Moving from NYC to Sevilla ES

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Moving from NYC to Sevilla ES

Postby VictoriaNYC » Thu Apr 22, 2021 9:44 am

Reposting as I would love some feedback about the below companies for a move from NY to Spain:

Hello community,
We are moving from NYC Manhattan to Spain this summer. Our target move date is July 1. Though we are a family of 4, we anticipate this to be a very small move as we will be taking little to no furniture with the exception of 1 ottoman, 2 paintings, a keyboard, and 2 small nightstands.

Given these times, getting a true estimate has been difficult and done primarily by phone or email. I do have 1 virtual appointment scheduled with United International, which has been the only company to offer this service. Talking in cubic feet is like speaking in Martian to me. I am more comfortable in lbs as this is a metric I am familiar with.

Our estimates thus far vary, and I really just want to work with a company who can give us a good deal (not necessarily the absolute best) since we are paying out of pocket, but most importantly, one we can trust.

Here are the estimates I have gathered so far:
Viking International (great customer service, prompt replies, thorough estimates)
300 CF
6.5% fuel surcharge
3% insurance of declared value for total loss
$45 register policy
No packing of personal effects
$1.85 ft to pack larger items: ottoman, paintings, nightstands
additional 80-100 euros terminal fee
Estimate including all the above $4400

Allied International
1000 lbs/ 212 CF
Full packing services
Estimate includes terminal fee, export documentation,
No included: Fuel surcharge not included, insurance

Rainier, on the other hand, just gives me a quote of 15.90 CF for "door to door" service and no outline of what exactly this estimate includes. I have asked for further details, but not yet received his response. Right off the bat, this is $2 more per CF versus Viking. I also see there are quite a lot of varying reviews of their service, though it appears they are sponsors of this site.

I am waiting for United Intl to contact me as well.

Since Viking and Allied seem comparable, and they have been excellent on customer service in terms of prompt replies, phone calls, and providing details of their estimate upon request, I am inclined to go with them. I just don't want a nightmare scenario of having to fork over hundreds of more dollars at the last minute, or items arriving damaged, as we transition for an international move.

Any honest reviews of the above companies would be greatly appreciated!

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