Reviews of Hilldrup Moving and Storage

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Reviews of Hilldrup Moving and Storage

Postby Jeff.Walker » Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:03 pm

For many years, Hilldrup has gained notoriety on through their many good reviews as well has honorary mentions from the professionals who volunteer their time to consumers. Because of this, has decided to formally endorse Hilldrup’s Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC and Raleigh-Durham, NC locations.

Hilldrup has a long history of excellence in customer service going back several years. They have consistently won the “Customer Choice Award” for outstanding customer service since the award’s creation, most recently in 2007-2013, and won the AMSA “Moving and Storage Agent of the Year” in 2009. Because places great emphasis on quality, it is important to note that a company representative told that Hilldrup had 1669 claims in 2011 out of 14,036 booked moves. That would mean that of the total shipments booked by Hilldrup, claims were submitted for only 8% of them, a very good ratio. In addition, Hilldrup is DoD approved for military moves.

Their website is and phone number is 800-476-6683.

These are the Superlist entries for Hilldrup’s offices as of May 2012:
--Hilldrup Moving and Storage (United) in Stafford. Manassas, and Richmond (also in MD).
A VERY GOOD PERFORMER with at least 5 good reviews and no significant bad reviews as an origin agent posted on this website. Hilldrup also has locations in Burlington and Charlotte NC, Greenville SC, and Orlando FL. It and Von Paris are widely considered the best United agents in the DC metro area after Security Storage. It won the prestigious United Van Lines' President's Quality Award three times (most recently in 2007) and also a quality award in 2005 (Customer Choice award). It has a large hauling fleet and would be likely to self-haul shipments. Hilldrup has been highly praised by many industry people posting here, including "Rick" (industry expert), "weem" (works for a mover in northeast MD), "moveman" (works for United), "ECM" (now posting as I-95), a long-haul driver based in the Northeast, and "ArchieWhite" (owns a United/Mayflower agency in Atlanta).
For example, "PMueller" (works for a United agent in FL) has posted the following about Hilldrup in general-:
The Hilldrup offices in the United system were always top quality providers. They handled many of my special needs high end executive account relocations either on the origin or destination end. These transferee's always received full packing and full unpacking with maid service to put items away and Hilldrup performed perfectly. They also had a decent hauling fleet with good drivers. As always, times do change and service issues arise with the best of companies, but I feel safe in saying you should be treated right and be able to receive a good relocation with Hilldrup.- ... 1057#51057
In 10/06, "Fred0844" (works for a United agent in Canada) posted that Hilldrup has a state of the art "in house" training facility. It incorporates Internet training (Unigroup University and Hilldrup's own proprietary courses) and a classroom for about 150 students that has a fully furnished house and fully equipped United trailer in the building: ... 2682#72682
In 7/07, a driver for another United agent ("bklait") posted that the Hilldrup facility in Richmond was well kept and maintained, a sign of high quality in his opinion: ... 3128#93128
This company is popular:- on June 27, 2005, two people who called them for an estimate posted that they were booked up until after Labor Day.
"suzie" posted a rave review of a self-paid move with Hilldrup from VA to Santa Clara, CA, with some moving tips as well, and her review is very worth reading, partly because she also comments on her estimates from Paxton and Quality Services Moving, both of which offered her only Nonbinding estimates. Her long-haul drivers John and Belinda were from Mohawk United in Minneapolis, and she thought they and her Hilldrup estimator Ben were all great: ... 5598#45598 (interstate)
One person posted a very brief review just saying she had used Hilldrup in the past and had been very pleased (seemed as if it was local); ... 7244#37244 (local)
"California Bound" posted a rave review of her move from Arlington to Davis, CA with Hilldrup. Mesa Systems from Grand Junction, CO, was the hauler but Hilldrup stayed on top of things. She was initially booked with Gulliver's and went through some bad business with the mover they booked her with before going with Hilldrup: ... 3650#13650 (interstate)
"santogenoveva" posted a rave review of her (company-paid) move with Hilldrup to Los Angeles, again stressing their good communications; she had a Hilldrup truck and driver: ... 2208#32208 and ... nterstate)
