Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby MusicMom » Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:47 am

Was this a local move within Spain, or from the US to Spain?

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby Jeff.Walker » Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:32 pm

This one came in from the comments section of the web site:
I recently moved from Mineola, New York to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico via Sterling International, and I was very impressed. The price was reasonable and compared with other quotes I had received, the move went off without a hitch, my possessions arrived undamaged, and the whole process took under four weeks.

Especially noteworthy was the personal attention of manager Phil Aeschleman:
Phil was always available personally either on the phone or by e-mail, -- a very pleasant contrast to the frustrating automated calling systems and customer avoidance policies of other companies.

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby Jeff.Walker » Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:44 am

A review for Sterling International that came in through the comments section fo the site:

I have just recently returned back to the UK and although I am still waiting for my belongings to find their way to rainy Dorset from Connecticut, I would just like to say what a great experience I have so far with Ken Treschitta and his team from Sterling International. The moment Ken turned up at my house in Avon CT, I knew he was the right man for the job, he knew exactly what was needed for my journey home, it was if he was going to be wrapped and packed and taken aboard the container personally!

When the team arrived for packing, they spent a long three days wrapping, packing, laughing but taking the upmost care with my belongings..I can't thank them enough.

They were by no means the cheapest out there but you pay for what you get...

Thanks Ken and your South NJ team..just great!
Hopefully Jude will come back and let us know how the delivery went!

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby movingtomontreal » Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:06 pm

Here's a review of a small Spanish company I used to move a small shipment (around a cubic meter in total, a bit more than 35 cubic feet) in November 2011. This "small shipment" case may be interesting for somebody looking for this (I am looking for something like this right now, in fact, for moving to Montreal). Oh, and they do have the option of doing bigger moves, btw.

The company is called La Luna Shipping ( They are a small co-op that do shipping to/from Spain (in my case it was from Barcelona to San Francisco).

There's not a lot to say besides that they were flawless. It was door-to-door, price tag was a bit more than $1000, and it took about 2 weeks. I think they sub-contracted FedEx for shipping my boxes, which it made no difference to me since all I wanted were my things shipped properly, safely and with no hassles. And that was the case.

I do not know how is their service for bigger moves, but judging from their customer service (always on top) and price tag they should work fine.

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby RichardW » Mon Mar 04, 2013 12:57 am

Premier Van Lines and Australian Van Lines

I contracted with Premier Van Lines (Arizona) to ship my stuff from Washington, DC to Melbourne, Australia. They were polite and friendly but Neena started sending me "frightening" emails right off the bat ("people call me every day wishing they hadn't chosen a budget mover!" - bullshit!)

I arranged to have my owner-packed boxes (mostly clothes with a few very durable items) dropped off at their shipper on the day they told me. When I arrived the shipper had no idea I even existed!

On the other end, when my shipment arrived in Australia, Premier Van Lines made NO attempt whatsoever to let me know. They just assumed Australian Van Lines would reach me. They didn't. In fact, once I contacted Richard at PVL about my shipment, he was surprised - it had been sitting in Sydney for weeks.

I then spent a while emailing and calling Australian Van Lines with NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. No calls or emails were EVER replied to until I got in touch with George Stephens, who had no record of it but arranged for a search of their warehouse.

Again, no one told me when it was found - I had to contact them to work out what was going on. So, my stuff spent an entire month lost in a warehouse! Eventually it was booked to go through through customs - without any communication from their end. It cleared customs - again, without any communication. Aside from a phone call to arrange a delivery time, at no point in the last three months did AVL ever contact me without me contacting them first. I wasn't calling daily, either, I was emailing them every few weeks.

Finally, it arrived today. Hooray! looks like they got a bunch of guys to jump up and down on it, ram it with a truck, and do everything short of setting it on fire. We're not talking minor scuffs here, every single box has been ripped half-open. Formerly-new boxes were bursting, solid steel items were cracked, etc.

In short, NEVER EVER EVER deal with either of these clowns. Assuming they ever get your stuff to you, it'll be thoroughly destroyed in the process.

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby JAHaddow » Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:24 am

I must say that I am dismayed at the information provided by this customer. I have sent emails to all those involved to find out what happened. This is not acceptable to me. I have asked Australian Van Lines to register on and explain publically what happened on their end. As for my companies situation, I will be in my San Diego office next weekend and will be having a full blown staff meeting to discuss ways to make sure this does not happen with our shippers in the future.

