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John Milad (#75)

Re: 75 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby John Milad (#75) » Tue Feb 01, 2005 10:45 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 1/05
Move: New Hampshire to Hernando, FL
Cost: $2,111 for 16 feet
Drivers: Patrick R. and Julie
Shipped a car: No
Booked directly with BE

I just completed a move to our new home in Hernando FL. I moved from NH. I used Broadway Express for my moving service. I was very apprehensive about who to use for moving. I came to this site and saw all the scams that is going on in the moving industry. I did a lot of research and thanks to this web site I picked the best moving company.

Broadway Express was a pleasure to work with they called me and kept me informed all through the move. It also helps to pack your belongings properly. I mean to use boxes and packing material and plenty of wrap to protect your belongings.

The team that called me to do our move were very helpful, courteous, and concerned about our furniture and boxes. I can't begin to give enough praise to the team of Patrick Ryan and Julie Jones if you should get them you will be in heaven as far as moving is concerned. You can't and will not find any better people to guide you along on your moving journey.

2 days before they came they called me to tell me they would be here to my storage facilty on friday morning - they were calling me from North Carolina. The next day was thursday and they called me to tell me they were in Washington D.C. and they would be traveling through the night to be at my place at about 10:30 am friday morning. Sure enough friday morning January 17th at about 9:00 am they called to tell me they were almost at my place.

It was raining cats and dogs that morning, but it was better than having to deal with a lot of snow. That is usually the norm this time of year. They also said they were very tired of all the driving they did and they would not be able to help us with the loading of our goods. That was ok because I had a few friends that was going to help my wife and I. But they did show us how to properly load and stock the moving truck, and after that they went into the front of the cab truck to catch some sleep. We loaded the whole load in less than 4 hours. We knocked on the cab door to let them know and they came right out to lock up the load.

They also told me that when they deliver our furniture they would be rested and would be more than happy to unload the truck with us. That was perfect for my wife and I because we didn't know anyone out in Florida to help us unload. They brought our belongings four days later and helped us unload the truck They were very helpful and I couldn't ask for any better service. As a matter of fact I told them that I will be having a house warming sometime next month and I would call them to see if they are in my area and I would invite them to our gathering with our new neighbors.

Pat & Julie were just great people. I don't know how the other personnel is that works for Broadway Express but all I can say is I don't think it can be any better than the team that I had. In closing if you are thinking of using this kind of service for moving, PLEASE CHOOSE BROADWAY EXPRESS YOU CANT GO WRONG

Yours Truly
John Milad

sara (#76)

Re: 76 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby sara (#76) » Fri Feb 04, 2005 10:17 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 1/05
Move: Yuba City, CA, to Columbus, OH
Cost: $1835 for 10 feet
Driver: John H.
Shipped a car: No
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 – 2/1/05

My husband and I recently moved from Yuba City Ca, to just Northeast of Columbus, OH. We were quoted $1835, which included the $275 fuel surcharge, for 10 linear feet.

Our driver arrived on time and was very helpful. His name was John Hudson. We also hired his labor for our move. For a 2 bedroom house, we knocked out all the boxes, recliners etc, in about 2 hours. John's know-how on how to pack his truck efficiently came in extremely handy.

He gave us a day that he'd be in our area, so we knew exactly when to have friends etc help us unload. Due to unforseen circumstances, we couldn't be at our destination on the delivery date. We called up family and friends to unload it for us. John was very understanding and helpful.

We really appreciate BE's hospitality and professionalism. We would use BE again in a heartbeat. We did the calculations before we left on how much it would be for truck and car trailer, on many different companies and BE was always cheaper.

We would reccommend them to anyone. =)

WI to AZ (#77)

Re: 77 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby WI to AZ (#77) » Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:27 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 2/05 (move was in 1/05)
Move: WI to AZ
Cost: $4370 for 42 feet
Driver: Alan H.
Shipped a car: yes (Explorer and motorcycle)
Booked directly with BE

Everything went very well as far as Broadway Express's service. Our driver, Alan Hirschenhofer, was very professional and communicated great throughout our journey to Arizona.

We were very fortunate to have Alan. He was very helpful in lending packing advice and was fun to talk with. We were especially happy to have our belongings arrive only one day after us. We did have a few items damaged but that was likely the result of our packing.

The only disapointment was with the labor-ready help I hired. We employed four of them but only two really worked. None of them were noticably drunk, but one was toothless, lazy, had a story for everything and was very weak, he could only lift 25lbs. or so. The other lazy one stayed in the truck and when asked to help he would give you this stupid look, like you want me to do what.

I ended up carrying couches and most of the heavy stuff. I thought because of the fact I hired four workers I would'nt have to lift the heavy stuff, I thought I could just direct traffic. They also damaged some furniture and tore up a few walls in the process. That is a whole diffrent issue!

We have been spreading the word of the great service Broadway Express provided. Our move was much less stressful using Broadway than with some of the other available alternatives. The cost was fair, without surpise, and the service was fantastic. We would, without hesitation, use Broadway Express again.

jm in austin (#78)

Re: 78 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby jm in austin (#78) » Thu Feb 24, 2005 7:20 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 2/05 (move was in 1/05)
Move: Boston to Austin, TX
Cost: $3847 for 25 feet
Driver: Mike C.
Shipped a car: yes (Jeep)
Booked directly with BE

Hi all,

I had a great experience with both this web site and Broadway Express (BE). I wouldn't have known where to begin without this site, and BE proved to be exactly what we needed. Service was great, driver was great, and all our stuff arrived with narry a scratch.

