Rental Truck Reviews (Penske and Budget are good)

View reviews of moving companies that our visitors have used, and came back to tell us about it.
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Rental Truck Reviews (Penske and Budget are good)

Postby MovingScam » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:40 pm

Since has always recommended that people move themselves using a rental van if possible, it seems reasonable to try to provide some guidance as to which rental van company might be best. This is an attempt to bring together the many comments about Budget (Ryder), Penske, and U-Haul rental trucks that have been posted on this website from June 2003 to the present. This topic was created in 7/04 so some statistics on ratings and rates listed below may be out of date.

The comments are posted more or less chronologically, and most have to do with U-Haul. There are also many reviews of these companies posted on, where as of 7/04, Penske is by far the highest-rated rental van company (4.5 stars) and is also the highest-rated “moving” company of any kind. - Also, U-Haul is the lowest-rated rental van company on (1.5 stars) and Budget (listed as Ryder) is significantly lower than Penske but somewhat higher than U-Haul (2.5 stars). The Ryder rating is based mainly on old reviews and it doesn't reflect the current, reportedly improved situation in which the company has been taken over by Budget.

In addition, people considering U-Haul might want to look at the following website that was recommended by someone posting here: and also at this post about a Los Angeles Times series on the company -

For tips about negotiating with U-Haul to get low prices for trailers, see the advice posted by "Teej" here -

On that same thread, "Teej" warns that Budget may turn you down for a rental van if you have more than a certain number of moving violations on your DMV record, which they look up on the spot. He says that people with a reservation might go to the Budget office and when they get there, they would be denied a rental van.

Finally here are two posts giving some important additional information about renting from Penske:
You can also get a 10% discount if you link to Penske through I would encourage you to make reservations now. If you do this over the phone, they will still give you the 10% online discounts (for Penske and and you won't have to join the AAA and spend $ on the membership.
Penske will tell you that if you reserve you lock in the price, it won't go up. You can also call back and if the rates have dropped, they will give you the lower rate. You can also push the date into the future twice with no penalty. I wish I had known all this before the rates jumped up for the summer
. (7/22/04)
Way back in February I reserved a 25’ truck from Penske, got a cheap quote (because it was off season). You see with Penske you can reserve a truck with no deposit at all, reserve the truck for a non peak date (get the cheapest rate), you then get the opportunity to change the move date twice (must be done 48hours prior to move date) so now you reserved a truck for the cheapest time and then change the move date to the peak moving time (or whenever you need it for). And if you find something better, like I HAD with ABF (prior to Movex screwing me over) you can still hold on to the Penske reserved truck all the way up to two days prior to your move date just in case something goes wrong…as in my case! (7/27/04)

Note that people can get a 20-22% discount with Penske by following the suggestions on this thread -

:arrow: June 7, 2005 - Someone has just posted that you can get a 30% discount from Penske just by asking a customer service rep for it on the phone--no fooling around with web discounts. - In addition, someone else posted that a Penske phone rep offered to match a Budget price in Manhattan as long as it wasn't more than 40% lower than Penske's price - These things are definitely worth checking into.
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plumloopy (#1)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby plumloopy (#1) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:44 pm

Date: 6/03
Move: Chicago to Los Angeles
Company: Budget
Cost: Unknown

Post #1 –

After advice from this site, we rented a truck ourselves for our move from Chicago to Los Angeles. While we didn't have to deal with our belongings hijacked or rates ballooning, there were some issues.

Since we moved during a heavy season, it was obvious that our BUDGET truck was given minimal inspection. By the cab markings, you could see that it had missed it's previous scheduled maintenance and we would even exceed the next on our journey. The brights didn't work. There was no cab light. The tire pressure was significantly low on our car tow dolly and the cab of the truck had not been cleaned. There was spilled soda, chips, etc..

Our move when without a hitch, although we did have to handle the tire pressure issues ourselves. After arriving, we complained to Budget and were immediately offered 10% back. My advice, DON'T ACCEPT THIS (unless you feel it's fair). Eventually, after speaking to supervisor, we received 20% back.

I'm not suggesting that you complain when it's not warranted, but I do suggest that you demand reperation when it's due.

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Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby movingscammed (#2) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:45 pm

Date: 7/03
Move: Unknown
Company: U-Haul
Cost: Unknown

Post #1 – 7/30/03

If any U-haul employees previous or present could help me, I'd really appreciate it.

Did the usual things & now I'm stuck. I made a reservation, which no one would confirm. I got referred from my local place to the 1-800 number to the regional office, who tried making me call the local center again. Several transferred calls & several explanations with no results. I just read the message board on how u-haul does things & of course now I feel stupid, among anger, frustration & exhaustion after coordinating everything else for my move. I was supposed to get a call "5:00PM the previous day" I needed the truck with "exact location & time to pick up." Of course no call, so I call them, "wait until 7:00 & call back." Naturally they closed & left, they knew what they were doing passing me off.

Right now I have no truck & no one that will give me an answer. I know I'm just a voice on the phone, they don't care that I have all my stuff in boxes & spent a week gathering everyone to help me on a day I don't know I have a truck. I know it's too late to try another place, which is why I tried confirming before this "last minute we'll call you notification" scam & "I can't do anything, let me transfer you" speeches into the ground.

