Claims resolved :)

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Claims resolved :)

Postby PacerFan577 » Wed Feb 23, 2005 3:07 pm

Hello again everyone, I thought I would come back and give you an update on my move and claims.

History here:

Moved from NJ to FL last August with Atlas, and paid for full valuation. They were a couple of weeks late delivering because of the hurricanes, and just barely made it before my wedding. Unfortunately, my stuff was handled too many times for it to make it all in one piece (apt to truck, truck to storage, storage to truck, truck to 2nd truck, 2nd truck to shuttle, shuttle to condo). I didn't ask for nor was I billed for the storage, I'm not sure why it was involved at origin since they didn't tell me about it until after the fact. So anyway, in the course of the move, they broke a plastic storage bin, took a chunk out of my entertainment center, and scratched up my dining table and sheared off its pedestal leg. I received a check for $12 for the tub as claimed, and they said someone would come to estimate the rest of the damages.

The guy came to estimate my damages in November, and said it'd cost more to fix them than they're worth, so he would let Atlas know and they'd handle it from there. In the mean time, I had discovered that they sheared the antenna connector off of the back of my TV (I hadn't noticed before I sent in the original claim because we were on our honeymoon, then unpacking everything, and we had a second TV we were using). I asked if they could add it, and he said sure, he'd take care of it.

Heard back from Atlas a couple of weeks later; they were compensating me in full for the value I had claimed. They mentioned I needed to send a paper claim for the television, along with a repair estimate specifically stating the cause of the damage, and they would pay for the estimate if the claim was appropriate.

Took the TV to get an estimate (I went ahead and had them fix it since it was $150 and I wanted my TV) and then sent the estimate to Atlas.

I received the check for the entertainment center and table, then followed up with Atlas to find out about the TV because the $12 check was about to reach its 90-day expiration. They returned my call the following Monday and told me they were covering the TV repair in full as well. So Atlas paid me in cash for the entire value that I had claimed for my items. I was impressed (even though it took 6 months) because I didn't think it was possible for a mover to fully compensate a customer from all of the horror stories I had heard. Well, Atlas proved me wrong.

In summary
I was very happy with the origin agent, and was mostly happy with my move since they made it before my deadline. I was disappointed with the number of things that were broken or damaged, but even though it took several months, Atlas made good on all of the damage claims. So in summary, I'd gladly use Atlas again. They're very professional, and if you are nice and respectful and professional to them, they treat you in kind and make things right.

Thanks to everyone on the board for your support.

-Tim / PacerFan577

PS - I asked Atlas when I spoke with them about cashing the multiple checks I received. They also advised me not to cash them until the claim process was complete, as they would require additional paperwork to process the remainder of the claims. Thankfully, they never expired so I didn't have to worry about it.

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