Want details? Okay. Got a quote 'round Xmas for a Jan. 13 load date. We also got a quote from Penske and Uhaul; they were between $1,800-$2,000, but we definitely didn't want to do the drive ourselves. The only issue we ran into was that BE moved our load in date up a day due to weather concerns. Understandable given the winter Boston has had this year.

We didn't want to worry about the loading and unloaded our stuff, so we arranged for movers on both ends. We used to find the movers. In Boston (Burlington, specifically), we hired a great bunch from NH. Here's the info on them:

Blodgett Express
(603) 224-8089 
6 Thompson St # A
Concord, NH 
Two-man crew. We can do the whole load/unload for you.
$50.00 / hour (+ $30.00 flat travel fee)

Blodgett is a family operation; they literally have been doing this for generations. We requested the two-man crew, but they ended up bringing five people for the move, at no extra charge -- remarkable given that they charge by the hour!

It was a good thing, too, because it was sleeting out and we had lots of heavy stuff. They knew how to build out the car deck, set up the bulk head, and how to load that van right. Michael Cole, the driver, even commented that they were exceptional. (We initially asked Michael about helping with the car decking and bulkhead, but Blodgett took care of everything and Michael was happy to let them do it.) They loaded the car and all our stuff in under three hours (main floor unit with a small set of steps to contend with). We more than doubled their fee as a tip -- seriously they were that good. They even made massive garbage runs to the dumpster for us (1/2 mile away) using their pick up. We were so psyched!

On the Austin side, things didn't go as smoothly. I honestly can't recall who we used (we paid all the movers in cash), but they were UT students who were out of their league. They brought three guys, but one had to leave after a couple of hours. All and all, it took 7+ hours to unload. In their defense, though, I have to say the Austin side required an elevator ride and a long, long city-block walk to the flat. Making matters worse the elevator gave out at hour six. Oh well.

Yet I digress. Getting back to BE, our stuff arrived on the 18th, as promised, and in great condition. We were charged exactly what we were quoted for (they charged our credit card on the load-in day). On the Austin side, Michael rolled up his sleeves when it came time to unload the Jeep and take apart the deck, which was all we asked him to do. He slept while the youngin's hauled and we were fine with that. We both paid him for his time and tipped him well (granted, we can afford it and were just happy people took such good care of our stuff).

All in all, it was a very good experience, and I will definitely recommend BE (and to anyone who'll listen.

Best of luck in your move!

- jm

kriscam (#79)

Re: 79 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby kriscam (#79) » Mon Feb 28, 2005 8:48 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 2/05
Move: San Diego to Colorado Springs, CO
Cost: $2274 for 16 feet
Driver: Larry H.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 - 1/26/05

I'm thinking of using Broadway Express to move us from San Diego to Colorado Springs. I've read the reviews on this website, and I checked the Better Business Bureau. There's been 3 complaints made and they aren't members.

"The Bureau processed 3 complaints about this company in the last 36 months. All of those were processed in the last 12 months. Complaints are concerning Selling Practices, and Service Issues. Of all the complaints filed 1 was closed as Assumed Resolved, and 2 were closed as Disputed. "

I'm a little nervous still, because we pay up front and they aren't members of the BBB. Can anyone ease my mind?

Reply by Diane - 1/26/05:

Diane wrote:Hi - For many years, BE had no complaints with the BBB. From what I know of the 3 complaints you mention (people contacting me about them), none of them were what I would consider justified. I can't go into detail because of confidentiality issues, but remember that BE is doing many, many moves for Movex as well as moves that it books itself. Poor performance by Movex (for example in terms of failure to compensate people for damage to goods) could result in a BBB complaint against both Movex and BE even though BE was not legally responsible for compensating the customer.

Another thing to remember is that not every customer is completely honest. There are some that will say things that are not true in an effort to maneuver a company into giving them a free or reduced-cost move. Since it's hard for the BBB to sort out the facts in those cases, those types of complaints are normally recorded as "disputed." Unfortunately, they stay on the company's record forever.

As in a hostage situation, if a company like BE starts paying ransom to customers in order to avoid having them complain to the BBB, it is a very slippery slope. Where would it end? To the best of my knowledge, BE has ALWAYS compensated customers promptly and fairly when it made a mistake, but it has not given in to blackmail-type situations where customers were demanding things they weren't entitled to.

There are very few companies that I would put my own reputation on the line for. I can say unequivocally that from what I have seen, I trust Broadway Express 100% and if they ever did anything to cheat a customer I would be out of here so fast they wouldn't know what happened. Yes, there will be service failures when a truck breaks down or a driver is hospitalized or whatever. But based on what I've seen over the past year, I do not believe that the people running BE would ever, ever do anything unethical.

As for their not being members of the BBB, I didn't know that, but many reputable companies choose not to be members. The BBB isn't all that it's cracked up to be, for one thing. It also costs money to belong. Others will know more about this issue and may comment further.

For now, I just want to reassure you that given the number of moves that BE does each year (thousands), I would not be bothered by the 3 BBB complaints or their not being a member.

