Reebie (Allied) & Chicagolandmovers (northAmerican) - same company?

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Reebie (Allied) & Chicagolandmovers (northAmerican) - same company?

Postby inforr » Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:49 pm

Are Reebie & Chicagolandmover the same company? If I go to the Chicagolandmover website it shows they are an agent of northAmerican. If I click Contact Us - it shows Reebie which is an agent of Allied.

Reading the forum it says to BE CAUTIOUS about Reebie. So do I need to be cautious if I have a quote from ChicagolandMover under northAmerican?


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Re: Reebie (Allied) & Chicagolandmovers (northAmerican) - same company?

Postby chaz4moving » Fri Oct 10, 2008 7:22 pm

Both companies are under the same ownership. Reebie is an agent for Allied Van Lines and Chicagoland is and agent for northAmerican Van Lines. I did not take the time to read why one should be cautious of Reebie, but I will. However, my personal experience with them over a number of years has been extremely good. They have worked with me on both national account and consumer shipments. My customers were pleased with the service they received from Reebie and I was happy with the dealings I had with them, as well. I know several of the people in their sales department personally and they are some of the best in the moving industry. One of their salespeople was Allied's Consumer Salesperson of the Year in 2007. I am thinking it may have been a repeat performance.

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