straps with e-clips to and others do not. Supposedly about half of the trailers--the newer ones--have e-track, and the others are supposed to have wooden panels on the floor where you can drive in nails or screw-eyes to attach straps to. Anyway, my "best guess" answer to your question would be to use ratchet straps rather than bungee cords because of the danger of the bungee hooks springing loose somehow and causing injury. Also, the ratchet straps are generally much longer and would go around more goods.

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Re: 55 reviews of ABF U-Pack (47 good/4 neutral/4 bad)

Postby Diane » Wed Mar 01, 2006 1:00 pm

[Editor's note: I am re-posting this review from Epinions because I think it makes a lot of good points. It was posted on 2/28/06 by "ejgarner77" at http://www.epinions.com/content_222155411076 ]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 1/06
Move: Mississippi to Wisconsin
Cost: $1889 for 19 feet


Pros: Easy setup up of move online, and good communication with ABF U-Pack personnel throughout.

Cons: Belongings get a rough ride in a trailer, so careful packing is of utmost importance.

The Bottom Line

For single women, a great economical alternative to using a traditional nationwide moving service or driving alone in a big rental truck.

Full Review

I am a 55 year old single female who needed a lot of help with the dreaded task of cross-country household moving. I recently used the ABF U-Pack service for an 1,150 mile move from Mississippi to Wisconsin. I found that using your service was the least stressful part of my move! Not having a destination address when I left Mississippi and driving a very long distance with two cats was of greater concern to me.

Setting up all the details of the move, ordering moving supplies and printing all of the reservation and bill of lading paperwork online was a breeze, and much less complicated than I had anticipated. I even estimated my 19' of trailer space correctly thanks to their formula that I used.

I found working with ABF U-Pack personnel on the telephone in both states to be a pleasure. On both ends they worked hard to accommodate me with scheduling times for trailer drop off and pick up times. Since I did not yet have a place to live in Wisconsin, Chris from the Eau Claire facility (where my trailer was being held) stayed in touch with me everyday until I had a delivery address. The drivers were cordial and professional and made sure the placement of the trailer was to my liking in both locations. I would highly recommend your service to single women who need assistance with moving.

E.G.-Menomonie, WI

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Re: 56 reviews of ABF U-Pack (48 good / 4 neutral)

Postby achoosy39 » Tue Apr 11, 2006 7:55 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is review #56. The above review from Epinions is review #55.]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 2/06
Move: FL to NC
Cost: $1236 for 28 feet (the entire trailer)

I had a wonderful experience with ABF U-Pack. I moved in Feb. 2006 from FL to NC, with usage of the whole 28' truck for a total cost of $1236.00. Using their formula for packing, we packed the whole truck properly, and only lost one plant that tipped over. (it has since come back to life!) We did all packing, loading and unloading ourselves.

From the time I called for pricing, to the end result of my belongings getting to me in NC, it was an extremely pleasurable experience. Everyone I spoke with was professional, knowledgeable and courteous. The gentleman who delivered the truck in FL showed me how to utilize the bulkhead, and showed me how one of the bars was broken so he fixed it up for me prior to his leaving the FL location. He showed me the ramp and how to prepare it, and answered all questions clearly and succinctly. They picked up the truck on Monday and delivered it in NC on Thursday. The gentleman who delivered the truck had to make a second trip to bring the ramp out, as the 28' truck was TOTALLY LOADED, with no room for the ramp. He, too, was professional and very, very nice.

I will, and have, recommend this company to anyone who is willing to do the work themselves. Considering I was about to utilize a company who subsequently has been listed in this forum as "bad seeds", I am so very grateful that I did my homework. This website is a blessing and is chock-full of valuable information for anyone considering a move. Thank you so much for setting this site up and teaching this old dog some very new tricks!

anonymous55 (#57)

Re: 57 reviews of ABF U-Pack (49 good / 4 neutral)

Postby anonymous55 (#57) » Tue Apr 11, 2006 11:44 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I am re-posting this review from Epinions because the person used a mobile storage container and gives a comparison with a PODS quote, supplementing other reports on MovingScam.com that PODS is pricey, for example this one - http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7859 It was posted on 4/10/06 by "anonymous55" at http://www.epinions.com/content_226051788420 ]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/06
Move: West Coast to East Coast
Cost: $1400 for one mobile storage container, door to door


Pros: Price, customer service, professionalism, flexibility, convenience, great follow-up, did I mention price?

Cons: Some minor delays during pick-up and drop-off, mainly due to the nature of "U-Pack" service.

The Bottom Line

I recommend this service to anyone moving far away who likes packing his/her own things but wants to avoid the hard driving of Uhauling. Price & service = excellent!