Post #2 - 1/28/05

It does make me concerned and nervous that the freight company, BE asks for the money upfront. That seems to be typical of scam companies. Wouldn't they want their customer to feel more comfortable and trusting and not following what the typical scam companies do?

Reply by Diane - 1/28/05:

Diane wrote:Kris,

I think that BE has gone to the system of charging the credit card prior to loading to protect themselves because in some cases the charge has been declined due to insufficient credit. They want to get it settled prior to loading so that they don't have to keep contacting the credit card company for an update to see whether the money is there or keep contacting the customer to get the number of a different credit card--all of this while the shipment is on its way. They want to get it settled up front to simplify things.

As you probably know, if you pay with a cashier's check you can pay at destination when the truck arrives, before unloading.

I know that in the past BE has worked with people who want to use a credit card to do one of the following: (1) simply get an authorization from the credit card company prior to loading day to put a hold on the funds (and then they charge the card for that amount at destination); (2) charge the credit card half the amount prior to loading and half the amount at destination prior to unloading. I suggest that you call BE to discuss this with the person in charge of billing to see what might be possible in your case.

The fact is that many if not all full-service moving companies get an authorization from the credit card company to put a hold on the monetary amount of the move, whether they do it before pickup, on the day of pickup, or while the goods are in transit. It's not as if they take a credit card number and never check on whether the customer has the necessary credit until the goods are delivered.

I'm quoting this post by "Nancy"--an employee of a major van line--as evidence for my statement:

Nancy wrote:Most van lines (the majors) charge the amount of the estimate on the credit card on the day before the load.. . . Every one does a hold on the funds or a charge for the amount of the estimate before the load. I know this for North American, Allied, United, Mayflower, Bekins. It can also be a huge inconvience for customers to deal with a declined card at delivery. It's really best for everyone involved for the credit card to be processed before the load. When people aren't comfortable with that, we gladly take the cashiers check at delivery. -

So the difference between BE and full-service movers isn't all that great, and I suggest that you call BE to discuss your concerns and see whether they can make some arrangement to put your mind at ease. Otherwise, if you don't want to pay before the goods are delivered, you can pay with a cashier's check--or, I assume, a money order--when the truck gets there.

Post #3 - 2/28/05

I posted on here a month ago asking about Broadway. I was rather nervous because it's by linear feet and not weight and it's C.O.D upfront. But we chose them because we wanted to save money and do some of the work ourselves. We were very pleased and relieved with our move. This website really helped me make my decision.

We moved from San Diego to Colorado Springs in Feb 2005. We reserved 16 linear feet and they quoted us $2274.00. We didn't ship our cars. Our driver was Larry Hall. We asked for his assistance with packing and unpacking of the truck. He actually came a day early because he wanted to be familiar with what we had, which really surprised and bothered me at first because we had our friends showing up the next morning to help. But I'm glad the driver came early because him and my husband got the truck started and worked for about an hour.

He did charge $35 an hour and didn't tell us that until the destination. I was expecting $25-30 like most reviews on this site says. We should of asked in the beginning. But his expertise was well worth it. We also went over our space by a little bit (a foot or so) and he didn't charge us extra. I hope that doesn't get him in trouble at BE. He left the truck parked in front of our house that Friday night and then Saturday morning he was there ready to go along with our friends. They finished in about 4 hours. It took longer than I thought. Larry was very kind and very helpful.

We weren't sure when he'd arrive in Co Springs, but he called us a couple of times and we ended up unloading to a storage facility (so that had to be packed too) on Thursday. We hired 2 guys from Labor Ready. They had the truck unloaded in 2 1/2 hours, but we paid Labor Ready for their minimum 4 at $14.95 an hour. It was worth it. They both worked hard. I think my husband even tipped them a little more. We gave them gatorade too. My husband mostly directed and helped pack the storage unit. We got a 10 x 20 unit and that thing is completed filled, everything almost didn't fit. I wish we would have gotten the 10 x 30.

I can't say how our stuff is but I think all the boxes seem okay, some furniture on the bottoms are scratched a bit from the hand trucks. I'll post again when I'm able to unpack. We are still waiting for our house to sell and in the mean time we are staying with family. It's hard, but I'm glad we did the move with BE; we really saved money. We spent about $2850 for the move, boxes, labor, tips, etc. Our house was a 3 bed, 1300 sq ft home with a 2 car gar. It was hard to figure out how much space we'd need - we went back and forth with the quotes on 16 ft or 19 ft.

We got quotes from United Van Lines with two different agents (moving companies). The first quote was decent, about $7000 with packing and boxes, and everything (M & M Moving and Storage). The estimate guy was very nice, thorough, and knowledgable.

The company I work for recommended this moving company (Crown Moving and Storage) which was our second quote. It was about $9000 without packing and boxes. I questioned the cost and then they said they'd give us a 60% discount because they were on an account with my company, so it would be about $4500. We were shocked at the price differences and that made us leary. The estimate guy wasn't as thorough. The company was very pushy trying to get our business. They said they were more because we were covered by insurance at 100%.

Ultimately this had me confused and nervous and going back to this site for advice. I'm glad we used BE and I'd recommend them to my friends.

On a side note, we bought a lot of boxes and packing material at U-Haul and a local company (Whaley's Enterprises); used boxes saved us money and our next door neighbors were moving in at the same time so they gave us several of their boxes.

