Bekins, AMS RElocation or Sterling Van Lines

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Re: Bekins, AMS RElocation or Sterling Van Lines

Postby Guest » Tue Oct 12, 2004 2:19 pm

In answer to the earlier question, I choose $20000 valuation as we are shipping some antiques.

Well, I have decided to go with Stevens. Though they are not a major player, they have no negative notices on this site, have Diamond status from BBB and other references were good. While they gave me the heaviest weight estimate as it was under their 2100 lb limit they gained my trust by referring me to a reputable firm, Sterling, without trying to get a transfer fee. They also had the quickest turnaround, which was important.

Everyone from Sagaan were very helpful and professional, particularly the contact, who patiently answered my thousands of questions in numerous cell phone calls, as though I would of course be remiss not to ask them.

They were helpful in accomodating my needs and were very straightforward about the costs.

I ruled out Bekins after everything I heard. To answer the relationship between the various names; they said that Bekins LLC was their corporate name of the HQ in LA, under which every other company sheltered and then beneath that sat the agents. Understandably, they knew nothing about any bankrupcy, I didn't really expect anyone to engage me on the phone in a conversation about such a topic.

I didn't choose Cor-o-Van, North American, though it is probably the most sensible choice, being the biggest a middle quote. This was based on a gut reaction to the agent's representative as well as the few negative comments about North American on this site. The representive padded the quote, with such things as guarenteed pick up day, though we said the pick up day was not important as I work from home. I just didn't feel he had my interests in mind.

The Saagan representative has just left and the Stevens driver and helper are packing as I type.

Many, many thanks for all your help, this site is wonderful.

as I say I shall let you know how it went.

Thanks again.


I shall let everyone know how it goes, they are delivering on the 16th.

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Re: Bekins, AMS RElocation or Sterling Van Lines

Postby mab » Fri May 25, 2007 3:36 pm

We've had some experience with AMS/ Bekins in Burlingame, CA. We did a local move (1 mile) within Redwood Shores, CA. The crew arrived on time and was very good about packing. However, they did damage a couple of items, including my husband's 400 pound table saw. They literally dropped it (it landed upside down) when they were trying to load it in the truck. Despite purchasing full insurace, we still have not gotten any reimbursement from AMS/Bekins and have gotten the run-around -despite the damage happening in front of the supervisor and him noting these items were damaged.


Clare wrote:Thankyou for your answer Diane, and I have confirmed that Bekins Vanlines and Bekins Moving LLC are the same compnay. Thier quote is a lot lower than the other companies and they are a large mover with many agents, but I am worried about how the Bekins rep explained the estimate he gave me and about the Bankrupcy. Has anyone heard of AMS Relocation?

Bekins said that I had a quote for 33 items and that they would not weight the load if I kept to 33 items, so despite the fact that the quote stated 5 boxes of various sizes, I could pack 5 of the biggest boxes I could find with rocks. As long as I did not exceed 33 items I was fine. If I had 34 items then they would weigh the load and if it was in excess of the estimate I would lose the discounts increasing the cost considerably. This seemed very complicated and odd. Should I be wary or was this simply an honest helpful fellow explaining how to work the system.

I would go with Sterling, but again should I worry that I have only a verbal phone quote?


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Re: Bekins, AMS RElocation or Sterling Van Lines

Postby Diane » Fri May 25, 2007 3:39 pm

Bekins is notorious for not paying out on claims.

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