Unfortunately, her car was a total loss when a tire blew on the car carrier booked by Hilldrup (Circle B Transportation) and there was a fire, but she was fully compensated.
"Unclejesse" posted that Hilldrup and Victory Van were the only ones of several movers he contacted who agreed to do an in-residence estimate for his move to NC and gave him a GNTE--JK and Moyer just gave him a phone estimate and Von Paris never even got back to him: (interstate)
Someone posted an excellent review of a self-hauled move including a car (which cost $1500) to Las Vegas, praising especially the driver (Ray) and his crew, who had been working together for 12 years: (interstate)
"dcsf" posted in 10/06 that on a move to San Francisco, Hilldrup's sales rep and move coordinator were good but the packing crew manager was rude and the floor got scratched: ... 2705#72705 (interstate)
"tjmats" posted a very good report on his 10/06 shipment self-hauled by Hilldrup to Atlanta, noting only that the weight went over the estimate and he (actually his employer) had to pay more because he didn't have a GNTE: (interstate)
"MRB" posted an excellent review of her (self-hauled) shipment to OR in 11/06, mentioning that the move coordinator Crystal provided good service: ... 5428#75428 (interstate)
Someone posted an excellent review of her shipment to AZ in 2/06--Hilldrup's GNTE quote was $1000 below others' and nothing was damaged: (interstate)
In 5/07, "MaureenB" moving to CA praised a Hilldrup employee, Tina with phone 888-756-1873, who Maureen thought was in the Annapolis office. "She's been in the business a long time, she said, and gave me lots of good tips. She offered to send someone over for an estimate, even though she knows we probably can't afford it and our shipment is under their minimum of 2100 lbs. She said he could also recommend other options.": ... 7915#87915
"frtizlouise" posted a rave review of a move to FL with Hilldrup in 5/07--the cost was around $9800 for about 13,000 pounds with a partial pack and there was only very minimal damage to a couple of items. He praised especially the estimator (Ben), the move coordinator (Crystal), and the driver (Don): (interstate)
"VivaTexas" posted a somewhat mixed report on a move to Austin TX in 6/07 - Hilldrup started out strong but the Mayflower driver was a bit surly and difficult, plus there was slight damage to his furniture items: (interstate)
"cakedesigner59" (real name Robin) gave Hilldrup Manassas a very good report on her 6/07 move to NC, the only glitch being that the driver brought his young grandson along on the delivery and the child ran a bit wild on her property: (interstate)
"californiamove" posted a very good review of Hilldrup for her move to CA in 6/07, although only one packer was sent and she took a long time to pack and made some mistakes: ... 1333#91333 (interstate)
“mwalker23” posted a very good review in 11/07 on a move to San Francisco, mentioning their outstanding sales rep, Ben F. “I think the move team could have avoided a few of our issues if we did not have to break the shipment across two trucks. But, Hilldrup handled the issues reasonably well”: (interstate)
"DCheepas" posted in 5/08 that he was very favorably impressed by Hilldrup's sales rep, Thomas, although he eventually chose another company when Hilldrup couldn't meet his preferred dates: ... 997#109997

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Re: Reviews of Hilldrup Moving and Storage

Postby Smith » Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:39 am

My experience was awful, and I move a lot due to my work in N. VA...but never again will I use Hilldrup. The movers were fine, but definitely in a hurry. Boxes were not unpacked and they rushed through the final forms, initial this, initial that. Well, when an expensive item was discovered not delivered - as well as a few less expensive items from boxes listed as 'misc garage' - I notified Hilldrup and the coordinator was pleasant, but then it went to claims. All claims were denied because, in essence, I initialed the box saying 'all boxes were delivered'. How would I know all boxes - and their contents - were delivered until I got the time to open them? FYI, these items were stored in Hildrup's storage, which - to me - makes it worse. Completely unacceptable!

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Re: Reviews of Hilldrup Moving and Storage

Postby Hilldrup » Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:26 pm

Thank you for your feedback regarding your recent move with Hilldrup. We regret that not every aspect of your move were completed to your satisfaction. Please contact us at [email protected] so we can work with you to resolve your concerns.

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