Ft Lauderdale to Chicago - quotes vary a lot

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Re: Ft Lauderdale to Chicago - quotes vary a lot

Postby birojac » Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:13 pm

so wanted to update my experience since this site has been so helpful

ended up going with Stevens a part of Cousins USA. The move went AWESOME!!!

total cost was $4200 for around 5000 or more pounds

the move consisted of me and my sister. her apt is in downtown ft lauderale on teh second floor of a complesx and mine is in deerfield on a1a. They guys got there around 10am to my sisters place and it took them about 3 hrs. they got to my place around 2pm and took them 2 hrs. it was three guys who were super cool and very friendly with a great sense of humor.

There was no damage to anything of our and nothign missing. they moved into the downtown chicago townhome with no problems at all.

the only 3 complaints are the following:

1. we changed to origin city from deerfield to ft lauderdale and they tacked on $300 for a change of zip code
2. Clem our rep who's the owners son said we could pay by credit card when the movers arried. when they arrived they said no we need a certified check or cashiers check so that wasn't cool. but it all worked out
3. it took the full 13 days from pick up to deliery - too long in my books .my sister had to live in corporate housing for a week

kudos to clem who was super helpful and the three movers.

in fact it was the same three guys who moved us from FL who unloaded in Chicago.

next experience is hte car and then this will have been a very good learning experience1

thanks everyone!

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