I just don't know what to do, help please. I know "next times," & "you should haves" but I'm here now stuck. What would you do NOW to get results NOW?

ulcer bound

Len (#3)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Len (#3) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:47 pm

Date: 7/03
Move: Seattle to NYC
Company: Budget (15-foot truck)
Cost: $1,800

Post #1 – 7/31/03

We sold almost everything and what we have will fit into a 15' Budget truck we got for $1800 (I don't know about any hidden fees yet, but I'm sure there are some).

The trucks are supposedly air conditioned, automatic, air cushioned, am/fm, so I guess that's a plus. If it doesn't have those, you bet I'll be complaining.

Thanks to everybody who chimed in their two cents. I would have rather not have done this, but there really is no way of assuring that your stuff will be in a certain spot at a certain time without just doing it yourself.

Post #2 – 8/20/03

My girlfriend and I, on a tight schedule and wary of scams, decided to move ourselves across the country instead of using a mover. I have mixed feelings on our choice, and urge anybody else in the same position to consider all options before coming to a final one.

First of all, we got a 15' ryder/budget van across the country in 6 days and with only minor scratches on our items and only ONE cheap glass vase broken. We also arrived at our destination right on time and had a bed/couch/entertainment center immediately upon arrival. I can't stress enough how important your own bed is after such a long move, so that was another big plus. Also, being under a very tight schedule, we had no time for movers that may or may not have shown up or tried to scam us. Moving yourself guarantees when your stuff arrives.

The truck itself was a 120k older Ryder van. It was squeeky, a bit rough around the edges (broken handles, wipers etc) but rode and drove well. More then once I had to brake hard and they worked perfectly. The 350 engine also let it drive like a car. I seriously could weave in and out of traffic with the best of them. Even fully packed the thing went up hills at 70, we went through Wyoming at 75+ and I couldn't be happier with the power and driveability of the vehicle. Air conditioning was always good and was always on.

Mileage was 6-9 mpg. I was really happy when I started getting 9 mpg consistently, then inexplicably it dropped to 6 mpg for the flatter parts. A newer vehicle would have been more consistent. We spent about $500 from Seattle to NYC, but had side trips to Mount Rushmore, Helena (hotels in Montana run out QUICK) and PA.

Hotels were expensive and are the biggest drawbacks. You can stay at rest areas, but the seats don't lend well to sleeping (or even sitting for 12 hours a day). You'll spend a fortune on these and at 11pm you'll take anything, including crack hotels or posh suites ... just as long as it's a bed.

It's a tiring chore driving your junk across the country. Figure in lots of money for gas, hotels, food, etc. Also figure in insurance because you are probably not covered by your normal insurance. In the end we figure we paid $3k (nice round number) and we could have easily found a company to do it for us at that price.

I would suggest a couple of things for anybody considering doing this.

1. Sell your junk. No really. That couch is old, it's heavy and your friends will hate you because they have to help you load it. The less stuff you have, the less money it'll cost overall. If I had it over , I would sell all the furniture and just use a 10' van for our move. Better gas mileage, better quality of driving, less overall stress. One friend planning the same move is considering just BUYING an old white van. $3k is a lot of dough and is worth just about the same when you get to your destination.

2. Plan this well in advance. We started 3 months in advance and still ran out of time in the end. The faster you make a decision, the better rate you will get.

3. Think about ship movers / truck movers / USPS, everything! There's a lot of options out there.

Good luck to everybody out there. Feel free to PM me with any questions, or respond here. I'm not going to be around much, but I will try to share what I can if anybody cares.

Thanks to everybody for all the help. In the end, our precious crap is all in our new apartment, unscathed ... and nobody scammed me.

A couple other things about moving yourself I forgot to add:

1. Tolls weren't that bad, probably 2x the cost of a car. I spent $20-$30 from Indiana to PA turnpike to NJ turnpike to the Holland tunnel.

2. The Holland tunnel or other major areas CAN and WILL inspect you. Be prepared to open up the truck and have people rummage around.

3. You have to stop at ALL weigh stations. They'll just wave you through so it's no big deal, but if you don't stop, you could be escorted by police car to be inspected (ie, your stuff strewn across a parking lot)

4. Our country is absolutely amazing and seeing it is a major perk. I loved the trip and captured a lot of it on my digicam.

Post #3 - 8/21/03

We had friends follow behind us with the car across the country. That only cost us wear and tear on the car because they paid for their own gas. But truthfully, if they didn't come with us, the car would have just stayed in Seattle. Towing the car would have added at least another $500 for the trailer and extra gas. I actually met a guy in the middle of Indiana with a 15' Ryder truck, towing a car behind him. He was noticeably less manuverable and had to travel a lot slower then I did. . . .

One thing I want to mention is that Penske was really more expensive the longer you waited. Book early! But if you need a truck fast, Ryder/Budget is pretty good, even up to the last minute. The new Budget trucks (blue sides with jokes on them) are VERY nice. The yellow Ryder ones seemed older and creaky. Still they are Ford 350's, air ride, AC, ABS, PS. For the life of me I can't understand NOT having cruise control or even a freaking tape player. Go buy an inverter and use your boombox! Otherwise you'll be listening to bad AM/FM that constantly fades out.

Mark Gibbons (#4)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Mark Gibbons (#4) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:49 pm

Date: 8/03
Move: Unknown
Company: U-Haul
Cost: Unknown

Post #1 – 8/15/03

Hi Well did you know there is a website for filing lawsuits against Uhaul.

I booked on line, got a call the day before my move told I could not have 24" truck but could have 15" and I could not have it for 24 hours. being the weekend of course finding another truck took well over 4 hours. Spoke to regional office where lady says she gets calls like this everyday. Manager is never available.

