Review - Trosa moving - from NC to TN

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Review - Trosa moving - from NC to TN

Postby hnqcustomer » Sun Aug 10, 2008 10:20 pm

We recently moved from NC to TN and used TROSA as our moving company. In addition to being the cheapest of all of the companies who gave us quotes, they really did a great job. They packed and loaded everything from our old house, shed and from the storage facility. They transported the stuff, unloaded the boxes at the new location and unpacked us.

Here are some highlights on our experience:
1 - they were FAST - When they came to pack and load, they came with approximately 12-15 guys. When they unloaded and unpacked, there were only 4-5 guys - even so, they were big guys who worked really hard the entire time.

2 - they were POLITE - Every single one of the movers were extremely polite and courteous. None of them smoked near the house and we didn't hear any foul language from any of them. There was also a crew boss who kept everyone working efficiently. He was also very polite and courteous. At one point, the crew boss stopped loading / packing and had everyone leave the premises so that my wife and I could put our son down for a nap. There were also a few items that were packed / loaded, then unloaded, then reloaded because of our indecision. They did all of this with a great attitude.

3 - they worked HARD - they didn't take that many breaks and they all worked really hard. It was really impressive how hard they all worked.

4 - We had NOT prepped at all for them - our house was a disaster when they showed up. They packed our entire house and out of a couple of hundred boxes, we felt that a couple of them could have been better packed.

5 - we felt great supporting a good cause. A good portion of the proceeds from the move go to help support NC's largest state licensed residential therapeutic community. They help a LOT of people who otherwise wouldn't have any hope.

Overall, we had an exceptional experience with TROSA and would highly recommend them to anyone. We've already got them lined up for our next move (in about a year).

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Re: **Review - Trosa moving - from NC to TN

Postby bigmove » Sun Aug 10, 2008 11:35 pm

I don't recall for sure, but isn't TROSA the not for profit mover who serves as a drug rehibilitation program?

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Re: **Review - Trosa moving - from NC to TN

Postby cbreeze » Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:57 am

Yes. I used them to unload my daughter's truck last year. Will be using them again in a couple of weeks for a local move in Durham.

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Re: **Review - Trosa moving - from NC to TN

Postby ArchieWhite » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:51 am

Sounds like they are doing good work, and for a good cause at the same time, I applaud them.

The 'not for profit' part is not unique though, at least in my experience.

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Re: **Review - Trosa moving - from NC to TN

Postby rydog444 » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:54 am

aren't all legit moving companies edging toward "not-for-profit"?
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Re: **Review - Trosa moving - from NC to TN

Postby ArchieWhite » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:56 am

Yes. Some have edged even further than that. Maybe someday the good old days will return, and we can break even.

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Re: **Review - Trosa moving - from NC to TN

Postby Diane » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:58 am


Are you still lurking around here? Amazing! You probably noticed that I keep referring people to the photos I took of your son's 2006 move with an ABF ReloCube - review #68. Could you do me a favor and post what happens on the upcoming local move with TROSA?


Thanks so much for your excellent, detailed review of your large move to TN with TROSA. This was the fifth good review that we needed to give them :thumbsup: status on the Superlist.
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Re: Review - Trosa moving - from NC to TN

Postby Diane » Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:45 pm

Strange coincidence, but I just received a PM with this additional excellent review of TROSA, which I'm copying below. I gave the author an assumed name and deleted her email address:
NCtoCO wrote:TROSA Moving out of Durham, NC was responsible for the most incredibly positive moving experience for my family. It was a move buried under an avalanche of extraordinarily demanding conditions.

Beginning in Jan. I presented TROSA's Estimators with very indefinite/ever changing information about my impending family move(s.). I was moving from a home in North Carolina to Colorado, one daughter in a North Carolina condominium was also going to be moved.....I still had to find a new home in Colorado and was uncertain if we would be moving my daughter to my home or to a Colorado apt. To add to the uncertainty over dates and destinations, we also were hoping to move my other daughter in Colorado from her apt. to a new home after the first two cross country moves were completed.

Dates were at last finalized but exactly what TROSA would pack was something that I seemed to change daily. TROSA accomodated me by coming on two different dates to pack, leaving me with a much less staggering moves in the third week of April. . Week by week, I would call and ask if I could add another big piece of furniture. Every inquiry, every request was promptly met with curtesy. Excellent advice was continually provided by TROSA per the move.

On every occasion, TROSA arrived either exactly on time in both North Carolina and Colorado...exactly at the minute promised. M daughter and I left by car for Colorado at noon on Monday, April 21. with one semi being loaded at my home. Neighbors were overseeing the process for me.

TROSA found that one semi truck would not handle the load (My fault for accumulating so much since the estimation in Feb.)

TROSA arranged to use another of their trucks bound for Texas, using about half of the semi for my overflow. They handled all details, kept me informed of their actions, all as I drove across the US and then they showed up exactly to the minute, as promised, in Colorado on Thursday with two semi trucks.

By this time, eight of TROSA's finest movers were involved and they spent the next two days unloading and unpacking my things and those of my daughter. They were able to keep all of my daughter's belongings, separate from mine, placing some in my new home for her temporary use and placing most of her belongings in the garage in storage, waiting for her apt. to become available in May.

TROSA had constructed numerous crates for antique pieces, all of which arrived in perfect condition. They reassembled carefully other pieces, all with a positive attitude and teamwork which was incredible. They patiently unpacked seas of boxes on the 24th & 25th of April..

That completed, on Sat. the 26th , they went to my other daughter's Colorado apt. added her furniture to the load of her belongings which had been packed first in the the semi in North Carolina. They carried her belonginds down 3 flights of steps and then unloaded everything at her new Colorado home on Sat.

On Sat. TROSA again arrived at the Colorado apt. of my 2nd daughter precisely at the minute promised. She had her new home set up later that afternoon.

I could not offer any areas in which I think TROSA could have improved this complicated family series of moves. My household and that of one North Carolina daughter were moved to Colorado and set up exactly as requested. My other daughter's belongings, stored in North Carolina were moved, added to her 2 bedroom apt. belongings and set up in a new Colorado home.

Nothing was lost, nothing was broken, a second semi was provided to accomodate the unexpected overflow which was my fault entirely. The move was completely punctual, pleasant & efficient, the cost exactly as estimated. I was kept informed at every step of the way and am still amazed at the ability of TROSA to handle so much change & uncertainty so professionally, accomplishing three very involved family moves in six days a good 1700 miles apart.

This is a long tale, but two semis, three individual moves, two across the country and a host of changing information and needs makes for a complicated long story. The bottom line is that in my experience, TROSA is the finest, a unique firm that my family was privileged to use.

[name and email address withheld]

PS Movingscam is free to use any part of this long tribute. I would not like my name or email address used but MovingScam is free to contact me to verify I did write this.

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