small move from arlington, ma to eugene, or

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small move from arlington, ma to eugene, or

Postby aleugene » Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:09 pm

Hi everyone. I'm doing a small move (a little over 1000 lbs.) from a friend's place in Arlington, MA to my new place in Eugene, OR. Since I'm getting reimbursed for the move for up to $3000 (and don't have a car to drive cross-country, and want to spend as little of my own time as possible on the move itself), I've already decided to use a full-service moving company. I'm hoping to schedule a pick-up in Arlington around the end of July (I'll be there in July) and I'll be in Eugene waiting to receive shipment starting from Aug. 7, 2008. I can wait for the stuff as long as necessary as I am currently making do in Eugene with borrowed furniture (and am buying stuff here), but of course I'd prefer not to wait any longer than I have to.

I have estimates from Rainbow and Humboldt, both of which come under my $3000 limit. A rep from Paul W. Taylor is scheduled to visit on Mon., 7/7 to do an estimate (the Rainbow & Humboldt reps both visited on Mon, 6/30).

Rainbow's GNTE is $2321.51 (est. weight: 1065 lbs)., estimate done by Jim McEnaney, and I was able to easily reach the coordinator Pam who answered a lot of questions for me. Rainbow's lower minimum weight for the load seems to make the biggest difference re: price. Their delivery spread is 8-18 days or up to 3 weeks (according to Pam).

Humboldt's estimate (I'm not sure if it's GNTE or not; obviously I would need to confirm before committing!) is $2559.89 (for a 2100 lb. minimum). I've had a harder time reaching the people at Humboldt to go over the details (I'm currently living in Eugene; my stuff is in storage in Arlington ... my being in PST may be affecting my ability to reach the Humboldt rep on the phone). From a previous conversation w/ them I think their delivery spread is similar to Rainbow's (8-18 days).

My primary question to the group ... Am I better off going with the higher-rated Humboldt company even though my stuff amounts to a lot less than their minimum load, and assuming I can still schedule them?

I'm a little concerned about some of the negative reviews re: Rainbow on this forum, specifically about the scheduling mishaps. But I'd like to get things settled ASAP, it's been easier to reach their moving coordinator on a toll-free line from Eugene (thus saving me from using too many cell phone minutes!), and with their lower bid there's more room for any unexpected costs to still come under my max reimbursement amount. So I'm currently leaning towards Rainbow.

And a secondary question: is it really worth it to wait for the Paul W. Taylor estimate, or am I better off confirming sooner with either Humboldt or Rainbow?

I promise to report back after my move is complete ... thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions (I've already benefited a lot from this site).

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Re: small move from arlington, ma to eugene, or

Postby Jim » Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:19 pm

aleugene, I normally don't like tell people to rush the decision but, one of the problems you're going to run into very soon is that many movers are or will have capacity issues - accordingly you should try to nail down a decision as quickly as possible. I will let some of the other pros comment on that because they have a better handle on capacity issues right now than I might. I personally would wait until the Monday survey, especially if you can make the decision by 7/8 or 7/9, but as I said - I would be interested in what some of the other pros might say.

If all 3 movers can do the move within the confines of your moving allowance, I would definitely NOT pick the cheapest (in moving, I suppose I would advise the same thing - even if there wasn't an allowance) to do the move. Choose the one you felt was the most competent. Don't let excitement, their eagerness to please, their appearance, or anything else other than competency sway your decision making. Do your research, and you should be fine.
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Re: small move from arlington, ma to eugene, or

Postby Rick » Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:36 pm


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