The big scam is the $5 booking fee non refundable they take from everyone even if you dont get a truck. so what they do is take as manyu bookings as possible they know they cant fulfil because there going to make at least $5 for each booking!!

Mark who is very pissed and would never recommend Uhaul, why did I not use Budget again!!?

TomH (#5)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby TomH (#5) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:50 pm

Date: 8/03
Move: Unknown
Company: U-Haul vs. Penske
Cost: Unknown

Post #1 – 8/23/03

Here's my U-Haul horror story. I had read about a similar experience, but I figured it was probably an isolated incident. Ha!!

I reserved a 24 ft truck a month prior to the move. I knew August is a busy month, so I figured I'd place it safe and get in early. They told me that by 5pm on August 15th, I would be called with the information on where to pick up the truck. The morning of the 15th we called just to confirm they hadn't forgotten about us. I was assured we would be notified by 5pm. At 4:30 pm, having still not heard from U-Haul, we called and we're told that they were behind and they were trying to find a truck. They would call us by 8pm. At 7:15 pm, we called and they said they were still looking and would get back to us by 8pm. 8pm came and went and we didn’t hear a thing. The office was closed.

Saturday, August 16th, the day of the move we called at 8 am and they still didn’t have a truck. Now I was worried. Our sale agreement stipulated that we needed to be out of the house on the 16th. Kinda of tough to do that without a truck. We called Penske and they said they would get back to us in a half hour. At 8:15 am U-Haul called us and said they had a 17 foot truck about 20 miles from our house. It was smaller than we wanted but, a smaller truck was better than no truck. We said we'd go pick it up.

We got to the U-Haul facility and there was a couple in front of us who were having a problem of q botched reservation. Just as we were approaching the gentleman behind the counter, my wife's cell phone rang and it was Penske calling us with a 25 foot truck. We told Penske we'd take it. But I'd figured I'd still be a decent fellow and tell U-Haul to cancel my reservation. I went to the counter and gave him my reservation # and informed them that the office had said they had a 17 footer for us. He checked his computer and lo and behold, no information on my reservation and no 17 foot truck.

All I can say is that Penske treated us wonderfully.They were professional, very helpful, and the truck was in excellent condition.

u-haul basher (#6)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby u-haul basher (#6) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:52 pm

Date: 12/03
Move: N/A
Company: U-Haul (comment by an employee)
Cost: N/A

Post #1 – 12/16/03

I have been working for u-haul for 6months now. I have read several sites that bash u-haul, their equpment, employees, reservations, so on and so forth.

The sad truth is all of this is correct! Not only does u-haul treat their customers badly, they also treat their employees badly.

The trucks and trailers are not safe. my training for a (customer service rep) consited of a book that was 20 pages long, told me how to know if something was wrong and how to tell someone else to fix it. there is a hotline we have to call if a belt breaks or there is a crack in a hose. Funny thing is.... im told by this hotline that they will have the shop (which is the only one in the area for about 200 u-hauls.) send me the hose, and then i can refer to a book, (that is no-where to be found, the manager whom gets paid $1 more then minum wage, has no clue, where it is) on the technique to fix it. Untill then i can send it out on a rental because it is not a safty issue!
The manager uses a hole puncher to punch off my acomplishment and then im suddenly SAFTY CERTIFIED even thou i have not been taught anthing other then to make it someone elses problem.

By the way this is a 1 week course that my uneducated manager tells me will teach me everything about how to do my job properly.

I am not allowed to answer the phone within my frist 3 days of training, however on the 2nd day i am running u-haul also storage all by myself....with no knowladge.

Im told by my manager that i am to book every reservation wether we have the equpment or not.
I am told to say "we do not gaurentee time or location"

Then the magical question comes!

What does that mean?

I am told to follow my form and not let the customer ask questions, only get their creditcard, and there resevation.

Im required to give the customer my name at the begining of the now you know who i am.

The unhappy customer then comes down to the store where i am located and thregtens my life, i go thru this at least once a day everyday that i am at work.

This scares me because im told that even thou i am not management im required to do what my boss asks of me even if it is not part of my job discrption. (customer service rep)s This means that someday when im opening or closing the store (because my underpaid manager needs the day off, and im required to work when he schudles me) one of these angry customers ( i cant blame them) my actuly act on one of there thergts and take my life.

not to mention that we get paid minumum wage, are not allowed full time employment we do not get breaks or time off many we do not get holiday pay even if we are required to work a holiday.u-hauls are understaffed, uneducated, and have no knowadge of trucks, trailers, or rentals, at all and yet the only reqirement for employment is a drivers licence. (with the excption of management that are required to work and cover all hours , are hourly paid, and dont get compensated for work over 60hrs a week, and can do and say just about anything and not be held accoutable.)

when a customer comes in to pick up a truck and i have to tell them sorry it is not my job to find your truck, its not my fault your reservation was charged to your card when you canceld it, when i have to tell them that i have a truck for you but, the gas gauge dosent work and your traveling 1000 miles, when they come in and we do have the truck , and the reservation is good, we need more information from you another creditcard before we can rent this truck or you have to leave your car on the lot...or so on and so forth...i could go on and on.

it is frustrating to me, as well as you because every customer coplaint that i have seen on this site or others have been correct!

u-haul is the worst company to rent a truck from, the worst company to work for, and if you have heard the news, u-haul has filed chapter 11 and it was not because of an error, it is because they suck....they suck .....they suck!

