Review of "Hank's Moving" in Philadelphia

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Review of "Hank's Moving" in Philadelphia

Postby Guest » Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:34 am

For anyone looking to move within Philadelphia, or to a nearby city (DC, NYC), I can now highly recommend Hank's Moving. This is a small business and did a great job! I had read all the info on this site and was very wary about hiring a moving company and not getting scammed.

I moved from a studio apartment in Philly to a studio in DC. Here was my experience:

1) Hank came personally to my apartment to give an estimate. He also showed me his insurance papers without me even asking.
2) He wrote "binding cost" directly on the contract, and honored it.
3) He said it would be a 2-guy job. On the morning of the move, 4 guys arrived, all on time, and loaded everything in one hour! I was able to leave my dressers packed, and they shrink-wrapped them shut.
4) 2 of these guys drove down with the truck and unloaded the entire thing within probably an hour and a half, as well as putting each piece of furniture exactly where I directed. One of these guys was Hank's brother and very responsible. (All 4 movers were very friendly and efficient.)
5) Nothing was damaged - including the 3'x5' antique mirror that came through in one piece.
6) There were NO extra charges of any kind.

In conclusion, I can't recommend Hank's Moving highly enough. As I said, it's a small company, so you'll have to get their phone # from the phone book. I'm aware that a post like this from a random guest could seem like a post made by someone who works for the company, but all I can say is - give them a chance and see what you think! I am recommending them to a friend of mine who is moving next month.

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Re: Review of "Hank's Moving" in Philadelphia

Postby Diane » Mon Jul 18, 2005 12:12 pm

People reading the above review should be aware that a serious complaint about Hank's was posted here about a year ago - Tim Walker responded with advice about what to do and the person said that the PA Public Utilities Commission was actually looking to make an arrest in the case - So I would say that the above review is far from trustworthy. As for "giving them a chance," on this website we don't recommend that people offer themselves as guinea pigs.

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Re: Review of "Hank's Moving" in Philadelphia

Postby MusicMom » Mon Jul 18, 2005 11:17 pm

These are the two threads that the above author began, detailing the thought process from Philly to DC, including possibly renting a truck and loaders. I am glad that he/she(?) had a good move, and hope that no more serious complaints pop up from this company.

That being said, I am curious as to how the author continues to post from a UPenn IP address now that they're in DC.

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Re: Review of "Hank's Moving" in Philadelphia

Postby movepro » Sat Jun 28, 2008 9:54 pm

If you are thinking about using Hank's Moving company, please read this first. This moving company was highly recommended to me by staff members at the Left Bank Apartments in Philadelphia. They apparently had done many moves for them. My experience as well as the experience of the other apartment moving out the same day also using Hank's was VERY different. First, they showed up late. While this can be acceptable given certain circumstances, what was UNACCEPTABLE was that no one at the company would answer the phone. I had the cell phone numbers of both Hank himself as well as his partner. Hank answered the very first call and said he would investagate the tardiness and then never called me back. Repeated calls by me, the other apartment, and the Left Bank staff went unanswered for two hours. The 2 moves took until late into the evening. The staff was tired and fought amongst themselves. They told me that they often worked 30-36 hours straight. While all this was disappointing, the drop off was even worse. When they did not show up at the supposed timeframe of delivery, I called multiple times. For a full 24 hours, I was unable to reach anyone in the company about the location of my property. It was not until I used the word "stolen" in my phone message was I called back. My property arrived late in the evening and a few furinture pieces were damaged. Glassware was wrapped in my own towels and vases were thrown in with canned goods. After all this, Hank called the Left Bank to apologize but he never called me. I even called them to provide feedback thinking maybe this wasn't his usual crew. This call also went unanswered.

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Re: Review of "Hank's Moving" in Philadelphia

Postby Diane » Sun Jun 29, 2008 10:33 am

Thanks for this review. For clarification, was this an interstate move or a local move within Philadelphia?

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Re: Review of "Hank's Moving" in Philadelphia

Postby tboon99 » Tue Jul 29, 2008 1:50 pm

I used Hank's Moving on 2 occassions over the last 2 years.

On the first move (a short move within Philadelphia), the movers did a very good job. They showed up a little late, but when the crew (5 guys) arrived, they got right to work. It was a very smooth and efficient move, as they wrapped all my stuff and were quite careful with my furniture.

This positive experience led me to request their services for a 2nd move. This was a longer move (from Philadelphia to NYC). Hank quoted me a great price, which I immediately accepted.

Again, the movers were late, but this time they were almost 2 hours behind. This crew was 2 guys, and it was clear one was drunk and smelled as if the other one had just picked him off the street. They started work immediately, but instead of care I experienced during the first move, they just started throwing my items around and the furniture on carts with hardly any care.

I was a little nervous when they left for NYC, but they showed up close to on schedule. The non-drunk individual did a great job of keeping me updated on where they were. Luckily when they arrived at the destination, they had replaced the drunk individual with another person, and the rest of the move went OK. After reviewing their work, I found the mattress cover had been torn (creating a stain on the mattress) and a number of my boxes had been torn/damaged.

Overall, I think this company can do a good job, if they assign a good crew to move you. Thus, if you get a great price quote, be careful (but then ask yourself if you'd just rather hire a more reputable company for the same price). Given everything, I would not use Hank again if I were in Philadelphia.

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