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ETC International Freight System

Postby Garp » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:38 am

This is an aptly named site for ETC International Movers. To all of you reviewing customers, please heed this warning. ETC will provide you with the worst moving experience of your life, and give you stories to tell your friends forever. It is a horror show, start to finish.

One small example of our experience. We were moving over 6,000 miles. The address we provided was 7 miles off from their records. Knowing this, they took our container, and THEN informed us there would be a $500 additional charge to cover these 7 miles !!!!! They added, "pay today, or come and get your container".

They folks are, in my estimation, artists at the game of "up-charging". If you go with them, take your initial contract amount and DOUBLE it to get your ultimate charges.

Good will need it with ETC International.

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