BigLeeCalif (#7)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby BigLeeCalif (#7) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:54 pm

Date: 1/04 and 3/04
Move: N/A
Company: U-Haul vs. Budget (comments by a professional mover)
Cost: N/A

Post #1 – 1/6/04

The [U-Haul] trucks look like refugees from the 60s and 70s, always have the hoods up, and I have few times been on the freeways of the San Francisco Bay Area and not seen one broken down.

The one time (only time) I ever used a Uhaul truck cost me a pair of fine shoes because in driving from Las Vegas to Sacramento, the floor became so hot that it melted the rubber on the soles of my shoes. . . .

I received a call from a relative upon my return from vacation, complaining that she reserved a Uhaul for Christmas eve to move some furniture she purchased from the store to her home.

She had hired two of our helpers to do the job (we did have guys not working, since things died during the xmas holidays)

The bottom line was that she was told the day before her truck would be ready at 9am. She had a 5 hr window, because the furniture warehouse was closing at 2. Well, at 9 am they told her the truck had broken down, and that she would have to go to another drop point to pick up another truck due at 12pm. Well, at 12 pm she got another story...that truck was not going to be brought in after all... The renter was keeping it till the day after xmas.

With only 2 hrs left, she ended up getting some hauling service out of the flea market paper and paid him $200 to go get her furniture. She still had to pay the movers $50 each just for showing up, because the hauling service had his own help. So, for a job that would have cost $29.99 plus mileage and fuel for one day ended up costing her $300.00.

The irony is the furniture warehouse would have delivered at no charge, but couldn't deliver for a week.

Uhaul told her that she could have a free rental in the future..

I contacted the franchise owner and intervened, and we are waiting executive decision on whether Uhaul will honor her liquidated damages, since she had a confirmed reservation.

So, yes, I am biased against Uhaul.


Post #2 – 3/9/04

I live 4 blocks from a U-haul franchisee, who happens to be . . . running a hardware store.

The trucks they rent out are probably 1970 - 1980 models... None of the equipment that I have seen at their place would I trust to go across town, much less cross country.

One would think a company with their volume and resources would have better equipment.

The reason Ryder and Budget are most mentioned is just for the fact that they are more professionally run, and have reliable and safe equipment.

I have always been able to rent from them on short notice, and I am talking 24'-26' diesel bobtails. I usually go with Budget, because when I ran a package delivery company, I entered a contract with the local office, and years later they still treat me as if I were their only customer.

I'm not saying that there are probably some franchises that do offer modern, safe equipment, but I would imagine they are in the minority, and I doubt that U-haul has any type of requirement (obviously) that equipment be less than 10 yrs old.


Guest (#8)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Guest (#8) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:59 pm

Date: 1/04
Move: N/A
Company: U-Haul (comments by a U-Haul employee)
Cost: N/A

Post #1 – 1/4/04

I am a current Uhaul employee. I have seen all the sites there are on bashing and the things said by "uhaul" employees who dont have a clue. Uhaul practices are very deceiving, and i am here to answer any question anyone may have.

In a previous thread an employee posted about 3 things that are untruthful

1. holiday pay- if you are part time he is correct we dont get any holiday pay, but full time employees do recieve 8 hours pay on the holidays that are included, the receive this if they are or aren’t schedule that day. if they do work it is 8 hours on top of the hours they work.

2. min wage- i dont know about other regions but here our customer service reps start at about $7 an hour. managers can make anywhere from 18,000 to 50,000 a year based on experience and performance.

3. for anyone who has or will make a reservation for a one way trip our policy is as follows........You will receive a call 1 day prior to your pick up date with your location and time.......Location and time are not guaranteed!! if you are moved outside of your prefered pick up area you should be compensated for miles only. You will generally not receive a discount on price. Time is also not guaranteed, uhaul guarantees you a truck on the day of your rental, not a time for pick up.

I do disagree with uhaul practices, it is very misleading to customers the way our reservations are handled. Alas i have no say in this. I for the most part follow uhaul practices but if i feel as though a customer is being mistreated i will offer a discount or some VIP certificates. As for lawsuits, many people who file them did not pay attention when making there reservation. We do have to follow a script when taking reservations and always it is said "you will get a call the day prior to your pick up with the location and time" if that quote was used literally many customers would know that they may be waiting a whole day for their one way truck.

Local reservations are a whole different ball game. Uhaul rents and reserves theirs for "UP TO a 24 HOUR period" whether you rent for 1 hour or 24 the price is the same. If you reserve your truck for an hour and have it for 4 you will be charged for 2 days worth of rentals, because your rental time was for an hour and another customer was likely scheduled for pick up at your drop off time and now we have a separate customer delayed.

i could go on and on but i will stop here and await questions

Post #2 – 1/6/04

Well since there are no questions yet i can throw out some helpful tips:

1. Always book as far in advance as possible.

2. Always use a credit card when moving, its easier to get a refund if you happen to need to put in a complaint and if uhaul cant satisfy you , you can always dispute the charges with your cc carrier.

3. If you can avoid moving on Friday, saturday and sunday do so, those 3 days are always busy and your more likely to have a delay in your truck rental on those days. Sundays most dealer locations are closed so if you are making a reservation in an area without a uhaul center for a sunday be prepared to travel to pick up your truck.

