ABF: movebuilder.com?

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Big Dog
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Re: ABF: movebuilder.com?

Postby Big Dog » Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:05 pm

Cancel. Doesn't the above story give you a "warm & fuzzy" feeling about ABF?? 8)

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Re: ABF: movebuilder.com?

Postby MusicMom » Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:34 pm

ABF does juet fine; see its own thread of reviews. In my opinion, it's this partnership with the moving labor service that's dragging it down.

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Re: ABF: movebuilder.com?

Postby Diane » Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:47 pm


ABF is a wonderful company, in my opinion, but I agree with MusicMom that they are risking their own reputation by being associated with MovingStaffers.

Try to find out which local company will be actually packing and loading your things under the MovingStaffers name. You might find that if you call a local company where you live, the charges would be less for the same work and you might get a better company. For example, Beltway Movers at www.beltwaymovers.com has a branch in Columbia and has excellent reviews here. Also, a small company called Carolyn's Custom Cleaning in Glen Burnie has very good reviews here and (at least as of a couple of years ago) supplies packing/unpacking and loading/unloading services in MD. It isn't licensed as an actual mover. It travels within a 100-mile radius. The phone # is 410-590-1300. See the MD Superlist for reviews.

If you want to stay with MovingStaffers, chances are you will be OK since it's such a small job - I wouldn't cancel with ABF solely for this reason.
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Re: ABF: movebuilder.com?

Postby Shakybarnes » Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:39 pm

cltack, I have to warn you not to use either MovingStaffers or ABF -- which is the whole point of me posting here. If you are lucky and competent people show up, and if you yourself carefully and appropriately pack and pad your fragile items, maybe it'll work out fine.

But you must understand that MovingStaffers will do nothing to ensure that your property is handled with care -- all they'll do is collect your money and call up some unknown locals to pack the truck. If your stuff is broken or stolen they'll cheat you on your claim and give you the finger.

ABF views itself as being nothing but the taxi driver. If anything gets lost or broken, they refuse all responsibility.

If you have fragile items, you should expect them to get damaged and not be compensated for it. If you are OK with that, use MovingStaffers.

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Re: ABF: movebuilder.com?

Postby blue » Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:55 am

Depends on how much risk you're willing to assume.

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Re: ABF: movebuilder.com?

Postby Diane » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:32 pm

I was unfamiliar with the way MoveBuilder.com operates so I studied the website. Judging from the post by "Shakybarnes," it appears that his girlfriend misunderstood the way the packing and loading is charged for. MoveBuilder charges a certain amount for packing and loading depending on the linear feet of floor space occupied by the items in the truck, just the way U-Pack charges by the foot for transporting the goods. Charges are not by the hour but by the linear foot, granted that these usually would be closely related.

This is the actual statement from the Moving Estimate page on MoveBuilder.com: "With MoveBuilder, your price is based on how much space you use." The estimate prior to the move, then, must have been only a nonbinding estimate, not a binding one, just the way the U-Pack estimates have always been nonbinding.

What happens if the shipment is larger than expected? The MoveBuilder website states: "Once we arrive at your home for loading, if the MoveBuilder staff anticipates an incorrect estimate, work will be discontinued until you have the opportunity to approve the revision. You will never be surprised with an increased bill after your belongings are already loaded into the moving trailer."

In this particular case, it seems that the shipment turned out to occupy much more floor space than expected and it took longer to load than expected. Maybe the customer underestimated, maybe MoveBuilder underestimated . . . we can't know. But in any case, the customer must have agreed to pay for loading and transporting whatever space was ultimately needed, so in my opinion she really had no grounds for disputing the charge.

In terms of the damage and loss claims, the MoveBuilder website says that Full Replacement Value coverage will be provided only if the customer asks for both loading and unloading services. Since she apparently didn't ask for unloading, but just loading, in reality she would legally have been limited to only 10 or 60 cents per pound per item, I'm not sure which. If she received any significant amount of money for damages, that must have been because MoveBuilder went beyond what it was legally required to do.

In the moving industry, loss claims are virtually never honored unless the customer can document what was in the "packed by owner" boxes. The carrier has no idea what is in such boxes unless "high value" is declared before the move takes place. If this customer's claim was denied, then it must be that she couldn't provide this documentation.

I suggest that prospective customers who are worried about this particular case contact MoveBuilder directly to ask for their side of the story. Either call the number on the website or use this email address that I found on the UPack website - publicrelations@movebuilder.com

I am not particularly enthusiastic about MoveBuilder, and I think the language on the MoveBuilder website could certainly be clearer. However, given the contract that this customer must have signed, I think that the company went beyond what it was legally required to do. It probably could have been nicer in its dealings with her, but after studying the MoveBuilder website, I'm sure that no scam took place.
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Re: ABF: movebuilder.com?

Postby xairbus » Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:52 pm

Diane, I can see why you were welcomed back. :P The biggest problem with "reviews" is knowing as many facts as possible. Personal experiences are fine, if backed up by similar, corroborating ones. Single bad experiences do not a 'review' make. :hmm: "Moving" is not something most of us do yearly, much less monthly, so it can be difficult to get a consensus on any one company. :roll: Thanks for your efforts at balanced reporting.

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Re: ABF: movebuilder.com?

Postby Diane » Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:15 pm

You're welcome, and I needed that. :)

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Re: ABF: movebuilder.com?

Postby rachelr » Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:49 am

Shakeybarns :: I'm curious...did your GF purchase loading AND unloading services from MoveBuilder?

According to MoveBuilder's tariff, their coverage is:
Full-value on items prepared by MoveBuilder, if loading AND unloading is purchased.
$0.60 per lb on everything if only loading OR unloading is purchased.

Packing is separate, and provides added security for your boxed items.

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