Allen & Coles in Clinton, MA and advice for a first-time mover?

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Allen & Coles in Clinton, MA and advice for a first-time mover?

Postby msr » Tue May 13, 2008 10:09 pm

Has anybody used Allen & Coles or ABC Moving out of Clinton, MA? I got an estimate from them today (MA to CA, end of May, ~5000 lbs, ~ $5100 "guaranteed price pledge"). I've searched the forums, and found very little info.

I am a first-time mover, and possibly overly nervous. I'd appreciate advice on whether any of these things are cause for concern:

1) I asked for a "not to exceed" quote, and was promised "guaranteed rate reduction", which matches info in these forums. The paperwork I received said only "guaranteed price pledge", with no mention of GRR or price adjustments based on actual weight. I asked about the discrepancy, and was told in email that it was, in fact, a GRR quote. Could be a misunderstanding, but I get very suspicious when I read one thing and hear another.

2) Allen & Coles and ABC Moving share an address (100 Adams Rd, Clinton, MA). I was told that this was an artifact of the merger between North American and Allied. Does this make sense? The guy who did my estimate gave me an Allen & Coles card. I've received email from both and about the same quote. There was no company name at all on the "estimate / order for service" or "shipper inventory" forms I received. Should I be concerned about the lack of clarity here?

3) lists both the location in Clinton, and an address in Hudson, NH:

This name and address show up in "protect your move" as "Licensing & Insurance Status: inactive":

I can't find any other information in "protect your move" or safersys for either Allen & Coles or this particular ABC Moving (it's a common name). I've asked for DOT + MC, and am somewhat surprised that they weren't readily available. If I get back generic numbers for NAVL (or Allied), should I be concerned?

Thanks in advance for any feedback. This forum is a great resource.


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Re: Allen & Coles in Clinton, MA and advice for a first-time mover?

Postby Diane » Tue May 13, 2008 10:23 pm

Hi - I don't blame you for being confused. Here's the relevant part of the Superlist in which both companies are mentioned: ... 7647#57647

Don't worry if you get the van line numbers back - many employees of these companies don't know their own MC numbers, which may or may not be inactive. As long as they are van line agents, it's OK. Also, your two companies do in fact share an address as noted on the Superlist. And ABC does have a location in Hudson, NH.

Regarding the type of quote you have, it seems to be a Guaranteed Price Pledge (Total Price Guarantee) quote, but it should also say "Guaranteed Rate Reduction" somewhere on the paperwork - otherwise it is a Binding, not a Binding Not to Exceed quote. Here is a post in which I tried to untangle all these different terms for different van lines. ... 5876#45876
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Re: Allen & Coles in Clinton, MA and advice for a first-time mover?

Postby chaz4moving » Wed May 14, 2008 12:29 am

Was there something on the estimate that said if the weight was lower, charges would be reduced by so many dollars per 100 pounds? That is how GRR estimates are usually written. Also, if the mover is doing the packing or you, those charges will be reduced if they do not pack as much as as estimated. Over the past several years, I had occasions to work with ABC in Clinton. My experiences were very positive. They have a very good person named Todd in their operations department.

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Re: Allen & Coles in Clinton, MA and advice for a first-time mover?

Postby bosoxfan » Wed May 14, 2008 8:48 am

ABC and Allen & Coles is owned by the same individual, Julian Coles. Mr. Coles has owned the North American agent for over twenty years (headquarters is in Portland, ME) and recently purchased the Allied agent. Since Allied and NAVL are sister companies - it made sense to use the same warehouse, but are independent of one another. I had the opportunity to meet Julian in 2005 - stand up individual.

Either way you will receive a quality move from them. I would also check out Baystate - United as they are based in Worcester as a third option.

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Re: Allen & Coles in Clinton, MA and advice for a first-time mover?

Postby r.tennison » Mon May 19, 2008 2:18 pm

I am an allied van lines driver and had the pleasure of dealing with both companies. They are strong companies and they treat their customers with absolute respect. Their crews are knowledgable and they take good care of your belongings. North American Van Lines and Allied Van Lines are basically the same companies now, although different colors, rules etc. But they both service each others shipments.

As to the estimate, take it down to the company if you cannot get your sales represenative to come out and show you on the forms where the weight and rate reduction is on the papers. If it is not on the papers, demand the estimate be changed to a "GRR" estimate. There is a difference between a Guaranteed Rate Reduction and a Total Price Guarantee. Up to the day of loading the estimate can be changed, so before you move, it must be done. I hope this helps you, good luck on your move.

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