4. From may to october are uhaul and other moving companys busy seasons. These are the worst times to move. If you are moving at these times make sure you give yourself at least 2 days time before you must vacate premises. just in case you are delayed a day in getting your truck.

5. Uhaul trucks (17ft, 24ft, & 26ft.)come in stick and automatic (10ft and 14fts are always automatic). make sure you let people know you cannot drive stick if you cant. uhaul reserves the right to upgrade you from a small truck to a large truck, at no additional cost, if they only have large trucks available. it wont help you if you get a stickshift and cant drive it.

6. Diesel and unleaded fuel- request unleaded , there is no guarantee you will get one but diesel fuel omits horrible fumes and can make you sick especially if you are on a long trip.

7. Always make your reservation at a store whether it be a dealer or center. The 1-800 # first charges a $5.00 fee that is only supposed to be charged to reservations made with less than 24 hours notice, but they charge to all local reservations. You wont get a fee at a store. Plus the 800 # will do anything even lie or not disclose the full truth to get your reservation, those operators get $3 for every reservation they book even if it is canceled down the line. they want the $$ for themselves.

8. Shop around. Uhaul during winter months especially will sometimes do rate matches if penske or budget or ryder has a lower price.

9. Even in the worst situation try to be calm and nice. When customers are ticked and they have been delayed in getting their truck and call the regional office cursing and yelling and being unreasonable, no one wants to deal with that. It only makes your matter worse because you will put you at the end of the list for getting a truck, or if you are really obscene your reservation will be canceled out and you will really be out of luck. cause usually when uhaul is all booked (even though we will never say that, we will keep taking and taking reservations no matter what) everyone else is booked too. KILL THEM WITH Kindness. the more pleasant and easy going and flexible you are the quicker you will be serviced in a delay situation.

10!!!! ask questions.........i cannot stress this enough. If you are unclear on anything always ask and if the person you are asking cant or wont answer you call your areas regional office and ask to speak to a reservation manager, the traffic manager or the marketing company president.

11. If you buy boxes always save your receipt. 1. moving expense can be used as a tax deduction. 2. if you have any unused boxes you can get a full refund with a receipt only.

12. Insurance-Always take it. It may seem a waste but here are the technicalities they dont tell you when you refuse insurance. You will hear you are responsible for damages if anything happens. So you think ok if i dent it i have to pay no biggie.....WRONG........If ANYTHING happens to the truck you will be held responsible. If it is stolen (while you have it or even if you night dropped a truck, until it is in the possession of a uhaul employee or dealer you are totally responsible) you will have to pay for it.

If there is engine problems and god forbid the truck catches on fire and all your stuff gets burnt to a crisp, guess what not only are you SOL on your belongings you have to pay for the damages to the truck. If the box of the truck leaks all over all your clothes and ruins your electronics and you dont have insurance guess what uhaul wont pay for it. if someone graffiti’s on the truck while you have it be prepared to either have it clean or pay for new imaging. If you fall off a truck and break a leg whether it be your fault you fell or uhauls like the bumper giving way either way if you had the insurance uhaul would cover your medical bills if not you’re beat. I can go on and on with insurance the bottom line is take it.

Thats all i can think of for tips

Uhaul did not file bankruptcy. Amerco is who filed. what we were told is that it is common practice for large companies to take and repay loans. well what happened is that the deadline for payment of a 150 million dollar loan was missed and thats when stock prices fell. The auditors uhaul was using done made a big boo-boo causing amerco to file chapter 11 so in the process of reconfiguring their assets the wouldnt receive penalties and lawsuits couldnt be filed. amerco is one of the companies uhaul divided up into. There is uhaul, amerco, oxford and republic western. republic western is the uhaul insurance, oxford is the medical insurance for the employees, uhaul is the truck part and amerco is what oversees it all. so technically they are 1 and the same but all my arguing got they are different.

Here are some other things that may be of interest. edward "joe" shoen supposedly only makes about $500,000 a year, according to the papers sent out every year to uhaul stock holders. He just had a baby (he's all old). Uhaul dealers are regularly ripped off by the company and any1 who has a business can be a dealer. Most uhaul managers (99% except reservation managers who are hourly) are paid by salary and are expected to work 60 hours a week for 40 hours pay. Uhual provides Chevy suburbans to all marketing company presidents.

In order for uhaul not to have to pay unemployment to employees, they do their best to get a person to quit instead of firing them. They will transfer the person to different stores or give them positions that they arent able to do. If a person is fired uhaul will fight tooth and nails against having to pay unemployment.
Advancement only comes to those who suck Butt. People who are obviously not qualified for a job or position are often hired into it because
a- they are relatives of someone higher up in uhaul or are boffing someone
b- they kiss so much butt that they get it
c- they have no one else to fill a position they give it to the first moron who asks or the first 1 they see.

I am ranting now. Just so you all know I dont particularly like my job. It is very unsatisfying. I used to love customer service. I am not a person who lies and thats what uhaul wants you to do to people. The person who is "my boss" is an idiot god knows how he got the position but he has no clue what he is doing. He hires people and doesn’t train them and then expects them to be able to do a job that isnt as easy as it looks. thank god i came long before he did and was actually trained properly.

i hope the uhaul powers that be come and see this site and read this thread they have no clue whats going on in my office if they did they would probably clean house.

if the moderators of this site ever wanna contact me (or anyone else for that matter) for more indepth questions let me know my email address is [removed at the poster's request]. the only thing i will not answer are personal questions about myself, cause i surely would be fired (and they would fight unemployment) for speaking the truth.

