corporate moving in Bay Area??

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corporate moving in Bay Area??

Postby fml » Fri Apr 16, 2004 6:53 pm

Any recommendations for corporate moving in the Bay Area - currently looking at Ace Worldwide Moving in Milpitas and NorCal moving Services (several offices in SF and Silicon Valley). Also had a positive experience with Paul Arkin VanLines for trade shows - have not tried a regular move. Any other recommendations or comments on my choices would be appreciated.

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Re: corporate moving in Bay Area??

Postby twalker » Fri Apr 16, 2004 10:36 pm


We don't give recommendations here but we may be able to give you better advice if you could tell us if this is for a local or interstate move. Interstate moves in California are regulated and enforced much better than interstate moves.

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Re: corporate moving in Bay Area??

Postby fml » Mon Apr 19, 2004 12:56 pm

local move - less than 5 miles.

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Re: corporate moving in Bay Area??

Postby BigLeeCalif » Mon Apr 19, 2004 1:54 pm

What, specifically, are you needing to have done?

Actually Nor Cal is the biggest intra office mover in the Bay Area, and that is what they prefer doing over household goods...

However, there are several other movers in the Bay Area that have a large office moving capability.

Ace is an independant van line.
Nor Cal is affiliated with Allied.
There is also a United agent in Alameda that does corporate moves.
Bekins and Atlas also have agencies in the Bay Area that handle local intra office moves.

And I am assuming you meant Paul Arpin, and not Paul Arkin.

I'm sure you can find someone from the above group of movers to handle your needs. You didn't specify whether it was one move, or a series of moves....
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Re: corporate moving in Bay Area??

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 19, 2004 5:32 pm

Thanks BigLee

I'm starting to call for estimates today. It is just a small office move - we have larger office space so we are moving from offices of about 2500 sq feet (packed FULL of equipment and furniture).

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