Approved Moving and Storage (Brooklyn)(NorthAmerican Agents)

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Approved Moving and Storage (Brooklyn)(NorthAmerican Agents)

Postby folkrock75 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:45 pm

Hi, I am looking for recent testimonials on NorthAmerican agent's Approved Moving and Storage operating out of Brooklyn (374 Kosciusko Street).

I followed movingscams's article: "Advice: How to Find a Reputable Moving Company" and found the following info:

- everything checks out
- FMCSA: everything looks appropriate
- BBB: Accredited since 1998, rating of A+

As a last step, I am looking for updated testimonials. There were three captured statements in The Super List ( which reported interactions in opposition to the quote I received. My quote was binding, and the estimating agent was helpful. If anyone has any information regarding these movers I would greatly appreciate response.

For reference, I am having my 1 bedroom apartment moved into storage for one month and then moved to upstate NY. More estimates to come, but so far Approved came in around 500-600 cheaper than moving scam recommended "All Star Moving & Storage." Thanks!

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Re: Approved Moving and Storage (Brooklyn)(NorthAmerican Agents)

Postby NYCMover » Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:18 pm

This company goes back many, many years. I worked for the father-in-law of the current owner, Steve Donenfeld, more than 20 years ago. Back then, the company was operated on Classon Ave. in Brooklyn, under the name Central Moving and Storage and their 2nd location on Kosciusko St., Brooklyn (where they currently operate from) was known as Continental Moving and Storage. Central was an agent for American Red Ball years ago, when Red Ball was still (somewhat) of a player in the van lines arena. The building Central operated from on Classon Ave. was sold to the Department of Education many years ago and operations were consolidated under Approved Moving & Storage at Kosciusko St.

Steve is an honorable guy and one of my original mentors in this industry. He started out on the trucks and learned the business from the ground up. Steve runs a tight ship and has some very knowledgeable people working in the office. This company is an old-school mover with guys on their trucks who can thread a sofabed through a needle, if need be. These are the types of movers who cinch 5 book boxes together with a tie rope, put them on their backs with a "hump strap" and walk up 4 flights of stairs at a clip. These are the guys who can upend a padded triple dresser, cross tie it to a dolly and bring it down 2 flights without touching a wall. Like I said, old-school.

I think you should be fine with a decision to go forward with Approved/North American, especially if they gave you a bound quote. I wouldn't even question it if a relative of mine wanted to use them.

Good luck with your move! :)

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