**Moving to Gothenburg from IL/CA

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**Moving to Gothenburg from IL/CA

Postby SwedishFish » Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:43 am

Hi all-

I'd like to get your input and advice for an upcoming move I have from Naperville, IL to Gothenburg, Sweden. I have a small storage unit at a public storage facility in IL with most of my stuff to ship. I however, have relocated to California with my family prior to the move. My question is this: It is not feasible for me to get an in-house estimate for my goods as I am not in IL to meet with an estimator prior to the pick up day- but I will be there on the p/u day itself. Am I totally setting myself up for disaster by skipping the estimator? I feel like I can be ok, since I have a pretty accurate knowledge of the goods and it isnt much. What do you think the financial liability is by doing this? Any suggestions for how to remedy besides flying to chicago ? (if it is a huge mistake)

And just because everyone likes to know quotes: I have received door-to-door quotes for my 350 cft (1800 lbs) worth of stuff ranging from $3400-5500 which is shipped via LCL container and include full-service packing, inventory, and customs documentation. I have tentatively scheduled a pick up day for Feb 26th through Unigroup (who I understand is the int'l Mayflower people). I'm more than happy to share my experiences and details with any interested parties.

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Re: Moving to Gothenburg from IL/CA

Postby farrah7031 » Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:40 am

Do you have someone in IL that could meet with the estimator?

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Re: Moving to Gothenburg from IL/CA

Postby Noone » Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:23 pm

My comments:

1 - See if they can do the survey the day or two before the move (assuming you'll be available), even though you've booked the job. This will prevent an unpleasant surprise if you made a mistake.
2 - If you can't do that, find out if they can show up with 2 lift-vans that come to about 350 cubic feet. That way when the lift-vans are full, they stop loading, and the bill stops increasing.
3 - Do the math on the cubic foot volume of the storage facility (not the contents) and calculate the cost of shipping that many cubic feet. That would be the "It won't cost this much" figure. (Budget money you won't need, not the other way around"
4 - Check your quote, and see what THC/Port Fees in the UK will be. You will owe these, and it's probably written somewhere, but likely not included in the "total". If you don't see that in writing, GET IT in writing.
5 - Find out about insurance limitations on goods that are already packed. Are they re-packing already packed boxes? Start the insurance list now.

I don't think you're setting yourself up for a disaster, but I would guess that you probably have 500 cubic feet, (just based on my experience in moving people's goods out of storage). UTS/Unigroup is not a scam organization (International company of United and Mayflower Vanlines, and over 300 world-wide moving companies), but ultimately YOU are taking responsibility for the volume determination, so if it's inaccurate, you know who to blame.

Please do come back and report, and also let us know which local company did the packing, and which foreign company handles the delivery.

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Re: Moving to Gothenburg from IL/CA

Postby SwedishFish » Fri Apr 18, 2008 3:34 am

Hello Again!

I am happy to report that my move to Sweden went smoothly! My stuff (approximately 2500lbs) was picked up and packed by Hollander International in Chicago and then shipped by container to Gothenburg Sweden where ICM Logistik AB delivered it and set up my furniture to my 8th floor apt. No hassles, no extra charges, it was very very easy.

I worked with Steve W. Unigroup to coordinate this, and he did a great job of keeping me informed and in the loop on where my stuff was. Hollander was on time for pickup, even after a big snow storm the night before. ICM was good about keeping track of my boat schedule, called to confirm its arrival, then its clearance through customs and the delivery was on time, and completed very efficiently within 2 days of the boat arrival. Not one box was lost and all contents even dishes are in perfect condition.

One thing I did want to note of future reference is that on the original inventory list the Hollander movers listed my furniture as scratched and damaged upon pick up, which it was NOT, and that seems a little like a CYA way of protecting themselves should something have actually damaged my stuff. Thankfully nothing did.

The final price for everything came to $7000 to ship 2500lbs of HHG for door to door delivery, approx $800 of which was insurance costs for my goods. Although it turned out to be a little pricier than I originally anticipated, I highly recommend Unigroup for coordinating international moves.

And in case you were also wondering about car shipments to Sweden, I shipped my car over using Rainier at a cost of $1800 for RO/RO from Long Beach, CA to Gothenburg Sweden. Took one month and again, no hassles.

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Re: **Moving to Gothenburg from IL/CA

Postby Diane » Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:33 am

Farrah - I added the part about the car move to the Rainier thread. Could you please repost the rest of this review at the end of the International Movers thread? Thanks.

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