Full Review

U-Pack was exactly what I was looking for. Being a skeptical consumer, I was suspicious at every step of the process, but was happily surprised each time how easy it was and how good and professional the customer service was. I loved being able to pack my things myself and then have a company do the actual driving, allowing me to fly across the country to my new home instead of drive. When there was a minor delay in the dropping off of the box I was going to be using, I received a discount and impeccable customer service from the local service office. They called me several times a day and kept me updated on what was going on and at no point did I feel confused or out of the loop.

In addition, the price was great, even without the discount - looked at PODS and I would have paid 5 or 6 times more for the same service! I do think it is important that you have a bit of flexibility in the exact timetable of your moving schedule since the "u-pack" part of the service by definition makes for some uncertainty in the exact timing of how everything fits together. I will definitely use U-pack again when I move back to the west coast and I highly recommend their services.

CO to OR (#58)

from colorado to oregon

Postby CO to OR (#58) » Thu Apr 13, 2006 1:59 pm

Recommended: NO :evil: ; driver could not drop containers at destination residence so customer had to unload at terminal
Date: 3/06
Move: Colorado to Oregon
Cost: Unknown for two mobile storage containers, door to terminal

My move with ABF ended terribly. Everything in Colorado went well. The driver arrived promptly and was helpful finding the best spot to place the two moving crates. We packed them and they were picked up the next day.

In Oregon, however, things went sour. I spent our first two days securing a permit to leave the moving crates in front of our home. On the third day, the driver came over to our neighborhood and decided that he couldn't drive his truck to the front of the house. There was no other place to put the crates, either, so he drove them back to the ABF terminal, which was about 2-3 miles away. We had to quickly find a U-Haul dealer in our new town, rent it, then drive the U-Haul to the ABF terminal, load our stuff into the U-Haul, then drive back to our house to unload. We had to make two trips with the U-Haul to get all of our belongings. This was all with no help from the people at ABF, or the national 800 number we called during this process.

The most they did for us, after repeated calling, was knock off the extra fee for a home drop-off. We ended up paying for the terminal drop-off only. We still had to pay for the U-Haul, and of course deal with the mess they left us to sort out.

Remember, friendly customer service does not mean good customer service. Beware.

[Editor's note by Diane: The ABF drivers are very skilled so I'm guessing there was some pretty good reason that the driver couldn't reach the spot where the customer wanted the containers to be dropped. I don't see how ABF could be considered responsible for this apparently unforeseen access problem.]

ihatedas (#59)

Re: 59 reviews of ABF U-Pack (50 good / 4 neutral)

Postby ihatedas (#59) » Sun Apr 16, 2006 12:18 pm

[Editor's note by Diane: I am re-posting this review from Epinions because the customer (like the two preceding) used a mobile storage container. It was posted on 4/11/06 by "ihatedas" at http://www.epinions.com/content_226227752580 ]

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/06
Move: Las Vegas to Indiana
Cost: $979 for one mobile storage container, door to door


Pros: The best all the way around.

Cons: NONE!!!

The Bottom Line

Use ABF!! The best all the way around!!

Full Review

I chose ABF because of the great reviews it received here, and because they offered the best prices and options.

ABF was a pleasure from beginning to end. We used one of their containers to move 2000 miles from Las Vegas to Indiana.

When I called to reserve our container, I was greeted by very pleasent, polite and helpful employees.

Then a day before my container was scheduled to arrive, I got a call from driver Dave, who asked if he could drop our container off that night (a day earlier) at no extra charge. Wonderful! When he arrived, he was polite, attentive and quick. We lived in an apartment complex, so he put our container in an empty stall, close to our door for easy load in!!

We had three days to load-in and when we were done, we called ABF, and they were there within a few hours and picked it up without a sound!

We drove 2000 miles for our relocation and our container arrived a day after we did! Again, our driver was fantastic. He was polite, professional and quick. He dropped off our container right were we wanted it, close to our door for easy unloading.

When we were done, we called for pick-up and left. When we arrived home a few hours later, the container was gone.

Now you have to pack your own stuff, so damage is your own fault. We packed as good as we could, expecting load shifting, rough hiways, etc, but after all of that, all we lost was a small drinking glass!!