I take pride in making sure that everything is handled with the proper care that each shipper deserves. We handle hundreds of shipments a year. This is not to say that we are perfect, as no one is. It is how I will resolve the issue with the customer. I intend to contact him to make things as right as I can. I will provide more response shortly.
"Having the Right Information Makes for an Informed Decision"

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby Keganv » Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:44 am

In regards to Mr RichardW.

I have investigated with our imports department and found the following details: -

The effects had been out-turned from the container in the manner they were delivered. This is one of the main reasons why moving companies offer transit insurance, as unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world and accidents can happen whilst in transit on a shipping line.

On out-turning the effects there was a paperwork error and the effects had been stowed in our storage warehouse awaiting instructions.

Clearance time-frames in Australia are between 10-15 days from arrival in our depot. All clients are advised on shipment arrival and are notified once the effects are cleared for delivery. We cannot provide information to clients until the effects have been fully cleared through customs and quarantine.

We have been servicing Australia for over 30 years and are accredited within the top 500 moving companies in the world.

We strive to provide a professional service on all our moves, we always work with our clients to rectify any issues which may arise and we will be working closely with our agents to provide a positive outcome on this move.

Australian Vanlines

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby MusicMom » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:53 am

Can I ask what "out-turning" is, please?

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby hardatwork » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:26 am

Music Mom

Out Turn means when they unload the container at their warehouse they note the condition of each shipment that comes our of the container for damages and/or missing items.

In this case it sounds like they noted the condition of this shipments the same as noted at time of delivery.

The Out Trun Report should have also been sent to PVL once th econtainer was off loaded at their warehouse.

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby RichardW » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:24 pm

You certainly couldn't provide information to me, given that no one returned any calls and my stuff was sitting in your warehouse for a month and you didn't even know it!

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby MusicMom » Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:56 am

Richard, will you work with "KeganW" now, so he can determine what the problem was? It can be a learning experience to prevent others from going through the same thing in the future.

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VERY-VERY Positive Review of RAINIER Overseas Movers (U.S. --> Italy)

Postby falzman » Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:02 am


Rainier OS door-to-door quote & charges:

- Charges per cu.ft: $21,25/cu.foot (based on 200 cu.ft)
- Type of quote: Volume-only quote (no weight surcharges)
- Estimated Time in Transit: 70-90 days door-to-door
- Route: Trucking from Dallas to New York (Atlantic Relocations), Shipped by sea from Port NYK to Port Naples (Italy), customs clearance & trucking from Port Naples to Palermo (Fos International), trucking from Palermo to residence in the South of Sicily (Palermo Sub-Agent).
- Insurance: $25.00 per $1000.00 value ($250 deductible), $25.00 per $1000.00 value ($250 deductible). Electrical Derangement addition to the policy: +12% to total valuation. Mold/Mildew protection: +12% to total valuation or 20% to the premium for both.
- Total weight: 2,945 lbs (13,5 lbs/cu.ft)
- Actual Volume calculation: 204 cu.ft (gross) + overflow crate 13.7 cu.ft (gross)
(I know exact dimensions, and volume, because me and the local agent personally measured both liftvan and the overflow crate.)
- Actual Volume Total: 217.7 cu.ft (gross)
- Volume I got charged for: 220 cu.ft (gross) (I’m happy with the service and the price, so no real complaints though about extra 50 bucks. I surely got my money’s worth, since my load was heavy-heavy-HEAVY.)
- Total, shipping: $4,675.00
- Total, insurance: $900.00 (Value $36.000, includes 20% for mold/mildew & electrical derangement protection)
- My quote stated that the LV would be delivered to my residence and opened at residence (unless customs require inspection).
That did not happen, it was brought in loose. I wasn't informed about this in timely manner either.

Pick-up date: Oct.17, 2012 - Frisco, Texas, U.S. (Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex)
Drop-off date: Feb.05 Ispica (RG), Sicily, Italy

Moving company:
Rainier Overseas Movers, Inc. David Wiviott, International Relocation Manager. Tel +1 (206) 462.3628 (direct); 800.422.5440

(Dallas-Ft.Worth area) Atlantic Relocations; Robert Wright
1) Fos International srl. 4, G.Melisurgo,80133 NAPLES , Italy. Tel. + 39 081 552.23.56 Davide Occhicone
(If you're moving to Italy get in touch with them, I'm not sure about spoken English for I speak Italian, but you can surely send written communications in English no problem).
2) Palermo Sub-Agent


I’ve had a great overall experience with Rainier Overseas Movers in general and Mr. David Wiviott in particular, with Atlantic Relo in Dallas, and with FOS International in Italy. Very professional & patient people on both ends. Very easy to deal with; capable of providing as many details as the customer wants (I emphasize this last point, because it usually IS the case in the U.S., but it usually IS NOT the case in Italy. FOS conducts business American-style, with precision, which in Italy is somewhat rare).
I felt, that I was treated like a queen by all of those people listed above.