Post #3 – 1/7/04

Thanks for the questions i hope i can answer them to your liking

1. Could you give us your opinion of the other rental companies such as Ryder and Penske? Which is the best one?

For other companies I really dont know. I know that they dont rent trailers. I have been told that they are closed on sundays. I do know that Ryder does do Long rentals, like you can rent a ryder truck locally for a month, uahul doesn’t let you do that. Uhual trucks have lower decks and ramps.

2. In your opinion is it a good idea to reserve more than one van to be surer that you'll get one?

NO. I say this because if you dont need 2 and decide to cancel one you will get a cancellation fee. Uhaul does have a problem with some of its dealers. you may have a reservation in and i try calling everyone in my area to place you and i get the truck is down or its not back yet, but you may call the same folks on your own and be able to get it 2 minutes after i called. Dealers make commission and sometimes hold out on the traffic department to try to get better reservations, if i call for a 1 way rental to md from Pa they arnt making to much so they try to "hide" trucks in order to wait for a "bigger" rental.

3. What are you implying by saying that the owner of the company has a new baby and is "all old"? Some unauthorized "boffing" or something?

Mr. shoen is like 50 to me thats old for a person to have a baby, he had the child with his wife so its not Unauthorized boffing LOL. the boffing comment came because it has happened in the past that Newer and less experienced persons have engaged in behaviors with their boss or a person with higher rankings in uhaul and been given jobs that they are not experienced at or been given wages exceeding that of the people in their departmant with more years and experience.

4. Does the company provide employees with health insurance and is it good, affordable insurance that covers families as well as the individual worker?

Full time employees with a years service in are eligible and so are their families. The insurance is Ok, its not the best but not the worst. most services are covered at 80%. We also get prescription coverage, that would cost us $5, $10 or $25 dollars based on generic or brand name. Its funny though that there is excellent coverage for prosthetics and wheelchairs. How many people who work at uhaul have artificial limbs or are confined to a wheel chair. all uhaul employees are eligible for a discount vision plan. Uhual does not provide full coverage on vision for any employee. the discount is like 10%, it really sucks.

uhaul also provides life insurance for full time employees, if i were to die my family would get 1 year salary, if i die as a result of my job my family would get 3 years salary. when you leave the company they offer you the chance to continue your health coverage but it would cost about $1000 a month for a family of 4.

5. How does the company make employees work 60 hours a week for 40 hours pay? Is it sort of like Wal-Mart?

I dont know walmart to well but center managers, area field managers, traffic control managers and marketing company presidents are expected to work 7am-5pm M-F 7-2 on saturday and sundays are supposed to be their off day. they do have the flexibility to leave early if it is dead and there is coverage but from april to october it is to busy to leave.

6. Does the company employ illegal aliens ("undocumented workers") and if so, what jobs do those people do and how does the company get away with it?

As far as i know NO, All employees are us residents either CItizens or resident aliens. meaning that if you came from another country you must have residency papers, green cards and all that other junk. we have many employees in my area that are not citizens but are legal residents. some examples of countries haiti, nigeria, Israel, Guatemala.

7. If you know about them, what is your opinion of companies like ABF that are basically freight forwarders that have expanded into moving household goods?

i have never had to deal with companies. all i know is what i see here on the boards and there was a undercover report done on 1 company here in my area that gave a quote of 1500 and then after the truck was loaded said it would be 4000$. they stuck her stuff in a storage locker at a uhaul center paid the first month and left it, the lady had no clue we had it. the storage accumulated fee's over $1000 and was about to be auctioned when she found out. she explained her situation and after some checking we verified it was true and gave her her belongings NO charges to her. I personally would go with a do it yourself place. I dont trust strangers with my personal stuff.

8. Some U-Haul locations offer packing and loading services through local companies. Are those services any good, in your opinion?

NO. uhaul set up what is called e-move. basically we provide a site and for a fee (i think 10$ and any moves booked through emove uhaul gets a take in what the movers make) any nimrod with a computer can register themselves to be a mover. Uhaul has no association with these people and if they wind up stealing your belongings or worse uhaul isnt responsible. Most of these folks dont have insurance. THere are no background checks done on these people so you could have a rapist or murderer moving your family and belongings. There are a few good folks out there, but I personally wouldnt do it unless i saw some sort of licensing and insurance through these folks.

As for the age of the trucks, most a pretty old. When you look at the truck numbers on the back top right of the truck there is a letter at the end (ex. dc 1234J ) the newer and more reliable trucks will have either an g,h,j at the end these are the absolute newest trucks. The older trucks will have p,x,y,z,r at the end and then there are some trucks in the middle E, b, c. trucks are sold when they are too old. you can actually buy trucks from 1977 today at uhaul. the uhaul pick ups and cargo vans are all brand new every year. uhaul leases these and every year they get a new fleet from gmc

As for broken trucks. We have tons of broken trucks, its not even funny. uhaul is cheap and wants to repair the trucks at uhaul trucks. well their are only so many repair specialists so it takes forever for them to be repaired. Minor repairs are expected to be done at the uhaul centers, by people who are far from mechanics.
any more questions.?????????

Me i cant say uhaul is better than other companies cause i haven’t worked for them to compare. I just started this thread so i can try to the best of my abilities, to educate others on the goods and bads of uhaul. Knowledge is power! uhaul will never tell you half of what i am

KJ (#9)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby KJ (#9) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 7:01 pm

Date: 4/04
Move: Local within Chicago (used truck as shuttle from residence to Broadway Express truck)
Company: U-Haul
Cost: About $27 for one-day rental, including dolly

Post #1 – 6/25/04

I'd heard that U-Haul's customer service was going down the tubes.

