Moving company not packing and moving all that was agreed upon

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Moving company not packing and moving all that was agreed upon

Postby Khanly » Fri Dec 06, 2019 12:07 pm

I'd like some help with how to respond to Crown Relocation which has (almost) moved me from Sweden to the US.
When I received my household goods yesterday, only half came. Turns out, half was 'missed' somewhere along the way, but it was found and another truck brought that.
When I loosely inspected items when movers were still at my home, I realized all kitchen items were not in the delivery, several large items also not included, wrong bike taken etc etc etc.
When I made Crown Relocation aware of this they said "someone should have been at the house when household was packed and later shipped". Only problem is, they knew I wouldn't be there as I had already left to start my new job - which is why Crown did a thorough visual survey of the entire house and I pointed out all items that were to be shipped (I should mention that my renter was at the house however). That video should be part of any discovery regarding Crown's responsibility in missing major parts of the household.
Crown now tells me they'll be happy to ship the 'rest' but that I'm liable to pay for this.
I'm completely livid. First of all - who leaves without their kitchen items?
other examples;
Where they've taken one picture off the wall, they've left the matching picture next to it. They took the totally dilapidated locked bike and not the correct one with the correct lock with the code I sent them, they took the lamp off the hallway table, but not the table.
In addition, I have emails from Crown confirming the size of the container and them telling me that yes, the entire household will fit in this new and larger container, after I asked to have the one thing I wasn't taking (my mattress) after all. Of course, that mattress didn't make it (either).
Can anyone out there help with ideas as to how to approach this issue?
I really appreciate it.

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