Please review the quote for international shipping by SDC International Shipping

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Please review the quote for international shipping by SDC International Shipping

Postby mindpeace » Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:14 pm

I have received the below quotes from SDC International Shipping for move from New jersey to Glasgow, UK

Up to 200
cubic feet Door to Door Services based on item list
Item list: up to 35 medium/large boxes
Additional volume above 200 will be $13.50
per cubic feet.
THC (Terminal handling charges)
are included in the total investment.
GRP Door to Door Service
The following services are

Arriving at the pickup location, preparing professional inventory list, standard disassembling.

Wrapping and protection for all wooden/metal furniture with paper pads and shrink wrap.

Palletizing of shipment (subject to shipment volume).

Delivery of shipment to port for export

Tolls, mileage, pier pass, clean truck fee, sales tax, line haul charges /trucking, customs formalities and AES filing, prov iding bill of
lading, dock receipt and ETD/ETA of the shipment .

Terminal handling charge (THC) at destination

Assistance with completion of import forms if required, Submitting export documentation

Collection from Port Terminal / De consolidation facility and transportation to delivery address

Delivery of househo ld goods and personal effects to normal ground and first floor property with suitable access for an 18m vehicle
to park within 25m

Unwrapping of furniture Cartons to be placed in rooms of your choice

Positioning of furniture as requested

Set up of ba sic furniture to allow client to sleep in house on first evening of delivery (does not include IKEA style flat packed
Removal of all waste materials (at time of delivery only)
The following services are
NOT included:

Packing labor & packing materials for boxes

Special crates/glass/marble tops and fine arts handling

Difficult access and/or shuttle service

Reservation of parking

Long carry, stair carry or outside elevator

Heavy lift (e.g. piano), hoisting

Any additional third party services such as handyman

Any fees related to customs holds or inspections

Any port related fees or other local fees, excess overflow charges.

Customs inspection, X ray, customs penalties, quarantine, custo m duties or taxes, GRI/VAT, container detention, roll over fees,
storage and demurrages

Delivery order fees (DO).

Unpacking (White Glove service is available, please consult your sale representative for rates)

Delivery above ground and first floor (p lease ask for rates if you are aware that the delivery address is an apartment)

Parking fees

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Please review the quote for international shipping by SDC International Shipping

Postby Noone » Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:02 pm

Four comments:

1 - The quote does not include "Delivery order fees (DO)" and also "Any port related fees or other local fees, excess overflow charges.". It must. Ask them and get the answer in writing. You must pay this, so you must know how much these will be.

2 - Find out their FMC License Number and verify it on the FMC Website: (under either NVOCC or Freight Forwarders)

3 - Find out what the charge will be is the large (18 meter) truck can't get to your home in Glasgow. I would expect chances are good enough to budget for it. If you know the exact destination address, have them confirm if access is OK or not. If not, budget it .

4 - Find out what type of insurance is available, and what the limits are if you pack your own boxes (the quote seems to indicate you will be packing your own boxes).

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