[Editor's note by Diane: There is actually nothing unusual about Crown first quoting you $9000 and then giving you a discount, although many sales reps will just quote the discounted price and not say anything about the higher base price. It appears that by going with BE you saved about 40% over the cost of the full-service mover M & M, which is about what most people save. Of course, you did a lot of work in the process.

Larry H. is one of BE's most experienced household movers and the reviews indicate that they tend to charge more than an ordinary freight driver. But if you compare the extra hourly cost with what he saved you by giving you a free extra foot of floor space, you came out very well overall. He probably showed up a day early to check access to the residence and make sure that a shuttle wouldn't be needed. Several other people have reported BE drivers doing this type of thing.]

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Re: 80 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby seandtaylor » Wed Mar 02, 2005 11:52 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is review #80.]

Recommended: yes :D ; nearly had to call a flatbed tow truck to load car
Date: 3/05 (move was in 2/05)
Move: Northern CA to Boston, MA
Cost: $4657 for 25 feet
Drivers: Matt and Helen M.
Shipped a car: yes (GrandAm)
Booked directly with BE

My family has just made this move from Northern CA to Boston and I wanted to thank for giving me the idea of using Broadway Express and to thank Broadway Express for their excellent service, which made the move much easier than I had expected. Everything worked great!

We moved a house full of stuff and a car across the country for under $5000. The drivers, Matt and Helen Miller, were very friendly and helpful and it took less than 4 hours to load the truck, and less than 3 hours to unload. They were very careful with our possessions and had more than enough dollies and moving pads / blankets to ensure that nothing was broken and nothing scratched. We were happier loading our own possessions with the help of Matt and Helen than we would have been entrusting it entirely to strangers. I really can't understand why everyone doesn't move this way.

If I do have one little criticism of the move, it is that the loading and unloading of the car was trickier than I would have anticipated from the BE website. The ramps are short and steep, and the car required a certain amount of clearance. We have a pretty standard family car, but it was borderline on ground clearance and we nearly had to call a tow truck to load it.

It certainly pays to be prepared for a self-move, with as much stuff as possible in similar size boxes for easy packing in the truck. That said, for a small amount of planning and packing ourselves not only did we save a great deal of money compared to a full service mover, we also saw our things packed and loaded. There's no substitute for being there when your things are loaded into a truck.

A big thumbs up for the folks at Broadway Express. They made a daunting move an easy move.

Iowa Move (#81)

Re: 81 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Iowa Move (#81) » Fri Mar 04, 2005 11:27 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/05 (move was in 2/05)
Move: Ames, IA, to Alexandria, VA
Cost: $1357 for 10 feet
Driver: Jay W.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 - 3/4/05

I Recently moved with Broadway Expressway in Feb of this year 2005. I moved from Ames, IA to Alexandria, VA. The service was fast, professional and courteous. I paid for 10 linear feet and I could've gotten more of my stuff in the truck since the driver, Jay Willis did an excellent packing job.

Jay was incredible. He helped us moved everything out of our apartment. Even though we werent entirely ready when he arrived he kindly waited and then proceeded to help us load our things. He even taped some boxes.

In all my move cost 1357 plus $170 for hiring the driver. Overall it was worth it and I felt secure with hiring Broadway to perform my move. I was little skeptical because of the history of National movers but I was willing to take a chance since Broadway express was highly recommended on Moving scams and

Nothing was broken and my stuff arrived before the end of the scheduled arrival time. Thank you BE and I will definitely move with you again in the future.

STEVE (#82)

Re: 82 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby STEVE (#82) » Wed Mar 09, 2005 5:54 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/05 (move was in 2/05)
Move: Dallas, TX, to near Springfield, MA
Cost: $6095 for 53 feet (used about 46 feet)
Driver: Tim R.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

I heard about BE through the moving scam website. Our experience with BE was very positive. I have no complaints whatsoever.

We moved from the Dallas, Texas area to Massachusetts (near Springfield). We commissioned a full 53' truck and had more room than we needed. I think estimating the amount of space in the truck is hard. We had a large home (4 bedrooms) plus some outside equipment that we wanted to move and were concerned that if it all did not fit, we would leave something behind. I think the estimate was about 46' and that probalby would have been about right.

Tim Rhoades (our driver) was great. We hired him to help on both ends and he really knows how to load a truck. We had nothing broken or damaged. He really worked well with us and the people we hired to help load and our friends as well. He is quite a character, a Texas boy, and we loved working with him. I would highly recommend him to everyone.


mnjalley481 (#83)

Re: 83 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby mnjalley481 (#83) » Wed Mar 16, 2005 8:05 pm

Recommended: yes :D ; stored the whole shipment in BE's warehouse in IL for two months
Date: 3/05 (move was in 7/04 and 9/04)
Move: San Diego, CA, to TN
Cost: $6295 for 53 feet plus $700 for 2 months' storage in IL [2004 prices]
Drivers: James J. (San Diego to IL) and Mike W. (IL to TN)
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

[Topic heading: We Highly Recommend Broadway Express]

Post #1 - 3/16/05

We contracted with Broadway Express (BE) to move us from San Diego, CA to Tennessee in July 2004 after learning about them from very positive posts at Our original intent was to use about 42 feet of their trailer. The quoted cost from BE was less than half that of the legitimate quotes that we had from full service movers.