I packed most of my stuff (I must be good at it - check the weight I fit in the LV:). I built my own crates. It was all OK with Mr. David Wiviott of Rainier Overseas and with Mr. Robert Wright of Atlantic Relocations. Nobody gave me flack; all my stuff was 100% insured (other 3 companies I also talked to said, if I built my own crates they would not insure the contents, and Daryl Flood promised a lot of things that they wouldn’t deliver; …read on if curious). Mr. Wright gave me very good advice on building the crates and visited me 4 (FOUR!!!) times, to make sure everything was good.
I was asked to provide detailed list of contents and leave crates and boxes opened for the packers to inspect if needed.
Me and Mr. Wright personally picked the best and the most sturdy Liftvan in Atlantic Relo’s warehouse, which was indeed delivered to my house later on.

100% of my stuff arrived in perfect shape. Tools work. Nothing damaged. Nothing broken. Nothing wet. FOS International in Italy who does customs clearance, has very competent people working for them. In fact, I had to ask them for help when I imported my car (I found a great deal – a direct container from Houston, Tx, U.S. to Genoa, Italy with Del Corona & Scardigli Srl., but DC&S customs guy doesn’t know his ropes, he insisted I had to pay the tax on the value of a car that I owned for a long time, which was NOT the case. I had to ask for help from FOS International and pass the info to DC&S. Thank you, thank you, Carmine! You saved me a ton of money.)


First of all, I know how to do a lot of things myself (I know that I can spend some time and build better crates for my prized tools than anybody who just gets paid to do it, and wants to be done with it and get the money; in this case I’m working for myself, not for the money). Also, I am a bit of a control freak. If I am not fully convinced, it’s impossible to make me just go along. And I’m often right. However, I just as often wear people’s patience thin. All in all – the truth is, that I’m a difficult customer.

I had a couple of conditions that were a must:
1) I wanted to build my own crates for my fairly large table saw, my huge chop saw, my 1.000.00-dollar custom-built bicycle, and my 48”x24”x19” 75-gallon aquarium. I didn’t have the original boxes for the power tools, so I had to make sure that they were were bolted to the crates from inside, couldn’t shift inside them; that there would be no pressure sideways on the head of the chop saw, so that everything would arrive damage-free. I also wanted to pre-pack all crates (subject to inspection if required by the movers upon pick-up, as long as they put everything back the way it was). All contents to be insured. The chop saw crate ended up being extremely heavy (easily 300 lbs).
2) I wanted to pad the aquarium with foam and fill it with light-weight empty plastic mini-drawer chests, since I couldn’t justify shipping it empty. To be 100% insured for damage as well.

The chop saw crate eneded up being HUGE and HEAVY (easily 300 lbs). Mr. Wright came to look at it after it was already filled with the saw & the stuff, and said it would be just fine. So it was.
(Compare to: on my previous failed attempt with Daryl Flood 2 weeks earlier, they refused to load it, since it was “too heavy for their guys to handle”. The dimensions and the approx. weight was known to Daryl Flood long in advance; I was promised “no problems”. Liars).

Rainier and Atlantic Relo didn’t have any problems with my 75-gal aquarium either – I had it carefully padded inside and outside, and crated. My prised mini-drawer chests we tightly packed inside and topped off with a few coats to avoid any possible rattling and sliding around. All approved, packed as I planned & insured 100% as promised.
(Compare to: on my failed attempt with Daryl Flood, they refused to insure the aquarium completely. As with everything, I discussed it in detail with the D.F.rep, and was promised a “no problem”. I was lied to again: on pick-up day they wanted me to sign a waiver of insurance on this item.)

