"You-load, We-move" search and sizing questions

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"You-load, We-move" search and sizing questions

Postby consume » Wed Jun 11, 2003 9:55 pm

My wife and I are planning a move from San Jose, CA to Richmond, VA this summer. Due to cost (and the availability of cheap family labour), we are leaning very heavily towards the "you load, we ship" types of companies, and researched four with the following results:

ABF U-pack - MC029910
Appears reputable. Customer service experience seemed marginal. Not classified as a household goods carrier under DOT#.

Value-Moves - MC450353
Licensed broker, no insurance. From Florida.

Movex - MC298267
Revoked carrier on FMSCA but not on the DOT, FMCSA says "broker." From Florida

Help-u-Move - MC405160
Licensed as "broker" - no insurance. From Florida

ABF is in the lead at the moment. Are there other companies that we should consider? Any thoughts or experiences with the above companies?

The issue we are having is reconciling the space requirements with the initial in-home do-not-exceed quote we recieved of 6500 lbs. While we have a tiny 2br house, the 6500 lb quote is probably a very safe worst-case.

Because these companies charge by the linear foot, we're not sure how much to budget. If you underbudget your size requirement, it can get pretty expensive. If you overbudget, you still have to pay a minimum that can be more expensive than if you sized correctly in the first place.

Does anyone have experience with using one of these companies and the linear foot measurements? Were you close, way off, etc.?

Any advice on any of the above would be much appreciated.



Re: "You-load, We-move" search and sizing question

Postby james » Wed Jun 11, 2003 11:51 pm

In response to the couple moving from California. Move yourself. As a supplier to the van lines about half are reputable. The abf's and others you have listed are not professional movers and i would not recomend taking short cuts. If your looking to save some money go to Pioneer Packing in Cali. They supply the van lines in that area with packing supplies as well as every other company or person who calls themself a professional mover. You can buy direct from them in small qtys, without paying through the nose for cartons. You'll save 50% over U-haul. In my opinion your taking a big chance by using any of the companies listed.

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Re: "You-load, We-move" search and sizing question

Postby Josh » Thu Jun 12, 2003 9:29 am


I would have to disagree with james. I have had several customers move with ABF and all have enjoyed it.

Here are some pts to consider:

1. Will your apartment complex allow ABF to drop a trailer and leave it there for 2 days? The trailer is 28' long.

2. Also check with destination for the same situation.

3. You will need items to wrap your furniture for protection, Moving companies have brown paper pads which are 7 layers and normally cost between 1-2 dollars per sheet.

And about the space, if you load it tight, you should be able to get about 400# per linear foot. That means you should use approx. 16 linear feet. Find out from ABF the cost per linear foot based on 16' and then ask about 19'. The reason, sometimes the price per linear foot decreases with the more you ship.

Let me know if I confused the crap out of you!

Hope this helps.

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Re: "You-load, We-move" search and sizing question

Postby Tyrone » Thu Jun 12, 2003 10:39 am

Also note that the advice from guest "james" recommended a specific moving company... I would not take the advice of anyone who recommends a specific mover on this message board; this is a common tactic of scam movers (recommending themselves on the message boards).


Re: "You-load, We-move" search and sizing question

Postby VL » Thu Jun 12, 2003 4:07 pm

I am also planning to move from California to the East Coast. You should give Public Storage a call. Apparently, they have a Moving Services Dept in addition to their more popular storage service. Since Public Storage has been in existence for at least a decade, I think they are more reputable, though I don't know how anyone's experience has been with them. Their quote was cheaper than other You Load, We Move companies too. www.publicstorage.com


Re: "You-load, We-move" search and sizing question

Postby fubar » Thu Jun 12, 2003 5:47 pm

Tyrone. Pioneer Packing is not a moving company. It is a vendor that supplies movers and other companys with packing material. Ctns., bubble wrap, wrapping paper. etc. etc. Josh was suggesting that consume go to them for packing material instead of U-haul or Ryder for a better deal. FYI


Re: "You-load, We-move" search and sizing question

Postby Consume » Thu Jun 12, 2003 6:01 pm

Thank you all for the advice...

JAMES: I don't need any packing material - we just got married, and now have more boxes, bubblewrap and styrofoam peanuts than I could ever imagine needing for a little place. With respect to the U-haul, Ryder, etc. - they currently have a HUGE premium for moving out of the SF Bay Area - in the neighborhood of 3K - not counting gasoline.