We discovered after reserving the 42 feet of the trailer from BE that the folks renting our house in Tennessee could not move out until September 2004. The sale of our home in San Diego was closing in July so now we were faced with having to move our household goods (HHG's) twice (from our home in San Diego into storage in either San Diego or Tennessee, and then from storage to our home in Tennessee). The cost to unload and reload the HHG's an extra time and to store them in a climate controlled facility was going to add thousands of dollars in expense to the move.

We called BE and asked them if we were to pay for the use of the entire trailer did they had the ability to store the entire trailer (with our HHG's left untouched inside) in a secure enclosed climate controlled facility for two months. They indicated that they did have such a facility at their HQ in Effingham, IL and that they could accomodate us. This wasn't free of charge but it was almost $2,000 less than if we had moved it to some other storage facility as indicated previously. It also eliminated the need to have everything in the trailer handled two extra times (unloading into storage and reloading into another truck).

We paid a recommended local mover to load the truck in San Diego. He came out and took two hours showing us how to properly pack everything that needed to be packed securely in boxes, how to create custom sized boxes out of two boxes, and how to most effectively tape boxes securely without wasting a lot of tape.

The pick-up driver, James Johnson, arrived at 8:00am (exactly when BE said he would). He was very professional and helpful. We paid him $25 an hour (agreed to in advance) for assisting in the loading of the truck (which took about 5.5 hours). By the way, BE provided 200 furniture blankets to pad everything in the truck at no extra cost. After all of our HHG's were loaded in the truck the BE driver had us put our locks on the trailer doors. He took one key for the locks; we kept the other. The trailer with our HHG's arrived at BE's facility in Effingham, IL three days later.

In September we contacted BE as soon as our tenants were out of the house in Tennesee and our HHG's were delivered (from Effingham, IL to Tennessee) two days later. The delivery driver, Mike Wise, was very professional and helpful and very graciously refused to accept any payment for supervising and assisting the unloading of the truck by a recommended local mover's crew (which took just over 3 hours).

We had absolutely nothing damaged and nothing was missing. We would definitely use Broadway Express again and recommend them to anyone we know who is moving.

A friend who had previously been in the moving business advised us to use insured local movers to load the truck because they would provide four strong backs that knew how to move heavy or bulky items without injuring themselves and that they would load the truck more efficiently than we could hope to. We chose to use insured local movers to unload because our Tennessee home has two levels and two sets of stairs both of which make a 90 degree turn half way up them. We didn't want to kill ourselves navigating those stairs with furniture, appliances and boxes so we just stood back and directed traffic.

We ruled out ABF early on in our search for a good mover because a reputable local mover advised us that none of ABF's trailers had adequate (or any) suspension. He indicated that the entire load would bounce its' way to our destination and that there would almost certainly be substantial damage to our furniture and other breakables no matter how well they were packed.

We called ABF and to their credit they acknowledged that their trailers had no suspension because the company's primary source of revenue is hauling freight (not furniture). That freight is what fills up the part of the trailer that you don't use. BE's trailers all have air-ride suspension which is what virtually all professional full service movers' trucks have.

Note: ABF doesn't furnish any furniture blankets. You would have to purchase/supply your own. Paper blankets/pads don't provide much padding but they do reduce some of the rubbing/scuffing of furniture items. They are most effectively used for separating multiple mirrors or framed pictures/paintings in a "mirror" box.

. . . Last but not least, THANK YOU to !!! We already had quotes from four movers before we ran across the web-site. We discovered that the lowest quote we had was from a company we identified when reviewing's "blacklist".

dsbaze2 (#84)

Re: 84 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby dsbaze2 (#84) » Wed Mar 23, 2005 9:12 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/05
Move: Coral Springs, FL, to Cape Cod, MA
Cost: $2903 for 22 feet
Driver: James J.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 - 3/23/05

I found Broadway Express through this website and they were excellent-I had contracted with a traditional mover (Coral Springs Moving and Storage aka GOBUCKS) and ended up throwing them out of my house-called Broadway Express the same day and they had a truck to my house in Coral Springs Florida within a few days-the truck was right on time and so was the delivery on Cape Cod-the driver (James Johnson) was excellent and was a big help with the loading and unloading-I also got moving helpers from and they did an excellent job (Best movers in Florida and Mighty Movers in MA.)-Anybody planning a move should definitely use Broadway Express-they delivered exactly as promised

[Editor's note by Diane: this is the third good report about workers hired through]

new Oregonian (#85)

Re: 85 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby new Oregonian (#85) » Thu Mar 24, 2005 12:42 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/05
Move: Orlando, FL, to Portland, OR
Cost: $7619 for entire 53-foot trailer
Driver: Darrell B.
Shipped a car: yes (two)
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 - 3/24/05

My wife and I recently moved from Orlando, FL to Portland, OR. After viewing this site, we decided to move with Broadway Express. I spent hours reading reviews (some verrryy lengthy) before I made this decision, so I know what you are going through, and will try to keep this to the point:

I highly recommend B/E. They showed up when they said would (at both locations), the price was exactly what they quoted, and their customer service was outstanding. Erin, at the B/E office was very pleasant to deal with. Darrell, our driver, was as professional as they come. He is exactly the kind of person I would imagine trusting when hauling everything I own across the country.