When I told Mr. Robert Wright, that I would feel better if I could pick out the liftvan (you’ll understand why in just a few secs), he invited me to come to the company’s warehouse. He showed me around, explained all procedures, we picked up the best liftvan they had available, they brought a fork-lift, took it down from the top of the stack, and in my presence put my name on it.
Nobody’s perfect: when Rainier’s packers showed up at my door, they had a great choice of 2 liftvans, none of which was the one we picked at the warehouse. Mr. Wright immediately sent the driver back to bring the right one, while the other packer worked on getting the stuff ready to be loaded. When the LV made it to my house, to my pleasant surprise the inside was lined in brand-new plastic top to bottom. I never gave it much thought and never specified if it was done or not. Probably the only thing I missed in the whole moving process…
This kind of attitude to customers is prescious. The fact that Mr. Wright had his driver just turn around and go back for the right LV told me that they do care about customers at Atlantic. (Unlike some other folks…)

(Compare to: On my failed moving attempt with Daryl Flood, the manager, who showed up at my residence after I complained, that the LV was no good, - and the packers tried to rather arrogantly convince me that the moldy rickety piece of junk they showed up with – was “just fine”, and refused to ever admit that it WAS a piece of junk. On another occasion I needed to go to D.Flood’s warehouse with the payment; I was barely let in past the front door of their big shiny establishment. Forget a guided tour!)

Even badly-packaged last-minute addition of 2 ceiling light fixtures made it to destination in perfect shape. The packers told me that the glass might brake in transit, since there was only room for light-fixtures themselves, with one layer of bubble-wrap. I told them it will be a pleasant surprise if they come intact; and they did. Otherwise I would have to either chunk them or give them away.

The only bone I have to pick.

I was promised that the LV would be delivered to my residence and opened in my presence (except if customs requires inspection of the goods). It was written in black-and-white on my Quote.
Well, no customs inspection was required.
However, under a feeble pretence, that “they did not know if the roads were wide enough” (verbally, by the movers), and "the LV wouldn't fit in the truck" (by e-mail less than 1 day before the scheduled delivery), the Palermo Sub-Agent, without my authorization, pulled all the stuff out of the LV (at their warehouse in Palermo) and delivered the goods loose, in a smaller truck. They had my phone number; we talked a week or 10 days before to set the delivery appointment and the lady who called never mentioned anything about opening the LV. Then, all of a sudden, one day before the delivery date, they hurry up and requeste authorization to open the LV from Rainier?
Pardon me, but if the contract was with me – shouldn’t I be informed in a TIMELY manner?... Maybe a few days in advance?
After the movers left and things calmed down a bit, discovered that e-mail from Rainier that I mentioned earlier.
The excuse of “narrow roads” where “a bigger truck would not pass”, or "crates didn't fit into the truck" was just that – an excuse, and very feeble. (As some of you might know, gas is almost 3 times more expensive in Europe, compared to the U.S. From Palermo to my house it's a good 4-hour drive.)
I guess, the Palermo Agent knew they were going to do that all along, they just failed to say so. I don’t know if Rainier knew in advance or not. Either way. It’s last year’s snow now.
The movers showed up with a print-out of the map that I prepared, where it was stated clearly that I marked only wide roads where a 37-foot (12 meter) 3-axle truck can pass easily.
They’ve had that map 10-14 days prior to the delivery date.
Well, sure, since the stuff arrived just fine, I didn’t raise too much hell.
But I would have. If something happened. That was breach of contract, as far as I'm concerned. At this point I don't know who knew what and who didn't know. Ant it's no longer important.
The movers have treated all the stuff really well and with care.
However if I sign a contract that states certain thing - I do expect to get that thing.

Overall experience: I am a happy camper and would recommend Rainier Overseas Movers, Atlantic Relocation and FOS International as top rated companies for all your moving needs. They will do right by you.

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Re: VERY-VERY Positive Review of RAINIER Overseas Movers (U.S. --> Italy

Postby MusicMom » Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:08 am

Thank you so much for the very detailed description. I'm sure Ranier appreciates your review!

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby goudard » Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:48 am

We liked very much the way Doug Wiviott from Rainier Overseas Movers handled everything. It was a pleasure working with him. Punctual, professional, polite, perfect service. Thank you, Doug. The English crew was wonderful. Delivery could not have been better. We have not yet opened the boxes but they look fine. I will highly recommend you and your team always.

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Re: Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)

Postby JAHaddow » Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:48 pm

Music Mom, The FIDI designation does not necessarily get you a quality move. The problem that companies in the US must have a lot of money to even consider the cost (over $25000) to have FIDI's people come to your office and do their review. Smaller companies simply cannot afford this. The only thing it gets you as a forwarder is credit with other FIDI members and possibly some business from other members.
In my opinion it is not all it is cracked up to be.
"Having the Right Information Makes for an Informed Decision"

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