ABF is the best. All companies should be this way. It was a pleasure and even though we don't want to move again, if we have to, we will definitely use ABF.

rachel (#60)

Re: 60 reviews of ABF U-Pack (51 good / 4 neutral)

Postby rachel (#60) » Wed Apr 19, 2006 9:37 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 2004 (posting delayed)
Move: Missouri to New Hampshire
Cost: Unknown for unknown number of feet

We used ABF to move from MO to NH in 2004. We packed ourselves, and didn't really know what we were doing, so we didn't use nearly enough padding between things and as a result there were some scratches on some of the furniture, but overall I was amazed at how most everything arrived in good condition and had obviously never been touched by anyone other than us. The truck was spotless, the driver was very polite, and the timing was perfect--both for loading and unloading they said they would deliver within a two hour window and hit it both times. If you have enough people to help you load (ideally with at least one person who knows how to do things right!) and you don't mind a few small scrapes, this is a great option.

denverguy (#61)

Re: 61 reviews of ABF U-Pack (52 good / 4 neutral)

Postby denverguy (#61) » Mon May 01, 2006 2:28 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/06
Move: Between Denver and ?
Cost: Unknown for one mobile storage container

I used a container from ABF and it worked great - I shipped the contents of a small 1 bedroom apt. and it fit, but you may have more stuff than I did. I did cover everything with a plastic tarp just in case the container leaked - it didn't - but keep in mind they do store them outside. The storage worked out great because I could just keep the container at ABF until I found an apt. then I went and picked up my stuff. You have to pay for storage in advance.

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JBailoo (#62)

Re: 62 reviews of ABF U-Pack (52 good / 4 neutral)

Postby JBailoo (#62) » Tue May 02, 2006 10:10 am

Recommended: Yes :D
Date: 4/06
Move: Miami to Burlington, NC
Cost: $1200 for 6 feet

After my trying move I decided to post my experiences with the readers of this board. Initially I decided to move with We-Haul Inc. [mover] & Moving Labor Services [labor provider] for a move from Miami, Florida to Burlington, North Carolina. One week before my move i decided to research my movers. I don't know why i did i just got this gut feeling. After reading this board and after reading bad reviews of both these companies i decided to cancel my move.

So here I was stuck one week before my move with no movers. I called Movex, Broadway Express and ABF U-Pack. Here's some advice if you want it: Get quotes from all three and make them compete. I managed to get Movex down to 1100, for 6x8x9 feet of space with a company like Broadway Express. Broadway Express couldn't accomodate me in time (they could accomodate me the day after I had to move). ABF U-Pack could accomodate me on the day and time that i needed.

I decided to move with ABF U-Pack because they are actually movers not brokers like Movex. They were slightly move expensive ($1200). I would like to point out that ABF U-Pack is a freight company. Broadway express uses an Air-Spring Cushion Suspension. ABF uses the one that they use to transport freight (more of a Rough Ride).

ABF arrived half an hour early. They dropped the trailer off, i loaded it in about 2 hours and they came for it one and a half hours later. I drove up to North Carolina expecting delivery three days later. ABF called me one day early and i set up delivery for the next day. I called Labor Ready and they set up labor for the very next day. Both Labor Ready and ABF came one hour early. The driver waited while I unloaded the truck and i was done in one hour and a half.

I am glad i cancelled with Moving Labor Services. There service has been atrocious from the get go. Intially when u call them to set up labor it is like a perfect dream. They are so accomodating and have easy answers that u want to hear. Once they bill you the intial $99 beware!!!! If you cancel with them for any reason they keep $50 of that!!! Also Moving Labor Serivces contract labor. They are not staffed with laborers.

I set up labor with them. Then four days later after i had not heard from the movers, who by the way were supposed to call me back the next day. Also they had taken down the wrong address (quote vs. actual address) which i had pointed out but they had not fixed. So i left a message for Liz. No reply. I left another message. No Reply. So i took a chance and randonly dialled a different extension. I got someone named Joe. He apologized for the inconvenience and said he would fix the error and email me a copy. He also apologised for the movers not calling. He said he could not get in touch with the movers but he would try again that evening and get back to me. I was uneasy from this moment on.

The next day after not recieving the email & phone call that i was promised, i decided to call Liz again. After explaing the problem above she said that the problem had been fixed and it showed so one her screen. I of course asked where was my email. At this point we were cut off. I think i was hung up on. . . .

Would i recommend Moving Labor Services? Hell no. There customer service leaves much to be desired.

ABF and Labor Ready were quite honestly perfect. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Please feel free to email me or ask me questions at JadedSoulX@gmail.com.


HeadingWest (#63)

Re: 63 reviews of ABF U-Pack (54 good / 4 neutral)

Postby HeadingWest (#63) » Tue May 02, 2006 1:56 pm

Recommended: Yes :D
Date: 3/06-4/06
Move: NJ to central Iowa
Cost: $1050 for 5 feet (ABF minimum)

Post #1 - 3/28/06

The truck came this afternoon. They scheduled a window between 1pm and 4pm, and didn't come until ten after 4, but that's okay. I wish it had been earlier because they probably could have picked it back up today, but oh well.