This was my first move with this amount of stuff. Last time I moved, I fit everything I owned in my 2 door Honda. This time we needed the entire 53' trailer. We shipped a car, a pickup truck, and an entire (full) 3 bed/2 bath house. I know a move down the street is a big deal... but 3000 miles away can be a little stressfull. B/E did an excellent job of keeping our minds at ease.

My only regret is that I did not find this website sooner. We originally hired another moving company, had a contract and everything. Two weeks prior to our move date, they called and said they made an error with our quote. They gave us a quote for a zip code in Maryland! That call just turned my stomach. Of course, the "real quote" was now double.

My first reaction was that I was being scammed... so I got on the internet to investigate my other options. I don't remember how I got linked to this site, but I'm glad I did. The company I had a contract with had terrible reviews and all kinds of horror stories attached to it. I immediately cancelled my contract (and made sure I had that in writing), and went back to doing lots of math.

End result... the B/E quote was more than the original company (even after the original doubled), about $1000 more than driving myself (not making that 3000 mi drive is worth that to me), a little more than the freight company quotes.

My recommendation to you: even if B/E is a little more expensive... use them. If I make this kind of move again (hopefully not for a few years), I will without hesitation call B/E and use their services. The piece of mind is what you need when making a big move... look no further than B/E.

Satisfied customer,

new Oregonian

Donna (#86)

Re: 86 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Donna (#86) » Fri Mar 25, 2005 2:17 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/05
Move: Minneapolis, MN, to Orlando, FL
Cost: $3910 for 32 feet
Driver: Bill D.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

My Husband and I highly recommend Broadway Express for any of your moving needs. Our driver (Bill Dougherty) was punctual in picking up and dropping off our furniture. On 3/ 7 they moved us from Minneapolis, Mn. to Orlando, Fl. and THERE WAS NOT A SCRATCH OR DENT IN ANY OF OUR BELONGINGS and I am sure this is do to the fact that we hired the driver to do the packing. I am so happy with the service we received from Broadway.


Lisa Gottesman (#87)

Our move from California to Florida

Postby Lisa Gottesman (#87) » Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:27 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/05
Move: Middletown, CA, to Cape Coral, FL
Cost: $5355 for 39 feet (plus $100 for two extra pickups)
Driver: Phyllis S.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

My family had reservations with Viking until a friend suggested that I read up on this website and I am so thankful we did!!!

After reading all of the horror stories, I was even suspicious of Broadway Express because when I confronted Viking on the accusations posted on this site, they claimed that Broadway was the company that created this site and that all the posts were fake....

I contacted the BBB and the DOT and found that Broadway IS a reputable company AND I ended up spending less money to move with them!!!

During our move, I was worried until Phyllis Stuhler pulled in with her 70 footer - and her two little companions, Tippie and Tasha.

She was so professional and had a command on my moving crew to put things in their place. Granted this process took a great deal of time but she knows how to pack that truck efficiently and safely.

Not one item in my house or my mom's house was damaged or broken. That was 6 bedrooms, 2 full kitchens and 2 full garages - and not one thing broke.

Obviously I would recommend Broadway, particularly Phyllis :!: if you require these services.

You may have to pay out of pocket to hire friends/family etc.. to physically load the truck but you will save with Broadway's very competitive prices. We saved over $2000 and were treated with professionalism and respect and our items arrived safely and undamaged.

please feel free to email me at lisagottesman @ if you would like more info!!

The Gottesman Family!

Rene in MN (#88)

Re: 88 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby Rene in MN (#88) » Wed Apr 27, 2005 11:08 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/05
Move: Central CA to Buffalo, MN
Cost: $3776 for 24 feet
Driver: Darrell B.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

This is the letter I sent to Erin Byers at Broadway Express on April 12, 2005.

Dear Erin,

Words cannot express our relief and peace over our pleasurable experience with Broadway Express and each staff member with whom we came in contact.

Jess Oldfield was patient, knowledgeable, kind, and never made me feel stupid, even when I called with questions which, to experienced movers like you, must have been lame. I had never moved across country before. We had not even moved from our home in 23 years. My husband was already in Minnesota, it was just our three kids, the dog, and me; I was scared spit-less. I must have called to change the contract three or four times. It was crazy, and I did not know if I could trust anyone until it was all over. But trustworthy is an inadequate word to describe your company.

Erin, you took my credit card number and assured me you would not put it through until I called you, because the funds for our move were dependent on the sale of our home in California. I was to call you 48 hours in advance of our move, with the correct credit card number, so we would be ready on moving day. I forgot to call. Although you seemed slightly perturbed that I did not call, and you had a right to be, you still took good care of us and were polite. When I found my note where I had written that I was to call you 48 hours in advance, and I called you to apologize, you swiftly forgave me for being scatterbrained and not keeping my word. In addition, you have e-mailed me to ask about the quality of our Broadway Express move several times, but not so many that it is irritating. You kept me from forgetting even one more day to write this letter. Thank you.

Now, about Darrell Belt, our driver: he arrived only slightly late, because I gave him inadequate directions, AFTER I switched the pickup place (storage unit versus house) at the last minute. He was not bothered by my neglect and I am grateful. For about half the day, I had to leave my 16-year-old son, Riley, with Darrell and the two young men from our local moving company, Meathead Movers in San Luis Obispo, to help load the storage unit contents into the Broadway Express truck. Every time I saw the Meatheads, they were running and working hard, and Darrell seemed to be just laid back, calmly hanging out in the truck. At the end of the day, which was twice as long as we had planned, the Meatheads explained (repeatedly) that since it is a service industry a tip is customary. Darrell just asked for what he was due--the hourly wage of $30 per hour, which Jess told me I could pay my driver if we needed help. When I paid Darrell, I commented (only half joking) that "All I've seen you do is sit around on my chair in your truck."

