Paranoid newbie moving from San Diego to Wisconsin. . .

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Re: Paranoid newbie moving from San Diego to Wisconsin. . .

Postby ArchieWhite » Thu Jul 17, 2008 8:15 am

You really got to hand it to somebody in their marketing dept....they were probably sitting around brainstorming one day, when the boss asked, " What can we do with these old 28 ft pups that are sitting in every yard rusting away by the hundreds....they are not air ride, they are old and dinged up, and we are not using them much?" And some guy who was probably promoted to VP soon thereafter said, " Lets put a sticker on the back of all our other trailers, advertising cheap moving, and be a moving company....we already got the trailers, we won't load them, we will direct them to 3rd party loaders, which will insulate us from claims, we dont need any of those expensive and hard to keep pads, straps, ladders, dollies, padlocks, customers can provide their own, and we can charge almost as much as the van lines do, as long as we are a little cheaper, peoples perception will be that they are saving a lot of money....heck, most of them won't add it all up at the end and realize they actually spent more than they would have at a van line, while at the same time, doing all the work themselves, or paying to have it done, and having no loss or damage coverage, workmens comp coverage."

I'm telling you it's brilliant....except for the cost of printing the decals to put on the back of the trailers, there is no capital investment, they already had the trailers, they dont need extra equipment, and they have the tractors and drivers, who were probably not busy, what with the freight slowdown.....My hat is off to these marketing geniuses......

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Re: Paranoid newbie moving from San Diego to Wisconsin. . .

Postby Diane » Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:03 am

Archie, ABF has had to make a tremendous monetary investment to get the ReloCube thing up and running. In addition to trying out different styles of cubes, they have had to buy special forklifts and trailers to move the cubes. Their website and advertising is also state of the art, and that doesn't come cheap, nor does getting exclusive placement in the USPS change of address packet. I'm not at all sure that at least in the initial years, U-Pack has been a huge moneymaker for ABF, although I think it has great potential.

But getting back to what Amanda posted, I stand corrected. My contact at U-Pack has confirmed that in response to many customer requests, they have started sending out emails such as the one that she received. But they send such emails only if the customer requests it, and the customer has to book directly with the service provider. I would have to agree with Lee that the prices quoted are quite high and that U-Pack would naturally be building in a fee to provide this service, besides the money that Albert Moving would be taking off the top as ITS fee, which I think in the past has been around $100.

Personally I believe that people are better off using workers from a high-rated company at for loading and unloading help because they can see ratings of individual companies and therefore have more control over the quality of the people sent. Rates that I have seen at eMove are more on the order of $100 for two guys for two hours, so I think the customer can usually save money with eMove as well.
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Re: Paranoid newbie moving from San Diego to Wisconsin. . .

Postby ArchieWhite » Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:07 am

I'm sure you are right, I was mainly talking about the early days, before phase 2 kicked in.

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Re: Paranoid newbie moving from San Diego to Wisconsin. . .

Postby amandariehl » Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:22 pm

My move is done now, so I thought I would post my finished review of Sullivan United Van Lines. To read the first half of the story on scammers, and quotes from reputable companies, see the beginning of this thread.

My truck driver called on the moving day to say he had a problem with his truck and he would be four hours late. After that delay, he was on-time for the new pickup time. He was very friendly, and carefully inventoried all my things and labelled them with numbered stickers. They wrapped things in furniture pads and stacked my goods in the truck tighter than I could have believed (my 2800 pounds of stuff fit in about 1/10 of the truck).

I had an eight day delivery window, but on the day of pickup the driver told me when he thought he would get there. He was right, and at 8 AM on the date he had guessed, he showed up to deliver my stuff. They unloaded in only about an hour, putting each box or piece of furniture in the room I directed them to while I checked off the inventory. Every box arrived, and nothing was damaged. In fact, even after unpacking the boxes, the only damaged was that the glass in one large frame broke, but that was my fault as I self-packed. I did my best packing, but to have so little broken also shows how gently they treated my things.

My move came in about 200 pounds under the estimated weight, so I got about $150 back from my prepayment. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication between the national group and the agency, so I only got $100. When I called I needed to go back and forth between a couple people before they got it sorted out and promised to refund me the extra $50. I haven't gotten it yet, but they said it might take several weeks because they had already processed the $100 and would have to do the $50 separately.

Overall I was very impressed with my estimator and the relocation team at Sullivan in San Diego, and my driver did a super job. The refund mix-up will hopefully be cleared up quickly.

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