The trailer was pretty well coated with the black dust described in the reviews. I couldn't believe how filthy I was after we finished loading; I was dirty underneath my clothes. I used tarps underneath and over my stuff, and everything made of fabric is bagged or otherwise covered and taped into plastic (mattress bags or heavy duty contractor clean-up bags), so hopefully it won't be too bad when I see it all again in Iowa.

I couldn't pack all the way to the ceiling, but not for lack of trying. When I tried, I ended up with one and a half rows of stuff, so I had to rearrange things so the back row couldn't fall over. After putting in my mattress and boxsprings, I used about 3 1/2 feet.

The bulkhead was a metal grid with cardboard attached to it with plastic zip ties. It wasn't too easy to put on because the two pieces were both a little warped, which made it hard to get the upper one into the lower one's hooks. I'm hoping I did it right. It seemed in there pretty solidly. Hopefully not so solidly that I won't be able to get it off again.

The only real problem I had was that the safety bar at the joint on the ramp was bent. I got it open fine, but after I finished, I couldn't get it back, so the legs couldn't be folded in. I called my local dispatcher who told me the driver would deal with it in the morning.

I'll let you all know how things work out once I get my internet connection in my new place. Fingers crossed for no carnage to my stuff.

Post #2 - 5/2/06

Sorry it took so long, things have been a mess with my new job, which I'll get to in a minute, but here's how things worked out with U-Pack.

They were able to bring my stuff out to my new apartment exactly when I needed them to, which was awesome. The driver who brought the truck out said I did a great job packing my stuff up (which is thanks to this board). He helped me take the barriers down (nothing fell over) and pulled the ramp out for me. As expected, everything was filthy, but all my items that were wrapped stayed clean.

I didn't get to see everything as it came off the pile in the truch, but only one thing broke. The top of a cheap little plastic dresser was smashed somehow, but because I had wrapped it in cling wrap, nothing inside was missing or damaged.

I put a tarp beneath and over all of my belongings. My mattress and loveseat were wrapped in furniture bags I got at Staples, and everything else made of cloth went into heavy-duty contractor clean-up bags from Home Depot. My favorite thing was the roll of cling wrap, also from Staples, that I used to secure all drawers, as well as the pieces of a papa-san chair and some other items. I used old blankets and a ratty old carpet between my other items of furniture, but I don't own anything particularly nice (most of it's made of particle board).

And now that I'm happily moved in, I have to move again. My job is moving me to Fairfield, about 180 miles away from where I am right now. Luckily, they are paying for this move. So if any of you out there have any bright ideas for a cheap, in-state move in Iowa, please let me know.


ChrisK (#64)

Re: 64 reviews of ABF U-Pack (55 good / 4 neutral)

Postby ChrisK (#64) » Wed May 03, 2006 8:00 pm

So I made the move [from Boston to San Mateo, CA], and boy was it successful, largely thanks to this site! I followed most of your advice and some of the advice of upack's site. I did the following:

- Booked a upack mini-container
- Booked moving help at emove.com (B-movers if you're in Boston, Dimo was great at packing stuff in tightly)
- Bought supplies at u-haul and a local storage place
- Bought additional blankets at Goodwill (same price or cheaper than regular moving blankets, bigger, and just as effective)
- Made corners out of cardboard to protect the corners on the furniture

All the effort paid off, since nothing broke, and I was shipping dishes, a glass top table (taken apart, with the top standing on its side), and other stuff. The only damage I had was something rubbing against one of my dining chairs, but I think the scuffs will buff out. Key advice: make sure everything's packed in tight, and you'll be good.

Thanks again!

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vln (#65)

Re: 65 reviews of ABF U-Pack (56 good / 4 neutral)

Postby vln (#65) » Fri May 12, 2006 8:38 pm

I found this movingscam site and happily it kept me from making some big mistakes. I used ABF and I must say that anybody with any complaints did not have the same experience that I did. The drop off driver was great and thought the 20 point turn into my driveway was a laugh riot. The trailer was very clean, and in fact looked to be pretty near new. The nail biting was whether or not delivery would be as expected.. driving accross the country, I saw tons of ABF trailers and took that as a good sign. I called my local dock in my dropoff state and they gave me an estimated arrival date. I was overjoyed when I got the call (2 days early) that the trailer was in town and how about tomorrow morning? the drop-off driver was also very courteous. Nothing seemed to have moved except what I packed loosly, the tarp I put over the top was a wee bit moist, so I'd definatly reccommend that (as do they). all in all a great move. Thanks ABF

GA Guest (#66)

Re: 66 reviews of ABF U-Pack (57 good / 4 neutral)

Postby GA Guest (#66) » Sun May 14, 2006 9:06 pm

My family used ABF to move their stuff from Miramar, FL to Atlanta, GA. Loved them, no problems at all. my sister was very, very pleased with their service. i'm going to use them for future moves.

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