It was not until the next day, when Riley and I were driving east and talking about the previous day's challenges, that Riley reported to me, "Mom you don't even know how bad the Meatheads were when you weren't looking! Darrell did everything in the truck! He worked much harder than they did, they didn't even care how our stuff went into the truck. They're young and strong and just threw our stuff in, especially at the end of the day, but not Darrell and he's really old. Those young guys were lazy and lame! HE [Darrell] was the one who loaded the truck neatly! HE was the one who strapped everything in so it wouldn't shift! He was even nice about how lame the Meatheads were, Mom! It wasn't until I told him that it didn't seem like they were doing a very good or careful job that he said, 'Well, I've never seen professional movers do work like that before.' He didn't say anything else bad about them. Mom, Darrell was the best. Not only that, he drives that truck like it's so easy--it was really neat! Darrell is really cool and was good at his work, but those Meatheads ripped us off!"

Additional explanations: Darrell gave Riley a ride to our house, where they waited, while I bailed out the Meatheads, whose battery went dead at my storage unit. Sheesh! Also, Riley is only 16, so anyone over 30 seems "really old."

I called Darrell's cell phone immediately upon hearing this news and apologized for the crack I made when I paid him. I told him everything Riley said and asked if it was true. Darrell humbly agreed that it was. What a guy, a sweet, kind, diligent, professional guy. Wow. He still did not want to badmouth the Meatheads, but described their work as unprofessional. I told him that as soon as we arrived in Minnesota, I would report his conduct, in writing, to his superior. I regret that I did not write you sooner, that I gave the Meatheads a tip, and that I did not post my review about your company until today.

Thank you so much for your help. was right about you. They said that if you cannot move yourself, hire a "You Pack, We Haul" mover. The only two they recommended were Broadway Express and ABF U-Pack Moving. Only Broadway Express served our area of California. Keep up the good work. We recommend you every time we talk about that move, and right now, that is almost every day. You were nothing short of fabulous and certainly restored our faith in the moving industryl

With deepest gratitude and warmest regards,

Rene M. Hitz and family
bizi1z at

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Re: 89 reviews of Broadway Express (June 2003 to present)

Postby smg43 » Mon May 02, 2005 11:04 am

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is review #89.]

Recommended: yes :D ; the trailer had 4 feet less space left than the customer had reserved but luckily everything fit
Date: 4/05
Move: Evansville, IN, to Medford, OR
Cost: $4044 for 33 feet ($4450 originally paid minus a $406 refund for 4 shorted feet)
Drivers: Donnie R. (Evansville to Effingham, IL] and Jim K. (Effingham to Medford)
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Post #1 - 4/30/05

We have completed our move with Broadway Express. We loaded April 16th/17th in Evansville, IN and unloaded April 29th in Medford, OR. Our original quote was $4450 for 37'. We got only 33' and they refunded us $406 for the 4 feet that weren't available (see below). So the total we ended up paying to BE was $4044 for the 33 feet we used.

Here is our experience:

Our Driver at the loading end was Donnie Rodgers. He arrived on schedule.

We lived about half a block down from the beginning of a one way street. Donnie could not back his truck down the street because a stop sign on one side and a metal post on the other prevented the turn. So, we ended up shuttling everything in a 8x10' utility trailer and pickup along with 2 cars. It was a very short shuttle but was an extra burden we were not counting on.

That and the fact that we contracted 37' but only got 33' minus the 2' for the dollies the pads were on added up to a verrrry stressful day. They over booked the truck without notifying us but fortunatly, the only thing we could not fit on the truck was our riding lawnmower. But, like I said, the combination of not having as much space as we had planned plus having to shuttle all day wore us out and the only thing my husband could say was that he wished we had just paid the extra money and hired Atlas to do all the work. It would have been their problem if they couldn't get down our street.

Anyway, continuing on, we started loading at 9 AM on a Saturday and by 7PM were not finished but had to quit due to darkness of night and total utter exhaustion. Donnie was able to park the truck overnight in a restaurant parking lot right behind our home out in the country. He was able to play darts in the restaurant bar until late so was not too bothered by it. We fed him good. We started loading again the next morning at 7 AM and worked until we finished at 2 PM Sunday.

We lived in Indiana about 2 hours from Effingham. Donnie took the truck there Sunday after we finished loading and Jim Koch took it from there. Donnie told us Jim was pretty upset about having to wait because he was going home for a week to a very sick wife and wanted to get on the road. But by the time I talked to Jim Sunday evening he had just started toward Texas and was very friendly.

We drove staight to Oregon because my husband had to start his new job Monday the 25th. We arrived Friday April 22nd a week before the driver Jim arrived with the truck. We were very glad to be able to finally sleep on matresses instead of the floor.

Jim arrived right on schedule on the 29 and had no problem getting down our street. We moved into a Manufactured home community (mobil home park) and the manager, who is a wonderful person, arranged for 5 men including himself to help us unload which we only had to pay 2 and one of them refused to take any money.We paid the other guy $40 but he only asked for $15. We promised to take them all out to dinner. Unloading only took 3.5 hours.