I needed to rent a truck for overnight for my recent move. After checking local prices, U-Haul was the best. So I reserved a truck a couple weeks in advance.

When I went to get it, they brought out this banged up, diesel-smoking truck. My fiance took one look at my face as I was gasping for air. I told him I couldn't take the truck due to asthma, also not all gas stations in Chicago stock diesel fuel and we would have had to drive way out of our way to find a station to return the truck with the same amount of fuel in it (increasing cost-per-mile).

So, my fiance went back inside and requested a gasoline truck, and also took OFF the insurance, which he'd insisted I get at first (though I balked insisting I didn't think we'd need it).

So... my first receipt -- which I signed, had a cost of $19.95 for the truck, and $14.95 for insurance.

When he went back in, he had them remove the insurance, but he rented a dolly for $7.00.

The next day when we returned the truck with correct amount of fuel and only 13 miles on it, they wanted to charge me $29.95 for the truck, $7.00 for the dolly and $5.00 for furniture pads (which we didn't ask for and never got!).

Additionally, the day before I'd bought a $3.00 box, but didn't end up using it so took it back. Looking at the receipt, they never charged me for the box, but had me fill out a refund slip to refund my money.

We waited in line FOREVER to get service, and just as it was my turn at the counter, the young woman asked if she could help me. I told her I was returning a truck. With a jerk of her head, she said, "He'll have to help you," and indicated a man off to her right that was working up a deposit with another woman. She did a few things on the computer, then started closing out her computer.

Finally after several l-o-n-g minutes, the guy walked around the corner and started to ask someone else in the now long line, if he could help them. I said, "Excuse me, I'm next." He looked startled and said he thought I was being helped.

Turns out... he was the manager and didn't know a thing about what to do. He went to the computer, and the young gal who'd told me that he'd have to help me, ended up telling him what to key into the computer!

After several minutes, I jokingly said "Looks like it would have just been quicker for YOU to do this." She shrugged and said, "I'm off the clock." Then walked away!


When the manager told me the total, which was SO incorrect, everyone behind me groaned loudly when he picked up the phone to call some help desk. He couldn't get an answer, so finally he asked for my telephone number, said he'd correct the problem and call me with the amount they were going to charge my credit card.

That was April 23 and I'm still waiting for that call! They charged my card the incorrect amount (about $33 too much), so I called my Visa company and lodged a complaint. Visa credited my account then sent me a letter asking for verifying financial docs.

Good luck. The receipts U-Haul gave me are FAINT carbonless copies of very long register receipts. Too faint to read well and who would believe such an idiot-story about not getting charged for this, but getting charged for that, not receiving this, exchanging that?

I love U-Haul's boxes but won't use their services again!

By the way, this was the U-Haul store on Broadway Street in Chicago near Wrigley Field. One guy standing behind me said they used to be awful, then a new manager took over and turned it around, but that manager left and now they're awful again. The manager working the day I went seemed nice, apologized saying he was new, which endeared him to me. But the other people working there had basic "it's not my job so screw you" attitudes!


FrankG (#10)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby FrankG (#10) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 7:02 pm

Date: 5/04
Move: Unknown
Company: U-Haul
Cost: Unknown

Post #1 – 5/7/04

I know this site is more for full service moving problems, but I just finished a nightmare move with Uhaul. I made a reservation 3 weeks in advance. When I arrived to pick up my truck, there were none available!!! They finally got me a truck from God knows where that smoked like it was on fire. The air conditioning did not work and it was just an all around bad experience.

I asked for some of my money back and they treated me terribly. NO DISCOUNT. NO REFUND. NO I"M SORRY. Just lousy.....

Me too (#11)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Me too (#11) » Sat Jul 10, 2004 7:04 pm

Date: 5/04
Move: Unknown
Company: U-Haul
Cost: Unknown

Post #1 – 5/7/04

I had the same garbage experience. Somebody could get killed in the truck I was in. The brakes were malfunctioning. . . . It amazes me that I did not take the time to do my homework before I marched down to my local Uhaul store. My friends all had bad stories, but I thought to myself, how bad could it be? They were just exaggerating. Not.

Girlina (#12)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Girlina (#12) » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:00 pm

Date: 5/04
Move: MD to IN
Company: Penske (10-foot truck)
Cost: About $500 for an automatic 4-day rental plus about $80 in gas.

Post #1 – 7/12/04 (message in response to a PM I sent her)

I rented from Ajello Penske in Towson, MD and I had an excellent experience with them. I wasted so much time trying to find a full service mover that by the time I gave up and made arrangements for a truck, I had less than a month before I was moving. I actually didn't book the final dates until about 2-3 weeks before the move. When I called, since I didn't have a hard date when I needed to be moved, they suggested moving the first week in May instead of the last week in April. That saved me about $200. Also, about a week or more passed before I finally committed from the time they first quoted me the price. In the meantime, the new price lists had gone into effect. They however gave me the original quoted price, which was about $75 less. (And I did double check the price change on the Penske website, and they told me the truth, the prices HAD gone up.)