Josh: 400# / linear foot is one calculation I have heard. Another is 600# / linear foot. Others do a Cu Ft to Linear foot calculation. Does anyone out there have an opinion on the relative error rate of these estimations?

VL: First, read Tyrone's post. I did check out Public Storage though - they doesn't ship to Richmond, which is a bit surprising. I tried their quick quote system for SJC to Washington D.C. to compare....they require a minimum of 15 days to deliver, as opposed to the 7-12 days by ABF and MoveX. They used a measurement method of "containers" saying that I would need five 5x7x8 containers - no mention of CuFt, Linear feet or weight. Finally, I couldn't find their DOT or MC numbers. Didn't leave me with a good feeling.

Thanks again for the input. We are still working on a reasonable way to compare the services. Additional input would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: "You-load, We-move" search and sizing question

Postby Josh » Thu Jun 12, 2003 8:32 pm

Josh: 400# / linear foot is one calculation I have heard. Another is 600# / linear foot. Others do a Cu Ft to Linear foot calculation. Does anyone out there have an opinion on the relative error rate of these estimations?

Sounds like you have heard it twice. I work for a company that does this same program and I quote these shipments often. This year I have only shipped 4 orders like this, but all 4 of my customers paid exactly what I had quoted. I do believe 400#/ln ft is accurate.

If you would like to figure on cubic foot vs linear feet, here are some examples:

HHGD density is on average 7#/cubic foot
Therefore, 6500# would be about 930 cubic feet
If the trailer is 8' wide, 8' high, and you use 16' of floor space, this would equal 1024 cubic feet.
You should have no problem fitting your 930 cubic feet in this space.

Hope this helps!!!

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Re: "You-load, We-move" search and sizing question

Postby Not so stressed anymore » Sat Jun 14, 2003 5:33 am

I too an a San Jose, CA refugee. I am planning a move to Austin, TX. After diligently watching this board and Moving Advocacy Team for the last six months I have decided to AVOID MOVERS at all costs. It is just not worth it. I have been looking at ABF because I dont mind packing myself but I dont want to drive.

If you decide to go with ABF check out the feedback on epinions.com. Alot of the people who have used this service have left great tips in their feedback. You will get alot of information on the pros and cons of this service from people who have used it. Also order the video they will send you for free.

Thanks James for the tip of packing materials. And thanks for all who keep this website going. Consider me one of the people who were saved alot of grief because you cared enough to keep speaking out.

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Re: "You-load, We-move" search and sizing question

Postby Tyrone » Sat Jun 14, 2003 1:26 pm

For Guest "Not so stressed" and others:

Have you considered a donation? Please do so because this site helps so many people but no one ever donates. Since there is no charge for helping people, there is NO way for money to come in other than your donations. Please, please don't be one of the many who say "I'll help at some point in the future, maybe after my move, if everything goes well". Without your help NOW there is no guarantee that this site will still be around to help you if things don't go well.

The scam movers have the strength and resources of organized crime backing them. Plus, the AMSA represents billions of dollars in annual revenue and is fighting us tooth and nail. We only have each other. Please contribute.



Re: "You-load, We-move" search and sizing question

Postby VL » Tue Jun 17, 2003 1:39 am

Consume - First off, I was merely suggesting that you contact Public Storage for a price and service comparison. Like you, I am moving from the West Coast to the East Coast, and have been conducting my own research on You Pack, They Move companies. Public Storage was one of the companies that I came across, so I thought I would share that piece of information with you.

I found this info on them: Public Storage DOT #682019, MC #377555.

Moving on, I did some more research on this company and unfortunately I found some negative results. Their HQ location in LA got an unsatisfactory record with the BBB. Their Burlingame location, which is the one that will deliver my container, has some complaints as well in the past year.

Also, their website and online estimate stated that there are no hidden charges in the quote and no extra charges for long stairs. When I spoke with the phone rep, he informed me that there would be a $300 extra charge to get from their facility in a NYC suburb to Manhattan, and $25 extra per story of stairs past the 3rd floor. All these charges seem shady to me.

Anyways, like you, I'm in this trial and error stage. Fortunately for you, Public Storage doesnt work for you anyway.

City to City Moving, a subsidary of Door to Door Storage (DOT 896887, MC 389656) is the other company that I am looking into. You may want to give them a call for comparison sake. But similar to PS, they charge by the container.

Good luck.

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