My advise if you hire BE:

#1 Make sure there is nothing blocking the truck getting down your street or be prepare for a shuttle with plenty of people helping.

#2 Make sure you get the space you contract for the day before the truck is due to arrive or call the day before and confirm how many linear feet you will actually be getting so you won't be in for any surprises.

I will add the Trent called and did give us a refund on the feet we didn't get and he did not charge us for the for the extra time it took us. Our total time from beginning loading to ending loading was from 9AM Saturday to 2PM Sunday.

Also, being shorted on linear feet was actually a blessing because we did not end up needing it and so were not paying for unused feet. They gave us a $406 refund. We just wish they would have told us ahead of time and not heard it from the driver when he arrived. We would have been mentally prepared.

I also want to say that, though it took twice as long to load as should have, several people commented on what a good job my husband did packing everything on the truck. That takes some time, you know. Donnie thought he did better than he would have and Jim Koch said he had never seen such a good packing job. One of the people helping us unload said he wanted to have my husband (Larry) pack his truck the next time he moved.

Our conclusion is this,if we ever want to hire a moving service such as Broadway Express again, we will make sure they can get down our street and park in front of our home at both ends. If there is any hint of not being able to get down our street we will rent a Penske and do it all ourselves or hire a regular moving company.

By the way, none of our stuff was messed up at all. Jim's words to me, "when I get that truck, I treat it as though it is my own". He was a wonderful guy.

P.S. Please pray for Jim Koch's wife. She is very sick.
God is Good all the time

[Editor's note by Diane: Thanks so much for posting this. People who want to see what led up to your decision to use BE can go to this thread -

In that thread you said,
smg43 wrote:I also had Atlas and United out of Evansville, In. Atlas was about $89 hundred and United was about $11,000. They both estimated about 16,000 lbs

You probably did have about 16,000 pounds since you used 33 feet in the trailer. At the rate of 500 pounds per linear foot, which is packing VERY tightly and well (as your husband surely did), that would be 32 linear feet.

The fact that only 33 feet was left in the BE trailer when it arrived at your home, rather than the 37 feet that you reserved, doesn't necessarily mean that BE intentionally overbooked the truck. It could mean that someone who loaded ahead of you used extra space. BE's policy is to allow that to happen (since they have to have some kind of guideline to deal with such situations) but to make it right with the next person in line. If you hadn't been able to fit everything into the 33 feet, they would have sent another truck to your home as soon as possible to pick up the overage.

BE probably didn't tell you about the problem in advance because they were hoping that everything would fit into 33 feet with tight loading (as it in fact did, because of your husband's efforts) and also, they may have figured that you would just have worried and wouldn't have been able to do anything about it anyway. They clearly tried to make it up to you by refunding the charge for the 4 feet you were shorted and by allowing you to load over a two-day period, meaning that the first driver had to spend the night near your residence and the second driver was somewhat delayed in seeing his sick wife. Judging from the BE reviews, it's extremely unusual for people to be shorted space like this, but moving isn't an exact science and it does occasionally happen. I think the important thing is that when it did happen in your case, the company acted ethically and made things right.

As you say in your review, you could have hired Atlas and paid $8900 as they estimated when they did your in-house estimate. (It's odd that Atlas didn't mention a need for a shuttle when they came to your home, by the way.) I guess it's a personal decision whether people want to pay around $9000 and have less hassle or around $4000 and do a lot of work and have some hassle. Anyway, I'm glad that things all worked out OK in the end and that you got your delivery on schedule with no damage.

:arrow: Please note the following response to my remarks above by "smg43":


Thank you for your response. You said the following:
The fact that only 33 feet was left in the BE trailer when it arrived at your home, rather than the 37 feet that you reserved, doesn't necessarily mean that BE intentionally overbooked the truck. It could mean that someone who loaded ahead of you used extra space.

What happened was they booked 2 people (loads) ahead of us 10' each as we were going to Medford, the people ahead of us to Portland and the people in front to, I believe, the Seattle area so they over booked the truck intentionally shorting us at the end 4 feet. Jessie, the dispatcher, told Donnie to make sure neither of the people ahead of us went over their 10 feet. One of the people ahead of us wanted more space but Donnie wouldn't let him. Jess's words to Donnie, "make it fit". My husband did make it fit, thank the Lord!
They clearly tried to make it up to you by refunding the charge for the 4 feet you were shorted and by allowing you to load over a two-day period,

Yes, they were very quick about giving us a refund. We didn't even have to say anything they gave it to us on their own enitiative.

They did not give us the extra time, it just worked out that way. Donnie told us afterward that they usually charge $100 an hour for any time over what they consider normal load time. We just prayed they wouldn't charge us since they shorted us 4' and they didn't. Trent was very nice about the whole thing as I was concerned they wouldn't be too happy about taking so long to load.

It did work out to be a lot less expensive than hiring a moving company but just a lot more work. At the time it was a killer.

We had 4 or 5 companies come out to our home and give us an estimate and none of them mentioned anything about not being able to get down our street or having to shuttle.

Thanks again and it all worked out. We are overall happy with Broadway Express. Donnie was a nice guy and Jim was terrific! The people at the office that I talked to, Trent, Erin and Steve were great!

They shorted us feet and we took too long to load but everything came together good for all in the end!
God is Good all the time

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