The basic Penske rental is automatically for 4 days. That ended up being a lifesaver for me. I had a disaster with the people I had hired to pack up the truck for me. I ended up leaving a day later than originally planned. If I wouldn't have had those 4 days booked, I would have been very screwed. I also picked up the truck about 6 hours later than I had told them I would. I've heard that people have lost their reservations because they showed up late for a pickup before, so I freaked out. I called them and they reassured me, but still, you never know if someone is gonna keep their word.

So I finally got there, and the people at Ajello were super nice. The truck was clean and full to the brim with gas. They even took it and topped it off at the gas station next door while I was filling out paperwork. After all the paperwork had been taken care of, I realized I had forgotten to get a dolly and some packing blankets. They just loaded them up for me. I think there might be some nominal charges for that stuff, but they just said for me to return them with the truck. I was also able to buy some packing boxes and bubble wrap there.

I know I'm being all gushy about the Ajello people, but seriously, I was incredibly freaked out at that point in my move, and dealing with them was one of the few things that went well. They went over all of the paperwork with me and let me know exactly what to do in case there was some sort of emergency so that I would not be liable for late charges.

The distance we drove wasn't too bad. We were able to do it in one day. the truck handled well and we had no problems with it. It was very clean and roomy. We were able to fit 2 adult women, a Rubbermaid container big enough to hold my Macintosh sat between us in the cab. My (incredibly angry with me) cat sat in her carrier on top of the Rubbermaid container. We had plenty of room. The a/c also worked well.

The friend I drove with flew back to MD the next day. She dropped the truck off at a Penske rental place on the way to the airport because there wasn't one very near where I now live. She said it was really easy, just dropped it off at the lot and put the keys through the slot.

One thing I will suggest is that when you're calling around about quotes, pay close attention to their phone manner. I called a couple of other Penske rental places in Baltimore. One of them was downright rude and another one was very noncommittal and not overly helpful. I figured that if they were that poor with their customer service BEFORE getting my money, then I was in for a rough time once they had my credit card digits.

On a sort of funny note... I found this on the net when I was looking around. His U-Haul story is both scary and funny. He ended up using Ajello for his next move and liking them.

wfay (#13)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby wfay (#13) » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:01 pm

Date: 6/04
Move: Jacksonville, FL to Memphis, TN
Company: Budget vs. U-Haul
Cost: $600 basic cost for Budget ($480 for truck plus $120 for car carrier)

Post #1 – 6/9/04

I would . . . strongly suggest you look into Penske or Budget (I've had great experiences with Budget trucks) and doing it yourself.

Make sure you have enough rope to tie boxes against the walls of the truck to secure things etc and I don't expect you should find much (hopefully not any) of your property damaged.

I would avoid UHaul at all costs. Budget is much more professional -- it feels just like renting a car. And their trucks are in great condition the 2 times I've used them. I'm moving in 2-3 weeks and unless one of my quotes comes back absurdly low, I'm going with Budget again.

Post #2 – 6/11/04

I have used Budget and UHaul before and been very happy with Budget, less so with Uhaul. The UHaul prices on supplies are pretty good though, so don't avoid them completely. And their trailers (not trucks) are usually fine to rent.

Personally I like to move my stuff myself. I arrange local help on both ends which I supervise, rent a truck with car carrier, and just do it. I keep possession of my goods and know the cause of any damage or loss -- me.

Post #3 – 6/14/04

Hi Diane and others,

Here's a comparison of Penske and a top tier moving company for my recent move (simply estimates, didn't use either service).

32256 to 38119, 720miles, moving 2nd floor to 2nd floor

pick up 6/27 and return 7/1
25ft truck (price was same as 20ft) $780
car carrier (not dolly) for my 98 Mustang $340
6 doz furniture pads $90
1 hand truck $20
limited damage waiver $60
labor in origin $300 (based on estimate, letting them load everything)
labor in destination $200 (guessing, seems about right)
gas $200
taxes $100
total $2090

Top tier moving company, in top 3, non-scammer
(based on in-person GNTE estimate)
load on 6/27, unsure about unloading date, was not firm
loading, transit, unloading 5k lbs $2550

So its 25% more money [for the moving company], a little less than $500 more, which is really not *that* much. More than "a couple hundred dollars" to be fair. [Editor’s note: The moving company quote did not include the cost of moving a car, so it’s not really comparable to the Penske quote.] But [using a rental car option] I get to keep control of my stuff and can avoid some hotel costs by loading everything but the mattresses at origin, sleeping overnight, driving to destination and unloading just the mattresses at the new place.

I personally chose Budget because they cost less ($420 for the truck and $180 for the carrier vs $780/$340) and I've had good experiences with them in past moves.

Jake / Julia (#14)

Re: Reviews of rental van companies (June 2003 to present)

Postby Jake / Julia (#14) » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:03 pm

Date: 6/04
Move: Seattle, WA to FL (Tampa area)
Company: Penske (15-foot truck) vs. U-Haul (15-foot truck)
Cost: $4,200 quoted for Penske; $7,000 quoted for U-Haul
Used ABF ($3,944 for 16 linear feet) instead of a rental van

Post #1 - 6/22/04

:shock: $7,000.00 for a 15' U-Haul from Seattle to Florida! I almost fell off my chair when I heard this quote. Penske is $4,200.00 for the same size. I can't believe anyone would be foolish enough to pay this price for a self move. We've decided on ABF Movers after reading the feedback on epinions although we have to pick up at a transfer station. We've checked out 10 full service movers and still can't seem to find one that we feel is 100% honest as well as affordable.

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